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The best travel apps for Android

Traveling can be a massive hassle, with plenty of room for inconvenience and error. But while there’s not much you can do about the late departures, the surly gate attendants, or the smelly fellas somehow always seated right next to you, there are ways you can make your next business trip a little less unpleasant — all thanks to that handy little gadget in your pocket.

Android’s travel app selection has really taken off over the past few years, and the Google Play Store now boasts an impressive array of genuinely useful titles for the traveling professional. After putting numerous standout candidates to the test, these are the apps I’d recommend stowing on your smartphone and keeping at arm’s reach whenever your work next has you hitting the road or flying the (allegedly) friendly skies.

(All apps are free unless otherwise specified.)

Planning and preparing

Organize your packing process

PackPoint is a travel organization genie. You simply tell it where you’re going, when, and what you’ll be doing — and the app generates a detailed checklist of suggested items for your suitcase.

You can add your own items to the list, as needed, and then use it as a guide to make sure you remember everything, every time.

Android travel apps - PackPoint JR Raphael/IDG

PackPoint takes some of the pain out of packing for a trip.

PackPoint is free, with an optional one-time $3 upgrade that removes ads and gives you the ability to create your own custom packing templates. The paid version of the app also integrates with TripIt (more on that in a moment), which means it can import your travel plans automatically and create packing lists before you even ask.

Prepare for local navigation

Yeah, yeah, I know: You’re well aware of Google Maps. But what you might not realize — or maybe have just forgotten — is that with a teensy bit of planning, you can download all the data you need for a trip directly into Maps in advance. That way, you can navigate to your heart’s content, even in areas without strong mobile data signals, and you can avoid burning through mobile data unnecessarily on the road.

Here’s the trick: While you’re still in the comfort of your home or office, open up Maps on your phone and search for the city you’ll be visiting. Tap the city’s name within the search interface, then tap its name a second time when it appears in a box at the bottom of the screen.

At that point, you should be taken to a full-screen info page about the city — and within a row of circular icons, you should see one icon with a downward-facing arrow and the word “Download” beneath it. Tap that, then tap “Download” on the confirmation screen that appears. Once the download finishes, you’ll be able to access maps and directions within your destination without the need for an active connection.

Repeat as needed for any additional places on your agenda, then rest easy knowing your navigational guide will be there and waiting — no matter what sort of conditions you encounter.

Map out your downtime

If you’re lucky enough to have a business trip with some built-in downtime — even just an hour or two in the evening — don’t waste a precious second searching around and trying to figure out what to do. Instead, download the Guides by Lonely Planet app and get a head start on finding desirable destinations to explore.

Lonely Planet has tons of useful info about places all over the world, with content broken out into sections like See, Eat, Sleep, Shop, Drink, and Play. You’ll also find selections of “must-see” attractions for cities, along with suggested tours and curated collections — which include multiple-stop suggestions under themes like contemporary art, architecture, history, and outdoor action in addition to a variety of city-specific subjects. Once you select something you’re interested in, you’ll find all sorts of details about its location and pricing. You’ll even be given quick links to make reservations or buy tickets, if applicable.

android travel apps lonely planet JR Raphael/IDG

Lonely Planet is a lovely way to explore what’s around you, wherever you might be.

It’s true that Google Maps does offer up some of this same sort of info, but Lonely Planet relies on its widely recognized travel experts to visit every included city and carefully review the possibilities — and that, suffice it to say, results in a much more polished and thorough sort of guide than what you’ll get from Google’s algorithm-driven recommendations and random user reviews. The app’s interface also makes it easy and fun to explore different places and find what appeals to you.


Manage your air travel

TripIt is an all-around air travel management companion, and it’ll make your life easier in some meaningful ways — especially if you do a fair amount of flying.

At its core, TripIt allows you to forward flight itineraries and other travel-related emails to a special address — or, if you want, to grant it direct access to your inbox so it can find and process such emails on its own — and it then extracts all the relevant details and organizes them into clean and easy-to-follow master itineraries.

Where TripIt really shines, though, is with its optional $49-a-year TripIt Pro service (which you can try out via a free 30-day trial). That service gives you real-time flight updates all throughout your trip — often beating notifications by airlines’ own apps, in my experience, as well as updates to the monitors in the terminal.

android travel apps tripit JR Raphael/IDG

Once you travel with TripIt — and specifically its TripIt Pro service — you won’t want to fly without it.

Beyond that, TripIt Pro makes it dead simple to find alternate flights at any point in your adventure. If a connection is canceled or delayed, all it takes is a couple of taps to see what other flights are available — even down to the specific open seats — on your current airline or on another. On a recent trip I made to Boston, that helped me stay a step ahead of the gate agent when a late departure put my connecting flight in jeopardy.

TripIt Pro comes with a few other perks, too, such as a four-month free trial of the CLEAR expedited airport access program and then a $20 discount on that service’s ongoing annual fee. But the notifications and alternate flight finder are what really make the app invaluable. And while services like App in the Air offer similar sorts of features, no other app has been as consistently helpful, reliable, and easy to use as TripIt in my real-world travel testing. It’s the gold standard of travel organization and a must-have for any frequent flier or business traveler.

Find the best flights

Forget all the clunky, upsell-infested flight-finding services and instead, open up your Chrome Android browser and navigate to Google Flights. All right — so technically, it isn’t an Android app, but Google’s flight-searching system makes it super-easy to find and book flights across all airlines. You can save or share potential itineraries, monitor flights and get notified by email as soon as a specific fare goes up or down, and then buy your tickets directly with whatever airline (or airlines) you choose.

Pro tip: If you want to make the app easier to access, tap Chrome’s three-dot menu icon while viewing the website and select “Add to home screen.” That’ll give you a more traditional mobile-app-like icon that can then pull up the tool with a single tap.

One other utility that might be worth keeping handy is Hopper — but there’s a very specific purpose and also an important asterisk involved. Hopper watches flight prices over long periods of time in order to track trends and show you how fares are likely to fluctuate based on when you fly and when you make your purchase. If you’re booking your own travel and either footing the bill yourself or trying to stay within a limited company budget, that knowledge can be incredibly helpful to have.

android travel apps hopper JR Raphael/IDG

Hopper’s airfare-tracking system can give you valuable flight price knowledge.

But Hopper’s ultimate goal is to get you to book your tickets through its service, and that doesn’t necessarily seem like the most advisable thing to do. User reviews on the Play Store mention difficulty changing itineraries once they’re booked with Hopper and challenges getting through to the company’s customer service.

So what I’d suggest is treating Hopper as a resource and not a ticket-purchasing portal: Use it to research optimal travel dates and purchasing windows, if you need to, and then take the info it gives you and plug it directly into either Google Flights or the appropriate airline’s website to buy the tickets directly from the source — and without the potentially problematic middleman.

