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6 Awesome Cases to Protect Your Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL – Review Geek

A photo of the Pixel 4 in one of dbrand's cases.

It’s really tempting to use the Pixel 4 and 4 XL without a case, but the universe has a way of targeting unprotected phones. Maybe we should meet the universe halfway and use a cool-looking Pixel 4 case.

A ton of super cool Pixel 4 and 4 XL cases are already on the market in just about every style and form factor. Just know that the cases listed in this article are all from reputable brands, they’re all gentle on your phone, they all have raised bezels to protect your display, and they work with wireless charging. Any other details are mostly aesthetic.

So let’s get into it. Here are six killer cases for your new Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL.

Soft and Stylish: The Official Google Pixel 4 Case

The official Pixel 4 fabric case.

Google’s official Pixel 4 or 4 XL fabric cases are badass (especially the coral-colored one). They’re made of a durable nylon fabric that you can clean by hand, they have a microfiber interior to protect your Pixel’s backside (that resale value), and they have raised edges to reduce impact on the screen when you inevitably drop your phone. Plus, they look super cool, and they work with wireless chargers.

Affordable and Customizable: dbrand Skins and Cases

A Pixel 4 in a dbrand case.

Always check dbrand before buying a phone case. dbrand sells cool skins for just about every device imaginable, and the company’s Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL offerings are exceptionally cool (you can even customize the “G” logo’s color). These skins are super affordable, they look awesome, and they work with wireless chargers. What’s not to love?

If you really want the protection of a case, you could always customize one of dbrand’s Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL cases—you can even put the company’s skins on the back of the case for a bit of extra customization.

It Holds Money: Maxboost mWallet Case

A Pixel 4 in a Maxboost wallet case.

If you’re more of a wallet case kind of person, then you should check out Maxboost’s wallet case for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. It’s a magnetic-latched case that has room for three credit cards (or some cash). It can also act as a kickstand and works with wireless charging if you’re into that kinda thing.

Wait, if you usually use a wallet case, then how have you been carrying your money around since buying a Pixel 4?

It Holds Money

It’s Basically Invisible: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear Case

A Pixel 4 in a clear Spigen case.

What if there was a phone case that didn’t look like a phone case? The Spigen Ultra Hybrid clear case for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is basically an invisible case. It’s clear, it’s slim (0.11 inches thick), and it only costs $10. It also works with wireless charging, which makes sense because a wireless charger can’t see the clear Spigen case (that’s not actually how this works).

By the way, Spigen also sells a clear Liquid Crystal case for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. It’s slightly thinner than the Ultra Hybrid case, so it’s a good option for anyone who wants to get as caseless as possible.

It’s Basically Invisible

Strong and Beefy: UAG Monarch Series Case

A Pixel 4 in a rugged UAG case.

All right, we’ve had fun looking at pretty (and invisible) phone cases. Now it’s time to look at a big, beefy phone case. The UAG Monarch Series case for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is made from super grippy rubber, has screen-protecting edges, and meets the “Military Standard for drop and shock protection.” It also works with wireless charging, which is good to hear.

Plain Jane: Speck Presidio Pro Basic Case

A Google Pixel 4 in a Speck case.

We’ve covered all kinds of styles and form factors, but sometimes it’s nice to just go back to the rudiments. Speck’s Presidio Pro case for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL is super basic. It’s a dual-layer rubber case with a raised bezel for your display, it’s black, it’s soft, and it works with wireless charging. And that’s really all there is to it. Does this case even have a logo on it?

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The 7 Best Rugged Chromebook Cases

If you have a Chromebook and travel around a lot, consider protecting it with a rugged case. A rugged Chromebook case will protect it from drops, falls, trips, and shocks. In many cases, a rugged Chromebook case will protect against accidental water exposure, too. What’s not to like?

Here are seven of the best rugged Chromebook cases.

Nacuwa Hardshell Protective Case

Nacuwa Hardshell Protective Case

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Nacuwa’s Hardshell Protective Case is one of the top-selling rugged Chromebook cases on Amazon. Designed for compatibility with 11 to 11.6-inch Chromebooks, the Nacuwa Hardshell fits an extensive range of hardware, including a 12-inch MacBook.

The Nacuwa Hardshell is made from a toughened EVA material. The case offers strong protection against drop damage, coming with a padded internal lining to cushion any falls. The external shell is also waterproof, protecting it from the elements or an errant cup of coffee. The Nacuwa Hardshell Protective Case also features four internal storage pockets.

Better still, it comes in several sizes. If you have a larger Chromebook, check out the Nacuwa Hardshell 15-inch option instead.

UZBL Always On Chromebook Case

UZBL Always On Chromebook Case

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The UZBL Always On rugged Chromebook case will fit a wide range of hardware, covering devices from 11 to 11.6-inches. The case is made of toughened EVA, helping protect your hardware against all types of bumps and knocks. Fortunately, it is waterproof, too.

Setting it apart from other rugged Chromebook cases is the internal mechanism that secures your device. The Always On case features locking corner grips (which give the case its “Always On” name) that keep your Chromebook in place at all times. Locking the laptop in place adds another level of protection against any drops or falls.

Another nice feature of the UZBL Always On is the carry strap and handle. Finally, the case comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Cyber Acoustics Work-In Chromebook Case

Cyber Acoustics Work-In Chromebook Case

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The Cyber Acoustics Work-In Chromebook Case is of a similar design to the UZBL Always On. It fits most 11 to 11.6 inch Chromebooks, giving your hardware some welcome external ruggedization. The case is designed with K-12 students in mind.

It has a handy carry strap and handles, while the shell is a rigid armor covered in a rubber-based nylon skin, for extra grip. Handily for parents and educators, each Cyber Acoustics Work-In case features a customizable identity window. It’ll help your kids (and you!) keep track of each Chromebook.

