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The 5 Best Telegram Desktop Client Apps

Telegram is well known for its privacy features, bots, and community building. However, its user interface leaves a lot to be desired. Luckily, there are plenty of Telegram desktop client apps you can use instead.

In this article we list the best Telegram desktop client apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux. All of which are solid Telegram alternatives.

bettergram telegram desktop client alternative

Bettergram is one of the most popular third-party Telegram desktop clients. It is easy to see why, too. First up, you can use Bettergram on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The cross-platform option is handy when so many Telegram desktop client alternatives focus on a single platform. Telegram’s cross-platform compatability is just one of the reasons Telegram is the only messaging app you need

8 Reasons Telegram Is the Only Messaging App You Need

8 Reasons Telegram Is the Only Messaging App You Need

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Bettergram addresses some of the major issues holding the official Telegram app back. Namely:

  • Pin up to 50 chats, rather than Telegram’s five.
  • Sort your messages by category.
  • Favorite your important conversations to keep track of them more easily.

Bettergram is open source and available on GitHub, meaning you can check out the code to make sure it is secure. However, this leads to the major downside of Bettergram: development stopped in 2018.

The pinned message on the official Bettergram Telegram channel states, “We have paused the development for all platforms at the moment. We will write here when we resume it.” Hopefully development will resume soon, including the now-defunct Android and iOS apps.

Download: Bettergram for Windows | macOS | Linux

unigram telegram desktop client alternatives

Next up is the Windows 10-only Telegram desktop client alternative, Unigram.

Unigram introduces a few quality-of-life options that make it easier for Telegram users. For instance, you can use the F1 to F5 keys to display different chat groups. Selecting F1 switches to All Chats, F2 switches to User Chats, F3 switches to Bots, and so on. F6 shows your unread chats. It also offers multi-account support.

Unigram integrates nicely with Windows 10, including the Windows 10 People desktop integration. Windows 10 People allows you to add a personal contact to your taskbar and chat to them from there, rather than opening the full application.

The chat switching options are handy, and the Windows 10 integrations are useful. But Unigram doesn’t add heaps of additional functionality to Telegram.

Download: Unigram for Windows 10 (Free)

ferdi multi messenger telegram alternative

Ferdi is a different take on Telegram desktop client alternatives. Instead of a single Telegram replacement, Ferdi is a messaging browser application. You can concentrate all of your messaging applications in a single messaging browser, instead of having numerous taskbar and system tray icons.

One of Ferdi’s best features is separated workspaces. You can use the workspaces feature to group together personal, business, and other workspaces across multiple messengers.

For instance, if you have a bunch of cryptocurrency-focused Telegram and Slack channels, bunch them up into a specific workspace. Family and friend chats? Do the same. It is easy to add additional messenger services, too, including Facebook Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, Gmail, and more.

That said, for all of Ferdi’s additional messenger functionality, it doesn’t necessarily extend the functionality of the Telegram desktop client. That isn’t a slight on Ferdi, just a fact.

Ferdi is open source and available on GitHub as a hard fork of the now-defunct Franz messaging browser. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, but there are no mobile apps. It’s handy bringing all of your communications into one app, so here are some more multi-messenger apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The 7 Best Chat Apps and Clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux

The 7 Best Chat Apps and Clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux

From all-in-one messengers to dedicated chat clients, here are some of the best chat apps to use on Windows, Mac, or Linux.
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Download: Ferdi for Windows | macOS | Linux App Image | Linux (.deb)

Webogram isn’t strictly a Telegram desktop client alternative. It is the regular Telegram client accessed through your browser.

The app itself doesn’t offer any extension on the base Telegram client options. It is, however, a handy extra option for accessing Telegram on the go. Using Webogram allows you a standard Telegram experience no matter the host operating system.

station multi messenger telegram alternative

Your final third-party Telegram client for consideration is Station, another combination messenger app. Like Ferdi, Station brings your messenger applications all under one roof, including Telegram. Station also includes a host of productivity, search, and account management tools.

For example, you can use Station’s Quick-Switch to search through your documents and chats rapidly. It has a Smart Dock to keep track of your frequent chats and tabs, and we really like the single Do Not Disturb button that makes the entire app silent with a single click. Station also has integrations for over 650 apps so that you can tailor the workspace to your requirements.

Station doesn’t extend Telegram’s functionality specifically. Overall, Station is a slick multi-messenger application with bundles of options. In that, it doesn’t necessarily matter that Telegram isn’t the sole focus of its productivity and search tools, because they integrate well regardless.

Download: Station for Windows | macOS | Linux

Why Use a Third-Party Telegram Client App?

One of the biggest reasons to use a third-party is to add additional functionality missing from Telegram. Some third-party Telegram apps expand the base options to turn Telegram into a more rounded chat client.

For many Telegram users, the simple addition of more chat pins would make a massive amount of difference, hence why Bettergram remains so popular despite development ceasing in late-2018.

Multi-messenger applications such as Ferdi and Station provide an extra option for Telegram users. Combining multiple chat applications into a single app isn’t new (think Pidgin or Trillian), but both of these options come with a range of extra tools. In particular, Station’s search and productivity tools give Telegram users a lot of new options.

It isn’t all clean sailing, though. The Telegram client is secure. Using a third-party Telegram client adds another potential security vulnerability, as you are relying on the third-party client developer to maintain security and privacy features. If they fail, your privacy could disappear with it.

Is Telegram your go-to chat app? Then you should know all about these awesome Telegram features you should be using

10 Useful Telegram Features You Should Be Using

10 Useful Telegram Features You Should Be Using

You’ve made the switch to Telegram, but are you using it to its fullest? In this article, we pinpoint several useful Telegram features you may have overlooked.
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The 6 Best Email Apps for Mac

Email plays a critical role in most people’s Mac workflow. It’s thus essential to have an email client that suits your needs and helps you work through your numerous email tasks efficiently.

Luckily, there’s a range of options available for macOS. Here are the best email apps for your Mac.

1. Apple Mail

Apple Mail on Mac

Your Mac comes preinstalled with Apple’s own email client, simply called Mail. Apple Mail is a feature-rich and responsive home for your inbox. It offers a standard set of features that’s sufficient for most users.

The app has a common two-window design, spam filters, and timely notifications. Best of all, it’s already available on your computer. You don’t have to download anything, learn a new system, or pay for a subscription.

Apple Mail is an ideal email solution if you’re also an iPhone user. You can seamlessly import media from your phone and continue writing drafts you left incomplete.

However, Apple Mail can feel archaic in places and has a rigid interface you can’t customize per your preferences. Plus, it’s not updated as often as the other options on this list, and lacks smart utilities.

2. Spark

Spark is for people who are constantly fed up with their overflowing inbox. This popular Mac email app groups your emails into various sections like Personal and Newsletters so that you can easily sift through them. More importantly, it has a clean look that doesn’t get cluttered even when working with hundreds of messages.

In addition, Spark houses a multitude of other intelligent features that let you email like a pro. It can remind you to follow up, snooze emails for later, create templates for emails you send out regularly, schedule messages, and more.

Another highlight of Spark is its collaboration options. If you work in a team, you can delegate emails to a colleague, edit a draft together in real-time, and chat with them right inside the email app.