Speed up your border entry

If you’re traveling internationally — and have a valid passport from the U.S. or Canada — the Mobile Passport app can save you precious time when you enter the U.S. by allowing you to submit your passport info and customs declaration form through the app upon landing and then skip the regular line on your way through border patrol.

Despite its name, the app does not replace your passport; you still need to carry that with you. And not to worry: It’s authorized by the U.S. Customs and Border Protections agency and totally legit.


Track your mileage

If you drive your own car for business, Microsoft’s MileIQ makes it easy as can be to keep track of all your mileage for later reimbursement. Once you set up the app on your phone and activate its “Drive Detection” feature, you don’t have to do a thing: It’ll automatically detect when you’re driving and then log all your miles in the background. It even uses current IRS-mandated reimbursement rates to calculate what you’re owed.

The app has some interesting advanced options, too, such as the ability to set specific work hours and then ignore any drives that occur outside of those times.

MileIQ is free to use for up to 40 drives per month. For unlimited access, you’ll have to pony up $6 a month or $60 for a full year of service.

Pay less for gas

Why pay top dollar for top-offs when you can drive an extra minute from the highway and save yourself (or your company) some money? GasBuddy makes it easy as can be to find fuel that won’t break the bank: You just open the app up, tap the option to find gas near you, and then either look through a list of nearby gas stations and how much they’re currently charging or switch to a map view to see prices plotted out around your present location.

android travel apps gasbuddy JR Raphael/IDG

GasBuddy relies on user reports to provide up-to-date info on gas prices in your area.

GasBuddy has a bunch of other features you probably won’t want to mess with, but the app’s price searching ability is worth every penny (particularly since the app is free and thus costs you precisely zero pennies to use).

At your destination

Track your travel expenses

When it comes to more general expense-tracking, Expensify is the app to have in your arsenal. Expensify lets you simply take photos of receipts with your phone — or forward invoices and receipts via email — and it then extracts the relevant details and organizes them into reports. The app is available on the web as well, and it offers direct-export integrations with QuickBooks, Xero, and other accounting services.

Android travel apps - Expensify JR Raphael/IDG

Snap a photo of a receipt — or forward it in via email — and then forget about it with Expensify.

Expensify costs $5 per user per month for individuals or teams and also has corporate- and enterprise-level plans available. You can try the app out with a free plan, too, though that limits you to just five imports per month and lacks many of the service’s advanced expense reporting and integration features.

Find a place to stay on short notice

The next time you find yourself unexpectedly stuck somewhere — be it due to a cancelled flight or a road trip gone awry — don’t panic. Instead, snag the free and easy to use HotelTonight app. HotelTonight searches around your current location to find hotels with open and available rooms, but that’s not all: It also scores you legitimate savings on the rates, by way of an apparent deal wherein hotels let the service sell rooms at a discount in order to fill last-minute vacancies. I spot-checked a handful of the app’s recommendations, and the savings were absolutely real.

android travel apps hoteltonight JR Raphael/IDG

HotelTonight provides an easy way to find last-minute rooms at discounted rates.

HotelTonight has handy details and ratings for all the hotels it recommends. And once you find something suitable, all it takes is a few taps within the app to book your room and be ready to roll.

Find Wi-Fi anywhere

Why waste money on mobile data when Wi-Fi is all around you and waiting for the taking? Just open WiFi Map to see an interactive map showing available Wi-Fi networks in your area (or any other area you want to search). The app lists out speed information and even provides user-submitted passwords to secured public networks in some instances.

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3 Ways to Run Android Apps on Windows

Do you want to run Android apps on Windows? Nowadays, it’s easier than ever with various emulators, app players, and mirroring tools that allow you to run Android apps on your computer.

Whether you want to play Android games in a PC environment, test out and develop your own app, or remotely control and run apps using your computer, here are three tools you can use to run Android apps on Windows.

1. BlueStacks

bluestacks android app player user interface

BlueStacks is an Android app player that primarily focuses on letting you play Android games on your PC. As such, it doesn’t emulate a complete Android environment that developers would need.

However, if your aim is to simply try out available Android apps or play a mobile game on PC, BlueStacks is perfect. The software is free, but comes with a premium subscription version too.

Because of its focused functionality, it is also extremely easy to install, with minimal setup. You can choose the type of simulated environment you would like based on a variety of device presets (such as a OnePlus 5 or Samsung Galaxy S8+).

To use Bluestacks, you will need to sign in with a Google account to use the Play Store. Other than this and some other minor setup, you can begin trying out apps on your PC in no time.

Using BlueStacks

The app allows you to adjust a variety of settings to optimize performance and input. Meanwhile, if you want to broadcast your gameplay, BlueStacks has recording and screenshot options available.

A major perk for mobile gamers is BlueStacks’ compatibility with gamepads. The software also includes control tutorials when opening up a game for the first time.

However, not every game will work on the platform, depending on developer policies. For example, Niantic has blacklisted BlueStacks and most other app players for Pokémon Go.

If you’re interested in other app players and emulators, have a look at our guide on the best Android emulators for Windows 10.

Download: BlueStacks (Free, subscription available)

2. Android Studio’s Official Android Emulator

android studio emulated device for apps

If you’re looking for a full-featured Android emulator, look no further than Google’s official emulator inside Android Studio. As the official development environment for Android apps, Android Studio allows you to emulate the latest version of Android and create a virtual device.

This tool is obviously aimed at developers and not general consumers. As such, it is much more complex than the typical emulator. The software features code editing, APK analysis, and advanced emulation.

It’s available for free from the Android Developers website. You will need Java installed in order to run the program, but thankfully Android Studio now includes the JDK.

Download: Android Studio (Free)

Getting Set Up With Android Studio

When setting up Android Studio, Google advises that you follow the setup wizard and install any SDK packages that it recommends. One of these recommended SDK packages is Android Emulator, which Android Studio requires to simulate an Android environment on your computer.

Once set up, you can switch to the emulator (rather than creating a new project) by opening the Configure menu and choosing AVD Manager (which stands for Android Virtual Device).

android studio access avd manager to emulate

In the AVD Manager, you are able to create a virtual device by either selecting an existing device profile or importing your own hardware profile. This opens up a window with an emulated Android device.

android studio select device to emulate

In this emulated environment, you can build your own app or load app files from existing apps. According to Android Studio support, you can drag APKs onto the emulator to install them and then run them.

However, we only recommend Android Studio for those who want to build and test apps on their Windows PC. If you want to run apps on your PC for convenience or gaming, the other tools on this list suit that purpose better.

Android Emulator Alternatives to Android Studio

There are other full Android emulators you can use to run Android apps on a PC instead of Android Studio. VirtualBox also lets you create a virtual Android device with its virtual machine tools. However, because VirtualBox is a general-purpose virtualizer, you will need to install a bootable version of Android (such as Android-x86) onto the virtual machine.

It isn’t the easiest emulator to set up, so we only recommend it for relatively tech-savvy users. There are also other Android-focused virtualizers and emulators that use VirtualBox software. These include Genymotion and YouWave.

