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The Best Marvel Apps and Games for Comic Book Fans

If you’re a comic book fan who loves Marvel and love your smartphone, here are the best Marvel apps and games you need to install on your smartphone.

Marvel Comics was founded in 1939, meaning it’s been around for over 80 years. Whether you’re a longtime fan or have discovered the characters recently, this article is for you.

1. Marvel Unlimited

Avid comic book readers should already be aware of Marvel Unlimited, the Netflix for Marvel comics. By paying a small monthly fee, you’ll have access to a wide variety of comic books, from the latest Spider-Man issue to the iconic Infinity Gauntlet saga from 1991. And the best part is that they all live in your pocket.

There are also lots of new comics being added on a frequent basis, so if you somehow get tired of the 25,000+ issues available in Marvel Unlimited, there are always more on the way.

Download: Marvel Unlimited for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

2. MARVEL Battle Lines

MARVEL Battle Lines is an epic card game based off of your favorite Marvel heroes and villains. Captain Marvel, Dr. Doom, Thor, you name it—they’re all here and ready for battle.

In Battle Lines’ single player mode, you can embark on an adventure to protect the universe from evil and collect new cards as you go. And in online PvP, you can face off against fierce opponents using the deck you’ve built.

There are more than 300 cards to acquire, with even more being added through regular updates. We strongly recommend MARVEL Battle Lines for fans who like a good strategy game with lots of content.

Download: MARVEL Battle Lines for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases)

3. Marvel: Color Your Own

While it may seem child-like at first glance, it really isn’t. Marvel: Color Your Own is a sensational experience for people of all ages.

After a long day of stress, it’s a great way to unwind. There’s a wide gamut of brush types and colors to help you personalize your favorite Marvel heroes. And it can be a worthwhile educational experience for creative beginners looking to become more experienced when it comes to drawing on a device.

If you want to customize your favorite superhero, learn a bit about digital art, and relax a little, Marvel: Color Your Own is a great app to download.

Download: Marvel: Color Your Own for iOS (Free, subscription available)

4. Avengers: Endgame Stickers

marvel avengers stickers app

iPhone users: If you want to add a little super-heroic pizzazz to your iMessage conversations, Marvel’s official Avengers: Endgame sticker pack has got you covered. It features a bunch of adorable stickers, including an inspired Captain America, a motivational Black Widow, and a sassy-as-always Rocket Raccoon.

And of course, when you’re feeling arrogant or cocky, a snappy mini-Thanos is at your disposal. Just be careful to not erase half the universe when using him.

Download: Avengers: Endgame Stickers for iOS ($1.99)

5. MARVEL Strike Force

MARVEL Strike Force is an awesome strategy RPG that lets you assemble a huge array of mighty superheroes and villains.

Your task in Strike Force is to form your own collective to combat an assault from another world. This time around, the good and the bad team up. Characters such as Venom, Deadpool, and Dr. Strange join you in the fight against an all-new evil.

Strike Force has six different game modes to choose from; Arena, Blitz, Raids, Alliance War, and Challenges. Unfortunately, there’s no online mode, but we’ll let this omission slide as the existing modes are lots of fun. All in all, this is a great game for Marvel die-hards.

Download: MARVEL Strike Force for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases)

6. MARVEL Puzzle Quest

If you’re a fan of Candy Crush and Bejeweled, you’re going to love Marvel Puzzle Quest.

Marvel Puzzle Quest is a unique RPG built around a simple and fun Match-3 game mechanic. As you match tiles, characters attack and perform epic special moves. Keep racking up the matches, and you’ll be victorious in no time.

But don’t get too arrogant. Whether you’re playing as Star-Lord, Loki, or Luke Cage, Puzzle Quest gets super challenging and dials up the difficulty as you move forward. Not to mention, there’s an online mode with over 15 million players, so you’re sure to find some competition.

Download: Marvel Puzzle Quest for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases)

7. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

It’s a big download, coming in at 2GB, but it’s well worth it. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe In Peril features an action-packed, goofy, LEGO-ified Marvel story.

In order to stop a sinister alliance of super-villains from destroying the Earth, you must help the Avengers get through a variety of platforming stages to acquire the legendary Cosmic Bricks. But it’s not just the Avengers you can play as; there are more than 90 playable mini-figure heroes to choose from.

And if you don’t have an internet connection at hand, that won’t stop you from taking down evil. You can play LEGO Marvel Super Heroes even without Wi-Fi.

Download: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for iOS | Android ($4.99)

8. Marvel Contest of Champions

If you’re like the Hulk, and just want to punch and destroy everything in your way, you should consider Marvel Contest of Champions.

Contest of Champions is a fierce fighting game in which the most powerful superheroes, anti-heroes, and villains in the universe face off in an intergalactic tournament. It’s easy to get the hang of the battle mechanics with its fun and intuitive touch controls.

It isn’t all about fighting, though; there’s an element of strategy. You have to collect, upgrade, and carefully manage your teams of fighters to ensure victory, whether it be in single-player or online mode.

Overall, we strongly recommend Marvel Contest of Champions for fans of brawlers like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Injustice.

Download: Marvel Contest of Champions for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases)

9. Disney+

disney avengers endgame

Disney+ is Disney’s streaming video service in the same mold as Netflix and Hulu. This is the new home of Marvel movies such as Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, Thor, and Iron Man 3.

Eventually, all Marvel Cinematic Universe films will be streamable from Disney+, alongside other content. Disney and Marvel are planning to release original series based on MCU characters, like Loki, WandaVision, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

It’s safe to say that Disney+ is a must-have for anyone who calls themselves a Marvel fan.

How to Read Comic Books Online for Free

We think you’re going to love all of these apps. The mix of games, sticker packs, and puzzles are essential for all Marvel fans. And for more superhero fun, here are the best ways to read comic books online for free

The 10 Best Ways to Read Comics Online for Free

The 10 Best Ways to Read Comics Online for Free

Comic books aren’t cheap to buy. However, you can save some money by using these sites to read comics online for free.
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6 Best Soundboard Apps to Create or Discover Free Sound Collections

A soundboard can spice up your podcast, or even add some pizzazz to personal conversations. Here are some great readymade soundboards, as well as apps to create your own custom soundboard for free.

Apart from the best apps and software to record podcasts, it’s a good idea to have a soundboard app. You can use it for things like your theme song or background music, or add zing to conversations by playing sound effects, movie one-liners, and so on. It’s all up to how creative you want to be.