If you like, you can also personalize Spark to your wishes. Find the design overwhelming due to its many features? Switch some of them off. If you find a particular sidebar useless, just hide it.

Spark is even compatible with third-party integrations. This means you can connect Pocket to save links, or use Todoist to add emails as tasks.

Download: Spark (Free)

3. Airmail

Airmail mac

You could describe AirMail as a more responsive and seamless form of Apple Mail. It augments the simple aesthetic with a series of under-the-hood and user-facing improvements. The app brings all your email accounts under a single roof and doesn’t bog you down with superficial additions.

AirMail allows you to turn emails into to-dos and memos so you can keep tabs on important messages that require a response. You can directly attach files from cloud storage platforms, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. You’ll also find a minimal mode that retracts Airmail into a mobile-like, vertical window.

The app hosts nearly every major feature you’d expect, including the ability to snooze emails, keyboard shortcuts, and offline access.

Airmail’s efficiency comes at a price, however, as it charges a one-time fee of $27. But it may be worth the cost if speed matters the most to you.

Download: Airmail ($26.99)

4. Spike

Spike email app

Spike is built on the idea of conversational email. The app transforms your inbox into something resembling an instant messaging app, allowing you to interact with your email threads like chats.

On the left, you have a list of your messages. When you click one, Spike launches a chat window on the right which shows its content and every other email you’ve exchanged with the sender in the past. There’s a reply box at the bottom accompanied by attachment and emoji buttons—similar to a messaging app.

Spike can sort your emails based on common subject lines, senders, or in chronological order as usual. Apart from that, you can schedule and snooze emails, switch themes, create calendar entries, and more. Teams on Spike have the option to chat and video/voice call their colleagues as well.

Spike is free for personal accounts with under 100,000 messages. For businesses, the app carries a monthly price per user.

Download: Spike (Free, subscription required for business accounts)

5. Canary Mail

Canary mail inbox Mac app

Canary Mail puts security above everything else. You can choose to protect your emails with end-to-end encryption, which means neither Canary Mail nor the service provider will be able to read them. However, for this to work, the recipient has to be a Canary Mail user too. You can send regular non-encrypted emails to those who aren’t.

Other than that, Canary Mail is filled to the brim with handy features. The apps come with a design that is both visually appealing and functional.

Canary’s AI-based system learns your preferences and automatically highlights the emails it thinks are most important to you. On top of this, there’s natural language search, snooze options, templates, and a one-click unsubscribe button for spam.

Download: Canary Mail ($19.99)

6. Mailplane

Mailplane universal search emails Mac app

Google offers a vast collection of tools with Gmail that you won’t find on other clients. You can send self-destructing emails, enable two-factor verification for each message, quickly reply with automated suggestions, and more. Gmail’s Smart Compose feature takes a lot of work out of composing new emails. Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t have a desktop app.

Enter Mailplane, a third-party Mac app that brings Gmail to your desktop. Mailplane is essentially a web wrapper for Gmail’s web app. But it adds optimizations and a bunch of exclusive functions to make it feel more like a native client.

For starters, you have access to a universal search. It lets you look up emails from all your Gmail accounts in a single place. Mailplane also bundles a built-in annotation tool and quick-reply button for notifications.

Further, Mailplane comes with a Mac menu bar widget, which displays unread messages. Unlike a few other Gmail web wrappers, Mailplane supports a few popular Chrome extensions such as Grammarly and Boomerang.

Mailplane is not your only option for using the Gmail web app on your Mac. Check out these handy macOS apps that bring Gmail to your desktop.

Download: Mailplane ($29.95, free trial available)

Get the Best Email Experience on Your Phone Too

Your Mac is likely where you attend to most of your important emails. These apps ensure you have the right tools at your disposal to quickly get through the pile.

On the other side of the spectrum, you’re no stranger to tackling emails on your phone when on-the-go. For a consistent email experience across your devices, we recommend taking a look at the best iOS email apps

5 Intelligent iPhone Email Apps to Sort & Organize Your Inbox

5 Intelligent iPhone Email Apps to Sort & Organize Your Inbox

It’s a good time to say goodbye to the Apple Mail app — when so much of your work, personal and travel life revolves around email, it’s just not enough.
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and the best Android email apps

The 10 Best Email Apps for Android, Compared

The 10 Best Email Apps for Android, Compared

Email on a smartphone? Use one of these excellent email apps for Android to make the experience more productive and enjoyable.
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The Best Apps for Kids With Learning Disabilities – Review Geek

A child plays an educational game on their iPad.

Every child needs to study at home, and learning disabilities can amplify that need. Thankfully, there are plenty of supplemental educational apps built for kids with learning disabilities. These apps cover every subject, from reading to math to social or emotional intelligence.

All-Purpose Learning Apps

A mother helps her daughter play an educational game on an iPad.
Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Most educational apps focus on one subject, like math or reading. But some aim to cover all the bases. These all-purpose educational apps can teach language and math skills, along with skills for social and emotional intelligence.

These apps can be used to teach children of all skill levels. They can be used for independent learning, but they work best when an adult is around to help.

  • Otsimo (iOS/Android): A visually engaging app that’s full of learning games for all subjects and skill levels. It’s based on the principals of Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy and can be optimized for children based on their developmental needs.
  • Khan Academy Kids (iOS/Android): This free app uses fun games and visuals to teach rudimentary reading, writing, and mathematics. It’s a lot more visually engaging than most educational apps, which is great if your child has trouble focusing.
  • PBS KIDS Video (iOS/Android): Stream the PBS channel or episodes of PBS shows for free. This is a great passive learning tool that can teach your child reading, writing, math, and social or emotional skills.

Of course, these all-purpose apps are pretty broad. If your child needs a more focused study session, then it may be worth downloading an app that’s meant specifically for language skills, math skills, or emotional skills.

Reading Comprehension

A group of kids read together.

Reading’s not easy, but a few educational apps can help hone your child’s skills or raise their confidence. Some of these apps, like the Voice Dream Reader text-to-speech app, can also be used as accessibility tools for kids who have trouble reading.

Here are the best reading comprehension apps:

  • Rivet Better Reading (iOS/Android): Rivet is a free reading app that uses points and visuals to keep your child engaged. It’s perfect for all skill levels, and it helps round out areas where your child’s having trouble.
  • Elmo Loves ABCs (iOS): A premium app that teaches your child to identify and sound out letters and words. It includes fun learning games, along with digital coloring pages and clips from Sesame Street.
  • Autism Therapy with MITA (iOS/Android): This is an early-intervention app for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It’s a great vocab-building tool, but it also helps reduce stimulus over selectivity (tunnel vision).
  • Voice Dream Reader (iOS/Android): This premium text-to-speech app can turn any book into an audiobook. It’s an excellent tool for any child, and especially children who get overwhelmed by books or children with dyslexia.

Of course, language is more than just the written word. Communication is just as important as reading, and there are some great apps for nonspeaking or verbally challenged kids.

Speaking and Listening

A doctor talks to a toddler.
Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock

Even kids who are great at reading can have trouble communicating. If your child is nonverbal or has difficulty speaking, then it may be worth downloading an AAC or speech therapy app.

