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10 top distributed apps (dApps) for blockchain

Imagine an application that doesn’t run on one server but harnesses the excess power of thousands of computers globally and that can be controlled by business automation software that ensures if a specific parameter is met, only then can a function be carried out. That’s a distributed application – or dApp, as it’s sometimes abbreviated…

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Save time with efficiency-boosting Android apps

Your phone is now essentially your personal assistant — and like any aide, it needs the right set of tools to do its job effectively. The good news? As an Android user, you’ve got no shortage of efficiency-enhancing options. Unlike other mobile platforms, Android affords you the opportunity to customize and control the core user…

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14 Microsoft Teams apps to help you work smarter

When it comes to adding apps to collaboration software, Slack tends to get most of the attention. Yet Microsoft Teams, which now has a larger number of active daily users than Slack, offers dozens of third-party tools that make it easier to get work done without leaving the Teams interface. Integrations can help you brainstorm,…

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Review: 4 business card scanning apps for Android and iOS

Throughout workdays, meetings and industry events, you probably collect a lot of business cards. But if you’re like many business professionals, you lack the time or motivation to type the information on them into your contacts. Why not let a business card scanning app can do the work for you? Using such an app, you…

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Salesforce to expand Einstein Voice Skills so users can create custom voice apps

Salesforce plans to expand its Einstein Voice Assistant capabilities, enabling customers to create their own custom “skills” as it seeks to broaden the appeal of voice interfaces in the workplace.  The company unveiled Einstein at last year’s Dreamforce conference, promising to enable sales staff to update customer records on its CRM platform using voice commands….

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