But why would you want another tie?

It’s olden times and pilot fish is working as a programmer for a bank. Being in the midst of 1099 season, there’s a whole lot of printing and bursting of 1099-INT and 1099-DIV statements.

A bursting machine is used to cut/trim and separate individual forms from the continuous 2-up or 3-up paper forms that were the output of a mainframe. The continuous stack is thread into the machine, and the rollers pull the forms into it. It cuts and then separates the sheets of documents and individual forms by using sharp, rounded, razor-sharp discs.

Because it’s olden times, the bank has a dress code, and wearing a tie is the norm — except among computer operators. And there’s a reason operators wear smocks over their cloths and are exempt from wearing ties. Unfortunately, fish learns this reason the hard way.

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