But these emulators don’t always offer the latest version of Android. They also sometimes have compatibility issues if you already have VirtualBox installed, so we recommend avoiding them.

3. AirDroid

airdroid run android app on computer

If you already own a capable Android phone and just want to view apps on a larger screen or use a keyboard and mouse as input, then you can use a mirroring and remote control tool. One option for this is AirDroid. The software lets you mirror and control your Android device with your computer. This means you can also run apps and control them directly through your PC.

As an added bonus, you can run AirDroid inside Chrome. However, AirDroid also offers standalone software for your PC. To use either version, you’ll also need the companion AirDroid mobile app installed on your smartphone, plus an AirDroid account.

airdroid remote control phone on pc

To pair AirDroid to your phone, simply access AirDroid on your computer and scan the QR code provided. Using the remote control function of AirDroid either requires root access, or access through USB debugging if your phone isn’t rooted.

The downside to AirDroid is that mirroring your device results in a slight delay. Despite this, AirDroid is useful if you want to run Android apps on your PC without an emulated environment.

AirDroid comes with a bunch of other features too, such as mobile notifications and messaging via your PC. This means that screen mirroring isn’t its only use.

Download: AirDroid for Windows | Android (Free, subscription available)

Other Ways to Run Android on Windows

While these are the best tools and ways to run Android apps on your Windows PC, there are other methods available as well. This includes dual-booting an Android OS on your computer, choosing from a variety of app players, and more.

However, most people want a simple program that lets them run their Android apps on a PC. If your main aim is to play mobile games on a computer, check out our guide on tools that let you play Android games on your computer

How to Play Android Games on Your PC

How to Play Android Games on Your PC

Playing a game on your Android phone or tablet? Want to keep playing it when you sit down at your computer? You’re in luck! Here’s how you can do it!
Read More


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5 Apps to Find Halfway Points to Meet With Faraway Friends

Want to meet up with a friend, but can’t decide on a place that’s fair? If you live miles away from each other, it’s not always convenient to go to their home or vice versa. Plus, it might be fun to meet up somewhere in the middle that’s new.

Rather than opening a maps application and trying to find a halfway point, there are websites built just for this sort of situation. So the next time you and your pal want to make plans to meet, check out these helpful sites for a location that’s right between you both.

WhatsHalfway Halfway Point

WhatsHalfway gives you the middle location between two spots. Just enter your two cities and you’ll see the halfway point with the travel time and distance for you and your friend. You also get a handy map that you can click to zoom in on that middle point or view the entire route between the two cities.

When you enter your cities, you can pick a venue type such as accommodations, food and drink, or shopping. Then when you view your midpoint, you’ll see a link Click here to find a venue. When you click it, you’ll be taken to a list of those venue options on Google Maps.

Want to meet up with more people? You can add other cities or zip codes and see the middle point for all. And you can choose venues for that type of trip too. WhatsHalfway is easy to use and a terrific option.

MeetWays Halfway Point

MeetWays offers similar features to WhatsHalfway but with a couple of extras you might enjoy. Start by entering your two cities or zip codes and optionally pop in a point of interest. Before hitting the Go! button, you can add options for the travel mode, toll roads, or highways if you like.

When you check out the results for your halfway mark, you’ll see the exact address that’s in the middle along with the distance you each need to travel in miles. The map shows the route between the two locations and you can zoom in or out.

If you entered a point of interest for your search, you’ll see a list of spots, a few suggestions, and the locations plotted on the map. If you pick one, you can get further details which are powered by Yelp. The MeetWays site makes finding that happy medium a breeze.

TravelMath Halfway Point

TravelMath is a site that helps you plan your trips, whether driving or flying. But they also offer a handy way to find your middle point. When you land on the site, use the dropdown box and choose Halfway Point, then just enter your two cities and hit Go.

Once you see the city in the middle, you can click to find hotels nearby

5 Ways to Find Free or Cheap Hotels, Homestays, and Hostels

5 Ways to Find Free or Cheap Hotels, Homestays, and Hostels

Traveling on a budget? Use these smart sites, apps, and extensions to search for the best deals on hotels, homestays, and hostels.
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if you like. Otherwise, scroll to the bottom and get full details on the location like the closest major city or zip code. You can also see how many miles you’ll each need to drive and how long in hours and minutes it should take.

TravelMath offers a convenient map and links for things to do, places to stop, accommodations, and more for your trip. This site is worth visiting for finding a place to meet in the middle.

Distance Between Cities Halfway Point

The Distance Between Cities website gives you exactly that, the distance between two cities and plenty of information about the route. In addition, they offer a section for Halfway Point. So enter your two cities on the main page and when you’re taken to the results, just scroll down to that section.

You can see the closest city or town to the halfway point along with the major city nearest the middle and major cities along the routes. You’ll get the travel time and distance for each of you and the exact coordinates, if you find those helpful as well.

Also, be sure to check out the gas consumption and emissions details, nearby hotels, and even rental cars. If you’re interested in more than just what’s in the middle, Distance Between Cities gives you all sorts of information about the route between you.

Trippy Halfway Point

One more website to visit for that halfway point is Trippy. This site is great for finding places to meet in that middle city. On the main page, type your question in the box. For example, you can enter “halfway point between [city one] and [city two]” and click the ask Trippy! button.

You’ll immediately see the answer to your question, but of course, you want more right? Click Read More and you’ll get all the details including the distance, travel time, and coordinates.

Scroll down and you’ll see the best places to meet, local accommodations, eateries, and activities. For each option, you’ll get the address and can click for further information from Trippy.

So if you’re not just looking for that midpoint, but also want things to do or hotels for your stay, Trippy is an excellent site.

Get Ready to Meet Halfway

When you have friends or family members who live miles and hours away, meeting up can be difficult. But with websites like these, it can be just a bit easier. Find that halfway point along with places to stay and things to do while you’re there. These sites can help make your trip a great one!

If you want the assistance of a road trip planner for your adventure

8 Awesome Road Trip Planners for Your Next Adventure

8 Awesome Road Trip Planners for Your Next Adventure

Getting ready for a road trip? Map out your perfect trip with these road trip planners for all seasons.
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or ways to keep your kids entertained on the drive

7 Apps to Keep Your Kids Entertained on Road Trips

7 Apps to Keep Your Kids Entertained on Road Trips

Taking a road trip soon with your kids? These apps should make your experience a million times better.
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, we’ve got you covered there too.

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Britbox, Douglas Adams, Morse Code Apps, How to Clean an LCD Screen

Christian Cawley and Ben Stegner bring you a host of tips, tricks, and news that matters to everyone in the tech podcast for technophobes. This week, we learn about Britbox’s UK launch, YouTube’s homepage redesign, and Netflix’s “skip politics” options.

There’s also an early look at Google’s Stadia gaming platform, some recommended videos, and our regular round up of tips and tricks.

