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What Does Apple’s T2 “Security Chip” Do in Your Mac?

Apple Apple proudly advertises that its latest and greatest Mac models come with a T2 security chip, but what does it do? And, more importantly, does a T2 chip create more problems than it solves? What Is a T2 Security Chip? The T2 is Apple’s second-generation “security chip.” It combines several hardware controllers into a…

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Apple’s Silicon Macs promise screaming performance

Promising Apple Silicon Mac performance benchmarks have appeared on Geekbench as developers begin to speed test these new Macs. It seems these machines already run as fast as some Windows devices. The best is yet to come This data doesn’t tell the whole story. For example, we know these Apple Silicon Macs are running an…

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What Apple’s Mac move away from Intel means to the enterprise

Apple’s announced move to its own ARM-based processors to power upcoming Mac computers beginning in 2021 makes sense. The company can rationalize its environment across desktops, tablets and smartphones, and also potentially increase its margins by building its own chips (something that would not make sense if it did not have the massive volumes it…

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Apple’s first 5G iPhone 12 will ship late this year

Apple’s first 5G iPhone 12 may not ship until later than normal this year, as the company grapples with COVID-19 supply chain problems, a senior company partner has suggested. A little later than normal Broadcom CEO Hock Tan warned investors that his company’s 2020 revenue would be impacted by what he described as a major…

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Apple Glass: Apple’s rumored AR glasses

Hosts Juliet Beauchamp and Ken Mingis talk with guests about the latest tech trends and news. Audio Apple’s new rumored wearable has been getting a lot of buzz. The Apple Glass (or iGlasses… just kidding) will likely be an augmented reality (AR) headset. But what will they look like? Who will use them, and why?…

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