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Why RAM Boosters and Task Killers Are Bad for Android

If you use Android, you may have heard advice about using a RAM booster or task killer app. Scroll through the Google Play Store and you’ll see a ton of task killers on offer with high reviews. This may lead you to ask if RAM boosters really work. As it turns out, your phone doesn’t…

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How bad can text security be? One company just showed us.

There is nothing more quintessentially mobile than text messages, the most commonly used communication method today. That’s why it was very unsettling that a security research house found — and the vendor at issue essentially confirmed — that a massive number of text messages were stored in plaintext, with no security at all. In short,…

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With Windows Virtual Desktop, the bad old days are coming back

I’ve been saying for a while now that Microsoft wants you to move from Windows on your desktop to Windows as a service. I’ve rarely gotten so little pleasure from saying I was right. In the last few weeks, Microsoft rolled out Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). If you have a fast internet connection to an…

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Why Does My Milk Go Bad Early? – LifeSavvy

Mike Focus/Shutterstock Whether there’s a half a gallon or half a cup left, when milk goes bad, it’s not fun. There are a few reasons why your milk might not make it to the expiration date. Let’s take a look. Improper Refrigeration Temperature Proper refrigeration is the key to keeping your milk past the expiration…

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