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10 Awesome Cyber Monday Deals That You Should Check Out (up to 94% off)

It’s that time of the year again. If you skipped Black Friday there’s still Cyber Monday.

And there are tools and resources out there that you’ll find only once a year at this great price. We’ve gathered the best of them in this article.

Bookmarking this page isn’t a solution. Don’t let a slow decision ruin your chance of getting these products or resources at a discounted rate. Act fast and don’t let them slip by.


1. Brizy Cloud Website Builder

In addition to the Cyber Monday savings you could realize, Brizy has lots of free stuff to offer as well, including the website builder itself. This premium product enables designers to create multipage websites fast, easily, and efficiently. Thanks to the 150+ customizable layouts and more than 700 design blocks that come with the package, coding is not necessary.

There is a small catch. You should sign up for a free account to be able to save what you build. You have full control over what you build and how your websites and those of your clients will appear on responsive devices.

Where does the Cyber Monday deal come in? Aside from the Free Forever plan, there are two annual paid plans (Personal and Studio). These are very affordable plans that have much more to offer than the free plan and can be yours at a 40% discount if you order 2 December or 3 December. You might check out Brizy before that date to see if a paid plan is the preferred choice for you. Use discount code CM40OFF.



2. Smart Slider 3 Pro

Smart Slider Pro 3 features a free plan and three paid plans (Single Domain, Business, and Unlimited). Give it a test drive for free. Yes, you can demo it for free. And if you like it, you can buy one of the paid plans at a discount until December 3.

Smart Slider 3 Free allows you to build beautiful responsive sliders. The paid plans provide additional special effects such as parallax animation and the popular Ken Burns effect.

You won’t get bogged down with extraneous features you have no use for. There are two different editing modes (content and canvas) to work with. In the content mode the slide acts as a page builder, in the canvas mode you can work with layers unobstructed.

Features include 180+ sample sliders (one click installation), a layer animation builder, and an astonishing array of animations and special effects. Any of the pro plans can be yours at a Cyber Monday discount of 40%. Use code SAVE4019.



3. Paymo

Paymo is a work management software application teams can use to plan their workflow, track time, and invoice clients. Having all these functions managed by a single app ensures that everything is kept in sync. Project managers will know exactly how much time (including billable hours) is spent on each task, making it easy to send accurate reports and charge clients correctly and fairly.

Paymo integrates with Adobe to allow you to track work time directly on Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Premier.

Live, up-to-date reports can be generated for sharing with team members and project stakeholders. Paymo also helps team management with task planning, tracking expenses, performing leave management tasks, and more. Other important features include Gantt charting, Kanban Boards, and a resource scheduler.

Upon subscribing, use code GVX233 for a 30% Paymo discount.



4. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem is a bold and beautiful WordPress theme that is regarded by many, including its 40K satisfied customers, as featuring the most complete designer’s toolkit of any theme on the market. WPBakery ensures easy and intuitive front-end page editing, plus more than 90 pre-built complete websites, installable with one click, allows you to get off to a quick start.

Premade templates and design elements are easily combinable. This premier theme is yours at a 50% discount Cyber Monday.



5. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is drag and drop website building plugin that enables you to separate page building from your theme, giving you total control over your content. Beaver Builder works with any theme, and you can even switch themes without any loss of content. 30+ landing pages come with the package, no coding is necessary, and Beaver Builder is SEO friendly and mobile responsive. No discount code is required. The 25% discount is automatically applied during checkout from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.



6. Kalium

Kalium is a superior choice for beginners and advanced WordPress users alike. It is easy to use and easy to maintain, it includes several of the most popular WordPress plugins, and it supports all the better known ones. This creative multipurpose theme is an award winning top seller. It’s trusted by 30,000+ clients and provides top customer support.

Normally selling for $60, Kalium can be yours Cyber Monday for $30; a 50% discount and a great deal.



7. Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise is an offline website building app for Windows and Mac that features an extremely easy to use interface. It’s mobile friendly, it’s free for both commercial and non-profit use, and you can build fast, responsive, Google-friendly websites in minutes. Mobirise’s Website Builder Kit, normally priced at $2,654, features all premium themes, 200+ blocks, and 66 Mobirise themes and extensions.

On Monday you can purchase this all-in-one Kit for $149, a whopping 94% discount!



8. Simple Author Box

The Simple Author Box plugin’s features give you the ability to add guest authors and multiple authors to your posts, add links to author’s social networks, and select specific post types where you want your author box to show up. Simple Author Box is Gutenberg block compatible.

Although a free version is available, signing up for a subscription plan is recommended. The Cyber Monday offer of a 30% discount on all lifetime licenses is valid until 4 December.



9. MyThemeShop

This is for the designer who wants to be able to choose among a huge variety of premium themes, domain licenses, plugins, and memberships in conversion tracking, user behavior, and social media platform tool usage and more.