Really Useful Podcast Season 4 Episode 11 Shownotes

In this week’s Really Useful Podcast we talk about:

Your rating or brief review on iTunes can help us reach more listeners. Or, you can share the Really Useful Podcast via email and social media. We’re available wherever you can listen to podcasts, including:

See you next week!

Read the full article: Britbox, Douglas Adams, Morse Code Apps, How to Clean an LCD Screen

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5 Best Sleep Apps & Methods to Fall Asleep Faster Without Interruptions

Do you have trouble falling asleep or getting a good night’s rest? There are millions of others like you. These apps and websites can help you sleep peacefully at night.

Doctors and scientists have found that lack of proper sleep can adversely affect several things, such as happiness, weight gain, productivity, etc. Plus, there are different reasons for people to not be able to sleep easily. These tools tackle various issues, and hopefully one of them is the trick you were waiting for all this time.

Note: Insomnia can be a debilitating disorder. You should seek advice from a medical professional if you have a recurring problem. These apps and tools are more to help those not diagnosed with a clinical condition.

1. Sleeep (Web): Calculate When You Should Go to Bed

Sleeep web app calculates when you should go to bed for the best sleep cycle

You don’t fall asleep the minute your head hits the pillow, right? A major reason you aren’t getting a good night’s sleep is that you aren’t starting the process at the right time. Calculate when to go to bed with Sleeep.

Sleeep’s premise is that an average sleep cycle is 1.5 hours, and humans need four or five of such sleep cycles in a night to feel well rested. Along with that, you need about 14 minutes to fall asleep, and the best time to wake up for the human body is with sunrise. Tell Sleeep where in the world you are, and it’ll calculate the time for you.

Once you give it access to your location, you’ll get three times at which you should go to bed so that you wake up with the sunrise. These times take into account the 14 minutes, so if you plan to watch Netflix in bed, do that before. Set an alarm for the time to put your phone away, and an alarm for when to wake up with the sunrise.

2. Slumber Bear (Web): Different Sleep Cycles for Different People

Slumber Bear calculates different sleep cycle types and timings for different people

Sleeep suggests timings based on the most widely accepted sleep cycle for the average human. This is called the monophasic cycle, largely applicable to anyone with a normal 9-to-5 job and a fixed routine. But there might be a different sleep cycle that’s quicker and better for you to battle insomnia.

Slumber Bear lists different sleep cycles, and includes a quick calculator to figure out how to apply it to your life. The cycles are:

  • Biphasic cycle: 6 hours at night, one midday nap
  • Everyman cycle: 3.5 hours at night, three 20-minute naps in the day
  • Dymaxion cycle: 4 naps of 30 minutes each, throughout the day
  • Uberman cycle: 6 naps of 20 minutes each, throughout the day

Slumber Bear lists the pros and cons of each type of sleep cycle, and who it’s best for. Tell the cycle’s calculator what time you want to start, and it will come up with alarm times for you. Add it to Google Calendar or an alarm app, and try out your new cycle.

3. Military Method (Web): Fall Asleep Anywhere in 120 Seconds

Learn the U.S. Navy Pre-Flight School's military method for falling asleep anywhere in 120 seconds

The U.S. Navy Pre-Flight School developed a sleep method for pilots to be able to fall asleep anywhere. It takes practice, but after six weeks, 96% of pilots can fall asleep within 120 seconds. And now you can learn how to do it.

Sharon Ackman’s viral article on Medium breaks down the steps involved in this 2-minute exercise. With it, you can even fall asleep while sitting upright on airplanes, so getting to lie down or stretch will only make it easier.

Step by step, Ackman will tell you how military personnel relax different parts of their body to signal to the brain that you’re ready to fall asleep. And finally, there’s an excellent trick to clear your mind and not think about anything.

Ackman’s story is also available in audio form, which you can download and play every night as a form of guided meditation.

4. Nightly (Android, iOS): Science-Backed Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

Nightly combines scientific research and smart algorithms to help you fall asleep faster, and then enjoy uninterrupted sleep. You start the routine by watching a video that relaxes the mind, priming it to fall asleep. After the video, put the phone next to your pillow and the app will play soothing sounds to help you drift off.

Throughout the night, the app monitors your sleeping pattern and behavior. At points where you are likely to experience unrest or have a bad dream, Nightly will restart the soothing sounds to relax you while you’re sleeping. A smart alarm wakes you in the morning when you’re in light sleep, rather than when you’re in a state of deep sleep.

The app tracks your sleep behavior and timings to provide sleep statistics. There’s a 14-day free trial, after which you’ll need to pay $30 annually. It might seem like quite a bit, but it’s worth it for a good night’s sleep.

Download: Nightly for Android | iOS (Free)

5. Nothing Much Happens (Podcast): Bedtime Stories for Adults

Nothing Much Happens podcast puts you to sleep with bedtime stories for adults

The glow of a screen can strain your eyes, so many of us listen to music or podcasts while we’re trying to fall asleep. But there are a few podcasts whose aim is to make you sleep, not listen. Sleep With Me is the most popular, but Nothing Much Happens is quickly gaining a lot of fans.

Nothing Much Happens describes itself as bedtime stories for adults. Hey, if it helped you fall asleep as a kid, why won’t it work when you’re a grown-up? These aren’t “adult stories” though. In fact, as you’ll see, the stories aren’t particularly that interesting and engrossing either. As the title suggests, nothing much happens.

Host and narrator Kathryn has a smooth and calming voice, with which she reads out details about everything in the story. That effect puts your mind into relaxation mode, and you’ll find yourself drifting off to sleep even before an episode finishes.

There are almost 50 bedtime stories for you to listen to. And if you finish with that, try these other podcasts to help you fall asleep

9 Must-Listen Podcasts That Will Help You Fall Asleep

9 Must-Listen Podcasts That Will Help You Fall Asleep

Sleep disorders are a growing issue around the world. If you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up, try these podcasts for better sleep health.
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Best Apps for Tracking and Improving Sleep

Did you check your phone before you went to sleep? The blue light of a smartphone’s screen has been shown to disrupt the body clock, and prevent you from falling asleep easily. It’s one of the first things you should address if you’re having trouble with sleep.

Try a combination of blue light filter apps, sleep tracking apps, and meditation apps to conquer the physical and mental barriers to falling asleep. To get you started, we’ve reviewed some of the best sleep apps for tracking and improving sleep

The Best Sleep Apps for Tracking and Improving Sleep

The Best Sleep Apps for Tracking and Improving Sleep

Learn how to improve your sleep quality using sleep tracker apps, blue light filter apps, and sleep meditation apps.
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7 Free Chat Apps for Messaging on Your Phone or Computer

For a seamless way to message your family and friends, you need the free chat apps available across multiple platforms. Ideally, on both mobile and desktop.

So, what free cross-platform chat apps should you download? And what are the best instant messaging apps available today? Keep reading to find out.

