6 Free Mind Map Apps for Mac to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Mind mapping is a terrific visual method for capturing thoughts and ideas. For both business and personal use, a mind map is ideal for brainstorming sessions and helps you organize your concepts easily. If want a stellar mind mapping app for Mac, the App Store has plenty. The problem is that most are paid—and expensive…

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The 13 Best True Crime Podcasts Worth Listening To

In 2014, Sarah Koenig launched a true crime podcast named Serial. The weekly investigative journalism format was an immediate hit, and listeners couldn’t get enough of Koenig’s in-depth reporting into the criminal trial of Adnan Syed. Serial breathed new life into podcasting, and popularized the true crime genre. For many, Serial invigorated an interest in…

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Tablet Touchscreen Not Working? 7 Tips to Fix Touch Problems

We’ve all been there. Tapping, swiping or zoom-pinching, there’s often a moment when the touchscreen display on your tablet refuses to respond. How do you overcome this, and achieve tablet-tapping Zen? Why Your Tablet Touchscreen Doesn’t Respond As the primary mode of interaction between you and your apps, the tablet touchscreen is vitally important. Any…

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How to Speed Up Slow PS4 Downloads

Do you feel like your PS4 download speeds are extremely slow? You’re not alone. Many people experience slow download speeds for updates and new games, even when other devices on their network don’t have this issue. Let’s find out if playing a game slows the download speed on PlayStation 4, plus more tips to help…

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How to Cool Down Your Room Without AC

It’s sweltering hot and you need to stay cool. Either air conditioner is on the blink, or you simply don’t have one. Getting it repaired or buying an AC unit or fan is one thing, but all of these things take time. What are you going to do to stay cool right now? Help is…

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