CASEMATIX 15.6-Inch Chromebook Case

CASEMATIX 15.6-Inch Chromebook Case

Buy Now On Amazon

The CASEMATIX 15.6-inch solid Chromebook case is a step up in terms of rugged protection. The major differences between this and the other options here come in size, protection, material, and manufacturing. Almost everything, then.

CASEMATIX’s 15.6-inch case is waterproof (not water-resistant, like the other options), airtight via its rubber seal, and can handle a serious drop. Inside the case, your Chromebook has the protection of additional foam to cushion any falls, with extra foam available to secure hardware of different sizes (within reason).

The case uses a briefcase-style design to secure your Chromebook. It also makes it a handy option for passing through airport security or otherwise. Given its size, the CASEMATIX 15.6-inch case suits larger hardware, such as the Chromebook 14 or Chromebook 15.

Gumdrop Droptech Dell 3100 Clamshell Chromebook Case

Gumdrop Droptech Dell 3100 Clamshell Chromebook Case

Buy Now On Amazon

This Gumdrop DropTech Case is for the Dell 3100 Clamshell Chromebook. Gumdrop do manufacture an extensive range of rugged Chromebook cases though, primarily for educational instituations and devices. The DropTech Case is made using shock-resistant materials and has a durable silicone bumper to protect edges from jarring drops or bumps.

It is also very lightweight to boot. The DropTech Case for the Dell 3100 Chromebook is designed for specifically for that hardware. All of the charging and USB ports are in the correct location, keeping the device secure and allowing easy and familiar access.

IBENZER Bumptect Stay In

IBENZER Bumptect Stay In

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The IBENZER Bumptect Stay In case caters for 13-inch Chromebooks (and 13 to 14-inch MacBooks), providing a lightweight-yet-protective case. The outer shell of the Bumptect case features shockproof materials to protect against unexpected knocks. It also has strengthened corners for additional protection.

Your Chromebook will remain snug in the Bumptect Stay In case using the securable micro clips. Plus, the case exterior is easy to grip, helping to protect against unexpected slippage.

Handily, the case has additional external storage pockets. Used in combination with the shoulder strap or carry handle, the Bumptect Stay In is like a rugged laptop case rather than a simple rugged Chromebook case. But because the case is lightweight, you won’t notice the difference.

MAXCases HP G4-Education Edition

MAXCases HP G4-Education Edition

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Like Gumdrop, MAXCases produce an extensive range of rugged Chromebook cases. This particular model is for the HP G4-Education Edition. It is a custom-molded, lightweight Chromebook case. Even though the case is lightweight, it exceeds military standard drop testing specifications (MIL-STD-810).

With this case, your Chromebook should survive a drop from around half a meter, with extra cushioning coming from the shock-absorbing TPU bumpers. The underside of the case has rubber feet to stop unexpected slipping.

It also has pop-out feet that allow you to raise the case, giving you a better viewing and typing angle. Propping the case up also increases ventilation under your Chromebook, another handy feature. Also, because the MAXCases products are designed for specific Chromebook models, the USB and charging port slots are all in the correct place.

What Is the Best Rugged Chromebook Case?

The specifications for rugged Chromebook cases vary. A rugged Chromebook case should protect your hardware from a fall. It should also offer some water and dust resistance. Keeping the case lightweight is important, too, given most Chromebook models are lightweight to begin with.

To figure out which rugged Chromebook case suits you, think about how you use your Chromebook. Do you carry it freely? A rugged always-in case might best suit you. Does your Chromebook live in your hand, always ready to go? A hard-shell case might be the ideal option for you instead.

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to make that switch seamless.

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The 4 Best Nintendo Switch Game Cases to Mobilize Your Collection – Review Geek

HORI Switch Case

If you have a stack of Switch games and need an easy way to organize, transport, or even display them, then a case specifically for those games is the way to go. Here’s our take on what to look for in a good came case, along with our picks for the best Switch cases you can get now.

What to Look for in a Nintendo Switch Game Case

You don’t need anything too special for a game case, but you still want to make sure it’s a well-built product.

  • Storage Capacity: Whether you have a collection of 3 or 30 Switch games, you’ll want your game case to hold what you currently own and still give you some room for expansion.
  • Size: Portability is what makes the Switch unique; chances are, your Switch already takes up a considerable amount of space in your bag. You don’t want or need your game case doing the same.
  • Protection: Switch games are expensive, each cartridge you own likely represents at least $30 of your hard-earned money. You want them to be safe and secure.

Why Buy a Dedicated Game Case?

You might look online and see many Switch carrying cases that include game cartridge storage on top of console, controller, and cable storage and think there’s no purpose in owning a dedicated game case. But, dedicated game cases are useful to those with physical Switch game collections for a couple of reasons.

First off, carrying cases are going to be larger than a dedicated game case with less overall cartridge storage. And while that’s fine if you need to store controllers, cables, or the console itself—those with greater cartridge storage needs will find them lacking. The smaller size of dedicated cases makes taking a large collection on-the-go much easier.

On top of storage and size advantages, having a dedicated game case is also useful for playing at home in docked mode. Having a small container next to your Switch to swap out physical games is quicker than taking them in and out of their respective retail boxes.

Best for Most People: HORI Game Card Case for Nintendo Switch

HORI Game Case

HORI is a well-known name in the world of Switch accessories—even being officially licensed by Nintendo—and its game case delivers an easy and cheap solution to the problem of Switch game storage.

There are 24 slots for game cartridges, with the option to store a microSD card in one slot. The case is made out of hard, transparent plastic and measures in at 4.7 x 6.1 inches, making it small enough to fit into a bag or backpack easily. If you have some physical switch games lying around and want a no-fuss option to store them, HORI’s a great choice for you.