1. Soundboard (Web): Huge Database of Sounds and Soundboards

Soundboard.com has a huge collection of sounds

If you’re looking to create your own Soundboard or browse those made by others, visit Soundboard.com as your first destination. This website has one of the largest collections of audio clips and soundboards you’ll find on the internet.

Soundboard claims its database holds over 500,000 sounds in several different categories like comedians, movies, animals/nature, politicians, prank calls, sports, etc. Choose a category to browse available sounds or search the website.

It also hosts several publicly available soundboards created by other users. Most of these are free for anyone to use by opening it in a browser or in the Soundboard apps. You can also download each audio file individually to save it to your hard drive.

With Soundboard, you can also create your own customized soundboard. It’s completely free, and you can upload as many audio files as you want. Create it, add a logo and a description, and upload the tracks you want. Each track can be given a name too. If you’re creating a professional soundboard, you can even charge for it per track or to download them.

The only place where Soundboard is lacking is an easy way to add a sound you find on the site to your own custom soundboard. Instead, you’ll need to download that audio file, and then re-upload it to your own board.

Download: Soundboard for Android | iOS (Free)

2. 101 Soundboards (Web): Large Collection of Soundboards

101 Soundboards has several readymade soundboards

101 Soundboards has one of the largest collections of free soundboards you will find on the internet. The best part is that this is among the few websites where you can control a sound’s playback, stopping it midway.

When you play any sound, especially a quote, you will see the full clip’s sound graph at the bottom of the screen, as well as the full quote. That way, you can decide if you want to stop the clip early or let it play out fully. It’s a tremendously useful feature, and I wish more apps had it.

The website is already populated with soundboards of all types, and you can check out the most popular ones, recently updated boards, or search through the collection. Chances are, you will find multiple soundboards for your favorite TV shows or movies.

And yes, you can register and upload your own sounds too. But there isn’t a handy mobile app, so I wouldn’t suggest this over Soundboard to create your own collection.

3. Myinstants (Web): Find and Add Sound Buttons to Your Board

Myinstants is the easiest way to find and add sounds to your own custom soundboard

The design is a bit garish for my taste, but Myinstants is such a good app that you can overlook it. This website has a large collection of small sound clips, ready to be turned into a soundboard of your choice.

It’s best to register for the website, as this will let you save sounds to your own Favorites board, and upload audio too. The website works well on mobiles, and a shortcut lets you turn it into a browser-based mobile app.

Find sounds by browsing categories like games, movies, television, viral, memes, music, politics, etc. Each button is a different color and describes the sound. There’s also a handy search button. If you like a sound, add it to your favorites with one click.

You can also upload custom sounds, give it a desired color and title, and add a short description. Myinstants is a quick and easy way to build a soundboard of buttons for any project, including your own clips.

4. Meme Soundboard (Web): Readymade Soundboard of Popular Memes and More

Meme Soundboard is a readymade soundboard of popular memes and audio files

If you’re looking for a readymade soundboard to use on a computer, tablet, or phone, Meme Soundboard has you covered. As the name suggests, it is populated with sounds from some of the popular memes, but look beneath the surface and it has a few tricks.

The main interface is a delight to use, especially on phones. Meme Soundboard presents the collection as a grid of tiles, which are easy to tap or click. Whether you want to rick-roll someone or get Simon and Garfunkel crooning Sound of Silence, you can perform a super-fast search or just browse to find it.

While the quick search is the best feature, you will also like the Loop button to repeat any sound infinitely. If you like something, click the star to add it to your Favorites. The only issue seems to be that there isn’t a pause or stop button to quickly end the audio.

Apart from memes, the website also has readymade soundboards for other common audio in the Non-Meme Sounds board. And if you don’t mind the foul language, check out the NSFW soundboard.

Psst, do yourself a favor and click the Harlem Shake button. It’s wild!

5. Soundboard Studio (iOS): The Best Soundboard App Ever

Soundboard Studio is, without a doubt, the best soundboard app for iPhones and iPads. In fact, it’s the best mobile soundboard app, and it’s a pity there isn’t an Android version.

The free version called Soundboard Studio Lite gives you all the features of the full-fledged app but restricts you to 24 tracks. It’s a good way to test the app before paying the hefty price for the full version.

What does it let you do? Well, the question should be, what doesn’t it let you do? Soundboard Studio supports a wide variety of audio file formats, can import from cloud storage, and record audio too. Plus, you can play two tracks simultaneously.

There are advanced settings for each track too. You can trim any track, adjust its volume, set it to loop, play it solo always and hush all other tracks, give it a fade in and fade out, and even set up automated actions. It’s just packed with features and looks great while doing it.

Download: Soundboard Studio Lite for iOS (Free)

Download: Soundboard Studio 2 for iOS ($59.99)

6. Custom Soundboard (Android): Best Free Soundboard Creator for Android

There is no Soundboard Studio for Android. The next best app is Custom Soundboard by Johannes Maagk. It’s completely free but ad-supported and lets you create unlimited soundboards with unlimited tracks.

You can add audio from a file on your Android phone, add multiple tracks at the same time, or record live audio. Each track can fade in or out, have its own thumbnail image or color, be looped a set number of times, and even trimmed.

The app also lets you create a backup of all your soundboards, which is a helpful feature that most others don’t have. If you take the time and effort to customize this app, it will serve you well, and you’ll never lose your data.

Download: Custom Soundboard for Android (Free)

Compress, Then Upload

The trick to creating a good soundboard is to use good quality audio clips for your collection. But often, the file size can become a bit much, especially if you use WAV files. It’s a good idea to compress your audio files and then add them to the soundboard.

Check out our quick guide on how to compress large audio files

How to Compress Large Audio Files: 5 Easy and Effective Ways

How to Compress Large Audio Files: 5 Easy and Effective Ways

Need to reduce the size of your audio files? Here are several ways to compress large audio files.
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while retaining their quality. It can make a big difference for the listener, and you can store more files easily.

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What Is Social Reading? The 5 Best Social Reading Apps

Reading, by definition, is a solo activity and demands your complete concentration as well as a quiet space. The most special books have the power to pull you away from the world around you.

But the actual act of reading only represents half of the whole experience. The other part is a lot more social, and kicks in afterward.

What Is Social Reading?

Most of us, when we’ve finished a book, tend to share what we learned. We dive deep into hours-long conversations with someone who has also read the book. We pick our favorite quotes and post them on social media.

This concept, and its associated behavior, are called social reading. There are several benefits to being more social about what you read.

