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5 Xmarks Alternatives to Sync Bookmarks Across Devices and Browsers

Gone are the days when we used a single browser on our one and only computer. Today, many of us constantly switch between devices as we move around. Keeping all of your bookmarks with you and automatically synced on that many devices can be a challenge.

Xmarks was the popular choice for a long time. There are several other great solutions to keep your bookmarks in sync.

This article introduces you to some of the best alternatives to the Xmarks bookmarking tool that will help you safely sync and access your bookmarks across browsers, devices, and platforms.

Sync Your Bookmarks Across All Platforms

You likely use one of the five most common browsers

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; Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge, or Safari, right? Many people use one on their work computer and another at home, or one for business and another for pleasure. But, often times, you want your bookmarks to stay in sync. If this is you, here are the tools you need.

1. EverSync

sync bookmarks with EverySync - create folder

EverSync is a terrific bookmark syncing tool for browsers, mobile devices, and FVD Speed Dial users. You can install the browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer and download the apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

When you use the browser extension, click the button to start the synchronization. You can then hit the EverHelper Account button to view your bookmarks if you like and to check for any duplicates. Also, you can look for empty folders and import or export your bookmarks if needed.

Individual bookmark management options include saving favorites, deleting, editing, and marking sites as private. And for managing everything with bookmark groups, you can create new folders.

EverSync is available for free, but you can check out the Pro plan if you need unlimited bookmarks, dials, and archiving plus server backups. For a nice tool that covers your computer and your mobile devices, check out EverSync.

Download: EverSync for Firefox | Chrome | Android (Free)

2. Atavi

sync bookmarks with Atavi - main page

Atavi is another great choice for managing and syncing your bookmarks. Like EverSync, Atavi also stores your bookmarks for you, but you can access them from any device or browser with an internet connection.

A key difference with this tool from the others is that you use your bookmarks through the Atavi service, which you can set as your homepage.

Whenever you want to bookmark a new page, you do it through the Atavi screen. This way, you can see it on any device or browser once you log in. Atavi also provides a few extra features like themes, bookmark grouping, and favorites. So, it is similar to a new tab tool like FVD Speed Dial.

To get started, you can sign up for a free account using your email address or social media profile. Atavi also offers bookmark extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Opera. This gives you easy access to Atavi and easy import and export features.

So, if you want something a little different in a bookmark syncing tool that works on any device or browser, take Atavi for a spin and see if you like it.

Download: Atavi for Firefox | Chrome | Safari (Free)

3. TeamSync Bookmarks

sync bookmarks with TeamSync Bookmarks - view group

While a bit more limited to just Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on iPhone, TeamSync Bookmarks is still a terrific option due to its extra features. As the name implies, you can use this bookmark tool for groups. If you don’t have a group, you can simply use the extension for your own bookmark syncing.

But if you do have a team and want to share bookmarks, it’s super easy. Just sign up for an account and create your first group of four members for free. You can then invite members and adjust their access for the ability to edit bookmarks.

Adding sites is simple once you install the extension. Your group will be added to your bookmark toolbar for both Firefox and Chrome. When you want to add a site, click either your default bookmark button or choose Bookmarks from your menu. Then, pick the group you created and the site will pop into your list.

In addition to the sharing feature, TeamSync Bookmarks integrates with Slack. So you can add bookmarks directly from Slack and notify your group at the same time. For market research at work, team projects at school, or vacation planning for your family, this is a great bookmark syncing extension.

For groups of more than four members, you can also check out their paid plan.

Download: TeamSync Bookmarks for Firefox | Chrome | iPhone (Free)

Mobile Bookmark Syncing Options

Maybe you like to keep things simpler. You want to just sync your bookmarks between your preferred browser and mobile device. Here are a couple of options to check out if this is how you like to take care of your bookmarks.

4. xBrowserSync

sync bookmarks with xBrowserSync on Firefox

For another great bookmark syncing option, xBrowserSync offers anonymity to its customers so there’s no need to create an account or sign in. It works as an extension for Firefox and Chrome and an Android app.

When you’re ready to sync, you’ll receive a Sync ID and create a password so that you can obtain your bookmarks from another browser or device. Then, head to your other spot, open xBrowserSync, enter your Sync ID and password, and that’s it!

The xBrowserSync service offers a few simple settings. You can use your local bookmarks in the bookmarks bar rather than those that are synced. You can also check the service status, view the data usage, and create or restore a backup.

Download: xBrowserSync for Firefox | Chrome | Android (Free)

5. iCloud Bookmarks

sync bookmarks with iCloud - bookmark options

Don’t worry Apple users, we have you covered too. The iCloud Bookmarks tool for Firefox, Chrome, and Windows keeps your Safari bookmarks in sync. This is super handy when you use one browser for work and another for play.

The only catch with iCloud Bookmarks for Windows users is that you need to install the iCloud desktop app. But, the good news is that once you do that, you can sync photos, mail, calendar, and task items that you store in iCloud. So, if you are an Apple user and using iCloud already, this is an ideal syncing choice.

If you currently run into syncing issues on Safari, take a look at how to resolve iCloud sync problems

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Download: iCloud Bookmarks for Firefox |Chrome | Windows (Free)

Pick the Easiest Bookmark Tool

You might love a tool like EverSync for the automatic syncing across browsers and easy access. Or, perhaps you like the idea of a tool like Avati that allows you to log in from anywhere, on any browser, on any device. Or still yet, maybe you limit your bookmark syncing to just your mobile device and favorite browser.

Whatever you prefer, however you sync, pick a tool that’s easiest for you. Just don’t forget the virtues of managing your bookmarks

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before it turns into a black hole.

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