For Cyber Monday, MyThemeShop’s annual fee is discounted to $99.47. This Cyber Monday special is valid from 1 December to 7 December.



10. WordLift

As you write content, WordLift is busy adding semantic markups to feed to search engine crawlers with the intent of helping you reach a broader audience. This semantic SEO tool uses natural language processing, analyzes content, and transforms any text into machine-friendly content.

A quality SEO tool like WordLift makes a great investment as it produces greatly superior results as compared to attempting to create SEO friendly content on your own. Cyber Monday features a 50% discount on your first subscription.




Cyber Monday will fall on the 2nd of December you can witness some of the biggest online deals of the year on tech-related items. Many of these deals are available in physical stores as well. However, online shopping is generally much more convenient, especially if all you have to do is confirm your order and perhaps press “Download”. As far as comparisons with Black Friday are concerned, Cyber Monday discounts are at least as large, and often larger.


[– This is a sponsored post on behalf of BeTheme –]

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9 Awesome Free Printable Board Games

If you’re on the lookout for a new hobby you’ve probably considered exploring the world of printable board games and printable card games. And it turns out that it’s both easy and free to make your own games.

There are lots of games available to download and print out at home. And all you need are dice, counters, and poker chips. Here are some great free printable board games and printable card games to get you started.

Set in Lucky Mansion, the aim of the game is to find and kill Doctor Lucky. He’s appropriately named, so it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Furthermore, you have competition from your opponents.

This free printable game is based on the 2002 “Director’s Cut” of Kill Doctor Lucky and includes five PDF files for you to download. You’ll also need some player pieces; chess pawns and checkers pieces should do the trick.

Take-Back-Toe printable board game

Take-Back Toe looks easy and is simple to learn. Better still, you can play it again and again without it getting boring.

Requiring 40 poker chips (or checkers), a 4 x 3 grid and a six-sided die, Take-Back Toe has its roots in traditional games mancala and backgammon. It’s a game of strategy that you can print, with the game board designed to fit a standard mouse mat.

This means that if you want to print it to a 9 x 7.5-inch mouse mat, you can.

This solitary adventure game based on British TV series Doctor Who was created by Simon Cogan. It’s a booklet-based adventure game in which you play as the Doctor, essentially writing your own Doctor Who adventure.

“Evil events have overtaken the Universe! The Timelords and your home planet of Gallifrey have been destroyed in the Time War. You managed to escape, and now in a new regeneration, are standing at the console of your TARDIS as it flies through the Time Vortex.”

The game requires four downloadable booklets: Rules, Adventures, Enemies, and Events. You’ll also need two six-sided dice. Cards help you to gain allies, fight enemies, and take part in events and adventures. Various expansions are also available, including a story book based on the Doctor Who spin off, Torchwood.

And if you’re new to Doctor Who, here are the best Doctor Who episodes of all time

Who Is Online: The Best Doctor Who Episodes of All Time

Who Is Online: The Best Doctor Who Episodes of All Time

If you want to get into Doctor Who, and enjoy the most important episodes of this British institution’s entire televised history, start with the list we have lovingly prepared for you.
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You’ve probably heard of Cards Against Humanity. Described as “a party game for horrible people” it is available to download under Creative Commons license (what is Creative Commons?

What Is Creative Commons, And Should You Use It?

What Is Creative Commons, And Should You Use It?

Creative Commons is a set of licenses which automatically give you permission to do various things, such as reuse and distribute the content. Let’s find out more about it and how to use it.
Read More


The download for this printable card game is around 9MB, which means you’ll need quite a bit of ink. Indeed, while this is a downloadable game, the designers advise you head to a print shop. They estimate that printing will cost around $10.

As card games go, Cards Against Humanity is memorable. But it isn’t for children.

If you really like it, you can buy Cards Against Humanity instead.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Buy Now On Amazon

Play the printable card game TimeLine

Another game with a time travel theme, TimeLine challenges you to find important artifacts from across history. With the items retrieved, you must then travel to the end of time to sell them.

TimeLine is basically a card-laying game, with three PDF files to download. You’ll also need pawns for each player and 20 colored chips. Simple, fun, and comparatively lightweight, TimeLine is suitable for playing while traveling.

Licensed under Creative Commons, Zombie In My Pocket is a fun solo game in which you fight zombies. The modular board and development cards mean that you get a different game every time you play. Downloaded over 72,000 times, it’s worth taking a few moments to download and print.

What’s more, the visual design of this printable card game is stunning, perhaps the best in this list.

This print-and-play solo game is small enough to fit in your pocket. Which is just as well as it means you can play Zombie In My Pocket while sat on a train, waiting in an airport lounge, or anywhere else you can think of.