AAC apps convert symbols into words (like a text-to-speech program but with drawings), while speech therapy apps aim to deal with speech delays and articulation problems.

Here are the best speaking and listening apps:

  • Proloquo2Go (iOS): A premium AAC text-to-speech app for children who have trouble speaking. You can type in the app or communicate using pictures.
  • LetMeTalk (iOS/Android): A free AAC app for kids who have trouble speaking. It turns simple images into words and has some customization and profile features.
  • Splingo’s Language Universe (iOS): A premium interactive game that helps children recognize words and form sentences. It’s developed by speech pathologists for nonspeaking or verbally challenged children.
  • Otsimo Speech Therapy (iOS/Android): An interactive app that uses your device’s microphone and camera to help with speech delays, stuttering, and articulation problems. It’s a visually engaging app that’s developed by speech pathologists specifically for children.

These apps are developed by doctors and can be useful to some families. But kids can face verbal challenges for a variety of different reasons, so it’s worth checking with your doctor before you get invested in AAC or speech therapy apps.

Math Comprehension

A child works out math problems on their iPad.
Syda Productions/Shutterstock

Math can be overwhelming, but that’s what makes math apps such an excellent resource for kids with learning disabilities. Instead of making math stressful, math apps make math fun. They turn math into a game, and they’re great for teaching your child the fundamentals (or sometimes even the more advanced stuff).

Here are some great math apps for kids with learning disabilities:

  • Prodigy Math Game (iOS/Android): An educational math game disguised as an adventure RPG with quests, multiplayer, and in-game levels. Math problems can be adjusted for skill level or tailored to state-level criteria (Common Core, TEKS, etc.).
  • Elmo Loves 123s (iOS/Android): Elmo teaches your child the fundamentals of numbers and counting. This is a premium app, but it comes with puzzles, games, and clips from Sesame Street.
  • Math Kids (iOS/Android): A free app that teaches your child rudimentary addition and subtraction through fun games and straightforward visuals.
  • Math Master Brain Quizzes and Puzzles (iOS/Android): A math quiz game with built-in awards and a leaderboard. It covers both rudimentary and advanced mathematics and is a good option for older children who need more “mature” lessons.

Just keep in mind that, while these apps can be used for independent learning, they’ll work best when an adult’s around to help. Math can be stressful.

Social Comprehension and Emotional Stability

A mother helps her son read a book.

Some learning disabilities make it harder for kids to understand social cues like body language, tone of voice, or facial expressions. A child may even have trouble understanding their own emotions, which can lead to issues with anxiety or self-control.

These skills are more important than reading or doing math. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources for teaching social comprehension and emotional intelligence, including apps.

  • Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (iOS/Android): A social and emotional intelligence game that follows Daniel Tiger, a character who dances, explores the neighborhood and goes to the doctor.
  • ChoiceWorks (iOS): A visual scheduling app that helps your child approach everyday challenges. It also encourages patience and emotional intelligence.
  • Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame Street (iOS/Android): This app is built to teach your child a “Breath, Think, Do” strategy for problem-solving. It’s a good resource for children who get nervous about everyday problems and decisions.
  • Stop, Breathe, and Think (iOS/Android): This app teaches emotional intelligence through daily check-ins, journals, and mindfulness sessions. This one is better suited for older children.

Also, we mentioned these apps earlier, but they’re worth mentioning again:

  • Otsimo (iOS/Android): A great education app that’s based on the principals of Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy.
  • PBS KIDS Video (iOS/Android): Stream the PBS channel or episodes of PBS shows for free. PBS shows are great for teaching social or emotional intelligence. Think of this app as a solid passive learning tool.

We’ve covered a lot of ground here, from math apps to emotional intelligence apps. If you’re not sure of what subject to focus on, then try out some general-use apps like Khan Academy Kids (iOS/Android) or Otsimo (iOS/Android). Or, ask a doctor which subjects will be the most helpful for your child.

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8 Obscure Social Media Apps for When You Get Bored

After a while, mainstream social media apps like Instagram or Snapchat can get a little boring. So wouldn’t it be nice to try something new?

As always, we’re here to help. That’s why we’ve found the best obscure social media apps that you can use to meet new people in new ways.

1. Plato

Are you looking for somewhere to relax? Plato’s got your back. It’s an awesome place to loosen up and have some fun. No sign up, phone number, or email needed.

Just download the app, set a nickname, and you’re in! You can start playing a variety of games, like Table Soccer, Draw Together, and Dungeon Tables, all while chatting with people from around the world.

You can also join traditional chat rooms and start sending friend requests to people you like. And outside of chat rooms, nobody will be able to message you until you accept their friend request.

It’s a very unique, fun, and simple concept, and reminds us of the carefree chat rooms of old.

Download: Plato for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases)

2. 7 Cups

When you’re feeling anxious or sad, talking to a caring soul can really help. 7 Cups is a platform where you can get 1-on-1 support from professional listeners.

It’s completely anonymous and free, so no need to schedule an appointment with costly therapists. With 7 Cups, you’re able to join chat rooms and support communities to discuss issues, build new relationships, and overall boost your well-being.

Later on, you can even become a volunteer listener and help those in need. Making 7 Cups one of the most wholesome obscure social media apps.

Download: 7 Cups for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

3. Happn

Happn is an awesome dating app that’s totally different from the others. It helps you find people who you’ve crossed paths with in public, and if you both like each other, you’ll be able start a chat. How exciting is that?

It’s all confidential, too. Your exact location won’t ever be given out to others. You’ll only see an approximate time and place that corresponds to when you and the other person were close.

And even if you’re single and not ready to mingle, this app could still be an awesome way to meet new friends in your local area.

Download: Happn for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases)


IMVU is more than a social media platform—it’s a virtual world where you can be a rockstar. It lets you create a 3D avatar and express yourself like never before.

There are tons of customization options for your avatar, like snazzy hairstyles, flashy kicks, and many more. And once you’ve finished your look, there are hundreds of different 3D chat rooms you can plunge into. Some are modeled after real world locations, while others are pure fantasy realms. They’re filled with global users, each represented by their own unique virtual-selves.

In summary, IMVU is an outstanding way to temporarily escape reality and it’s definitely worth installing.

Download: IMVU for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases)

5. Hoop

If you’re not bored with Snapchat, but are still itching to make new connections, Hoop is for you. Hoop is like the Tinder for Snapchat users.

It’ll aid you in finding new Snap friends who share the same interests and passions as you. Just give Hoop some quick info, and it’ll bring you the profiles of others that you can approve and disapprove.

What’s also neat is that your Snap remains private, so only those who you match with will be able to receive it. This means no unwanted messages or harassment from random people.

Download: Hoop for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases)

6. Quack

Have you ever heard the saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend?” Well, Quack’s version of this is, “The friend of my friend is my friend.”

To put it simply, Quack allows you to meet your friends’ friends. By doing so, you’ll establish new connections and safely expand your social circle with people you can trust. After making a profile, just import your contacts, and you’ll start seeing every Quack user associated with the numbers in your contacts list.

And what’s awesome is that Quack never shares anybody’s phone number, so your privacy always remains intact.