Social reading enables a community where you can connect with fellow readers, engage in profound discussions, share what you’re reading at the moment, discover excerpts you like, and gather insights on sections you’re stuck on.

Further, an active community inspires you to be more consistent with your reading habits. You can publicly set goals, participate in challenges, and seek recommendations. Social reading isn’t a new term, either. For years, it has existed in various forms, such as book clubs.

To get your started, here are the best social reading apps.

1. Bookself

Bookself is an online community of readers and writers where every book has its own dedicated forum. Anyone can visit the page and share their thoughts with the rest of its followers.

You have the option to reach out to other commentators by sending them a private message. Bookself also recommends users and books based on your reading history and the genres you’ve selected.

In addition, you can browse active discussions and which books are trending on Bookself. Bookself can keep tabs on your books, as well. It lets you add books you found interesting to your wishlist and tell your followers what you’re currently reading.

What’s more, Bookself offers you the ability to establish your reading goals. Inside the app, you’ll even find both text and audio previews of a handful of books. Bookself embeds a purchase link if you decide to buy one.

Download: Bookself for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Bookship

Bookship is for building private virtual reading groups. All you need to do is pick a new book and invite your friends to join you on Bookship.

The app allows everyone to chat and talk about their progress through a handful of custom tools. There are built-in options for sharing your progress and requesting an update from all members.

You can share regular images of pages and excerpts, but Bookship also supports OCR. That means instead of pictures, you have the ability to directly send the page’s content.

What’s more, Bookship houses free ebooks of a range of classics. The app lets you read them right inside the app and highlight text to easily forward to the reading group.

Bookself helps you decide which book to read next by sorting a wide collection based on their popularity, critical reviews, topics, and release dates.

Download: Bookship for Android | iOS (Free)

3. Glose

Glose is a social network for readers. It provides a personal feed where you can publish posts and view updates from the people in your friend list. The app hosts all the standard features you’d expect from such a social network.

But the reading feature is what truly sets Glose apart. Unlike the rest, Glose lets you read books on its app itself. You have the option to either upload your own ebooks or choose from the service’s catalog, which contains both paid and free titles.

Each book on Glose has a special page. In the Activity tab, users can check comments and passages others have highlighted. The reading interface also has a bunch of handy social features.

Glose shows the number of activities (like notes or reactions) associated with any line or paragraph. To leave your own, you just need to select a piece of text and tap the action you’d like to perform from the popup menu.

If you like the idea of Glose, you can bookmark words you’d like to share later using ebook reader apps that have great annotation features.

Download: Glose for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Goodreads

Goodreads is the most sophisticated social reading platform. It’s home to millions of readers and an endless database of books, reviews, and annotations.

When you first sign up for Goodreads, it asks you to create your virtual bookself. You can add the books you’ve read, titles you’re reading at the moment, and those you wish to read in the future. Based on this data, Goodreads recommends you new books and discussions to join.

Plus, the site has constantly updating challenges, trivia, and quizzes you can take. Being a social network, Goodreads allows you to chat with readers and follow their activity.

Since Goodreads is so popular, authors have an active presence on it as well. The site often runs sessions like Ask The Author, where anyone can pick their favorite author’s brains.

Due to its many features, the Goodreads app can feel a little overwhelming at first. However, once you get the hang of it, it’s a book lover’s paradise.

Download: Goodreads for Android | iOS (Free)

5. Zuster

Zuster is a social reading app for web articles instead of books. It has a straightforward design that allows you to easily share and discuss stories with your friends. Aside from the mobile apps, you can add articles and comments on Zuster on your computer through its browser extension.

Zuster sports a quick-read option, which uses machine learning to extract and show you the most important bits from a post. Through the Activity tab, you have the ability to check what all your friends have been up to on Zuster.

At the time of writing, Zuster did not have an iOS app available, but the developer says it should be ready soon.

Download: Zuster for Android | Chrome (Free)

Read More Books This Year

These apps prove that reading books can be both an isolated and social hobby. You can use them to talk to like-minded people, share your thoughts on a book you’ve read, and make the activity a lot more productive.

However, it can be difficult to keep up with new book releases and discussions. Follow our tips on how to read more

How to Read 50+ Books This Year

How to Read 50+ Books This Year

If you’re like the average American, you’re not reading enough. Reading more books can make you smarter and more successful. Let us show you how to read one book per week.
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if you can’t seem to find the time to read everything you want.

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The 3 Best Flashcard Apps for Mac

You need to learn and memorize information quickly to meet a deadline. Your chest tightens with anxiety! The material is tough, and you just don’t know the best approach to get it all into your brain.

Most of us have experienced this feeling before. With the need to acquire information quickly, convenience matters. Fortunately, to resolve situations like these, several developers have made flashcard apps to make studying faster.

Still, with consistently competing applications, it can be difficult to find your preference. To help make your decision, let’s look at the top flashcard apps for Mac and see which one is best for you.

1. Anki

Anki stands out as the biggest legacy application on this list. With a variety of features and synced access across multiple device types, Anki leads in value.

How Does It Feel

Anki functions foremost as a very minimalism-inspired study app. When you first open Anki, the launch page of all your included decks appears along with a basic summary of your daily progress. You can then jump into reviewing, creating, or acquiring different cards.

Anki Mac Home

The studying portion flows really easily. If you don’t want to use the mouse, both the space bar and the enter key function as a mouse click. The tab key also serves to navigate between options if you don’t want to click.

When you select your answer, you choose what best suits your knowledge level. With this combination, Anki automates your review process incredibly easy.

Anki Mac Flashcard

After you finish, you can spend some time looking over the stats of your study time (whether a single deck or your entire collection). Anki provides seven data points to help identify patterns and areas to improve. If you need to keep a record, the entire data set exports as a PDF file for easy access.

Anki Mac Review

Anki’s Summary

If you’re looking for a program with the biggest flashcard library, Anki offers the best free option for Mac users. As a program, its an easy pick-up with plenty of customization for any study field.

Download: Anki (Free)

2. AnkiApp

AnkiApp actually has no affiliation with Anki, but it does bear some resemblances. Despite this, AnkiApp has done enough design alternation to make it a simplified but visually-friendly flashcard app.

How Does It Feel

AnkiApp strives for a quick compact view at start-up. The dashboard on launch tells you about your latest efforts via a bar graph and your most recent numbers. You won’t be spending a ton of time on the dash, but it makes sure that you know where you’ve been.

