5 unanswered questions about Windows 10 1909

Since Microsoft gave its Windows 10 update model another violent shake on July 1, Computerworld has tried to parse Microsoft’s meanings and motivations for demoting this fall’s intended feature upgrade – Windows 10 1909 – to little more than a rerun of May’s release.

But while Computerworld was able to decode much of Microsoft’s initial announcements and spell out the likely ramifications for commercial customers, not every aspect of Windows 10 1909 was explainable in the information vacuum Microsoft maintained.

The following five questions remain unanswered. They may not be the only queries, but they’re among the most important to enterprises and IT administrators. Once Microsoft releases 1909 – which should be soon – perhaps some will be resolved.

Is 1909 a one-timer – or the new fall normal?

Computerworld staked out its position earlier: There’s little chance Microsoft invested as much time and energy as it did in creating a completely different kind of upgrade, serviced using a different mechanism than before, only to use the results just once. Doing so would be idiocy when other less-costly, less disruptive, avenues were available, including skipping the refresh entirely or extending support for, say, Windows 10 1809 or even Windows 10 1903 to cover for the omitted update.

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