Best for Travel: Younik Game Card Storage Box for Nintendo Switch

Younik Game Card Storage Box for Nintendo Switch

When it comes to keeping your Switch games safe and dry, few do it better than Younik. The polycarbonate shell of the case is tough and scratch-resistant, keeping your games protected from drops. And with a foam seal for waterproofing, your Switch games will be protected from any unexpected rainstorms or spills.

There are 16 tight, rubber slots for Switch cartridges with each having an optional microSD card slot as well—even if the most hardcore of Switch players won’t use them all. But, even if they’ll likely go unused, those additional slots don’t detract from the case in any way. Younik still kept the case slim (7.5 x 3.1 inches) and thin (0.75 inches), making it easy to store in any backpack or carry-on.

If you’re going on a trip and want to make sure your Switch games will be protected from all the uncertainty traveling has, Younik has the case for you.

Best for Travel

Best for Collectors: UniKeep Game Case for Nintendo Switch

UniKeep Game Case for Nintendo Switch

UniKeep creates many collector-focused products for items like baseball cards and stamps, and that focus bleeds right into its Switch case as well. With two large panels, each holding a maximum of 30 Switch games each, UniKeep’s case can easily double as both storage and a display piece. There are even multiple options when it comes to the art on the outside of the case.

This focus on collectors doesn’t make the case terrible for portability, though. Measuring at 9.5 x 7 inches and just being 0.75 thick, UniKeep’s case would be easy to store in a bag or backpack.

Best for Collectors

Best Maximum Storage Capacity: Sisma 80 Game Cartridge Holder

Sisma 80 Game Cartridge Holder

If you’re looking for a game case that will cover your storage needs in the long-term, Sismas got you covered. Its game case has 80 sleeves for cartridges or microSD cards. The outer shell is durable and covered with a polyurethane leather to give it a more premium and sophisticated look.

Unlike most of the cases mentioned so far, Sisma opted for elastic sleeves for each cartridge rather than the typical molded slot. This maximizes storage capacity while keeping the case at a small size (7.4 x 4.9 x 2.1 inches). If you buy a lot of physical Switch games and intend to continue that habit, Sisma should be able to supply you with the storage you need for a long time.

Best Maximum Storage Capacity

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Keep Your Pi 4 Cool and Dust Free with These Cases – Review Geek

The Pi 4 Model B outside without a case

Don’t run your Pi 4 without a case. That’s just criminal. Here are some great cases that can keep your Pi 4 cool and dust-free in any situation.

What to Look for in a Pi 4 Case

Raspberry Pis can be used to accomplish just about anything. Need a smart mirror? You can build one with a Pi. Want a powerful media center? Set it up on a Raspberry Pi.

But all this flexibility can make it hard to find a good Raspberry Pi case. Some cases are meant for everyday applications, but others are made specifically for smarthome setups, entertainment centers, or intensive applications (which can generate a lot of heat).

So before shopping for a Pi case, you should stop and think of what you need. Here are some of the features that you might need in a Pi 4 case:

  • Heat Dissipation: If you plan to use your Pi 4 for intensive actives or extended periods, then you should probably get a nice, cool case. Aluminum cases with fans and heat-sinks are the coolest option, but most people can get away with the bare minimum, like a case with one fan or decent ventilation.
  • GPIO/Module Access: All of the Pi cases listed in this article provide easy access to the GPIO and module pins, but some give a bit of extra wiggle room for cables. If you want to use accessories like camera modules or with your Pi, then try to find a case with extra cable room.
  • Assembly: Most Raspberry Pi cases are really easy to assemble. But some cheap cases are made from stacked pieces of acrylic (like a case that’s been sliced into bologna), and they’re really a pain to assemble. If you don’t feel like dealing with that extra work, then shell out for a more expensive case.
  • Labeling: Clear or unlabeled cases can make it harder to locate the Pi 4’s ports. If you want a case that won’t confuse your family or roommates, then try to find one that’s opaque and labeled.

Alright, now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to start shopping for your new Raspberry Pi 4 case.

Before we get starts, it’s worth mentioning that the Pi 4 Model B is still a relatively new product. We’ll cover a lot of different cases in this article, but some popular case styles, like retro game console cases, aren’t manufactured for the Pi 4 just yet.

All-Purpose Cases (Great for Entertainment Centers)

The Anidees and Argon One all-purpose Pi 4 cases
Anidees, Argon Forty

Some cases, like the official Raspberry Pi 4 case, are meant to fit in just about any situation. These cases usually have attractive designs, adequate cooling, and ample room for cables. They’re also pretty easy to put together, although they tend to cost more than your typical Raspberry Pi case.

We’d suggest using these cases for media centers or desktops. If you plan to push your Pi to the limit, you may want to find an all-purpose case that comes with fans or check out the super cooling cases further in this article.

Here are a few fantastic all-purpose cases:

  • Pi 4 Official Case: The official Pi 4 case from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It’s an attractive, easy to assemble case that leaves ample room for internal cables.
  • Flirc Silver Case: This attractive, affordable, easy to assemble case is a great option for intense or casual Pi 4 projects. It effectively dissipates heat with its raised feet and aluminum heat-sinks, and you can easily access the Pi’s GPIO and main connectors through the bottom of the case. Flirc also sells this case with Kodi branding.
  • Anidees Premium Case: Anidees’ premium Pi 4 cases are sleek, easy to assemble, and well ventilated. They also have noise-dampening feet, holes for wall mounting, and enough interior room for GPIO and main connector access.
  • Anidees Extra-Tall Case: A high-quality case that’s easy to assemble. This case is nearly identical to the Anidees premium case, but it has a bit of extra headroom for cables and modules.
  • Argon One Mini Computer Case: As of right now, this is the only Pi 4 case that actually looks like a computer case or game console. It’s well ventilated, comes with a USB-C power supply, has a removable magnetic top, and actually has a GPIO label printed on its backside for on-the-fly modifications.
  • GeeekPi Fan ABS Case: A simple case that comes with a large 40mm fan. It’s easy to assemble or take apart, and it has two pre-installed wall-mounting holes.