1. WhatsApp

Despite the Facebook buyout and concerns over advertising, WhatsApp remains the world’s most popular messaging app by some distance. At the time of writing, it has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users, and the growth is showing no signs of slowing down.

But what about cross-platform chatting? Well, WhatsApp has apps in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. There’s also a web app (which you need a QR code to log into), and standalone desktop apps for both Windows and Mac. Unfortunately, there is no Linux version of WhatsApp.

Other notable WhatsApp features include voice and video chat, groups with up to 256 people, and end-to-end encryption on all messages.

Download: WhatsApp (Free)

2. Telegram

telegram desktop app

Windows users will be curious to know about the best messaging apps for PC. Out of all of the options, we think Telegram provides the best Windows client.

The app is extremely lightweight, fast, and packed with all the same features that you get on the mobile versions. And, unlike WhatsApp, you don’t need a QR code in order to log in—your phone number is sufficient. Uniquely, Telegram even offers a portable Windows app; you don’t need to install it on your PC and can use it on any Windows machine you’re working on.

Telegram has a macOS client, and apps for Android and iOS. It is also the first free chat app on our list to support Linux.

Some of the most useful Telegram features

10 Useful Telegram Features You Should Be Using

10 Useful Telegram Features You Should Be Using

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are its support for self-destructing messages, groups with up to 200,000 members, bot integration, and the ability to schedule messages for the future.

Download: Telegram (Free)

3. Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger web app

Like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger benefits from having a large userbase. After all, any instant messaging app is useless if the people you want to chat with most frequently don’t also have the app installed.

Facebook Messenger has standalone apps for Android and iOS. However, the only way to read your Facebook messages on a desktop/laptop is to use the web app. Facebook has not developed a standalone desktop Messenger app for either Windows or macOS.

Download: Facebook Messenger (Free)

4. Line

Line is one of the most popular communication apps in Asia. It is the market leader in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan. If you have friends and relatives in those locales, Line is a must-have free chat app.

Thankfully, Line also boasts impressive cross-platform support. There are Line apps available for PC, macOS, Android, and iOS. You can also install the Line Chrome extension if you want to send instant messages directly from your web browser.

In addition to its chat functionality, Line doubles as a video messaging app and real-time location sharing service. You can even use it to follow other accounts, such as those of brands, celebrities, pop stars, sports teams, and more.

Download: Line (Free)

5. WeChat

WeChat is the third most popular messaging app in the world behind WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. If you want a free chat app to talk to people in China, this is a good solution. It is the top instant messaging app in that country.

It is also another free chat apps with solid cross-platform support—you can find standalone WeChat versions on Android, iOS, and desktop. However, although WeChat offers messaging apps for Windows and macOS, there is no Linux version. If you are running a Linux distro, you will need to use the service’s web app to chat with your friends.

Some of the other top features on WeChat include video messaging, custom stickers, a “Moments” stream (akin to Instagram Stories), and real-time location sharing.

Download: WeChat (Free)

6. Skype

Another of the best messaging apps for PC is Skype. Almost all Windows users have an account, and it is tightly integrated with the operating system’s other apps like Mail and Calendar.

Skype, of course, is an instant messaging app and video messaging app all rolled into one. Depending on the package you choose, you can even use the app to receive voicemails, call landlines and mobiles, send SMS messages, and create group chats.

In addition to the Windows version of Skype in the Microsoft Store, it is also available on Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. A web app also exists, but it is more limited in features than its desktop counterpart.

Download: Skype (Free)

7. Viber

The last app on our list of free chat apps is Viber. It’s often thought of as a direct competitor to WhatsApp. But while they do share some similar features (such as end-to-end encryption, voice and video calls, private group chats, and integration with Google Assistant and Siri), there are some key differences.

For example, Viber has a feature called Viber Out. It’s a VOIP facility that allows you to call mobiles and landlines around the world. You can also follow public accounts and chats, create hidden chats, and even play games within the Viber app.

Regardless of the differences, Viber remains a popular instant chat service. It has cross-platform support, with apps available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Like WhatsApp, there’s also a web app that requires a QR code to log in.

Download: Viber (Free)

Note: We previously covered reasons to ditch WhatsApp for Viber

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for a more detailed breakdown.

Are These the Best Free Chat Apps?

When you’re deciding on the best free chat app for your needs, there are two primary points you need to consider. First, can you use it on the hardware you own? Second, are the people you want to talk to also using the service?

If any of the above fit your needs then great. If not, please let us know your favorite alternative in the comments below. Even if it’s one of these online instant messaging services

5 Online Instant Messaging Services to Chat with Friends

5 Online Instant Messaging Services to Chat with Friends

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that let you chat to friends and family.

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5 Apps and Sites to Find Reddit’s Best Posts and Favorite Recommendations

Reddit has so many people talking about so many things across so many subreddits. How can you get the best recommendations easily? Well, there are a few sites and apps that collect the best of Reddit.

You can always sort any subreddit by top posts for the day, week, month, year, or all-time. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. These apps have a different outlook. Some collect posts based on how much time you’ll take to read them, others track recommendations across different subreddits.

But the idea, in the end, is the same: to get you the best content and recommendations.

1. Walnut TV (Web, Android): Best Videos on Reddit

Browse the best videos posted all over Reddit at Walnut TV

People share a lot of YouTube videos on Reddit. Walnut.TV collects all of them in one place to give you the top videos currently being talked about and upvoted on Reddit. It’s a useful and eye-pleasing interface.

On the left, you’ll see a playlist of all the videos coming up. Click any to watch it, or let the endless stream of videos keep auto-playing. You can also skip forward or go back with the left and right arrow keys.

At the top, you’ll see tabs that curate videos from different subreddits, based on topics. At the moment, categories include curious, science, documentaries, music, activities, food, and crafts. You can also search for your favorite subreddit to automatically create a playlist of all YouTube videos shared in it.

There is also an Android app, but it’s mainly the web version where Walnut.TV shines.

Download: Walnut.TV for Android (Free)

2. Shortly (Android, iOS): Curated Short Stories for 5 Minutes of Reading

The subreddit r/writingprompts gives anyone with a flair for writing a chance to exercise their creative muscles. One user will set a premise, and other community members then write whatever short story they come up with, based on that premise. Shortly gives you the cream of the crop in a fantastic interface.

When you start the app, Shortly will give you a quick test to determine your reading speed. Then, you have to choose a story based on how much time you have to read. Options include one-minute, three-minute, and five-minute stories. And just like that, you’ll get a well-formatted short story in a neat font and a pleasing grey background.

If you want to develop a fiction-reading habit, Shortly is an excellent way to begin. Not every story is amazing, but these are the most upvoted short stories on the subreddit, which has been active for several years. So you’re bound to get many winners.

Download: Shortly for Android | iOS (Free)

Top Talked Books lists the most recommended books on Reddit

There are two book recommendation engines that try to find what Redditors are reading. Both do a good job and there’s no real reason to select one over the other, so try them both out.