Download: Quack for iOS | Android (Free)

7. Wakie

Wakie is a place where you’re free to have thoughtful conversations without the fear of feeling judged. It boasts a large and diverse global community of people who just want to talk.

After making an account, you’ll see a live, neverending feed of topics from people all over the world. By pressing the call button on a topic, you can discuss its subject matter via voice call if your call request is accepted. And after finishing a call, you can rate a person based on how much you enjoyed the conversation.

Thanks to all of this, you can make new friends and have deep conversations, all while practicing new languages along the way.

Download: Wakie for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases)


HOLLA is an app that randomly matches you with strangers through two ways; voice and video chat. What sets it apart from other roulette apps is that when voice chatting, you and the other caller will both need to accept each other’s calls to proceed.

Likewise, when video calling, the chat will be blurred until a face is detected to prevent unwanted content from appearing on-screen. This creates a barrier of safety.

Also, while video calling, you can set up lots of fun filters. And once you’ve finished, you can send friend requests to keep the conversation going later on.

In essence, HOLLA is a fun way of chatting to strangers, and the best option if you want to chat with new faces and voices.

Download: HOLLA for iOS (Free, in-app purchases)

Why Not Try a Social Media Detox?

While these obscure social media apps offer alternatives to the norm, sometimes, the best alternative to social media is, well… no social media at all.

Social media is often very stressful, and we frequently find ourselves pulling our hair out at some of the content we see, read, and publish. That’s why it can be really healthy and relieving to take a break from your phone once in a while. So why not go out, get some fresh air, and explore nature?

For more on this, be sure to read our tutorial explaining how to enjoy a social media detox

How to Do a Social Media Detox (and Why You Should Right Away)

How to Do a Social Media Detox (and Why You Should Right Away)

A social media detox might sound like a punishment; but if it does, there’s a really good chance you need one. Here are the signs you need a detox and how to do it.
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8 Incredible iOS App Store iPhone Apps Worth Their Price

Most people don’t want to pay for apps and prefer to go the free route. After all, why pay for something you can get for free?

But there are some apps you should seriously consider paying for. We’ve surveyed the iPhone App Store and come up with the following list of paid iOS apps that are worth every penny.

1. Sky Guide

sky guide sky view

Wondering what that bright light in the sky is? Just ask Sky Guide.

Sky Guide is a phenomenal app for astronomers, curious stargazers, and people who just want to kick back and watch the night sky. Just point your iPhone at the sky, and you’ll start seeing loads of stars, planets, and constellations.

These correspond exactly to where you’re pointing at, thanks to the built-in compass. Now you’ll know if that light is Jupiter or star TYC 6812-00306-1. Yep, it’s that precise.

The app also houses mythology-inspired art for every constellation, so you can learn and memorize them in no time. And to make the experience even better, there’s soothing cosmic music in the background.

Rounding out the experience are lots of cool extra features, like the power to travel back in time with the stars and the ability to spot satellites. Sky Guide is your gateway to the heavens, all in the palm of your hand.

Download: Sky Guide ($2.99, in-app purchases available)

2. Forest

Do you have an addiction to constantly checking your phone? Does this keep you from staying productive?

If so, Forest wants to help you out. For a small fee, this cute and effective app will help you stick to what you’re supposed to do. It assists you in fostering good habits and breaking bad ones.

When you want to focus, all you need to do is set a timer. Once that timer is running, a plant will start to grow on-screen. As time progresses, the plant will slowly become a lush forest filled with critters.

But be wary: if you leave the app, all your progress will disappear, and your forest will be chopped down. That’s a lot of wildlife gone! The longer you stay on task, the greener and more beautiful your forest will turn out.

Download: Forest ($1.99, in-app purchases available)

3. Apple Music

apple music subscription options

Apple Music regularly receives new features to improve the service. Its time-synced live lyrics function is great for funny (or totally embarrassing) karaoke sessions. The app also looks stunning with iOS 13’s dark mode.

Even better, Apple Music boast way more songs than competitors, coming in at 45 million songs vs. Spotify’s 35 million. You can also import your own library of music through iTunes. Furthermore, Apple Music has native Siri support, seamless transitions between Apple devices, and much more.

In a nutshell, we think that Apple Music is the best music app worth paying for if you own an iPhone or iPad. Check out must-know Apple Music features to make the most of it.

Download: Apple Music ($9.99/month subscription required, free trial available)

4. WaterMinder

Water is so essential to life that there’s a dedicated app for it.

WaterMinder gives you a healthy intake goal to meet and reminds you to drink water on a regular basis. This is super useful, especially if you’re dehydrated, exercise a lot, or are looking to shed some pounds. All the water you drink gets added to your daily Water Log.

The process of logging your water is quite fluid. All you have to do is press a simple button, or you can tell Siri to log it for you.

Moreover, when you meet your water requirements, you can earn achievements. Not just in the app, but in real life, too. Just wait until you unlock your all-new glowing skin!

Download: WaterMinder ($4.99)

5. Alto’s Odyssey

Endless surfing awaits in Alto’s Odyssey, a game with no bounds. In this award-winning experience, you control Alto and surf down sandy destinations while performing aerial tricks to avoid obstacles.

As you cruise through the desert, the weather changes and the sun sets, resulting in stunning, picturesque backgrounds. But it’s not all about pretty graphics—mastering Alto’s Odyssey has a learning curve.

It’s really a one-of-a-kind experience, with beautiful music and relaxing landscapes to boot. And if you have a recent iPad Pro, the ProMotion display will make the experience even more immersive and relaxing. We recommend Alto’s Odyssey to anyone who enjoys games.

Download: Alto’s Odyssey ($4.99)

6. RoboKiller

The robocall and spam epidemic finally has a cure: it’s called RoboKiller. With a RoboKiller subscription, you can put an end to the endless spam calls you receive. You’ll be notified of any blocked spam calls as soon as they come in.

Through your carrier, RoboKiller analyzes calls and accurately decides if they’re garbage or not. What’s more, you can record a custom message (or use an already recorded one) to waste the caller’s time and get some sweet revenge.

Although Apple introduced a built-in method to stop spam callers in iOS 13, it’s not as smart as RoboKiller, since it blocks every caller that’s not in your contacts. Using it could result in you missing an important call from a doctor or similar entity.

Download: RoboKiller (Subscription required, free trial available)

7. Minecraft

For just a few dollars, this timeless game is a steal. If you’re somehow not in the loop when it comes to Minecraft, here’s a quick rundown of how it works.

Minecraft is like a virtual LEGO set, except it has an infinite amount of bricks. It’s an endless, blocky adventure in which you can create to your heart’s delight. Create cities, spaceships, castles—anything you can think of. But creation isn’t the only component of this sandbox safari.

In survival mode, you must avoid zombies and other macabre monsters in a vast, open world. And with online support, you can join up with your friends for awesome co-op escapades.

Minecraft is truly a gem (a diamond, if you will). It’s been going strong with a long lifespan full of constant quality and feature updates.

Download: Minecraft ($6.99, in-app purchases available)

8. Dark Sky Weather

Dark Sky Weather

What makes Dark Sky better than Apple’s vanilla Weather app? It all comes down to its uncanny ability to precisely predict the weather.