Now that we’ve seen some (slightly expensive) all-purpose cases, it’s time to check out a few budget Pi 4 cases.

Budget Acrylic Cases

The GeeekPi and Miuzei acrylic Pi 4 cases
GeeekPi, Miuzei

Acrylic Raspberry Pi cases aren’t as attractive as aluminum enclosures, but they’re very cheap. They’re usually made from stacked pieces of acrylic (like slices of clear plastic deli meat), so they can be a bit difficult to put together.

But for the price, they’re a great alternative to all-purpose enclosures.

Here’s a solid selection of cheap acrylic Pi 4 cases:

  • TangYY Acrylic Case: A laughably cheap Pi 4 case that’s made from two pieces of acrylic. It comes with a fan and leaves plenty of space for extra cables.
  • Vilros Acrylic Case: This clear acrylic case is made of two parts (so it’s easier to assemble than layered acrylic cases). It comes with a large 40mm fan and has narrow holes for GPIO and module access.
  • Miuzei Super-Cool Acrylic Case: A great budget option for anyone who wants to keep their Pi 4 as cool as possible. This stacked acrylic case can be tricky to put together, but it comes with a fan, a power supply, and heat-sinks.
  • GeeekPi Acrylic Case: A cheap layered acrylic case that comes with heat-sinks and a fan. This is a good option for people who want a dust-proof cheap acrylic case.

But what if you need to push your Pi to the limit? Acrylic cases are great for casual Pi use, but they can’t dissipate heat as well as some specialized Pi 4 cases.

Super Cooling Cases for Heavy-Duty Applications

The Eleduino and Artik cooling Pi cases
Artik Eleduino

The Raspberry Pi 4 is a powerful little computer. It’s also really easy to overheat. If you’re sick of seeing that thermometer icon (and the throttling that comes with it), then maybe it’s time to buy a Pi case that’s build to dissipate as much heat as possible.

Just as a side-note, these cases are basically just wrap-around aluminum heat-sinks. They’re super thin, and it may be worth using one just to have a thin case (even if you don’t need the extra heat dissipation).

Here are our favorite cooling cases for the Pi 4:

  • EleDuino Temperature-Controlled Case: This slim, attractive case is made from anodized aluminum and has built-in automatic temperature controls (along with a fan speed button). It comes with two silent fans and has pre-drilled wall mounting holes on its bottom.
  • Artik Red Cooling Case: This affordable aluminum heat-sink case is a great way to keep your Pi 4 cool and accessible. It comes with two tiny fans and doesn’t block your Pi’s GPIO pins, PoE pins, camera module, or display module.
  • Unistorm Aluminum Cooling Case: A super-slim aluminum heat-sink case with two fans (there is a fan-less model). This case doesn’t block the Pi 4’s GPIO pins, PoE pins, camera module, or display module.

All-purpose cases, budget cases, and cooling cases. We’ve covered a lot of ground here, and now it’s time to start getting into the weird stuff.

Touchscreen Cases

The Longrunner and Jun-Electron touchscreen Pi cases
Longrunner, Jun-Electron

Some Raspberry Pi cases have built-in touchscreens. It seems like an odd idea, but a built-in display can be useful for controlling media centers, or for running on-the-go applications. They’re also useful for building Pi-powered smarthome devices, like controllers or hubs.

Here are some great Pi cases with built-in touchscreens:

  • Jun-Electron 3.5-Inch: An easy to assemble 3.5-inch touchscreen case that includes heat-sinks and a fan. The touchscreen resolution is 320×480.
  • TangYY 3.5-Inch: A solid little case with a 3.5-inch 320x480p touchscreen. It comes with a fan, heat-sinks, and a stylus.
  • Longeruner 7-Inch: The Longruner sports a 1024×600 7-inch touchscreen display. It works well as a wall-mounted or a freestanding display and would make for a perfect media center or smarthome device. The Pi 4 can attach to the backside of this display, but you’ll need a Mini HDMI to HDMI cable to get things working correctly.

Just keep in mind that these displays can build up a bit of heat. If you plan to run them all day, then make sure that they get proper ventilation.

Racks for Pi Clusters

The iUniker and Yahboom cluster cases
iUniker, Yahboom

Raspberry Pi clusters are great for writing scalable software or performing resource-intensive tasks. But you can’t just lay a bunch of Pis in a mess across your desk like an animal. Instead, you must do things the civilized way and stack your Raspberry Pis in a gigantic nerdy tower. We’ll call it a quadruple-decker Pi sandwich.

These Pi racks work with the Pi 4B, 3B+, 3B, 2B, and B+. And yes, you can make clusters with mismatched Pis.

  • iUniker 4-Layer Case: The iUniker cluster case can hold four Pis at a time, and it comes with four fans and a set of heat-sinks.
  • Yahboom 6-Layer Case: This affordable Yahboom case can hold six Pis at a time and provides ample room for GPIO adjustments. This case doesn’t come with fans, but it has proper ventilation.
  • Cloudlet 8-Layer Case: The gigantic Cloudlet 8-layer case is expensive, but it’s perfect for large Pi clusters. It comes with four large 50mm fans and can hold an 8-port switch under your cluster.