AnkiApp does possess a few more limitations when writing your flashcards. If you need to do a basic flashcard with a tiny bit of media, it can support you there. If you miss the ability to introduce some style coding from Anki, AnkiApp doesn’t allow for it at this time. Instead, it favors readability with larger buttons and very clear graphical text.

Going through a study session also doesn’t feel as quick since AnkiApp mostly supports the mouse. You can still use the space bar, however, to initially flip the card.

AnkiApp Mac

AnkiApp stands out primarily for its color features. You can shift between a mildly different light mode which basically replaces blue with orange, but you can also take advantage of night mode to reduce eye strain. If you’re reviewing a ton of material consistently, it can be a welcome save for your eyesight.

AnkiApp Mac Theme

AnkiApp’s Summary

While AnkiApp rides the coattails of Anki in many regards, it deserves some recognition for its focus on making a visually engaging but simple app. It may not possess all the features of its competition, but it has made itself very user-friendly and easy-to-read meanwhile. If you don’t need a ton of data charting afterward, it can easily help bridge your study needs.

Download: AnkiApp (Free)

3. Flashcard Hero Lite

For our last app, Flashcard Hero Lite deserves some special acknowledgment for its design difference. While keeping the spirit of flashcards, the app has chosen to take on a PowerPoint inspiration.

How Does It Feel

After getting past the initial project screen, the app breaks down into writing, progress, and studying. The writing portion features a simple editing interface, and there’s no image insertion (you can still download cards with images) allowed in the base version of the app. The addition of multiple-choice as a listing option does allow for some welcome variance to the typical check-and-see routine too. Otherwise, the writing process follows a basic question and answer template.

Flashcard Hero Lite Mac

The progress section of the app has four different categories: spaced repetition, difficulty, last studied, and alphabetically. All of the options allow for immediate studying, so they’re easily interchangeable based on need.

The study portion was the most radical departure from any of the other apps. While studying, you can either use a cover sheet to test yourself, fill in the answer, or answer multiple-choice questions versus simply flip to reveal an answer. For those with an iPad or iPhone, an iOS app addition can turn both device types into a remote control.

Additionally, importing material from Flashcard Hero, Quizlet, or previous flashcard files functioned incredibly smoothly. If you need even more material, here are some amazing flashcard additions to fill your flashcard library with.

Flashcard Hero Lite Card

Flashcard Hero Lite’s Summary

Overall, Flashcard Hero Lite serves as a very convenient go-between for someone needing a much more visually tangible addition. While the free version lacks basic media insertion, it includes a few alternative study techniques that the other apps don’t. It’s a worthwhile consideration for some variance in your study routine.

Download: Flashcard Hero Lite (Free for Lite, $7.99 for the full version)

Better Studying Success With Flashcards

For anyone needing to quickly study some material and build a routine, these Mac apps will help you get to your next proficiency level. If you’re a student needing some additional educational apps to help get you through your day, look at these best apps for students

The 20 Best Apps for Students to Get Through a Day of School

The 20 Best Apps for Students to Get Through a Day of School

Whether you’re in high school or college, these awesome apps should be at the top of your back-to-school to-do list!
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The 6 Best Free and Paid Hiking GPS Apps for iOS and Android – Review Geek

A hiker uses their phone to navigate outdoors.

Regardless of your hiking experience, hiking apps are essential for navigating, planning, or discovering new outdoor trails. Plus, they’re cheaper than standalone GPS units. But which app should you get? Here are the best hiking GPS apps available today.

Best Free Option: ViewRanger (iOS/Android)

Screenshots of the ViewRanger app.

ViewRanger has just about everything you’d want from a hiking GPS app. Limited offline maps, trail planning, topographic info, and trail guides—all for free. It does have an interesting premium version with unlimited offline maps, live-tracking for family and friends, and AR features for trail flyovers, but the free version of ViewRanger is pretty attractive on its own.

Best Premium Option: Gaia GPS (iOS/Android)

Screenshots of the Gaia GPS app.
Gaia GPS

Gaia GPS is a premium outdoor app that’s perfect for hikers and campers. It’s a robust app that’s full of pre-existing road maps, off-road maps, topographic data, and live-weather info. It’s great for streamlining your next hike or creating a brand new hiking trail from scratch. You can even share or check out custom hiking trails by other Gaia users in your area.

Gaia GPS is a free app, but most users suggest upgrading to the paid version (upgrades are done in-app). Basic membership costs $20 a year and allows you to save maps for offline use, while Premium membership costs $40 a year and comes with custom Nat-Geo maps, U.S. hunting maps, and more.

For Safety: Cairn (iOS/Android)

Screenshots of the Cairn app.

Cairn is one of the best safety-oriented hiking GPS apps. Like other hiking apps, Cairn allows you to see, create, and follow trails (and even has offline maps). But it also has cell-coverage maps that can help you avoid dead-zones, live tracking that shows your location to friends, and automated messages to emergency contacts if you get lost.

Most of these safety-oriented features are exclusive to Cairn’s premium program, which costs $5 a month or $27 a year. Compared to other hiking apps, that’s a pretty good deal.

For Family Fun and Exercise: AllTrails (iOS/Android)

Screenshots of the AllTrails app

The AllTrails app is a great all-in-one outdoors app for hikers, runners, cyclists, and nature-enthusiasts. At a basic level, it’s a GPS app with pre-set maps and trails. These trails can be filtered for different families (dog-friendly, kid-friendly, wheelchair-friendly), or they can be filtered by distance and intensity. Over time, the app collects your hiking history and displays your progress in terms of mileage, speed, and calories burned.

AllTrails works well as a free app, but some Pro features (like offline maps, weather overlays, and emergency contacts) cost $30 a year.

For Hiking, Hunting, and Fishing: onX Hunt (iOS/Android)

Screenshots of the onX Hunt app
onX Hunt

onX Hunt is a premium hiking app with a serious emphasis on hunting. As a GPS app, onX Maps gives you access to hunting, hiking, and biking trails with topography info and live updates for weather. You can download the maps for offline use, and you can even view property boundaries and landowner names from the map.

As a hunting and fishing tool, onX Hunt gives you access to public land maps, BLM maps, county and state hunting and fishing maps, and more. It also shows property boundaries and game management units (GMUs).

These are some pretty robust hiking and hunting features, so it’s no surprise that onX Hunt costs $30 a year for statewide use. If you want to use onX Hunt nationwide, you’ll have to fork over $100 a year (or $15 a month).