Printable tabletop game Pirates and Plunder
Image Credit: Jester/BoardGameGeek

Inspired by Carcassonne, this tile-laying game lets you play as a pirate on the high seas. Explore islands, establish trade routes, and beat your opponents.

Pirates and Plunder requires the use of printable ship pieces, or anything that resembles a boat that you already have. The tiles can be downloaded (at just 179KB) and printed, but you’ll need a color printer and something to add weight. Card, plastic, or cork should do.

This is a great game, particularly suitable for family play. After all, kids love being pirates.

A printable game of Guess Who with LEGO characters

Here’s a great way to refresh your old boxed Guess Who? game, with a LEGO flavor. If you find the original game getting a little repetitive, Mom Blogger Keri Houchin has the answer.

With her printables, you can replace the original Guess Who? cards and create a brand-new, LEGO-themed game. Better still, you could potentially do this yourself. As Keri notes: “I just photographed a bunch of minifigures and edited the pictures in Photoshop. I gave all the characters names for the sake of the game.”

Like LEGO Guess Who? there’s an official LEGO What Am I? game, complete with 16 minifigs.

LEGO What Am I?

LEGO What Am I?

Buy Now On Amazon

Print your own Monopoly board game
Image Credit: atkinson000/Flickr

Possibly the most famous board game in the world, Monopoly comes in many different flavors. From Star Wars to Fortnite, via many major cities of the world, and even the Cheater’s Edition, it remains popular.

But what if you wanted to print your own Monopoly board game?

Blogger Shauna1934 has created a completely blank version of Monopoly, including the board, money, and property cards. You’ll need to arrange your own Chance and Community Chest cards, but this is a pretty bulky download. It’s a smart idea to have the colored paper ready for the Monopoly money.

You’ll need nine pieces of card or paper (to glue to card) for the board. Instructions show how to print the board image over the multiple sheets, but you’ll need to do a bit of cutting, too. By the end, you’ll have your own custom version of Monopoly to play with your family and friends.

How Long Do Printable Board Games Last?

If you’re printing your own board games, you’re saving money on polished presentation, transport or shipping, and time. But is it really worth it?

While printable games can be like having an instant boxed game pop out of your printer, it’s not a perfect process. After all, like real games, cards, sheets, and boards can become worn. As such, it’s a good idea to take the time to laminate your printouts to help them last.

You might also buy some generic game pieces and dice, keeping them safe in a plastic tub.

Universal Game Pieces

Universal Game Pieces

Buy Now On Amazon

Find More Free Printable Card and Board Games

The games featured above are just a few of the awesome free printable games that you can download today. Looking for more games to print? Then try these sites:

  • Free Printable: Offers a collection of printable board games, as well as word searches and crosswords.
  • BoardGame Geek: The best site for fans of board games features many free downloadable board games.
  • CheapAss Games: This site features a curated selection of board games, card games, and even games in beta.

By now you should have found all of the printable board games you can shake your dice at. Want something different? Then try these awesome board games based on video games

9 Awesome Board Games Based on Video Games

9 Awesome Board Games Based on Video Games

Board games based on video games might seem like a strange concept, but it can work really well. Grab one of these games, and you’ll be hooked!
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6 Awesome Cases to Protect Your Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL – Review Geek

A photo of the Pixel 4 in one of dbrand's cases.

It’s really tempting to use the Pixel 4 and 4 XL without a case, but the universe has a way of targeting unprotected phones. Maybe we should meet the universe halfway and use a cool-looking Pixel 4 case.

A ton of super cool Pixel 4 and 4 XL cases are already on the market in just about every style and form factor. Just know that the cases listed in this article are all from reputable brands, they’re all gentle on your phone, they all have raised bezels to protect your display, and they work with wireless charging. Any other details are mostly aesthetic.

So let’s get into it. Here are six killer cases for your new Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL.

Soft and Stylish: The Official Google Pixel 4 Case

The official Pixel 4 fabric case.

Google’s official Pixel 4 or 4 XL fabric cases are badass (especially the coral-colored one). They’re made of a durable nylon fabric that you can clean by hand, they have a microfiber interior to protect your Pixel’s backside (that resale value), and they have raised edges to reduce impact on the screen when you inevitably drop your phone. Plus, they look super cool, and they work with wireless chargers.

Affordable and Customizable: dbrand Skins and Cases

A Pixel 4 in a dbrand case.

Always check dbrand before buying a phone case. dbrand sells cool skins for just about every device imaginable, and the company’s Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL offerings are exceptionally cool (you can even customize the “G” logo’s color). These skins are super affordable, they look awesome, and they work with wireless chargers. What’s not to love?

If you really want the protection of a case, you could always customize one of dbrand’s Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL cases—you can even put the company’s skins on the back of the case for a bit of extra customization.

It Holds Money: Maxboost mWallet Case

A Pixel 4 in a Maxboost wallet case.

