Shortcuts, Commands, and Syntax to Know

Keyboard Shortcuts
On a Mac keyboard, press Option instead of Alt and Cmd instead of Ctrl for shortcuts. Ctrl + k OR

Ctrl + g OR
¹Ctrl + t Open Quick Switcher Ctrl + Shift + k Browse DMs ¹Ctrl + Shift + t Open Threads view ²Ctrl + Shift + a Open All Unreads view Ctrl + Shift + l Browse channel list ³Alt + Down Arrow Jump to next channel or DM ³Alt + Up Arrow Jump to previous channel or DM ³Alt + Shift + Down Arrow Jump to next unread channel or DM ³Alt + Shift + Up Arrow Jump to previous unread channel or DM Cmd + [ OR

Cmd + Left Arrow Move back in history Cmd + ] OR
Cmd + Right Arrow Move forward in history Ctrl + Shift + m Open Activity pane Ctrl + Shift + s Open Starred Items pane Ctrl + Shift + w Open Workspace Directory Ctrl + Shift + i Open Channel Details pane Ctrl + / (Slash) Open Keyboard Shortcuts pane Ctrl + . (Period) Toggle right-hand pane ¹Ctrl + , (Comma) Open Preferences Ctrl + Shift + [ Switch to previous workspace Ctrl + Shift + ] Switch to next workspace ⁴Ctrl + [Number] Switch to specific workspace Ctrl + Alt Show numbers assigned to workspaces in sidebar Ctrl + f Search the current channel or DM Esc Mark all messages in current channel or DM as read Shift + Esc Mark all messages as read ⁵Alt + click message Mark message as oldest unread message Ctrl + Shift + Y Set or edit your Slack status Ctrl + u Upload file to current channel or DM Ctrl + Shift + Enter Create snippet in current channel or DM ⁶Up Arrow Edit your last message in current channel or DM Shift + Up Arrow Select text to beginning of current line in message draft Shift + Down Arrow Select text to end of current line in message draft Shift + Enter Insert new line in message draft Ctrl + b Bold selected text Ctrl + i Italicize selected text Ctrl + Shift + x Strike through selected text Ctrl + Shift + > Indent selected text Ctrl + Shift + c Format selected text as inline code Ctrl + Shift + 7 Format selected text as numbered list Ctrl + Shift + 8 Format selected text as bulleted list @[Character] Show autocomplete options for display names #[Character] Show autocomplete options for channel names :[Character] Show autocomplete options for emoji m Toggle mute during call v Toggle video during call + (Plus) OR
a Show invite list during call e + (1-9) View and select emoji during call @[username] Notify specific person @here Notify active members of channel @channel Notify all members of channel, whether they’re active or not @everyone Notify all members of channel #general Message Formatting Syntax *text* Bold text _text_ Italicize text ~text~ Strike through text >text Indent single block of text >>>text

text Indent multiple blocks of text `text` Format single line of inline code “`text

text“` Format multiple lines of inline code 1.

2. Format as numbered list text OR
• text Format as bulleted list Search Modifiers
Add modifiers before or after search keyword(s). in:[channel] Search specific channel in:[@username] Search specific DM from:username Search messages/files shared by specific user from:me Search messages/files sent by you ⁷on:[date] Search using specific date ⁸before:[date] OR
⁸after:[date] OR
⁸during:[date] Search using specific date or time frame has:[:emoji:] Search for items with specific emoji has:pin Search for pinned items has:star Search for starred items has:link Search for items with links Slash Commands
Type in the message field and hit Enter. /status Set or clear your custom status /away Toggle your “away” status ⁹/dnd for [Time] OR
⁹/dnd until [Time] Schedule Do Not Disturb session /dnd off Turn off Do Not Disturb /expand Expand all inline images and videos in current channel /collapse Collapse all inline images and videos in current channel /feed subscribe [feed address] Subscribe to RSS feed in current channel /feed list List RSS feeds (and their ID numbers) for current channel /feed remove [ID number] Unsubscribe current channel from RSS feed /feed help Get help with /feed commands /join [#channel] Join channel /leave [#channel] OR

/close [#channel] OR

/part [#channel] Leave channel /leave Leave current channel /open [#channel] Open specific channel /topic [text] Set topic for current channel /invite [@username] [#channel] Invite member to channel /remove [@username] OR
/kick [@username] Remove member from current channel /mute [#channel] Mute/unmute specific channel /mute Mute/unmute current channel OR ¹Unfollow current thread /star Star current channel or DM /rename [new-name] Rename current channel /archive Archive current channel /who List members (up to 100) in current channel /msg [#channel] [message] Send message to any channel /msg [@username] [message] OR
/dm [@username] [message] Send DM /me [text] Display italicized text /remind @me or [@username] or [#channel] to [What] [When] Set a reminder /remind list View list of upcoming, past, or incomplete reminders /remind help Get help with /remind commands /search [keyword(s)] Search messages and files /shortcuts Open Keyboard Shortcuts pane /apps [app] Search for app in Slack directory /feedback [text] Send feedback or help request to Slack /shrug [message] Add ¯_(ツ)_/¯ to end of message ¹⁰/giphy [keyword(s)] Share a random GIF 
¹Works only in desktop app.

²Works only if you have enabled All Unreads view under Preferences > Sidebar.

³Includes starred channels and DMs.

⁴Press Ctrl + Alt or hover over workspace logo in sidebar to see number assigned to workspace.

⁵Use Ctrl + Alt + click on Linux.

⁶Ensure cursor is in empty message field.

⁷Use MM/DD/YY(YY) or MM-DD-YY(YY) format for date.

⁸Replace [date] with specific date or with keyword like today, yesterday, [day], [month], or [year]

⁹Use time descriptors like “for 20 mins”, “until 4pm”, until tonight”, etc.

¹⁰Requires integration with Giphy app.

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