Top Trend Books calls itself a data-driven recommendation engine, which collects all comments and posts about a book. It then assigns “trend points” based on upvotes, number of references, and the date. Based on that, you can look through categories like tech, comic, free ebooks, fantasy, and more, and sort the recommendations based on time. You can also search for authors or topics.

Top Talked Books isn’t restricted to Reddit alone, and also includes data from Hacker News and Stack Overflow. You can restrict yourself to Reddit-based sources, but why would you want to do that? Check New, Best of the Best, and even articles. The Explore tab lets you sort by categories and tags.

If you like these, you should also check out these essential “best book” lists

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to see how many of them you have read.

4. Things On Reddit (Web): Reddit’s Favorite Product Recommendations

Find all of Reddit's favorite product recommendations at Things On Reddit

On every subreddit, there are experts who will share their favorite products. Some products are shared often by multiple contributors, and gain a reputation for being a favorite and a must-buy. Things On Reddit collects all such favorites in one website.

The Featured Things highlights a few products, while you can jump to any of the popular topics or subreddits to find items from that community. Once you’re viewing items in a topic or subreddit, you can further sort them by mentions, karma, or date. There’s also a short blurb from the best-voted post, often describing why it’s recommended.

Each item on Things On Reddit includes an affiliate link to Amazon or some other store, which helps pay for the website.

5. Unreadit (Email): Get Newsletter Digests of Favorite Subreddits or Topics

Get newsletter digests of Reddit posts about topics, handpicked by human editors at Unreadit

Unreadit gives you the best of Reddit without needing you to visit the website or the app. It’s a series of newsletters that curate content from multiple subreddits to create a digest, and send it straight to your inbox.

Here’s an example. If you’re interested in technology, subscribe to the Tech newsletter. Sent every Monday, a human editor handpicks the best posts of the week from r/Tech, r/TechNews, r/Gadgets, r/HackerNews, and r/Apple. And just like that, you’re caught up with what people are discussing and sharing on Reddit. Currently, there are such newsletters for self-improvement, tech, geek, entrepreneur, design, frontend, and indie makers.

Unreadit also offers automated newsletters, which aren’t handpicked by a human editor. These are a bit of a hit-or-miss affair, but they might be worth it nonetheless. It’s a much wider range of topics, such as writing, travel, fiction, blockchain, cinema, gaming, etc.

Awesome Reddit Apps and Extensions

All these apps and sites make it easy to find good recommendations from Reddit without diving into the forums. In fact, you can entirely skip ever visiting Reddit if you use these well.

But then you’re missing out on so much. Reddit is full of great content and helpful communities. If you’ve found it overwhelming or disliked the experience, you might not be using it right. Have you tried these awesome Reddit apps and extensions

5 Awesome Reddit Apps and Extensions You Aren’t Using

5 Awesome Reddit Apps and Extensions You Aren’t Using

Reddit is the internet’s unofficial discussion forum. So use these apps and extensions for a better Reddit experience.
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for a better experience?

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The 10 Best Thanksgiving Apps for iPhone

There’s no better way to prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday than with apps for your iPhone. From tasty recipes to enjoyable games to holiday greetings, these apps will get you ready to give thanks.

Thanksgiving Cooking and Recipes

Whether you like to stick with tradition or try something new, Thanksgiving cooking and recipe apps can help.

1. Thanksgiving Recipes

The Thanksgiving Recipes app helps you create something tasty and traditional, or fresh and flavorful. From main dishes to sides to desserts, you can find exactly what fits your family with helpful recipes and instructional videos.

Each recipe has a photo, ingredients, and directions helpfully displayed. The app lets you save your favorites and share recipes with others. So if you’re in the market to try a new dish this Thanksgiving, this app has you covered.

Download: Thanksgiving Recipes (Free)

2. Tasty

For a recipe app that you can use during Thanksgiving, as well as other holidays or anytime you need some inspiration, check out Tasty. The Tasty app has a whole section of dish recipes for Thanksgiving. Just enter “Thanksgiving” in the search box and you’re on your way to a delicious holiday meal.

The videos you’ll find in the app provide different recipes in one clip and show you the steps to creating the dish. You’ll also get the written ingredients, nutritional details, and instructions with an option to see them one step at a time. Take Tasty for a spin to boost your Thanksgiving feast.

Download: Tasty (Free)

Thanksgiving Fun and Games

Take a break from the kitchen or get in the holiday spirit with some entertainment. These games are made just for Thanksgiving.

3. 3D Turkey Run Thanksgiving Infinite Runner

Get ready to race through Thanksgiving Village in 3D Turkey Run. Choose from one of four turkeys, move left and right to pick up valuable coins, swipe up to jump, and swipe down to slide. There are obstacles galore—from logs to fences to pumpkins, you will need to maneuver your turkey well to dodge them.

The game is available at no cost, with in-app purchases for additional tokens. For a little bit of Thanksgiving fun before the guests arrive, save the turkey in this upbeat endless runner.

Download: 3D Turkey Run Thanksgiving Infinite Runner (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Hidden Objects Thanksgiving Puzzle

Hidden Objects Thanksgiving Puzzle iPhone

If you enjoy hidden object puzzle games, then you’re in for a treat. Hidden Objects Thanksgiving Puzzle takes you to harvest time with warm autumn colors, relaxing gameplay, and subtle background music.

Choose from three games modes including traditional, chill, or adventure. Each has different game options like time and hint limits, various scenes, and unique levels. You can also decide to use pictures, words, or collections for your list of objects.

Hidden Objects Thanksgiving Puzzle on iPhone or iPad offers a great way to unwind after your turkey stuffs you.

Download: Hidden Objects Thanksgiving Puzzle (Free, in-app purchases available)

Thanksgiving Wallpapers and Countdowns

Spruce up your iPhone wallpaper with a Thanksgiving or autumn-themed background. You can even add a countdown until the holiday if you like.

5. Thanksgiving All-In-One

With 40 seasonal wallpaper options, recipes, and a built-in countdown, Thanksgiving All-In-One has a bit of everything. The wallpaper options include pumpkins, leaves, and the silhouette of a pilgrim. Access the countdown with a tap; it displays the time until Thanksgiving Day arrives.

As added bonuses, the app includes links to YouTube videos of recipes and a small section that has Thanksgiving poems. If you are looking for a simple and free app to get you in the holiday spirit, this is one to check out.

Download: Thanksgiving All-In-One (Free)

6. Thanksgiving Wallpaper & Backgrounds

If you’re just looking for a nice selection of wallpapers for your Home or Lock screen, take a look at Thanksgiving Wallpaper & Backgrounds by Floor Girls. From artsy and classic to cute and cartoony, you’ll find many cool options.