If you’re more of a wallet case kind of person, then you should check out Maxboost’s wallet case for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. It’s a magnetic-latched case that has room for three credit cards (or some cash). It can also act as a kickstand and works with wireless charging if you’re into that kinda thing.

Wait, if you usually use a wallet case, then how have you been carrying your money around since buying a Pixel 4?

It Holds Money

It’s Basically Invisible: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear Case

A Pixel 4 in a clear Spigen case.

What if there was a phone case that didn’t look like a phone case? The Spigen Ultra Hybrid clear case for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is basically an invisible case. It’s clear, it’s slim (0.11 inches thick), and it only costs $10. It also works with wireless charging, which makes sense because a wireless charger can’t see the clear Spigen case (that’s not actually how this works).

By the way, Spigen also sells a clear Liquid Crystal case for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. It’s slightly thinner than the Ultra Hybrid case, so it’s a good option for anyone who wants to get as caseless as possible.

It’s Basically Invisible

Strong and Beefy: UAG Monarch Series Case

A Pixel 4 in a rugged UAG case.

All right, we’ve had fun looking at pretty (and invisible) phone cases. Now it’s time to look at a big, beefy phone case. The UAG Monarch Series case for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is made from super grippy rubber, has screen-protecting edges, and meets the “Military Standard for drop and shock protection.” It also works with wireless charging, which is good to hear.

Plain Jane: Speck Presidio Pro Basic Case

A Google Pixel 4 in a Speck case.

We’ve covered all kinds of styles and form factors, but sometimes it’s nice to just go back to the rudiments. Speck’s Presidio Pro case for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is super basic. It’s a dual-layer rubber case with a raised bezel for your display, it’s black, it’s soft, and it works with wireless charging. And that’s really all there is to it. Does this case even have a logo on it?

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Apple TV on Fire, Reduce Smartphone Use, Awesome Halloween Movies & Makeup

In this week’s packed show, Christian Cawley and James Frew cover everything from the Apple TV app on Amazon Fire Sticks to Halloween movies.

On the way, free VPNs, record players, giant squids, reducing smartphone use, managing the Screen Time feature on macOS, and the latest installment of Christian’s Samsung tablet repair.

Is it fixed? Will he wait another week? Click play to find out!

Really Useful Podcast Season 4 Episode 9 Shownotes

We’ve squeezed more into this show than any other, so refer to these shownotes for help:

Your can help us reach people by subscribing, reviewing, and sharing the Really Useful Podcast via email and social media. We’re available anywhere you can listen to podcasts, including:

Come back next week for another Really Useful Podcast!

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Glow Sticks Are an Awesome Halloween Safety Hack – LifeSavvy

a teenager with glow stick bracelets
Glow Mind

Stressed about safety on Halloween night? Bust out the glow sticks. Kids can’t resist them, and it’s easy for parents (and drivers) to see a kid who’s lit up like a party bus.

A few years ago I impulsively bought a ton of glow sticks on Amazon because they were a dirt-cheap daily deal. My family and I played with a few of them, but by the end of summer, we still had a lot of glow sticks left. Hundreds of them, even.

Halloween rolled around and it dawned on me the best way to get rid of the bazillion glow sticks I had was to hand them out by the handfuls to kids on Halloween.

Not only did the kids love getting the glow sticks—have you ever met a child who wasn’t totally enraptured by them?—but within the first hour of trick or treating in my neighborhood, I saw hundreds of kids walking around glowing brightly in the night with the glow stick bracelets they’d picked up at our house.

Best Bracelet Bundle

Whether you stop by your local Halloween store or hop on Amazon, it’s pretty inexpensive to snap up a few hundred glow stick bracelets to hand out. Not only will you make Halloween night a little bit safer for the trick-or-treaters that come your way, but you’ll also have cool non-food treats on hand so you can participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project to make Halloween safer for kids with food allergies.

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Hacked iPhones, Instagram Privacy, Awesome Discounts for Students

Megan Ellis and Christian Cawley catch up to bring you the latest tech news that matters in the Really Useful Podcast, the tech podcast for technophobes.

This week, Megan has details about the launch of the Huawei Mate 30, an Android phone that significantly ships without Google apps. We also find out if your iPhone was hacked by a website, how you can get a free Grand Theft Auto game, and the end of MoviePass.

Plus some educational YouTube channels, Instagram privacy settings, and amazing discounts you can get with a .EDU email address.

Really Useful Podcast Season 4 Episode 4 Shownotes

What did we talk about this time?

Reckon you could help us reach more people? If you know anyone who would would benefit from some clarity about tech and how to make the most of phones, websites, and computers, share this podcast with them!

They’ll find the Really Useful Podcast on these services:

If you enjoyed this show, don’t forget to subscribe to the Really Useful Podcast today!