While the default Weather app tells you what the weather looks like for the day, Dark Sky gives you a forecast by the minute. It can tell you if it’s going to start raining in six minutes, or if the skies will stay clear for just a few hours.

It’s like having a fortune teller for the weather. And if that wasn’t enough, Dark Sky’s interface is beautiful and contains gorgeous satellite animations. In all, Dark Sky is much more informative and precise than any other weather app, and it’s definitely well worth the cost.

Download: Dark Sky Weather ($3.99)

A Small Price for Great Apps

These are a few highlights among the great iPhone apps and games worth spending your money on. We think that all of them offer great value for the price, and will serve you well for just a few dollars.

In case you can’t pay for these apps, take a look at the best free mobile games with no annoying microtransactions

The 10 Best Free Mobile Games With NO Ads or In-App Purchases

The 10 Best Free Mobile Games With NO Ads or In-App Purchases

Here’s our pick of the best mobile games with no ads or in-app purchases, all of which are available on Android and/or iPhone.
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How to Move Installed Apps & Programs in Windows 10

If you’ve got a lot of apps and programs installed on your Windows 10 system, you might want to move them to another drive to free up space. It may also be necessary to change your default install location. Happily, all of these things are possible.

Windows has a built-in utility that allows you to move modern apps to a location of your choice. Although this method doesn’t work for traditional desktop programs, it’s still possible to move these programs to another drive.

Let us show you how to move an app or program to another drive.

How to Move Apps & Programs to Another Drive

It’s quick to move most of the native Windows apps, but the process of moving anything else will require additional work. First, we’ll outline the process for Microsoft Store apps, then we will take a look at traditional desktop programs.

Modern Apps

Press Windows key + I to bring up the Settings menu and click Apps. You should be on the Apps & features page of the left-hand navigation.

Here you will find a list of all apps and programs installed on your system. Some of these apps might have come with your system, the others you installed yourself. This method will only work with the latter group.

move apps

Scroll to the app that you want to move and select it from the list. Now, click Move. Select the new drive location from the dropdown, then click Move again.

You can repeat the process if you ever want to move the app back or to a different drive.

If the Move button is greyed out, it means it’s a Windows 10 app that can’t be moved. If you see a Modify button instead, it’s a traditional desktop program and you’ll need to follow the method outlined below.

Desktop Programs

Microsoft doesn’t recommend moving the file location of installed programs because it can cause issues, like the program ceasing to run. A safer (though less efficient) method is to uninstall the program and then just reinstall it to your desired drive.

If you do want to proceed, create a restore point

How to Factory Reset Windows 10 or Use System Restore

How to Factory Reset Windows 10 or Use System Restore

Learn how System Restore and Factory Reset can help you survive any Windows 10 disasters and recover your system.
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so you can reverse the changes, if anything goes wrong.

We recommend using a program called Steam Mover. This was originally designed to move Steam games between drives, but will actually work on any program. You can use it to move programs from your HDD to SSD

Hard Drives, SSDs, Flash Drives: How Long Will Your Storage Media Last?

Hard Drives, SSDs, Flash Drives: How Long Will Your Storage Media Last?

How long will hard drives, SSDs, flash drives continue to work, and how long will they store your data if you use them for archiving?
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, for example.

Note that any drive you want to use with this program, whether it’s where the installed program currently sits or where you want it moved to, needs to be in the NTFS format. You can check this by loading File Explorer and then clicking This PC from the left-hand navigation. Now, right-click a drive and select Properties. Refer to the File system to see if it’s using NTFS.

local disc properties

Open Steam Mover. First, select the button next to Steam Apps Common Folder to select the folder path which contains the program you want to move (for example, your Program Files). Now, select the button next to Alternative Folder and select the folder path where you want to move the program to.

steam mover

Next, select the program from the list that you want to move. You can select multiple programs by holding CTRL as you click. When ready to move, click the blue right arrow at the bottom to begin. Command Prompt

7 Common Tasks The Windows Command Prompt Makes Quick & Easy

7 Common Tasks The Windows Command Prompt Makes Quick & Easy

Don’t let the command prompt intimidate you. It’s simpler and more useful than you expect. You might be surprised by what you can accomplish with just a few keystrokes.
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will open and process the move. When complete, you’ll see the new folder path next to the program in the Junction Point column.

How to Change the Default Install Location

If you just want to change the default install location for apps, that’s simple. Changing it for standard programs is a bit more complicated.

Modern Apps

Press the Windows key + I to bring up the Settings menu. From here, click System and then select Storage from the left-hand menu.

Underneath the More storage settings heading, click Change where new content is saved. To change the default drive for new apps, use the New apps will save to: dropdown.

app save locations

You will notice that this page also allows you to change the default location of things like documents, music, and pictures.

Desktop Programs

Microsoft doesn’t recommend changing the default install path for programs. Doing so could cause problems with existing programs and some Windows features. It’s best to perform this operation on a clean system. If that’s not suitable, create a restore point so that you can roll back if necessary.

The majority of programs will let you change the install path when installing them, which might be a better solution than fiddling with the system.

Create a restore point before you move any app

If you do want to proceed, we recommend a program called Install Dir Changer. Download it from SourceForge and then run the program.

Once the program has opened, click Enable Editing and then click Yes when the User Account Control window pops up. You’ll now be able to select a default install path, using the … button to browse to a folder path if necessary.

install dir changer

Program Files is where 64-bit applications will be installed and Program Files (x86) is for 32-bit applications. If you’re not sure what that means, read our guide for the difference between the 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows

What’s the Difference Between 32-Bit and 64-Bit Windows?

What’s the Difference Between 32-Bit and 64-Bit Windows?

What’s the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit Windows? Here’s a simple explanation and how to check which version you have.
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. But you’ll probably want both of them on the same drive anyway.

Once you’ve selected your new path, click Apply Changes. Now all new programs you install will default to these folder paths.

Clean Up Your Drive

Now that you know how to move your apps and programs and how to change their default install location, you can free up space on your drives. But remember to take all precautions when using the third-party programs.

And if you want to salvage even more disk space, consider deleting old Windows files and folders

Delete These Windows Files and Folders to Free Up Disk Space

Delete These Windows Files and Folders to Free Up Disk Space

Want to clear disk space on your Windows computer? Take a look at these Windows files and folders you can safely delete.
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. Along with having moved your programs to another drive, you’ll have a superbly organized drive.

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The 11 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Apps (Formerly Samsung Gear)

Most people grew up enjoying stories about secret agents and their wide range of futuristic gadgets. Smartwatches like Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line (formerly known as Samsung Gear) bring us closer to making them a reality.

Powered by high-end hardware, Samsung’s Galaxy watches let you perform many tasks, such as calling a ride, right from your wrist. But you can do a lot more with your wearable.

Here are the best Galaxy Watch apps and faces that will make you feel like a secret agent. To install them, search for the app name on the Galaxy App Store store and hit Install.

Download: Galaxy Wearable for Android | iOS (Free)

1. Camera One

Control phone camera with Galaxy Watch

Camera One is one of the best apps for the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It lets you control your phone’s camera from your smartwatch.

