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Why RAM Boosters and Task Killers Are Bad for Android

If you use Android, you may have heard advice about using a RAM booster or task killer app. Scroll through the Google Play Store and you’ll see a ton of task killers on offer with high reviews. This may lead you to ask if RAM boosters really work. As it turns out, your phone doesn’t…

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The best office apps for Android

The days of taking care of business exclusively in an office are over. You’ve got a powerful productivity gadget in your pocket practically 24/7, after all — and with the right set of apps, you can stay synced with the same spreadsheets, documents, and presentations that are on your desktop and work with them seamlessly…

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How to Use an Android Tablet as a Raspberry Pi Display

The Raspberry Pi is a great computer, but it’s not always the most convenient device to access. Unless you have it permanently connected to a display, you probably access it via SSH, VNC or RDP. But what if you don’t have a suitable display? How will you use it? One solution is to use an…

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Why Android and Chrome OS’s next step could be colossal

For years now, we’ve been hearing — and seeing — how Chrome OS and Android are coming together. The saga has stretched on since the dawn of time — or, uh, at least since about 2015, when the Chromebooks-are-doomed chorus started confidently crooning about the inevitable pending “merger” of Chrome OS and Android. At the…

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How to Pin Comments in Instagram on iPhone and Android

Khamosh Pathak Instagram comments can sometimes be a mess. But you can make things a bit better by highlighting the best comments at the top. Here’s how to pin up to three comments on Instagram posts on iPhone and Android. How to Pin Instagram Comments on iPhone Pinning a comment on the Instagram app on…

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