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5 Awesome Airline Tracking Apps – LifeSavvy

woman checking the flight schedule at an airport

Flight delays and sudden changes to your flight schedule can easily and unnecessarily disrupt your holidays. These apps can help you track your trip and plan things ahead along the way.

Screenshots from the FlightAware app showing flight times, local weather, maps, and more.

Given the number of features and the functionality, one could consider this app the complete package. On top of being free, FlightAware lets you track the flight status and location of any commercial aircraft worldwide and private ones in the U.S. and Canada. You can search by flight number, city, route, or airline, and obtain all the relevant flight information including weather, arrival gate, and even GPS data as displayed on a NEXRAD radar overlay.

To stay up-to-date with any news regarding your flight, you can select to receive push notifications with instant alerts that could help you plan ahead. The app also has a desktop version, and it’s available in a variety of languages.

The Flight Tracker (iOS; Android)

The Flight Tracker app, showing flight times and terminal, gate, and baggage claim numbers.

This flight-tracking app offers details about any flight of your choice, including arrival and departure time, airline information, terminal maps, and can alert you of any changes made to the original plans. Frequent travelers can sync their calendars with the app to keep track of their upcoming flights, highlight frequent routes, and add notes to them.

With a premium membership, you can also get access to seat maps, practical widgets, and remove ads. The most significant feature of The Flight Tracker is that it doesn’t depend on roaming data to work, giving you the option to check the current location of your flight while on airplane mode.

Screenshots from the Flightradar24 app showing information about flights, planes, weather, and boarding times.

Aviation fanatics will love this app. Flightradar24 provides you with basic flight-tracking information by searching for the specific flight you’re interested in or by tapping on any airplane icon on the live radar map. Alternatively, you can even point your device at a plane flying by to find out things about it, like the ports of departure and arrival, and its speed and altitude.

Perhaps the most exciting feature is the Cockpit View option that lets you see what the pilot sees in 3D. Moreover, the app offers different membership plans that get you advanced details to satisfy your inner aviation geek. You get access to flight history, live weather maps, aeronautical charts, and oceanic tracks highlighting the pathways followed by planes, air traffic control boundaries, and more.

Screenshots from the App in the Air flight-tracking app show a travel feed, baggage information, and more

Having this app is the equivalent of hiring a virtual flying assistant. Not only does it keep you constantly up-to-date with any important information about your flight, but it also offers automatic check-in for you and a second passenger. With the biggest coverage worldwide, including over 1,000 airlines, 5,000 major airports, and all alliances, it lets you manage your time at the airport ahead of time, keep track of your loyalty programs, and store your flight history.

Furthermore, you can also find places to eat at your designated airport, get internet passwords, read about TSA security guidelines, and get travel tips shared by other travelers like yourself. The best part is that the app works offline and can alert you about any changes made to your upcoming flight via SMS. Hard to ask for more from a free app.

Screenshots from the FlightStats app showing flight status, maps, at-a-glance information and weather updates.

This flight-status and plane-tracking app does everything the name suggests, giving you the opportunity to monitor your trip and get in-depth descriptions of all the activities related to your flight. Search by flight number, route, or airport, and get details such as delay indexes, airport conditions, and arrival and departure times. You can also set it up to give you relevant alerts.

This app is also available on desktop, and it’s compatible with Apple Watch, letting you get information at a glance.

Knowing whether you’ll be facing flight delays can help you plan ahead, and getting relevant details about your flight can help those with a fear of flying deal with it a bit better. Apps are a simple and convenient way to track your trip and keep the stress away.

To get further tips, check out How to Overcome Your Fear of Flying and How to Sleep Comfortably on an Airplane.

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7 Awesome Linux Media Center Distros for Your HTPC

Since Microsoft abandoned Windows Media Center Edition, home theater PC (HTPC) builders have looked to Linux. While proprietary options are available, the best solution is to rely on Linux for your media center OS.

Looking for a Linux media center, or an alternative to the abandoned Kodibuntu? Try these open source HTPC operating systems.

7 Linux Media Center Kodibuntu Alternatives

The Linux scene is an ever-changing, evolving environment with new development teams releasing new distros every week, while others close. For example, Kodibuntu is a big name in the Linux media center arena, but it’s pretty much a dead project.

It’s time for you to move onto something new.

We’re not just talking about desktop and server operating systems either. Linux-based media center distributions, with built-in media playback and library management tools, are also launched, updated, and abandoned.

We’ve compiled the following list of the best Linux media center distros:

  1. GeeXboX
  2. OpenELEC
  3. LibreELEC
  4. Recalbox
  5. LinuxMCE
  6. LinHES
  7. DIY with Kodi

Let’s look at each of them in turn.

Watch videos on your Linux HTPC with Geekbox

GeeXboX is a full-fledged Linux media center operating system, a lightweight distro available for desktops and embedded devices. With a tiny footprint, you can run it straight from a flash drive or install it in the traditional way.