A Straightforward Outdoor GPS: GPS Tracks (iOS Only)

Screenshots of the GPS Tracks app
GPS Tracks

If you’re just looking for an outdoor GPS app you can use in any situation, then you should check out GPS Tracks. It’s basically a phone version of a standalone outdoor GPS unit. It has detailed maps, topographic info, route-planning features, measurement tools, and location-sharing features. GPS Tracks also works with Apple Watch, which is a handy feature when you’re out hiking.

The GPS Tracks app costs $4, but extra features, like alternative maps (NOAA, FAA, USGS), offline maps, and iCloud syncing, cost $20 a year.

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The Best iPhone Music Apps and Alternative Music Managers for iOS

There are lots of iPhone music players that you can use to listen to your music. In fact, there are so many music apps for your phone that you should never feel stuck with Apple’s built-in Apple Music.

If you want an alternative way of transferring, storing, or playing back your files from your iOS music library, there are a lot options available. The same is true for finding alternative ways to listening to music through streaming.

Here are the best music apps for the iPhone currently on the market.

How Does Music Work on iOS?

How Music Works on iOS

Apple’s famous “walled garden” pushes a specific and sometimes outdated approach to media management. Assuming you’re using your own files, you’ll need to import music into your library. Then—when your iPhone is paired with the computer that holds your music—you’ll need to sync, either directly or through Wi-Fi.

The downside to this approach is that you can’t just point your browser at a file and download it. The upside to this centralized music library, however, is that the operating system handles media playback.

Want to learn more? Here’s how to transfer music from an old iPod to your computer or iPhone

How to Transfer Music From an Old iPod to Your Computer or iPhone

How to Transfer Music From an Old iPod to Your Computer or iPhone

Do you have an old iPod or two from the last decade lying around gathering dust? Well, dust them off, because you can rescue the music from your old iPod.
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A Word on Apple Music

Apple Music launched a while back, so it’s definitely not the newest app on the market. However, most iOS music apps take Apple Music into account.

Because of this, we’ll focus on music players that integrate with Apple Music, at least in terms of playback.

Free Music Apps for iPhone

If you don’t want to pay, let’s first look at the best free music apps for iPhone.

1. SoundShare

SoundShare is a collaborative app that connects many different services together, including Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer. It’s a music social network you’ll need to sign up for. Anyone who wants to collaborate with you on playlists will have to do the same.

SoundShare is one of the best music apps for iPhone if you want to share your musical tastes. You can like, comment, and advertise your music recommendations, as well as build a playlist by working with other people.

Unfortunately, SoundShare is not much fun to use if you’re going alone. You’ll need to share with other users to get the most use out of it. Plus, you must have a paid subscription to Apple Music, Spotify, or Deezer in order to connect these services to SoundShare.

Download: SoundShare (Free)

2. VLC for Mobile

VLC is an old-school—and trusted—music player for the iPhone. It’s a good choice if you want to go standalone and plan to ditch Apple Music entirely. Not only does it play most music and video files (including otherwise unsupported formats like FLAC), it has support for multiple audio tracks, too.

Additional features available in VLC:

  • Transfer music through a browser via Wi-Fi, or use cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • The app supports file sharing over SMB, FTP, and UPnP.
  • VLC for Mobile doesn’t need to be open to play media. This allows you to listen to music in the background while working in other apps.

VLC is a pretty extensive program that can handle a lot, so give it a try if you’re a fan of local media.

Download: VLC for Mobile (Free)

3. FLAC Player+

If VLC for Mobile isn’t cutting it, FLAC Player+ should do the trick.

FLAC Player+ is a good free music app for the iPhone if you’re looking for something dedicated to local media playback. It supports FLAC, MP3, AAC, WMA, and RealMedia formats.

The apps lets you group songs by playlist, album, and artist. Just like VLC, you can transfer music via Wi-Fi. However, FLAC Player+ is more of a “true” music player than VLC, so it doesn’t work with video.

The interface also needs a bit of work work, but it’s easy to use and free. You can remove the ads with a small in-app purchase.

Download: FLAC Player+ (Free)

The Best Music Apps for iPhone With Subscription Options

Moving on, let’s take a look at the best music apps for iPhone that offer a subscription for more features.

Note that due to Apple taking a 30% cut of all in-app purchases from iOS apps, many services increase the price of their subscriptions to compensate for this. For example, Spotify on iOS costs $13 per month for Premium instead of the usual $10 per month. As a result, you should avoid subscribing to any service through its iPhone app when possible.

1. Listen

Listen is a good music app for the iPhone if you’re looking to navigate your music collection. The app uses gesture-based controls, and its basic functionality as a music player is completely free. If you want to access local and online radio stations, you’ll need to upgrade with a subscription at $2.99 per month.

Standout features:

  • Browse your music library by album, artist, playlist, and the aforementioned radio stations.
  • The Now Playing screen allows you to drag music artwork around your display, so you can skip tracks or return them to your collection.

Download: Listen (Free, subscription available)

2. Musixmatch

Musixmatch lyrics finder is an extremely popular music app for the iPhone. This is because it allows you to find the lyrics to songs already synced to your device. It also allows you to connect your Apple Music and Spotify profiles.

The Musixmatch app shows you the lyrics in time with the music, so you can dive deeper into your favorite tracks.

Other Musixmatch features to know:

While Musixmatch is free, it offers subscription plans to remove ads and add a few extra features.

Download: Musixmatch (Free, subscription available)

3. Apple Music | Spotify | Deezer

Subscription services like Spotify and Deezer—plus Apple Music itself—offer you another way of listening to music on-the-go. Unfortunately, these come with a drawback. Unless you’ve downloaded it offline, you’ll need to stream your music. This will require a generous data plan for when you’re not on Wi-Fi.

On the flip side, all three of these options are easy-to-use services that allow you to listen to music whenever you want. They’re some of the best music music apps for the iPhone you’ll find. Apple Music even gives you a three-month free trial before requiring a subscription.

Just be wary of the aforementioned data usage when you’re not on Wi-Fi, and these apps will fulfill your music needs.

Download: Apple Music (Free trial, subscription required)
Download: Spotify (Free, subscription available)
Download: Deezer (Free, subscription available)

4. SoundCloud

SoundCloud has always marched to the beat of its own drum compared to other music services. As one of the best free music apps for the iPhone, it offers a great place for anyone to upload their music, remixes, podcasts, or live sessions.

While SoundCloud has been hit by tough competition in recent years, it still provides a place for regular users and emerging artists to share their work.

