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Redefining productivity and compensation in an AI age

This week I ran into an interesting product that could substantially speed up writers who do a lot of repetitive work. It’s called ActiveWords, and it’s now in its fourth generation. It works by allowing you to connect elements to acronyms you create.   For instance, if you must use the same charts in different responses, such…

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Is the age of Apple over? iPhone speculation and delays

Apple’s 2020 iPhone launch plans seem to have been undermined by coronavirus, with both its anticipated smartphone launches delayed, possibly for months. Hey Siri, what on earth is happening? If everything had gone according to plan (it didn’t), Apple was expected to introduce an iPhone 9 in March and the first 5G-enabled iPhone 12 in September….

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Enterprise mobility 2019: Dawning of the age of UEM

Unified endpoint management (UEM), a strategic approach that unifies and centralizes the way enterprises manage their deployed devices, is finally becoming a reality. Over the past decade, enterprise mobility platform vendors have been evolving mobility management tools from simple mobile device management (MDM) through mobile application management (MAM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) into UEM,…

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Is Minecraft Safe for Kids? Minecraft Age Rating Explained for Parents

Minecraft is one of the most popular games for children. But is it safe to play? You’ve heard about problems with other games, security and privacy concerns, child safeguarding issues… but what about Minecraft? Is Minecraft safe for kids? What should parents know about Minecraft and its suggested age rating? Read on to find the…

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