The latest version, 3.1, is only a 160 MB ISO. As a result, GeeXboX makes the perfect distro for booting off a USB drive or installing on older hardware. GeeXboX is based on Kodi, so you’ll spot the familiar user interface.

OpenELEC Linux media center software
Image credit: Mel-and-Jym/Flickr

Originally built to run XBMC, OpenELEC (Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center) has been around for some years now, and has evolved to run Kodi. All you need to do is install the downloaded file on a bare hard disk partition. Once complete, your Linux HTPC system will be running Kodi.

With access to the full library of Kodi add-ons, you can configure your Linux media center exactly how you want. Need to stream video from a Netflix account? Install the add-on and you can. Want access to your favorite podcasts through your TV? They’re available via Kodi, either as individual add-ons or via a podcast player.

Kodi even has live TV and DVR support, giving you the full media center experience.

LibreELEC on Linux
Image credit: Pierra Lecourt via Flickr

Like OpenELEC, LibreELEC is a Linux operating system designed to run Kodi as the main user interface. With versions for 32-bit and 64-bit PCs, the benefit of this option is that it is easier to install.

Rather than download a disk image, LibreELEC comes with a USB/SD card writing tool. This guides the creation of installation media on USB or SD card, resulting in an easy install.

Once installed, you’ll find the Kodi media center software is ready to use. All the usual Kodi add-ons can be incorporated to customize your experience.

LibreELEC and OpenELEC are also available for the Raspberry Pi

How to Choose the Best Version of Kodi for Raspberry Pi

How to Choose the Best Version of Kodi for Raspberry Pi

Not sure how to get started with Kodi for Raspberry Pi? Here are your best options for an awesome home media center.
Read More


Want to combine retro gaming with your Linux HTPC? Recalbox, a combination of the EmulationStation frontend and Kodi, is the perfect choice. Originally built for Raspberry Pi, it’s a Linux-based operating system that can also be installed on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs.

By default, Recalbox boots into EmulationStation, but can be set to first boot into Kodi.

Combining Kodi and retro gaming on the same platform is a smart move. Connect a retro game controller to your computer to get the best gaming and media playback experience.

5. LinuxMCE: The Linux Media Center

LinuxMCE is a great Linux media center solution

LinuxMCE is a Linux media center hub with an automation twist. In addition to media metadata organization (found in other releases such as Kodi), there’s an onus on streaming and automation. You can listen and view content in multiple rooms, control audio and video equipment, and play retro games.

Want to have a smart home, not just a media hub? LinuxMCE monitors sensors and security cameras, connects with lighting and climate controls, and more. It can even serve as a VoIP and network management hub.

Consequently, these added smart home features position LinuxMCE as a great alternative to pricier proprietary devices with home automation.

If all of that sounds more than you need, don’t worry—you can easily ignore these functions. Instead, kick back and watch some movies, or even play some retro games! LinuxMCE includes Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) for classic arcade games, and Multiple Emulator Super System (MESS) for home video systems.

Linux media center software LinHES

LinHES stands for Linux Home Entertainment System and boasts a 20-minute HTPC setup. Highlights include full DVR, DVD playback, music jukebox, and metadata support. You’ll also enjoy full video information, fan art, games, and access to your image library.

Like a beefed up Mythbuntu, LinHES is a beefed up HTPC. Because LinHES is centered on the DVR capabilities of MythTV, it’s a bit more suited to non-DVR users.

On the downside, LinHES has a garish blue user interface by default, which might put some users off. Dig deeper, however, and you’ll find a capable Linux media center.

7. Roll Your Own Linux HTPC With Kodi

Kodi running on a Linux PC

If you’ve already installed a Linux operating system on your intended HTPC, you might not need to do much more. Rather than undo your hard work so far, you might opt to simply install Kodi.

Available from kodi.tv/download, you can have the popular media center environment installed in minutes. With various legal Kodi add-ons

The 10 Best Legal Kodi Add-Ons for Free Movies

The 10 Best Legal Kodi Add-Ons for Free Movies

Kodi is one of the best ways to watch movies for free. Here are the best legal Kodi add-ons for free movies.
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available, you can install YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, even Plex on your Linux HTPC.

Arguably the best operating system for Kodi is Ubuntu for complete driver support and media playback. However, you might find your Linux media center OS of choice differs, determined by personal preference and hardware.

Build a Linux HTPC or Media Center Today

With nine strong options for your media center, it makes sense to find a Linux distro to suit your needs. Whether it’s a HTPC, a media center, or a straightforward Kodi distro, you’ll find your solution in this list.