If you’re willing to pay, SoundCloud Go is a premium plan that offers offline downloads and ad-free music for $5/month. Meanwhile, SoundCloud Go+ for $10/month adds an extended catalog that more closely resembles Spotify or Apple Music.

Download: SoundCloud (Free, subscription available)

5. Google Play Music

Google Play Music allows you to sync 50,000 songs with your Google account for free. This convenience makes it one of the best music apps for the iPhone.

As you’d expect, it also features a uniquely “Google” interface with a few neat features. This includes suggestions for what to listen to and recommendations based upon your previous tastes.

Notes on Google Play Music:

  • The free version of Google Play Music uses an ad-based model, so you don’t get uninterrupted listening when streaming radio stations.
  • Like other services, if you’re a paid subscriber, you can access a much larger catalog of music.
  • You can download your own music for offline listening, but you must subscribe to download other music.

Google Play Music has been on Android for some time, where it has earned a reputation as a go-to music app. You may thus prefer another choice that’s built for iOS.

Download: Google Play Music (Free, subscription available)

Or Try a Paid Music App for iPhone

If none of these free apps work for you, we’ve rounded up a couple of paid music apps for iPhone, too.

1. Ecoute

Best Music Players for iPhone Ecoute Paid App

Ecoute is a paid music app for iPhone that takes play counts and last-played data into consideration. It features an enhanced shuffle tool that allows you to sort music by albums and last played dates to better serve up the tunes.

Download: Ecoute ($0.99)

2. Cs Music Player

Cs Music Player is another paid music app that’s great for anyone yearning for a classic music app experience. It provides a simple, easy-to-use interface that maintains compatibility with Apple Music and locally synced files.

Download: Cs Music Player ($2.99)

3. Stezza

Lastly, Stezza is a one-handed playback app that advertises itself as the best music player for the iPhone if you’re a driver or very active.

Download: Stezza ($2.99)

What’s Your Favorite Music App?

Apple Music is an obvious choice for iPhone owners, but it’s far from your only option. Whether you prefer to sync your own music or stream everything, there’s a music app on iOS for you. Try a few out and see which works best for your use.

If you’d like to create as well as consume, check out some iPhone apps that you can use to create music

8 Music Maker iPhone Apps to Create Music Anywhere

8 Music Maker iPhone Apps to Create Music Anywhere

Need a music maker app for your iPhone? These iOS music production apps let you create tunes anywhere.
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The 6 Best Cashback Apps That Reward You for Shopping

Who doesn’t want to earn money for making purchases? It might seem unrealistic to actually make money from shopping, but cashback apps make it possible.

Cashback apps reward you for shopping—so the more you shop, the more cash, coupons, and rewards you receive. If you’re ready to start putting money back in your wallet, check out these awesome cashback apps that will pay you based on what you spend.

1. Ibotta

If you want access to cashback at most major retailers and restaurants, download Ibotta—you’ll earn $20 just for signing up! Just check your Ibotta app before your next shopping trip.

The app displays the cashback you can earn by purchasing specific items. For example, if you buy a dozen eggs at any of Ibotta’s partners (like Walmart, Target, and CVS, among others), you’ll receive $0.25 cashback. While that may not seem like a lot of money, it all adds up.

You can also search for cashback offers by store. Once you complete your shopping trip, simply take a photo of your receipt and upload it to the app. Conversely, you can also pay with Ibotta to instantly earn cashback.

If you want to earn even more cash, head to the Earn more tab. Complete enough challenges, and you’ll get bonuses. When you’re ready to cash out, you can receive your hard-earned money through PayPal, Venmo, or gift cards. You can also use Ibotta from your browser, making it one of the best cashback sites around.

Download: Ibotta for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Checkout51

Checkout51 only offers cashback at grocery stores, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. Unlike other cashback apps, it doesn’t always limit you to specific stores; most offers allow you to spend them at any grocery store. On the other hand, some deals are only for certain stores like CVS, Target, Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, Publix, Babies R Us, and more.

Each week, Checkout51 updates its offers. Instead of cutting coupons

Forget Extreme Couponing! How to Save With Minimal Effort

Forget Extreme Couponing! How to Save With Minimal Effort

Extreme couponing is crazy, but you don’t have to make a full-time job out of clipping coupons to save big. Here are practical tips on how to make saving with coupons easy.
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, you can claim offers, buy those items, and upload a photo of your receipt. The next time you create your shopping list, make sure to include the app’s featured items!

You can claim most offers up to five times, giving you even more bang for your buck. Turn on your location when you’re shopping, and Checkout51 will instantly provide you with any in-store offers.

Download: Checkout51 for Android | iOS (Free)

3. GetUpside

Tired of paying full price for your gas? GetUpside offers cashback opportunities at the pump. While it does offer cashback at restaurants and grocery stores, those offers are only available in select cities and states. GetUpside is best used for fuel, and it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

GetUpside automatically detects your location and shows you offers at nearby gas stations—you can end up saving up to 25 cents per gallon. Once you claim an offer, you only have three hours to redeem it, so make sure you don’t claim it until you’re ready. After you pump gas, grab your receipt and upload it to the app.

GetUpside doesn’t only work when filling up your tank. You can also receive some money back from car washes and certain services. Cash out at any time, and receive your money through PayPal, a check, or an e-gift card.

Download: GetUpside for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Belly

Belly is an all-in-one rewards card. Instead of functioning as a regular rewards card for a big-box store, it works as a rewards system for local shops. The only catch is that the stores you shop at, and the services you receive, have to be associated with Belly.

You can find participating stores on Belly’s map. When you arrive at the location, simply scan your app on the iPad it has. This will send loyalty points straight to your app.

After you rack up enough points, you can redeem them for awesome rewards at the locations you frequent most. Just keep in mind that if you live outside of a large city, you might not have as many participating shops.

Download: Belly for Android | iOS (Free)

5. Dosh

Dosh functions a lot like Ibotta, except it allows for in-person and online cashback deals. Simply link your card to the app, shop at your favorite retailers and restaurants, and earn cashback.

Dosh supports deals for locations like JCPenney, Denny’s, Forever 21, Sephora, and more. To view the full list of retailers, you’ll have to download the app. You’ll be surprised at the opportunities it offers—you can even get money back by booking a hotel!

The app gives you the chance to earn up to 10 percent cashback for spending at retailers, while you can earn up to 40 percent cashback by making a hotel reservation. All this cash will appear in your Dosh wallet, which you can redeem at any time.