Don’t forget to buy a multi-input USB power brick for your Pi cluster. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck trying to hunt down extra power strips and USB bricks.

We’ve covered a lot of ground here today, from all-purpose cases to super tall Pi cluster cases. These cases should perfect for just about any project, whether you’re trying to build a media center or add some brains to your kitchen appliances.

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8 Awesome Computer Cases With USB-C Front Panels – Review Geek

A USB-C cable sitting on top of a computer case.
Alexander Evgenyevich/Shutterstock

Very few PC cases actually have USB-C ports built-in, despite the fact that USB-C is quickly becoming the standard for data transfer. Thankfully, the few PC cases that offer USB-C are fantastic, and they may be perfect for your next build.

Why would you want a USB-C port installed in your computer case? Well for one, USB-C ports are more convenient than chunky USB-A ports, but they also offer fantastic charging speeds and data transfer rates. External drives and hardware (microphones, webcams, controllers, etc) also might start using USB-C, and it just makes sense for your computer to be ready for the future.

And yes, you could buy a USB-C PCIE card for your computer; that’s always an option. But these cards take up valuable slots on your motherboard, and do you really want to drop an extra $100 a few months from now just because your new PC case doesn’t have a USB-C port built-in?

What to Look For

Of course, you can’t go around buying expensive computer parts without checking to see whether they fit your needs first. Before shopping for a new computer case, you need to consider what kinds of cases are compatible with your motherboard, what kind of cooling you need, and a whole host of other questions.

Rather than leaving all the work up to you, we’ve detailed each case’s compatibility options and features throughout this article. We’ve also compiled a handy pre-shopping list, so you know what you need before you fall in love with a computer case:

  • Motherboard Compatibility: Don’t buy a case that’s too big or small for your motherboard, or a case that isn’t compatible with your motherboard. We’ll detail each case’s motherboard compatibility for your convenience.
  • Size and Space: It’s nice to have some extra space in your case. You can use this extra space to install big fans or liquid coolers, funky lights, large GPUs, or just to make cable management a little easier. But keep in mind that a gigantic, heavy computer case might not fit at your desk.
  • Cooling: Generally speaking, extra space leads to extra cooling. If you’re super concerned about cooling, look for a spacious case with some good built-in fans.
  • Hard Drive Mounts: Make sure your case has enough mounts for your HDDs and SSDs.
  • USB Inputs: All cases mentioned in this article have at least one USB-C input, but that doesn’t necessarily mean every case here has enough USB ports to suit your needs. Don’t worry—we’ll list the ports available for each case.

Now you know what you need from your computer case, it’s time to hop right into it. Keep in mind that not too many cases with built-in USB-C ports are on the market just yet, so your options might feel a bit limited.

Full-Tower and Ultra-Tower Cases

The be quiet! Dark Base Pro and the Cooler Master Cosmos.
The be quiet! Dark Base Pro and the Cooler Master Cosmos. be quiet!, Cooler Master

Full-tower cases usually work with E-ATX and XL-ATX boards, and they’re great for huge, powerful rigs that need a lot of cooling or multiple GPUs.

Here are some full-tower cases with a built-in USB-C port:

  • be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 V2 (E-ATX, XL-ATX): This 27″ tall case is built for demanding setups. It has three built-in “Silent Wings” fans, a relocatable motherboard tray, RGB illumination, a PSU shroud, and an airflow system. It has modular HDD slots that can be used for five HDDs, ten SSDs, and two optical drives simultaneously. As for ports, it has a USB-C port, two USB 3.0 ports, and a built-in Qi wireless charger.
  • Cooler Master Cosmos C700M (E-ATX): Cooler Master calls this an “ultra-tower” case, and for good reason. It is 25.6″ tall, has handles, and is made from sleek glass and aluminum. It has some RGB tech built-in, two fans, and eight PCI slots. But it only has four internal drive bays, one external drive bay, one USB-C port, one USB 3.0 port, and a USB 3.1 port.

These two full-tower cases have specs comparable to the mid-tower cases below. So if you have an E-ATX motherboard, be sure to read on and fully weigh your options.

Mid-Tower Cases

The LIAN LI PC-011 and the AORUS C300.
The LIAN LI PC-011 and the AORUS C300. LIAN LI, AORUS

Mid-tower cases are by far the most common PC cases, and they tend to support all motherboard sizes. They offer a good mix of space, ventilation, customization, and PCI expansion. Even if you’re set on using a small or large case, it’s worth checking out some of these mid-tower cases. Who knows, they might have the features you’re looking for.

Without further ado, here are some mid-tower cases with built-in USB-C ports:

  • Cooler Master SL600M (E-ATX, ATX, M-ATX, M-ITX): This 23″ tall aluminum and steel case looks like something out of Star Trek. It is built with noise-reduction technology and has one built-in fan. It also has seven expansion slots with support for vertical graphics card installation, eight drive bays, one USB-C port, two USB 3.0 ports, and two USB 2.0 ports.
  • LIAN LI PC-011 Razer Edition (E-ATX, ATX, M-ATX, ITX): With three sets of Razer LED lighting and a 17.6″ tall glass and aluminum shell, this case looks and feels like a real gaming machine. It doesn’t have any built-in fans, but it has three sections for radiators (long multi-fans), a dual-PSU tray, eight expansion slots, three HDD bays, and three SSD bays. As for ports, it has a USB-C port and two USB 3.0 ports.
  • GIGABYTE AORUS C300 RBG (ATX, M-ATX, Mini-ITX): This gaming case is 18″ tall and made from tempered glass and aluminum. It has one built-in fan, RGB Fusion support, five drive bays, seven PCI slots, and it supports vertical GPU mounts. Port-wise, it has one USB-C port, one USB 3.1 port, and two USB 3.0 ports.
  • Phanteks Evolv X RGB (E-ATX, ATX, M-ATX, M-ITX): This 20.5″ tall glass and metal case looks fantastic and is actually quite spacious. It can hold 10 HDDs and 9 SSDs simultaneously; it has seven PCI slots, comes with RGB illumination, and has a decent built-in fan. Port-wise, it’s a bit lacking—you get one USB-C port, one USB 3.1 port, and one USB 3.2 port.