Want to know more about Linux operating systems? Check our list of the best Linux distros

The Best Linux Operating Distros

The Best Linux Operating Distros

The best Linux distros are hard to find. Unless you read our list of the best Linux operating systems for gaming, Raspberry Pi, and more.
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8 Awesome Computer Cases With USB-C Front Panels – Review Geek

A USB-C cable sitting on top of a computer case.
Alexander Evgenyevich/Shutterstock

Very few PC cases actually have USB-C ports built-in, despite the fact that USB-C is quickly becoming the standard for data transfer. Thankfully, the few PC cases that offer USB-C are fantastic, and they may be perfect for your next build.

Why would you want a USB-C port installed in your computer case? Well for one, USB-C ports are more convenient than chunky USB-A ports, but they also offer fantastic charging speeds and data transfer rates. External drives and hardware (microphones, webcams, controllers, etc) also might start using USB-C, and it just makes sense for your computer to be ready for the future.

And yes, you could buy a USB-C PCIE card for your computer; that’s always an option. But these cards take up valuable slots on your motherboard, and do you really want to drop an extra $100 a few months from now just because your new PC case doesn’t have a USB-C port built-in?

What to Look For

Of course, you can’t go around buying expensive computer parts without checking to see whether they fit your needs first. Before shopping for a new computer case, you need to consider what kinds of cases are compatible with your motherboard, what kind of cooling you need, and a whole host of other questions.

Rather than leaving all the work up to you, we’ve detailed each case’s compatibility options and features throughout this article. We’ve also compiled a handy pre-shopping list, so you know what you need before you fall in love with a computer case:

  • Motherboard Compatibility: Don’t buy a case that’s too big or small for your motherboard, or a case that isn’t compatible with your motherboard. We’ll detail each case’s motherboard compatibility for your convenience.
  • Size and Space: It’s nice to have some extra space in your case. You can use this extra space to install big fans or liquid coolers, funky lights, large GPUs, or just to make cable management a little easier. But keep in mind that a gigantic, heavy computer case might not fit at your desk.
  • Cooling: Generally speaking, extra space leads to extra cooling. If you’re super concerned about cooling, look for a spacious case with some good built-in fans.
  • Hard Drive Mounts: Make sure your case has enough mounts for your HDDs and SSDs.
  • USB Inputs: All cases mentioned in this article have at least one USB-C input, but that doesn’t necessarily mean every case here has enough USB ports to suit your needs. Don’t worry—we’ll list the ports available for each case.

Now you know what you need from your computer case, it’s time to hop right into it. Keep in mind that not too many cases with built-in USB-C ports are on the market just yet, so your options might feel a bit limited.

Full-Tower and Ultra-Tower Cases

The be quiet! Dark Base Pro and the Cooler Master Cosmos.
The be quiet! Dark Base Pro and the Cooler Master Cosmos. be quiet!, Cooler Master

Full-tower cases usually work with E-ATX and XL-ATX boards, and they’re great for huge, powerful rigs that need a lot of cooling or multiple GPUs.

Here are some full-tower cases with a built-in USB-C port:

  • be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 V2 (E-ATX, XL-ATX): This 27″ tall case is built for demanding setups. It has three built-in “Silent Wings” fans, a relocatable motherboard tray, RGB illumination, a PSU shroud, and an airflow system. It has modular HDD slots that can be used for five HDDs, ten SSDs, and two optical drives simultaneously. As for ports, it has a USB-C port, two USB 3.0 ports, and a built-in Qi wireless charger.
  • Cooler Master Cosmos C700M (E-ATX): Cooler Master calls this an “ultra-tower” case, and for good reason. It is 25.6″ tall, has handles, and is made from sleek glass and aluminum. It has some RGB tech built-in, two fans, and eight PCI slots. But it only has four internal drive bays, one external drive bay, one USB-C port, one USB 3.0 port, and a USB 3.1 port.

These two full-tower cases have specs comparable to the mid-tower cases below. So if you have an E-ATX motherboard, be sure to read on and fully weigh your options.

Mid-Tower Cases

The LIAN LI PC-011 and the AORUS C300.
The LIAN LI PC-011 and the AORUS C300. LIAN LI, AORUS

Mid-tower cases are by far the most common PC cases, and they tend to support all motherboard sizes. They offer a good mix of space, ventilation, customization, and PCI expansion. Even if you’re set on using a small or large case, it’s worth checking out some of these mid-tower cases. Who knows, they might have the features you’re looking for.