Once you choose a wallpaper, you can save it to your camera roll or share it with a friend. The app also includes a slideshow option so you can sit back and relax as you browse through the backgrounds. Thanksgiving Wallpaper & Backgrounds also has images for other holidays and seasons, making it useful for any time of the year.

Download: Thanksgiving Wallpaper & Backgrounds (Free)

Thanksgiving Coloring Books for Kids

Let your kids create some works of art for Thanksgiving with cute coloring book apps for iOS.

7. Thanksgiving Coloring Book!

A good coloring book option for the kids is Thanksgiving Coloring Book! from Peep Software. Image options like silly turkeys, young pilgrims, and a perfect pie are available for any age or preference. One you select a picture, switching colors is easy by swiping on the crayons. Then just tap the crayon color you want and let the fun begin.

The app offers both brush and bucket coloring modes, a handy eraser, and simple saving or sharing options. For those images that have a lot of detail, just use the pinch-to-zoom feature. The app is free with an in-app purchase to remove the ads for $1.

Download: Thanksgiving Coloring Book! (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. Thanksgiving Coloring Book

Thanksgiving Coloring Book from TickTap has a smaller selection of images, but still provides the enjoyment of coloring and includes delightful background music. Choose a vibrant color from the 16 options and then pick your brush size to get started.

This coloring book app does not include a fill mode, making it more like a real coloring experience. But don’t worry—if you make a mistake or color outside the lines, an eraser lets you clean up. Email your finished masterpieces to faraway family right from within the app.

Additional picture packs are available for a $1 in-app purchase, which also removes the ads.

Download: Thanksgiving Coloring Book (Free, in-app purchases available)

Thanksgiving Greeting Cards and Photo Frames

Send a heartfelt or amusing greeting this Thanksgiving with neat greeting card and photo frame apps.

9. Thanksgiving Cards & Wishes

From the popular 123Greetings.com comes Thanksgiving Cards & Wishes. The app gives you over 1,000 free Thanksgiving greetings to choose from. It also offers video cards, postcards, and GIF cards that you can easily send to your loved ones.

You can also take a look at the bonus features, like scheduling the delivery of your greeting, sending a card to multiple contacts at once, and posting directly to Facebook. Thanksgiving Cards & Wishes makes it super easy to send greetings that share your thanks this holiday.

Download: Thanksgiving Cards & Wishes (Free)

10. Thanksgiving Picture Frames

If you enjoy using your own photos for your greetings, check out Thanksgiving Picture Frames. The app offers over 50 nifty frames, 100 decorative stickers, and a variety of font styles.

Using the app is simple. Just select a photo from your iPhone, add your text, and include a few stickers. Then you can share your creation on Facebook or Twitter, send it in an email, or just save it to your camera roll. This Thanksgiving, send a gobble or a grin with this fun photo app.

Download: Thanksgiving Picture Frames (Free)

Gobble Up the Thanksgiving Apps!

Whether you enjoy themed games, attractive backgrounds, or holiday greetings, these apps are just the ticket for Turkey Day. Be sure to also check out our list of guides for having the perfect Thanksgiving

How to Throw the Perfect Thanksgiving with These Top Guides

How to Throw the Perfect Thanksgiving with These Top Guides

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this year.

Image Credit: Family Business/Shutterstock

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4 Free Morse Code Software and Apps to Send Coded Messages

Morse code was once a revolutionary form of communication, as it allowed people to transmit messages electrically over long distances. While it’s fallen out of favor due to modern technology, you’ll still find cool Morse code software to make use of it in the 21st century.

Let’s take a look at some Morse software you can use to transmit messages and have fun with Morse code.

Chances are that you don’t know Morse code by heart. It’s easy enough to find a key or flowchart online to translate the code, but you might be interested in fully learning it on your own.

If that’s the case, check out Google’s Morse Typing Trainer tool. Google released it alongside support for Morse Code in its Gboard keyboard for Android and iOS. This is primarily intended as an accessibility tool for people who have difficulty typing on a standard keyboard, but anyone can use it to send Morse code from their keyboard.

This tool uses visual aids to help you associate each letter in Morse code with its dots and dashes. For example, for the letter “B,” which is represented by “. – – -” in Morse code, it shows a banjo with a dot in the middle and three dashes going up the neck.

Google Learn Morse Code

You can access a demo of the service on your desktop, but it’s intended for use on your phone using Gboard.

Download: Gboard for Android | iOS (Free)

Using Morse Code on Gboard for Android

First, download Gboard if it’s not already on your phone. To open the app’s settings, select a text field to bring up your keyboard. If another keyboard appears, tap the Keyboard icon in the bottom-right corner and switch to Gboard.

Next, hit the arrow at the top of the keyboard to show a list of icons. Select the three-dot Menu button to show more items, then tap the Gear icon to open Settings.

From here, select Languages and tap the existing English (US) entry. Scroll all the way to the right and select Morse code. Below this you can change a variety of settings; tap Done to add the Morse code keyboard.

To switch between the standard keyboard and Morse code, tap the Globe icon in Gboard.

Using Morse Code on Gboard for iPhone

Download Gboard from the App Store if you don’t have it yet, then open the app from your home screen. Once you’re here, select Languages, then Add language. Scroll down to the bottom and select Morse Code – English for whatever region you prefer.

Now Morse code is added to your keyboard. To switch to it, tap the Globe icon in Gboard. You’re then ready to type in Morse code on your iOS device.

Morse Code Translator

If you don’t want to commit to learning Morse code, you can still use tools like the Morse Code Translator to send and receive Morse code on your computer.

This site lets you enter a message in English to see the equivalent in Morse code. It also supports showing the English output for Morse code characters. Once you’ve typed out a message, you can hit Play to hear the code. Check the Light box to also show corresponding flashes.

It’s also easy to share your Morse code with others. Click the Save button to download a copy of the audio in WAV format. Or use the Send button to create a unique URL that you can send to friends. When they open it, they’ll hear the message, see flashes, and watch the English characters appear in real-time.

This site has several other resources related to Morse code, including a virtual keyer, text guide to the characters, and information on message timing.

3. Morsecode.me: Communicate With Others in Morse Code

Morsecodeme Morse Code Chat

One of the coolest online Morse code programs, morsecode.me allows you to join chatrooms and talk to other people in Morse code. As people type, you’ll hear the corresponding sounds and see the text appear in real-time.

The service offers several channels depending on your proficiency level. The default is channel 1 for beginners, while more experienced users can switch to a different channel using the top menu.

Give it a try if you’re confident enough in your Morse code skills to communicate back and forth. There’s a key on the right side to help you out, but the site mentions that this is for people who know Morse code. Thus, you should take care to be respectful and not clog up the chat.

4. Morse Decoder: Listen to Encoded Messages

Morse Code Decoder

Years ago, we covered a free Morse code decoder software called CwGet. It’s still around, but it’s fairly clunky and only available for Windows. You can achieve the same effect with Morse Decoder, which is made by the same person as the Morse Code Translator service mentioned above.