While these mid-tower cases can fit small Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards, they can be a little over the top for some basic computer builds. If you’re looking for a more modest computer case (assuming you’re set on a small board), you may want to grab a mini-tower case.

Mini-Tower Cases

The InWin 301C and the OPHION M EVO ALS
The InWin 301C and the OPHION M EVO ALS. InWin, OPHION

Small mini-tower cases are generally used with Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX motherboards. They’re perfect for simple gaming builds that require only one GPU, or for builds geared toward everyday computer use (or streaming, development, etc.).

Here are some mini-tower cases with USB-C ports built-in:

  • OPHION M EVO ALS (M-ATX, ITX, M-ITX): Do you like boxy cases? This OPHION case is 14″ high, sports a brushed aluminum design, and looks more “professional” than most computer cases. It doesn’t have any pre-installed fans, but it has enough space for five 120mm fans or a radiator. It also has five drive bays (impressive for the size), two expansion slots, a single USB-C port, and just one USB 3.0 port.
  • InWin 301C (M-ATX, M-ITX): This compact 14.3″ tall case is great for basic PC builds. It doesn’t have a pre-installed fan, but it has space for a radiator. It also has some rudimentary RGB control, a single hard drive mount, a PSU chamber, and room for a single graphics card. As for ports, it has a single USB-C port and two USB 3.0 ports.

USB-C is still a relatively new format that hasn’t become a standard in computer case manufacturing just yet. That so few USB-C ready cases are currently on the market is frustrating, but that’s just how it is right now.

If you aren’t a fan of any of these cases, consider buying a USB-C PCIE card. The card will take up some space on your motherboard (bad news if you’re obsessed with GPUs and Wi-Fi cards), but it’s better than nothing.

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The 8 Best PC Cases of 2019

PC cases have come a long way in the last few years. No longer are they bulky, heavy blocks with limited customization options. Now you can find an attractive, user-friendly case at a range of prices.

We’ve picked out the best cases for different needs to help you build the perfect PC.

Cooler Master H500P Mesh White

Cooler Master H500P Mesh White

Buy Now On Amazon

If you’re looking for a mid-tower with great thermals to keep your components cool and operating at peak performance, try the Cooler Master H500P Mesh White.

The original Cooler Master H500P wasn’t great in terms of cooling. But by replacing the front panel with a mesh grill, the company has created a case with fantastic airflow. It has two large 200mm fans at the front to keep air moving throughout the case. And the fans are RGB so they can glow in the color of your choice, which looks great alongisde the mesh front.

There’s also a tempered glass side panel, a PSU shroud to hide ugly cable clutter, an option for vertical GPU mounting, and support for 360mm radiators at the top or in the front.

2. Most Stylish PC Case:
NZXT H500i

NZXT H500i

NZXT H500i

Buy Now On Amazon

For those of you who want an elegant, attractive mid-tower case that will complement rather than detract from the look of their components, the NZXT H500i is a winner. This update of the popular S340 Elite model has the same tempered glass side panel, brushed metal outer, and PSU shroud as the earlier version. But it also has newer features like a built-in RBG controller, which is perfect for lighting enthusiasts, and it comes in four color schemes.

The cable management bar makes hiding away cables a breeze, and there’s plenty of space for a reservoir and pump if you want to water-cool your system. The case also comes with two 120mm fans. You’ll probably want to add more fans for better cooling as there is only a small gap for air to pass through at the front.

3. Best PC Case for Performance on a Budget:
Thermaltake Versa J24

Thermaltake Versa J24

Thermaltake Versa J24

Buy Now On Amazon

If you want an easy to build case with decent thermals for an affordable price, take a look at the Thermaltake Versa J24. This mid-tower has all the essential features like a tempered glass side, PSU shroud, and support for 360mm radiators at the front.

It comes with three 120mm RGB fans to both illuminate and cool your system, and the lighting can be controlled via a button on the I/O port. You can switch between seven different preset colors and seven different modes, or use the RBG mode to choose the exact color of your choice.

There’s also a J25 version with an acrylic front, but we recommend the J24 for better airflow.

Lian Li PC-08

Lian Li PC-08

Buy Now On Amazon

If you want a build which will stand out, the Lian Li PC-08 is a pricey but unique option. It has a two-chamber design, which is perfect for complex custom water-cooling setups. One side holds the motherboard and GPU, and the other side holds the storage drives and PSU.

Due to the two chambers, this case is quite a bit wider than standard mid-tower cases. But if you have the room to spare, the PC-08 offers both beautiful aesthetics and great flexibility for water cooling too.

This is an older model, so it’s not always in stock. For a similar option, you can try the PC-09 model instead. Or for a water cooling-friendly case without the two chambers and the hefty price tag, try the PC-011 Dynamic.

Cooler Master NR600

Cooler Master NR600

Buy Now On Amazon

A case with just what you need and nothing more, the Cooler Master NR600 is a great choice for a balance of solid performance and a clean, minimalistic aesthetic. The outer is black, and there’s a tempered glass side panel covering most, but not all, of the side. The bottom portion of the side panel is opaque to hide the PSU and cabling.