Download: Dosh for Android | iOS (Free)

6. Shopkick

Shopkick doesn’t give send cold hard cash back to your wallet, but it does provide you with plenty of gift cards in exchange for shopping in-store and online. So far, the app has rewarded its users with a total of $78 million in the form of gift cards.

With Shopkick, you don’t earn points; you earn “kicks.” All you have to do is download the app, and you’ll immediately receive a $5 gift card. From there, you can start getting more kicks by opening the app in stores, scanning the barcodes of the items on the app, purchasing those items, and scanning your receipt.

Shopkick will also present you with daily shopping challenges that send you on a scavenger hunt for kicks. You can redeem your kicks at several popular stores and restaurants. Using the gift cards you earn from this app will help you save money and shop smarter at Amazon, Target, Walmart, and more.

Download: Shopkick for Android | iOS (Free)

Earn Money While You Shop

Before going on your next shopping spree, make sure to download some of these cashback apps. Doubling up on them definitely doesn’t hurt, as it’ll help you maximize your cashback rewards.

Keep in mind that a cashback app isn’t the only easy way to earn money. You can also get more cash by filling out online surveys. Check out some legitimate survey sites

10 Legit Survey Websites Where You Can Earn Extra Cash

10 Legit Survey Websites Where You Can Earn Extra Cash

You can earn extra cash by participating in online surveys. Here are several legitimate online survey sites that actually pay out.
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that will pay you for your opinion.

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6 Apps That’ll Enhance Multitasking on Your Mac

To get your work done efficiently on your Mac, you probably multitask among numerous apps. Yet Apple still offers a limited set of multitasking features on macOS. The split-screen shortcut, for instance, forces you to switch to a new workspace and is restricted to two windows.

Luckily, you don’t have to settle for this narrow set of features; there’s a range of third-party apps to try instead. Here are the best Mac apps for improved multitasking.

1. Magnet

Magnet brings the best Windows multitasking function to macOS. When enabled, you can simply drag app windows to your screen’s edges to snap them into a split-screen view. Unlike the built-in method, you don’t need to hold down any keys or create a new workspace. Magnet lets you quickly organize windows to evenly fit two or even four of them side-by-side.

Plus, you don’t have to manually move them. The window manager lets you perform these actions through customizable keyboard shortcuts. Alternatively, you can utilize its menu bar widget. Magnet supports up to six external displays and even relocating windows between them using dedicated keyboard combos.

Magnet is not a free tool, as it costs $1.99. But if you often find yourself annoyed by macOS’s native multitasking methods, the small cost is well worth it.

Download: Magnet ($1.99)

2. Mission Control Plus

Mission control plus mac app

This Mac utility does just what its name says. It enhances Mac’s Mission Control (the apps overview menu) by adding a handful of missing abilities.

For starters, Mission Control Plus attaches a little X at the top-left corner of every window in Mission Control. You can click this to instantly hide a window, but it doesn’t close the app. So when you select the app icon again from the Dock, you’ll be right back where you were before.

On top of this, the app enables a couple of handy shortcuts. Hide an app by pressing Cmd + H, or use Cmd + W to close the window. You can also hide all apps but the one you’re on with Option + Cmd + H.

Mission Control Plus offers a 10-day trial, after which you’ll need to buy it.

Download: Mission Control Plus ($3.99, free trial available)

3. Tuck

Tuck is another nifty tool for jumping between several apps on Mac. The app allows you to temporarily tuck windows to the sides.

All you need to do is move your cursor to the center of any screen edge and Tuck will slide the window off the screen. When you want it back, repeat the process and it will return immediately.

Instead of using your mouse, you also have the option of direct keyboard shortcuts. You can hide as many windows as you like and easily cycle through them. Additionally, Tuck includes a menu bar widget for viewing all tucked windows.

Tuck is free as long as you’re OK with a warning popping up every now and then. To get rid of that, you will have to pay a few dollars for a license.

Download: Tuck ($6.99, unlimited free trial available)

4. Slidepad

iPad-style multitasking on Mac

Slidepad is similar to Tuck, except instead of app windows, it puts a mini web browser within a gesture’s reach. When you move your cursor towards the right edge’s center, Slidepad pulls out a panel where you can load and add any web app. There’s no limit to the number of apps you can set up; Slidepad will maintain their state when you’re working on anything else.

So for instance, say you’re editing a presentation and want your colleague’s help. If you have the Slack web app set up on Slidepad, just flick the cursor towards the right to reveal the panel and enter your Slack workspace immediately. Similarly, you can pin your to-dos or calendar and take a peek to check what your schedule looks like in an instant.

The transition is smooth and doesn’t hinder your computer’s performance. In Slidepad’s settings, you’ll also find an option to reduce the animations if you prefer.

Download: Slidepad ($9.99, free trial available)

5. uBar

uBar Dock Replacement

uBar supercharges your Mac’s Dock, which Apple has barely touched in years.

uBar replaces macOS’ row of icons with a Windows-style Taskbar. It clearly shows which apps are active, essential details like the time and date on the right, a shortcut to your desktop, and a quick access menu for your files. Hovering over a specific app lets you preview its window (or windows, if you have more than one open).

In addition, uBar can automatically hide after a period of inactivity. You can precisely adjust its theme and personalize elements such as the background color and opacity.

Unfortunately, uBar is a bit expensive and will set you back $30. If that’s too costly for you, have a look at some other macOS Dock alternatives.

Download: uBar ($30, free trial available)

6. WindowSwitcher

WindowSwitcher addresses the macOS app switcher’s shortcomings. It does so by adding a few much-needed functions to the utility.

WindowSwitcher assigns a number to each app in the Cmd + Tab menu. That allows you to hop over to another app simply by pressing Cmd and its assigned digit together while you’re in the switcher. What’s more, WindowSwitcher adds shortcuts for hiding and closing an app.

Its biggest highlight is the resizing options. When you’re in the app switcher, hover your cursor over an app to reveal a string of window layouts. Click one to instantly resize the selected window. This lets you shove it in a corner, bring it to the center, and more.

WindowSwitcher has a somewhat complicated pricing structure. Once the seven day trial expires, you can choose to pay $12.99 to use it for a year. Meanwhile, $19.99 gets you a lifetime license for all the app’s current version updates. Finally, a perpetual license for all versions costs $39.99.

Download: WindowSwitcher ($12.99, free trial available)

Augmenting Your Mac With Missing Apps

These apps fill the biggest holes Apple has left in macOS’s multitasking abilities. Whether it’s replicating the best features of Windows or adding clever new ones to your workflow, they have it all covered.

