Chipolo Plus: Bi-Directional Budget BlueTooth Tracking

I rarely lose my keys, wallet, or phone. I’m an obsessive checker, scanning in, under, and around everything before I leave the house, restaurant, or otherwise. Not everyone is, however. Those people should consider a Chipolo Plus, a bi-directional Bluetooth tracking tool that won’t destroy your budget.

So, what does the Chipolo Plus bring to the table? Well, there are three things you need to know about the Chipolo Plus.

First, it is loud. Like, really loud. When you ping the Chipolo Plus to find out where your keys are, the Chipolo emits a 100dB melody to lure you in. Second, unlike other Bluetooth trackers, the Chipolo Plus is bi-directional. That’s a fancy of way of saying it works both ways, but the ability to ping your phone from your keys cannot be understated. Also, that function works even if your phone is on silent, solving yet another issue.

chipolo plus in boix

Third, the Chipolo Plus has some handy community features, too. You can add multiple users to a single Chipolo device but track the device from multiple accounts. If you share a car with your partner and one of you is hopeless with putting them down, your partner can find them before you and really show you up (or kindly return them, of course). While that functionality seems like it should be standard for all Bluetooth trackers, it isn’t.

Another handy feature is “Community Search.” If you cannot find your device or keys at all, but you know the tracker is attached, you can mark it lost. If a fellow Chipolo user enters the same area as your lost Chipolo, it will ping your phone—but importantly, not the “finders.”

chipolo in hand

Oh, and did I mention it comes in six colors, is rated IPX5 water-resistant, and its battery will last for one year? No? Well, it’s the truth.

Personally, I would like to see the introduction of a replaceable battery, like the Chipolo Classic. The earlier Chipolo tracker allows you to replace the battery when it dies. However, that sacrifices the Chipolo Plus’ water resistance. Chipolo also runs a replacement and renew program where you can send back your device for recycling, receiving a decent discount on your next Chipolo in the process.

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