Get a Complete Education in Programming From Top-Rated Instructors for $45

There are many different careers you can choose to pursue in code. While some focus on specific skills, many of these roles demand a good overall understanding of development. If you want to get educated, the Complete Computer Programmer Super Bundle is a great place to start. This huge learning library brings together 12 hand-picked courses from the web’s top instructors, including Rob Percival. Right now, you get all 121 hours of training for just $45 at MakeUseOf Deals.

Complete Coding Courses

Although some programmers manage to find work specializing in particular languages, most developers have at least two or three strings to their bow. This bundle sets you up for a career in code by covering all the hottest languages and frameworks.

Through 1,330 video tutorials, you learn how to start building programs with Python, C++, C#, C, Ruby, and Java. The training also dives into the world of cybersecurity, shows you how to handle data with SQL, and introduces Alexa development. You even get a beginner’s guide to the Linux command line.

All the courses are delivered by true experts, and you get plenty of hands-on practice.

121 Hours for $45

These courses are worth $2,400 all together, but you can grab the bundle now with lifetime access included for just $45.

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