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Adobe CC Updates to Boost Workflow and Collaboration

Adobe has just announced the June update to its Creative Cloud suite, with a raft of changes, many of which are directly aimed at making collaboration, and remote-working easier. Whether Adobe’s focus on collaboration and remote-working was prescient long-term thinking, or if this direction of development is a reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic is unclear;…

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Adobe Photoshop turns 30, now much smarter

Photoshop is one of the computer world’s most influential applications. It was thirty years ago today when Adobe first introduced it. To celebrate, the company today updated Photoshop for Mac and iPad with a range of tasty new features that show how far digital arts have come in the last three decades. Photoshop on iPad…

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Adobe Photoshop Elements Review & Rating

For more than a decade, Photoshop Elements has made the imaging magic pioneered by Adobe Photoshop easier for nonprofessional users to master. New for the 2019 version are a (quite helpful) home screen, automatic AI-generated creations, and additional Guided Edits. This update is, however, short on truly new photo editing tools. Adobe’s consumer photo editing…

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Adobe Photoshop Review & Rating

Photoshop started the digital image manipulation revolution, and Adobe’s groundbreaking application continues to move forward as the best photo editing software on the planet. If you need layered image editing, including typography, 3D modeling, and drawing, you need Photoshop. Designers and photographers alike will find the most and the most-advanced tools available for their crafts…

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Adobe Dreamweaver CC Review & Rating

You can build websites using any of dozens of tools—some that run online, some that run on your local computer, some that run partly online, partly on your machine—but Adobe Dreamweaver 2020 stands alone as the only site-building app that’s just as suitable for individual designers as it for enterprise-scale projects. It’s just as helpful…

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