This service lets you either upload an audio file containing Morse code or listen to audio from your computer’s microphone. It will display the characters in the message as it detects them. You can also see a basic graph of the input below.

If you wanted, you could use this tool to send secret messages to your friends in Morse code. However, you’ll need to encrypt them in some way, as anyone who has access to the raw audio can easily decode the Morse code text using a service like this. You might hide the Morse code file as a single track in a multi-track audio file, for instance.

However, this is probably overkill for most people. You’re better off with easier self-destructing apps to send secure messages

5 Self-Destructing Apps to Send Secure Messages or Stay Organized

5 Self-Destructing Apps to Send Secure Messages or Stay Organized

If you want to ensure your data isn’t stored anywhere, use these self-destructing apps to send sensitive information.
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Morse Code Apps Are ..-. ..- -. (Fun)

Even if you’ve never used Morse code before, we hope you can have some fun with this collection of free Morse code software. They’re available to use on any platform and make learning, translating, decoding, and communicating in Morse code simple.

Due to its storied history and universal nature, Morse code is a wise skill to pick up. And it’s easier than learning a new language. For more like this, check out alternative ways to type on your Android phone

6 Different Ways to Type on an Android Phone

6 Different Ways to Type on an Android Phone

You know how to type on your Android phone, but did you know that you can also type with Morse code, your voice, and more?
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The Best Email Apps for Your iPhone You Must Try

Email apps, whether for business or pleasure, are one of those tools that most people are particular about.

Does it have the features you need, plus extras you’ll appreciate? Is it free or affordable? Does it sync across devices? And for a mobile email app on your iPhone, you definitely want one that’s easy to use, too.

From someone who has tried dozens of email apps for iPhone, we’ve picked the ones that stand out above the others and explained why. So if you’re looking for the best email app for iPhone, check out these five terrific options (in no particular order).

Essential Features in an iPhone Email App

Most email apps will provide the basic features you need to send and receive messages, as well as get notifications. Here is a list of those features that we look for in an email client and that each of the ones on our list provides:

  • Alerts, notifications, and badge icons
  • File and photo attachments
  • Available for both iPhone and iPad
  • Free with optional in-app purchases

1. Spark

The Spark email app is a definite favorite in this category. It offers an attractive design, threaded messages, multiple email accounts, a built-in calendar, and color-coding for your accounts.

Spark’s standout features include:

  • Smart Inbox: View a summary of all new messages from each of your email accounts.
  • Delegation: Assign emails for others to take an action on.
  • Snooze: Snooze messages to a later date or time and receive an alert when the time comes.
  • Reminders: Set a reminder for an email so you don’t forget to follow up.
  • Quick Replies: Tap to reply with a smile, a thank you, that you agree, or your own custom Quick Reply.

This isn’t the end of the list of features for Spark either. You can also create signatures for all accounts, set up and use email templates, use a passkey lock, sync with your other devices, and much more.

Download: Spark (Free, subscription available)

2. Airmail

Airmail is an excellent iPhone email app that integrates with storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, along with productivity apps like Evernote and Todoist. The app gives you a long list of actions you can take on emails that makes inbox management a breeze.

Below are some of Airmail’s standout features:

  • Advanced email actions: Beyond moving, applying labels, and muting or blocking, you can create PDFs, unsubscribe, move to another account, and send to Reminders or Calendar.
  • Custom actions: Create actions for simplified workflows.
  • To Do: Start a list of tasks right from your emails using the built-in To Do list feature.
  • VIP list: Add email senders to your VIP list.
  • Password-protection: Set up a password and choose the amount of time before the app prompts you for it.

With a nice array of features that make taking action on your emails easy, Airmail is a good option for any serious mail user on iOS. If you’re interested in multiple accounts, snooze, send later, and premium support, check out the Airmail subscription options.

Download: Airmail (Free, subscription available)

3. Polymail

For a powerful email app that’s similar in features to Spark, take the time to check out Polymail. You can set up multiple email accounts, enable two-factor authentication, and enjoy a host of other features.

Have a look at some of Polymail’s coolest features:

  • Customizable swipe actions: Create four actions (rather than the standard two) when you swipe emails in your message list.
  • Read later: Mark emails to read later for any date and time that works best for you.
  • Send later: Schedule emails you compose to be sent at a certain date and time.
  • Block senders: Tap to block an email sender or follow the unsubscribe link right from your inbox.
  • Reminders: Create reminders when sending emails to follow up if you don’t receive a reply.

And that’s not all! You can automatically send emails to the Archive after you read them, view an Activity Feed, create and apply labels, and much more. Polymail is a terrific, full-featured email app for iPhone.

Download: Polymail (Free, subscription available)

4. ProtonMail

If security is your number0-one concern in an email app, then ProtonMail is the app for you. With its end-to-end encryption and zero access to your data, you’ll love the other secure features ProtonMail offers.

Here’s a summary of how ProtonMail stands out:

  • Password-protect emails: Secure an email you’re sending with a password and include a hint for the recipient.
  • Self-destructing messages: Set a time limit on the email so that it disappears after a certain number of days and/or hours.
  • Protection: Enable Touch ID and/or a PIN. Plus, you can set an automatic lock for the app after a specified number of minutes.
  • Contacts: Create and manage contacts and groups from within the app.
  • Swipe actions: Use the swipe actions you want for messages in your inbox.

With ProtonMail, you can rest assured that your messages and data are safe and secure. If you’re interested in upgrading your account, you can opt for a subscription and receive additional storage space and send more messages per day.

Download: ProtonMail (Free, subscription available)

5. Canary Mail

Another security-centered email app to check out is Canary Mail. Similar to ProtonMail, Canary Mail offers end-to-end encryption. Along with its dedication to safety, you’ll enjoy the ability to use multiple email accounts and a built-in calendar.

In particular, Canary Mail offers:

  • Pin emails: Keep important messages at the top of your list by pinning them.
  • Draw messages: Use a stylus or your finger to scribble in your emails.
  • Favorites: Mark people as favorites and then access them in one spot.
  • Customizable actions: Set up swipe and thread actions to take care of emails quickly.
  • Snooze: Snooze emails for a date and time you pick to follow up.

To go with these great features, you can also sync across devices, protect access to the app, create signatures for all accounts, and request read receipts. Canary Mail is worth a look as another solid email app that concentrates on security.

Download: Canary Mail (Free, subscription available)

The Best iPhone Mail Apps Worth Trying

Each of these iPhone email apps is excellent in its own way. Of course, pretty much every mail app has the basic features you need. So it’s those extra bonus features that will turn an email app like one of these into your favorite.

For more choices, check out iPhone email apps to help better organize your inbox

The 6 Best iPhone Email Apps to Organize Your Inbox

The 6 Best iPhone Email Apps to Organize Your Inbox

What is the best email app for iPhone? Here are the best iOS email clients to help you manage your inbox.
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