Without further ado, here are some mid-tower cases with built-in USB-C ports:

  • Cooler Master SL600M (E-ATX, ATX, M-ATX, M-ITX): This 23″ tall aluminum and steel case looks like something out of Star Trek. It is built with noise-reduction technology and has one built-in fan. It also has seven expansion slots with support for vertical graphics card installation, eight drive bays, one USB-C port, two USB 3.0 ports, and two USB 2.0 ports.
  • LIAN LI PC-011 Razer Edition (E-ATX, ATX, M-ATX, ITX): With three sets of Razer LED lighting and a 17.6″ tall glass and aluminum shell, this case looks and feels like a real gaming machine. It doesn’t have any built-in fans, but it has three sections for radiators (long multi-fans), a dual-PSU tray, eight expansion slots, three HDD bays, and three SSD bays. As for ports, it has a USB-C port and two USB 3.0 ports.
  • GIGABYTE AORUS C300 RBG (ATX, M-ATX, Mini-ITX): This gaming case is 18″ tall and made from tempered glass and aluminum. It has one built-in fan, RGB Fusion support, five drive bays, seven PCI slots, and it supports vertical GPU mounts. Port-wise, it has one USB-C port, one USB 3.1 port, and two USB 3.0 ports.
  • Phanteks Evolv X RGB (E-ATX, ATX, M-ATX, M-ITX): This 20.5″ tall glass and metal case looks fantastic and is actually quite spacious. It can hold 10 HDDs and 9 SSDs simultaneously; it has seven PCI slots, comes with RGB illumination, and has a decent built-in fan. Port-wise, it’s a bit lacking—you get one USB-C port, one USB 3.1 port, and one USB 3.2 port.

While these mid-tower cases can fit small Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards, they can be a little over the top for some basic computer builds. If you’re looking for a more modest computer case (assuming you’re set on a small board), you may want to grab a mini-tower case.

Mini-Tower Cases

The InWin 301C and the OPHION M EVO ALS
The InWin 301C and the OPHION M EVO ALS. InWin, OPHION

Small mini-tower cases are generally used with Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX motherboards. They’re perfect for simple gaming builds that require only one GPU, or for builds geared toward everyday computer use (or streaming, development, etc.).

Here are some mini-tower cases with USB-C ports built-in:

  • OPHION M EVO ALS (M-ATX, ITX, M-ITX): Do you like boxy cases? This OPHION case is 14″ high, sports a brushed aluminum design, and looks more “professional” than most computer cases. It doesn’t have any pre-installed fans, but it has enough space for five 120mm fans or a radiator. It also has five drive bays (impressive for the size), two expansion slots, a single USB-C port, and just one USB 3.0 port.
  • InWin 301C (M-ATX, M-ITX): This compact 14.3″ tall case is great for basic PC builds. It doesn’t have a pre-installed fan, but it has space for a radiator. It also has some rudimentary RGB control, a single hard drive mount, a PSU chamber, and room for a single graphics card. As for ports, it has a single USB-C port and two USB 3.0 ports.

USB-C is still a relatively new format that hasn’t become a standard in computer case manufacturing just yet. That so few USB-C ready cases are currently on the market is frustrating, but that’s just how it is right now.

If you aren’t a fan of any of these cases, consider buying a USB-C PCIE card. The card will take up some space on your motherboard (bad news if you’re obsessed with GPUs and Wi-Fi cards), but it’s better than nothing.

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A Portable Nintendo Switch Dock Is Finally Here and It Looks Awesome

The Nintendo Switch is easily one of the greatest portable video game consoles ever released. Not only does it deliver a fantastic portable experience, but it also has a dock that makes it so you can hook your console up to the big screen.

But there’s a problem with the Switch’s dock—it’s way too big to carry around comfortably. A company known as Human Things, which also launched a wildly successful product that brought Bluetooth audio to the Switch, has created a new Switch dock that’s portable and can be taken with you wherever you go. On top of that, the Covert Dock manages to do it with all the same functionality of the full-sized Switch dock.

GENKI: Covert Dock Features

The main selling point of the Covert Dock is the size. In fact, it’s 10 times smaller than the original Switch dock, which can be a big deal if you plan to do some traveling with your Switch and luggage space is at a premium. It’s actually smaller than just the charger that comes with the Switch, but it features all of the same functions as the massive dock that comes with the console. Creating an even smaller form factor are the foldable prongs that make it even more portable.

The Covert Dock features a USB-C port for connecting the Switch, an HDMI port for hooking to the larger display, and a USB 3.1 port for connecting accessories. It’s built with a design that matches the Switch Pro controller, so it won’t look out of place when you hook your Switch up to it.

GENKI: Covert Dock Price and Availability

Human Things is seeking funding for its tiny Nintendo Switch dock on Kickstarter. The project started with a modest $50,000 goal, and of this writing, it’s already reached well over $800,000 in funding.

If you’re interested in ordering a dock for yourself, you can snag one for $59, which is on par with the price for most Nintendo Switch accessories.

Even though Human Things has already successfully delivered a Kickstarter project to market, there are still risks involved with backing this one

3 Things to Consider Before Backing a Kickstarter Project

3 Things to Consider Before Backing a Kickstarter Project

Before you back your first or next Kickstarter project, here are a few things to keep in mind if you don’t want to get scammed or waste your money.
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. Make sure to keep these in mind before you throw down your hard-earned money.

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