The app shows a live preview of what the camera sees and offers a range of controls. You can snap a picture, record videos, adjust the flash setting, zoom in or out, and set a timer.

On the smartwatch app, you have options for editing the image and video quality. Camera One functions through a separate companion app installed on your phone, after granting the necessary permissions.

Since Camera One has direct access to the camera, you don’t have to keep your default camera app active (or even have your phone screen turned on) for it to work. Thanks to this, you can utilize Camera One for surveillance by remotely operating your device’s camera.

2. Voice Memo

Record voice memos on Galaxy Watch

Samsung’s Voice Memo app allows you to take audio notes on the fly. Since these smartwatches house a microphone, you can simply raise them to your mouth and secretly record your thoughts without ever picking up your phone.

In addition, Galaxy watches have some amount of internal storage. Thus, you can use Voice Memos even if the watch is not connected to your phone. The app will save the recordings locally and when you later reconnect it with your phone, it will transfer the files over.

3. Bixby

Talk to Bixby on Galaxy Watch

No undercover spy is complete without a reliable assistant. Your Galaxy Watch has one named Bixby.

For the uninitiated, Bixby is Samsung’s virtual assistant

4 Ways to Use Bixby on Your Samsung Phone

4 Ways to Use Bixby on Your Samsung Phone

If you have a Samsung phone, check out everything Bixby can do. Here’s a look at its most useful features.
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. You can ask it to message someone, show the weather, set a reminder, control a smart appliance, and much more. Bixby can also fetch your health stats and start workouts. The voice assistant always stays on the lookout for the wake command: “Hey, Bixby.”

Bixby requires an internet connection to answer your queries. So you must either connect your watch to Wi-Fi, or pair it with an online phone.

4. SmartThings

Your Galaxy smartwatch supports Samsung’s SmartThings smart home platform. Hence, if you own a SmartThings-compatible device like a washing machine or air conditioner, you can control it directly from your watch.

There’s no setup process either. Since both your appliances and watch are already linked to your Samsung account, all you need to do is install the SmartThings app.

5. Find My Car

log parking location with Galaxy watch

As a secret agent, you have to park your high-tech vehicle in covert places to avoid having it spotted and taken by the enemy. Your Galaxy watch can remember those complex locations for you.

Samsung has a Find My Car app that logs your parking locations and guides you to them if you forget. It lets you record where you left your car, along with a voice memo and picture. The watch app shows you the exact position on a map and how far you are from your vehicle.

6. SpyFinger

Fingerprint prank on Galaxy watch

SpyFinger is a prank app for fooling your friends into believing the watch’s screen doubles as a fingerprint sensor.

Once you launch SpyFinger, it puts a giant, interactive fingerprint graphic on your watch. When someone presses their finger on the display, the app renders a scanning animation for a second and throws a “rejected” message every time.

The only way to produce an “accepted” animation is through a predefined trick. You have to first tap the screen three or more times and then scan your fingerprint. Amaze your friends with your high-tech spy gadgetry!

7. Yandex Translate

Translate languages on Galaxy watch

An adept spy has to converse in multiple tongues to gather intel from sources all across the globe. The Galaxy Watch can help out if you’re still learning, however.

An app titled Yandex Translate can translate a handful of languages like English, Turkish, and Russian on the watch. It allows you to speak a foreign phrase you’re not familiar with and view the translation on-screen.

8. Wrist Flashlight

Undercover agents often find themselves in a dark (possibly underground) spaces while unearthing secrets.

An app named Wrist Flashlight is just what you need in those scenarios. It lights up the screen to its maximum capacity with a white background. You have the option to adjust the brightness level and color, if needed.

Watch Faces

No discussion of the best Samsung Watch Apps would be complete without mentioning watch faces. These are another way you can feel like a secret agent when wearing a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch.

You’ll find a range of options on the store that look like they’re right out of a spy movie.

9. Radar Watch Face

Radar watch face on Galaxy watch

This watch face resembles an active radar keeping tabs on your foe’s movements. It features a vintage green dial and replaces traditional hour and minute hands with icons of a ship and airplane. The second hand is used to depict the radar’s signals and your relative position.

10. 2000 Satellite

A watch face called 2000 Satellite makes it seem like you are remotely steering an airplane. Its design is dominated by a plane’s outline, the borders of which you can configure as either white or red.

The jet’s head points to the minute and the hour is displayed inside a circle at its tip. Plus, the watch face has widgets for step count and battery level.

11. Luxurious Faces

Watches worn by most modern fictional agents like James Bond and Ethan Hunt look like regular, classy timepieces at first glance. Inside, however, they pack a vast gamut of high-tech abilities. Similarly, you can camouflage your smartwatch under a sophisticated watch face. Browse such designs by searching for keywords like “luxury” or “classy.”

For more options, check out some of the many watch faces that can transform your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch.

Make the Most Out of Your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

These Samsung Galaxy Watch and Samsung Gear apps will surely satisfy your younger self who always wanted to become a secret agent. Apart from this, you have many other ways to use your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch to its full potential.

Check out our tricks and tips to get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch

13 Tips and Tricks to Master Your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

13 Tips and Tricks to Master Your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Got a new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active? Make the most of it with our list of awesome Galaxy Watch tips and tricks.
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to go further with the device.

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5 Non-Overwhelming Apps for Infrequent and Casual Travelers

There are plenty of travel apps and websites on the internet, but they all assume that you’re an expert who wants to maximize travel efficiency. But not everyone is a wanderer. Check out these best apps for casual and infrequent travelers.

If you aren’t a seasoned traveler, apps like TripIt doesn’t make it easier to plan a trip. In fact, you might find the filters and choices overwhelming. What you need instead are apps whose interface makes it easy to find what you want or those that explain what you need to do.

1. Direct Flights (Web): Find Non-Stop Flights From Any Airport

Direct-Flights shows non-stop flights from any airport

A lot of people love traveling but hate flying. Also, who wants the hassle of a connecting flight, and the risk of luggage being lost in transit? If that sounds like you, Direct Flights will show you all the non-stop flights available from any airport in the world.

First, select the airport you want to travel from. You’ll get a map of all the direct flights originating from that place, which you can sort by price, weekly frequency, distance, or duration. You can also group results by country or airline.

Filtering by country is the really cool option. Let’s say you want to travel from the USA to Australia. This way, you can find out all the direct flights that take you from your local airport to any airport in Australia, from Perth to Sydney. Change your origin to find more options.

You could even browse through all airports or choose by the airline, in case you want to redeem miles or points. Direct Flights is a convenient way to travel while minimizing flight inconveniences.

2. Top Rated Online (Web): Best Places From Google Maps, in a List

Top Rated Online shows the best places on Google Maps in an easy-to-browse list

It has become a habit for all of us to look up places on Google Maps. And more and more people are rating and reviewing points of interest (POIs) on the app. Top Rated Online takes all that Google Maps information and turns it into an easier list-like interface to browse.

It currently has over 5,600 cities and 1.1 million places. Choose a city to get four sections: hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs, and tourist attractions. Each section has a ranked list showing the rating, the number of reviews, and its brief description. You also get a map that plots all the POIs.