Multitasking tools are just one part of this puzzle. Next, check out the range of missing Mac features you can add with third-party apps

8 Missing Mac Apps Apple Should Have Preloaded

8 Missing Mac Apps Apple Should Have Preloaded

Macs come loaded with useful software, but here are some fantastic third-party apps every Mac user should install.
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Information overload? 5 tips to tame team collaboration apps

Email, video and messaging apps such as Slack and Microsoft Teams make it possible to easily collaborate with co-workers, no matter what time zone (or country) they happen to be in. And access to mobile versions of the same apps means that colleagues can quickly respond to a DM, follow a group conversation or make a quick edit to file at virtually any time.

But with that ease of use comes a problem: workers can become overwhelmed by a barrage of notifications from colleagues before the workday begins, during it, and after it should be over. And that’s not good for productivity or distracted workers’ stress levels.

Research from UC Irvine has shown it can take more than 20 minutes to become immersed in a task after an interruption, while a different study claims that multitasking can reduce productivity by 40%. The increased collaborative workload can even lead to burnout — something the World Health Organization recently recognized as an occupational phenomenon — with the always-on nature of modern communications a contributing factor, according to Harvard Business Review research.

Gartner analyst Craig Roth has noted in recent blog posts that information overload is a tricky problem with plenty of blame to go around, whether it be managers with inflated expectations, corporate IT that deploys overlapping tools, or the vendors that create apps so adept at grabbing our attention.

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The 7 Best Apps for Teachers to Use in the Classroom

Using technology in the classroom has been the subject of many debates. When used in the right ways, tech has the power to transform a classroom. So instead of banning technology from schools, it’s time to embrace it.

As a teacher, you should take advantage of the many available education apps. With the right apps, you can schedule lesson plans, establish communication with parents and students, use in-classroom tools, and much more. Try out the following apps to get more control over your classroom.

1. ClassDojo

ClassDojo turns your classroom into a community. It allows you to interact with both parents and students with its secure messaging system. Not only can you send your students’ parents any classroom updates, photos, and videos, but parents get direct access to their child’s status right from their phone.

Once you create a class on the app, you can start using the class toolkit. Here, you have access to a convenient group maker, a noise meter, and a music player. You can also display discussion questions and add directions for students to view. This all-in-one teacher app can help you create a much more positive classroom environment.

Download: ClassDojo for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Edmodo

Edmodo is the perfect tool for any classroom level, and its clean interface lets you quickly set up classes. To get students and parents on board, simply share the classroom link with the members you want to add. Once you have your members, keep your classroom updated by adding announcements to your classroom feed.

Edmodo lets you send private messages to students and parents, as well as establish small groups for collaborative projects. When you want to send your students an assignment, simply upload it to the app, and it’ll automatically share with everyone in class.

Want even more teaching inspiration? Head to the Discover tab to learn some helpful teaching tips, challenge your students to educational games, and get more activity ideas.

Download: Edmodo for Android | iOS (Free)

3. Google Classroom

If you want to start using Google Classroom, your school must have an account with G Suite for Education. Once that’s settled, you can start adding students to your Google Classroom with their Gmail addresses.

After creating a class, you can add specific assignments, questions, materials, and topics to it. All this content appears in a stream that your students can easily access. Google Classroom also integrates with Google Drive, so you can upload assignments, grades, and photos to the class folder.

Google Drive comes with several awesome features for students, making it pair well with Google Classroom.

Download: Google Classroom for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Planboard

Looking for an easier way to plan lessons? Check out Planboard, the lesson planning app you can use on-the-go. Keep track of your class schedule by adding classes to your calendar, and set curriculum standards for each of your classes. If you want to save time and effort, you can search Planboard’s library of official standards instead.

The app also lets you upload files and photos to your lesson plans, as well as share those plans. Planboard syncs all your data to the web, so you can view your plans from your computer.

Download: Planboard for Android | iOS (Free)

5. Seesaw: The Learning Journal

Seesaw is one of the most popular education apps, as it’s used in over 200,000 classrooms. It’s a great way to plan activities in any subject, for any age.

When you create a class, you can browse the app’s Activity Library. Enter your class’s subject and grade from the dropdown menu, and you’ll see activities that your fellow teachers created. If you want to create your own activities, you can share them with the Seesaw community as well.

Seesaw allows you to send announcements to students and parents—that way, families can gain insight on their child’s education. While you could use team communication apps like Slack to send updates, keeping both your messages and student progress in one app will help you stay organized.

You can also use Seesaw to track students’ progress in specific areas, but that’s only available in the premium version.

Download: Seesaw for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

6. TrackCC

Keeping track of student attendance and grades on paper isn’t always the most reliable. The grid-style grade books aren’t easy on the eyes, and there’s always a chance that you might spill coffee all over your papers. Instead of penciling in grades and attendance records, you should try using the TrackCC app instead.

TrackCC lets you keep track of student attendance with the click of a button. You can check the students off if they’re present, input an excused or unexcused absence, mark tardiness, and note if a student left early. The app also calculates attendance statistics so you can get a better idea of each student’s attendance rate.

TrackCC supports grading as well. Add grades for homework assignments, quizzes, exams, or projects, and view the statistics and overall grade for each student from the app. In addition to all these helpful features, TrackCC lets you connect parents to send them attendance notifications.

Download: TrackCC for Android | iOS (Free)

7. Kahoot

Kahoot engages your classroom with fun and educational games. You can create your own quizzes or “Kahoots” by developing your own questions and adding pictures. As soon as your quiz is ready, you’ll receive a custom game PIN that you give to your students. From there, students type the PIN into the app on their own device and can start playing.

If you’re short on time, search Kahoot for games made by other educators. You can also use Kahoot for homework—assign your students a Kahoot instead of having them fill out a quiz on paper. Whether you create your own games or not, Kahoot can help capture your students’ attention and make learning fun. Consider supplementing Kahoot with subject-specific educational apps for even better results.

Download: Kahoot for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

Technology Belongs in the Classroom

Since the new generation of students loves playing on smartphones and tablets, using teacher apps in the classroom can allow you to establish a better connection with your students. Technology can help you and your students stay organized, and also allows for quick communication with your students’ parents.

If you notice that your students are struggling to study effectively, you might suggest that they start taking advantage of study planner apps

The 7 Best Study Planning Apps for All Students

The 7 Best Study Planning Apps for All Students

These study planner apps help you get organized in school by tracking your assignments, tests, and other coursework.
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