It comes with two 120mm fans, and the front panel is mesh, which helps with airflow. There’s plenty of support for further cooling, as the case can fit a 360mm radiator, or three 120mm fans at the front, and two 120mm or 140mm fans at the top, as well as a 120mm fan at the rear.

Thermaltake Core V1

Thermaltake Core V1

Buy Now On Amazon

For a small form factor case, the Thermaltake Core V1 offers surprisingly good thermals. This case is a little larger than other mini-ITX cases, but this increased size makes building easier, and improves airflow.

There’s a fun, unusual feature of a top acrylic window so you can see your components inside. It has a chambered design with a top space for a graphics card and a bottom space for the PSU. The inside can be configured in a variety of ways too. It comes with a large 200mm fan for ventilation, and there’s also space for two more 80mm fans at the back.

be quiet! Dark Base PRO 900 Black Rev. 2

be quiet! Dark Base PRO 900 Black Rev. 2

Buy Now On Amazon

If size isn’t a problem and you’re looking for a luxurious full tower to build in, the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Black Rev. 2 has everything you need. This is the update to the hugely popular Dark Base Pro 900, with the addition of a PSU shroud and better fans.

The fans are plentiful, with three of the popular Silentwings 3 fans preinstalled. There are two 140mm fans at the front, and one fan at the rear. There’s support for massive 420mm radiators at the front and the top, and capacity for all the drives you could ever need, fitting seven 3.5-inch drives and 14 2.5-inch drives.

be quiet! Silent Base 601

be quiet! Silent Base 601

Buy Now On Amazon

If quiet operation is your priority, you’ll enjoy the be quiet! Silent Base 601. This mid-tower case has noise-dampening vents to allow airflow while also restricting noise. It also comes with two quiet Pure Wings 2 140mm fans for airflow.

There’s a PSU shroud to keep everything tidy, but no tempered glass. Instead, the case has metal side panels with thick foam insulation on the inside to deaden fan noise. For better cooling, you might want to add an additional fan. But that would be at the expense of the whisper-quiet setup of the stock configuration.

Get the Best PC Case for Your Needs

Use this list to help you pick out a PC case based on your particular needs. You could go for a case with great cooling like the Cooler Master H500P Mesh White. Or you could choose one which is stylish like the NZXT H500i. There are large cases, small cases, quiet cases, minimalist cases, and even a double-chamber case if you want something different.

Once you’ve chosen a case, you’ll need components to go in it. For helping choosing parts, check out our guide to PC Part Picker, an invaluable resource for first-time PC builders

PC Part Picker: An Invaluable Resource for First-Time PC Builders

PC Part Picker: An Invaluable Resource for First-Time PC Builders

Planning to build a PC but not really sure how to get compatible parts? Here’s how to use PC Part Picker for an easier build.
Read More


Explore more about: Building PCs, Buying Tips, .

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iFixit’s New Cases Show What Your iPhone is Made Of – Review Geek

iFixit Insight Case

We’ve all seen those nifty wallpapers that show a 1:1 scale of the inside of your phone, but iFixit took that concept one step farther with its new Insight Case line. Your phone has never been so exposed.

The basic concept is pretty simple: like the aforementioned wallpapers, these cases show what your iPhone looks like with the back removed. You’ll see the motherboard, battery, and all that other fancy stuff. And of course, they line up perfectly with the innards of your actual phone.

Each case is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, which is just the full name of what you’ve heard one hundred million times: TPU. (Read: they’re plastic.) It does look like they have a bit of extra oomph on the corners, though, which should help protect your device in the case of a fall.

Two versions of each case exist: Color and X-Ray. iFixit describes these as “a Color version, to show off the internal components as if you’d just lifted the screen, and an X-Ray version, which allows you to look straight through the back of your phone at what’s inside.” Either way, you get to see your phone’s guts.

As of right now, these cases are only available for certain models of iPhone: XR, XS, XS Max, X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 6, and 6 Plus. So, basically all iPhones made in the last half-decade. Maybe one day we’ll see them for some Android phones, too.

As for cost, you’re looking at a ten spot for each case. That’s pretty damn competitive even in a crowded phone case market (even for a TPU case), so the fact that it also looks super cool is just the icing on the cake.

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The Best iPhone SE Cases for Every Situation – Review Geek

Three iPhone SE cases on a blue background

The iPhone SE is a great budget iPhone, but that doesn’t mean it’s disposable. We’ve checked out the best cases for your iPhone SE (that also happen to work with the iPhone 5 and 5s) so that it’s safe from scratches and damage, while still looking sharp.

After all, it’s so easy to drop your iPhone when out and about, or simply knock it into various surfaces to cause minor damage. No matter how careful you might be, it’ll inevitably happen at some point. A case minimizes the damage that can occur. Here’s our pick of the bunch.

Best Overall Case: Speck CandyShell Grip ($17)

Speck CandyShell Grip

Available in some fairly distinctive colors, what the Speck CandyShell Grip might lack in subtlety, it makes up for in all-around protection for your device. Its exterior is hard and able to withstand damage while the inside has a cushioned inner layer that absorbs shock from any occasional bumps or drops that may happen throughout the day.

Also, there’s a raised bezel that keeps your screen safe and pristine from any scrapes, along with rubberized shields for the buttons too. Textured finger pads not only help you keep a firm grip on your phone but offer an extra little bit of shock absorption and protection too. The CandyShell Grip is an all around great case line, and among the staff, we’ve easily purchased a dozen of them for different iPhones over the years.

Best Budget Case: JETech Case ($6)

JETech Case

A good case doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get the job done. This JETech Case is a slimline case that’s transparent, so it doesn’t get in the way of the original design of your iPhone. It has a scratch-resistant back, as well as UV resistance. What does UV resistance matter? Cheap clear cases are prone to severe yellowing so that extra bit of UV protection will keep your case crystal-clear longer.