The list can be sorted by top-rated and most reviewed, or you can dive into two other options: hidden gems, and worst rated. These are cool ways to discover something worth checking out and also avoiding the worst money-gouging tourist traps. Before you visit any city, it’s a good idea to check out Top Rated Online for insights.

3. Cluey (Web): Easy Questionnaire for Inexperienced Travelers

Cluey offers an easy questionnaire for inexperienced travelers to find their next destination

Cluey is a feature-packed travel app with plenty to check out. But for the casual traveler, check out the simple questionnaire that will help figure out what you want without getting overwhelmed with choices.

Cluey asks a series of questions about your preferences. Not everything is a yes or no either, and you can often say “I don’t mind” so that you don’t eliminate options. The questions make you figure out things like weather preferences, safety and LGBT friendliness, popularity, language preferences, and more.

Slowly, you’ll build a profile of the types of destinations that best suit your travel needs. Finally, you will choose the activities that you want to do on your trip. Cluey will then put it all together to suggest places to visit.

Once you have the list, feel free to use Cluey’s main Destination Explorer app. But if that’s what you want, it might be better to check the next app in our list, Escape.

4. Escape 2 (Web): Wide Range of Filters to Find Flights and Destinations

Escape 2 has a wide range of travel filters in an easy interface to find your next trip

Great Escape was one of our favorite unique travel planning apps to find your next trip, and it has got a big update to become Escape 2.0. Pick your point of origin and start fiddling with the filters to find exactly where you want to go.

Here’s a brief list of what you can do:

  1. Set a budget in your local currency.
  2. Choose direct flights or not.
  3. Filter destinations by visa requirements.
  4. Choose cities based on their weather (temperature, rain, and snow).
  5. Rank by worldwide popularity.
  6. Check safety level as judged by the US Department of State travel advisories.
  7. Filter destinations based on things to do there, such as beaches, architecture, etc.

Once you set your filters, Great Escape will find the best flight prices by searching several popular airline aggregators, like Kiwi, Skyscanner, Kayak, Expedia, etc.

5. Travels’ Checklist (Web): Recommended Checklists for Packing and Prep

Travels' Checklist has recommended checklists for planning, packing and prep

Travels’ Checklist is an app every casual traveler should run before your next trip. It will generate a custom checklist that ensures you are perfectly planned, prepped, and packed. Heck, even if you are a seasoned traveler, you might still gain something from this.

You’ll start with seven quick questions for details like weather, accommodation, and so on. The app will generate a new checklist based on your answers, dividing it into sections. Travel preparations tells you what you need to do in the planning stages of the trip. Documents, money, and tickets list all the paperwork needed. The packing list has a recommended list based on your input, but you can change it to best fit your needs.

Plus, you can check out lists made by other users. Go to Featured Travels’ Checklists to find various cool trip lists, like a softball tournament checklist, a district convention packing list, and the “overpacker” list.

Make Travelling a Priority

We get too caught up in the minutiae of our daily lives, and traveling takes a back seat. But your life won’t broaden and grow without travel, so remember to make it a priority. Even the Dalai Lama says, “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.”

One great travel tip is to find out which countries you can go to without a visa, based on your passport. There’s a simple web app to look it up, which is among our other best decision-making travel tools to find a destination

Where Should I Go Next? 5 Decision-Making Travel Tools to Find a Destination

Where Should I Go Next? 5 Decision-Making Travel Tools to Find a Destination

When you are stuck at a travel decision, use these easy travel planning apps to find your next destination.
Read More


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8 Grammar Apps That’ll Help You Improve Your English

Search for English grammar checker apps and you will find more than a dozen. It just seems like an easier solution than learning the basics of grammar. But that’s where the illusion should end.

Even the best grammar checker app won’t be able to help you with fluency and correctness when using modern English. For that, you should go back to the basics. But instead of dusting off that old high school grammar book, let’s turn to these excellent English grammar apps.

The best grammar apps for iPhone and Android are interactive and that alone should help you push through all subjects, objects, and dangling modifiers.

The British Council is one of the best places to master English. But even if you are an English speaker, you can sharpen the nuances with their grammar app. The top-ranked learning app takes you through 25 grammar topics, 600 interactive activities, and thousands of questions from fill-in-the-blanks, multiple choice, and word matching.

There are two versions of the app as British English and American English are slightly different with their pronunciations, spelling, and usage.

Download US Edition: LearnEnglish Grammar for Android | iOS (Free, In-App Purchases)

Download UK Edition: LearnEnglish Grammar for Android | iOS (Free, In-App Purchases)

The British Council offers a slew of apps to help you improve your English. Pair the above app with the free and fun Johnny Grammar Word Challenge app. The 60-second quizzes will test you on common vocabulary, spelling and grammar, and help you shore up your conversational English.

The quizzes cover 12 grammar topics (like Prepositions, Irregular verbs, Conjunctions, etc.) and take you through usages around food & restaurants, travel, small talk, hobbies, and more. It’s a nice pedagogical tool that relies on a global leaderboard and badges to keep you motivated.

Download: Johnny Grammar Word Challenge for Android | iOS (Free)

Starting your IELTS preparations? The British Council offers easy-to-use IELTS Prep App for Android and iOS with free practice tests, grammar tips, exercises, and quizzes.

We stay with fun on this site for young grammar students (Age: 8+). Grammar quizzes, songs, books, games, and instructional videos help you grasp the quirks of the eight parts of speech. The parts of speech come alive with animated characters and star in their own books, songs, videos, and interactive games.

You can use the website or the apps for Android and iOS. You can explore nouns for free. The music videos and information pages for all parts of speech are free too. For the others, go with one of the subscription plans ($3.99 per month, $19.99 per year, or $39.99 for forever).

Download: Grammaropolis for Android | iOS (Free, In-App Purchases)

Click on the above link and you can get your hands on the entire range of grammar apps. Each addresses a specific category of English usage. But the Super Edition can be a more practical purchase as it pools them all together in one single app.

As their own copy says, you get over 600 pages of grammar lessons with over 5000 examples explaining each rule. Soak it all in and test your progress on the 8500 questions in the app.

The app is pricey. An alternative is to buy the individual apps that cover your grammar weaknesses.

Download: Grammar Express Super Edition for iOS ($19.99)

This app for intermediate learners is based on Raymond Murphy’s bestselling grammar book by the same name. The interface looks plain and can be clunky at times. But don’t let that take anything away from the content.

There are 145 units of grammar explanations and exercises. The free version has fewer topics, but you can try it out with a guide to past and present tenses, interactive exercises, glossary, and a Study Guide.

Pricing is incremental as you progress through the units. It may seem expensive but can be worthwhile because of the reputation of the name behind it.

Download: English Grammar in Use for Android | iOS (Free, In-App Purchases)

Language learning with Lingualeo

The Lingualeo app is a language learning platform for non-native speakers in Russia, Brazil, Spain, and Turkey. The online language gamification service started its life in Russia but now focusses on Spanish speaking countries like Portugal and Brazil too.

The colorful gamification elements could be just right if your Spanish is strong, but you want to improve your English.

