Flashback Friday: See, I fixed it

Pilot fish arrives with his tools to fix a paper jam, and finds a really big one. Dozens of sheets of paper have been pulled in at an angle, and the machine is thoroughly jammed.

User explains that she was trying to print a report when the copier sucked up all the paper. “I tried pulling it out,” she tells fish, “but it’s stuck.”

Fish uses a box cutter to cut away half of the paper on one side of the roller, and then he’s able to pull the rest of the paper out from the other direction.

But he notices that it looks as if there’s some grease on the feeder wheels. He wipes some of it off and then notices that something doesn’t seem right. He rubs the substance between his fingers. It doesn’t feel like grease. He sniffs it. He definitely doesn’t smell like great. “What the heck?” he says. “This smells like perfume!”

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