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Apple plots path to the next Intel iMac

Hours since the first Apple Silicon Mac benchmarks leaked come a fresh set of numbers detailing what could be Apple’s next iMac release. An iMac with Intel inside While we all anticipate Apple will introduce its first Apple Silicon Macs later this year, the company has told us it will continue to support and to…

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13 privacy improvements Apple announced at WWDC

Apple continues to focus on the challenge of providing technology-driven convenience while protecting customer privacy in its upcoming operating system releases. Here are all the privacy-related improvements to expect in iOS 14, macOS 11 and iPad. Why privacy matters Fundamentally, the challenge with mobile technologies is the sheer quantity of personal data that can be…

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Apple Watch’s planned handwashing reminder feature? I don’t trust it

When Apple rolled out its planned changes for iOS 14 and its companion WatchOS 7– both are expected to be available for download in mid-September – it included a variety of interesting tweaks. Two stood out as especially interesting: a COVID-friendly Watch handwashing app and an enterprise-IT-friendly facial recognition app for video cameras and doorbells….

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Why Apple acquired Fleetsmith | Computerworld

Apple made waves in the enterprise space with the acquisition of small device management vendor, Fleetsmith. Why Apple acquired Fleetsmith Apple’s enterprise push is amazing across larger enterprises. In that space it works with major partners, people like IBM, SAP, Jamf, Accenture, Oracle and others. These large-scale firms can help key clients with large Apple…

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WWDC: 12+ announcements for the Apple enterprise

Apple’s move to Apple Silicon processors and major version updates across all its operating systems are always interesting, but within the company’s news you’ll find numerous improvements for the enterprise. Here’s what you need to know: Apple already sells an Apple Silicon Mac Apple is moving the Mac to run on Apple Silicon – and is…

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