There are free and subscription plans. The Free tier gives you access to 250,000 texts, articles, and book excerpts across 25 grammar topics. More learning options include vocabulary workouts and 300 TED lectures with interactive subtitles.

Download: Lingualeo for Android | iOS (Free, In-App Purchases)

Mad Libs is a popular word and grammar game. At the heart of the game are the books and apps. One player prompts the other for a list of words to substitute for blanks in a story. Different clues in the game challenge you to insert parts of speech into a sentence.

Sounds too simple?

There’s nothing stopping you from making up your own rules and create wacky sentences. The game is easy and anyone of any age can play it. It’s fun for everyone and an educational exercise for kids. A teacher’s guide is also available on the site if you want to take this into the classroom.

Download: Mad Libs for Android | iOS

8. English Grammar Book

The English Grammar Book is a simple app for those who don’t want gamification. But don’t let that take anything away from its utility. It offers easy explanations on topics that can befuddle you.

All areas of English grammar are covered—from active or passive voice to homophones, idioms, and verbs. Every explanation is supported with several examples.

Tackle the topics and do the exercises. You can keep track of your progress and analyze the results as you improve. The app is ad-supported which can be removed with a small purchase. 

Download: English Grammar Book for iOS (Free, $0.99)

Practice English Grammar Every Day

Installing the right app is one thing. Working on it every day is another. One way to do it is to learn something new, and then use it in your conversation or writing that same day. English is an easy language to learn, but only practice will help you get fluent in it.

You may have noticed that we haven’t mentioned the Ginger grammar checker or Grammarly. You can try these popular grammar checkers

The 5 Best Grammar Checkers

The 5 Best Grammar Checkers

Grammar checkers are important for clean professional documents. Here are the best grammar checkers to choose from.
Read More

to clean up your documents. But try them after you lay the foundation with the apps above.

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3 Camera Apps You Should Uninstall on iPhone 11

Apple’s iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max have made headlines since their release in September 2019. A primary reason for this buzz is the significant innovations in the iPhone 11 camera.

With the iPhone now including more features in its camera, certain iPhone camera apps may now become obsolete. These apps relied on certain shortcomings of previous iPhone cameras to capture interest.

Let’s identify three iPhone camera apps that you probably won’t need anymore after purchasing the iPhone 11. And if you’re still using an older iPhone model, these apps can help you replicate what the iPhone 11 does.

Key Capabilities of the New iPhone 11 Camera

First, let’s summarize some of the iPhone 11 camera’s standout features.

Something you’re likely to notice immediately about the design of the iPhone 11 camera is its camera bump. The reason for this is to house the third lens in the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. See our iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro comparison

iPhone 11 vs. iPhone 11 Pro: Which One Is Right for You?

iPhone 11 vs. iPhone 11 Pro: Which One Is Right for You?

Here are the key differentiating factors between Apple’s iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro to help you decide which one to get.
Read More

if you’re not familiar with the different devices yet.

Beyond the apparent design change, what do these lenses bring to your iPhone camera game?

  • Triple camera system: Easily switch lenses in-between zooms while maintaining exposure and consistent image quality.
  • Wider shots: The 120-degree 12MP ultra-wide lens makes it easier to increase the range of a shot.
  • “Slofies”: Apple’s new term for slow-motion video selfies. It’s possible to take selfies on the move thanks to the 12MP TrueDepth front-facing camera.
  • Dedicated night mode: This makes it easy to shoot in low-light conditions.
  • Close to accurate picture reproduction: The new camera makes it easier to capture images with faithful color representation and an impressive dynamic range.
  • Sensory intelligence: The iPhone 11 Pro camera can accurately judge lighting conditions and adjust exposures. This, in turn, boosts the shadows of images and reigns in highlights when needed.
  • QuickTake: Want to take a video while capturing an image? Just position your iPhone 11 camera, click to shoot an image, and keep holding for a video.

A final exciting feature of the iPhone 11 camera is the new Deep Fusion algorithm. This is Apple’s post-processing software meant to aid with enhancing the details of images shot on the iPhone 11 camera.

This automatically activates when you open the camera app. As you frame the subject of the shot, the iPhone takes both short and long-range exposure shots. Then, when you click the shutter, the algorithm combines the images taken to form a master image. The image created has lower noise and is highly detailed.

At the time of writing, this feature is expected to become available in late 2019.

3 Camera Apps the iPhone 11 Camera Replaces

Now that Apple has brought these revolutions to phone camera technology, what does that mean for specific apps? We’ve identified a few camera apps that will be affected. by the iPhone 11’s offering.


VSCO is one of the best camera apps in the App Store. Apart from its editing capabilities, the app also offers a powerful camera that’s user-friendly.

If you’ve used the app before, you know that the transition from image capture to edit on the platform is smooth. In camera mode, you have an array of icons at the bottom of the screen. These display the various controls you have over the images you take.

To unlock certain advanced features, you’ll have to upgrade to the pro level subscription. However, now that Apple will make your photos look better than ever out of the gate thanks to the Deep Fusion algorithm, VSCO might not be as necessary.

Apple’s upcoming functionality requires little to no intervention from you to determine the best setting for an image. For most people, this means paying for VSCO won’t be necessary.

Download: VSCO (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. ProCamera

For iPhone users vested in taking quality videos, the go-to camera app has been ProCamera. But with the iPhone 11 camera, ProCamera may have stiff competition.

This camera app offers you in-depth control over the videos you shoot with it. It offers features like the preset camera mode for HDR. Also, you can set the frame rate, focus, geotagging, stabilization, file format, and resolution of videos.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 11 camera has its triple camera system with HDR. This easily allows you to juggle lenses, which enhances the depth of coverage in the video. Plus, QuickTake lets you shoot a scene without having to go through the process of opening the camera app.

In low-light settings, the dedicated night mode feature removes the need for ProCamera. And as discussed, Deep Fusion will handle much of the post-processing work.

Download: ProCamera ($7.99, in-app purchases available)

3. Camera+ 2

One of the top options for fun iPhone photography apps is Camera+ 2. As soon as you launch it, you’ll notice that it’s relatively similar to the native camera app. However, unlike the native camera, you have more controls and buttons at your fingertips.

For example, with Camera+ 2, you get to set focus and exposure points. You also have access to depth capture and editing. It’s possible to adjust the amount of blur on an image and also set the focus distance. These perks offered in the Camera+ 2 are found in the iPhone 11 camera, with its broader shot capabilities as well as the sensory intelligence.

Another standout feature of the Camera+ 2 app (which previous iPhone cameras did not offer) is the different shooting modes. For those who love to engage in long-exposure photography, the lack of this on the iPhone would lead to use of Camera+ 2 app, You won’t need this now, if you have an iPhone 11.

With the new iPhone 11 camera, the QuickTake and “slofie” features are similar to the slow shutter mode of the Camera+ 2 app.

Download: Camera+ 2 ($3.99)

An Improved iPhone Photography Experience

It’s important to note that camera apps don’t exist to replace the core camera of your device. Instead, they supplement its inadequacies or enhance existing features of your phone’s camera. In the case of the iPhone 11 essentially coming with the standout characteristics of these apps already built-in, it will be fun to see how these camera app developers innovate.

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