A raised bezel protects the screen and camera, while the design of its four corners means it can absorb simple shocks too. There’s always easy access to ports as well as buttons too, so this is a case you can pop on and forget about.

Best Water-Resistant Case: LifeProof Fre ($42)

LifeProof Fre

In need of a waterproof case? You can’t go wrong with the LifeProof Fre, a smart looking iPhone SE case that also happens to be very water-resistant.

It can be safely submerged up to 2m for an hour without water ingress. Also, it’s sealed from snow, ice, dirt, and dust particles, meeting or exceeding IP-68 Ingress Protection requirements. It’s also shockproof up to a 2m fall and exceeds relevant military standards there too.

For day to day use, you still get full access to all buttons and ports, and it looks good too. If gray isn’t your color, there’s a choice of a high-visibility teal case—perfect to pair with a lanyard float to keep your phone off the lake bottom and very visible so you can retrieve it.

Best Rugged Case: OtterBox Defender ($20)

OtterBox Defender

For rugged protection, the OtterBox Defender is a great choice. It protects your device with three layers of protection so whether you’re defending against scratches or bumps you’re in good care. Because of that, it offers drop protection, dust protection, and screen protection. People love the Defender line because of how rugged the case is—you can even find an abundance of videos on YouTube with fans of the case running Defender-clad phones over with cars and trucks to show how durable it is. We certainly don’t recommend that, but you certainly wouldn’t walk away with a functional phone if you did it with a $5 jelly case from a mall kiosk.

On top of a sturdy shell, the case offers port covers for when you need to be extra secure about keeping dust and debris away from your device, but they’re not too intrusive. There’s also a belt clip holster that doubles as a kickstand for when you want to catch up on YouTube viewing.

Best Slim Case: Spigen Thin Fit ($10)

Spigen Thin Fit

A slimline case is ideal if you know you need a case, but you also don’t want to miss out on having a sleek and stylish phone. The Spigen Thin Fit protects your iPhone while still being slim enough to slip into your pocket easily.

It has a hard polycarbonate casing that protects the iPhone SE from scratches, along with cutouts for your buttons and port openings, so everything you need is easily accessible. There’s a small raised lip for the screen and camera too, so it’s protected while on a flat surface. It’s a snap-on case, too, which is useful if you’re prone to clumsy moments when applying cases to your iPhone. Plus, it looks great.

Best Leather Case: Kalibri iPhone SE Case ($18)

Kalibri Case

A leather case for your phone always looks good. These days, it’s hard to find a new Apple-branded iPhone SE leather case—they’re discontinued, but you can still find them on eBay if you search—but a much more convenient option is the Kalibri iPhone SE Case. It’s made from real premium leather, so it looks classy compared to any plastic solutions. While its interior is made of sturdy plastic for added stability, you’ll never need to look at it once it’s clipped on.

The case is reasonably durable and able to withstand shocks, falls, drops, and scratches. It remains slim in appearance though with cutouts allowing for easy access to all buttons, ports, as well as the speaker and camera. There’s also a raised lip that protects your screen and camera from any surface damage.

The leather is a little thinner than the genuine Apple article, but it’s still pretty good for the price. Especially now that Apple no longer makes cases for the iPhone SE.

Best Wallet Case: Silk Vault ($15)

Silk Vault
Silk Vault

If you don’t want to carry too many things with you, then a wallet case is a convenient 2-in-1 device. Your phone is safely protected, and you can still fit in bank cards and some cash too.

The Silk Vault does all that. It has room for three cards along with some cash, while still also protecting your phone from scratches and bumps. It’s made from lightweight material that’s still suitably durable. There are all the other features you need too, such as a raised lip that protects the screen, tactile button replacements, and there’s a free screen protector film thrown in, as well.

For when you want to consolidate what you carry each day, this is a good solution.

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The Best Nintendo Switch Cases – Review Geek

The Nintendo Switch is a great console for taking out and about with you (or simply from room to room), but it’s also quite vulnerable. It’s thin, lightweight, and has a great screen that’s also easily prone to damage. We’ve looked at the best Nintendo Switch cases for keeping your beloved console safe from harm.

Each of these cases will protect your Nintendo Switch in a multitude of ways, from covering the screen to keeping the exterior of the device safe from scratches and bumps. There’s also typically room for a couple of accessories as well as a few game carts so you can simply pick up the case and go.

Let’s take a look at the best picks.

Best Padded Slim Case: Tomtoc Ultra Slim Carrying Case ($21)

Tomtoc Switch Carrying Case

The Tomtoc Ultra Slim Carrying Case looks like your typical slim case (albeit a bit more stylish), but the interior hides a superior layer of protection than you’ll find in most slim cases. Under the molded shell is a layer of impact foam that buffers your Switch from taking a hard hit if you drop it.

Despite the extra padding, it’s also a very slim and lightweight case that’s easy to toss into your bag or carry around via the hand strap. It’s splash proof too, and has a heavy-duty zipper so there are no weaknesses in the design.

Unfortunately, there’s no room for extra accessories such as the Switch dock, but there is a compartment for storing 10 game cartridges so you can take much of your game collection with you when you travel.

Best For Carrying Everything: Zadii Hard Carrying Case ($32)

Zadii Hard Carrying Case

For those times when you want to carry everything to do with your Nintendo Switch all at once, there’s the Zadii Hard Carrying Case. It’s a chunky attache style case that has enough room for the console, dock, power adaptor, joy-con grips, joy-con straps, HDMI cable, a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, and 21 game cards too. That should be enough for most users, right?

The case is comprised of high-quality pre-cut foam inserts that ensure each part of your Switch is kept safe and secure when in motion. The case itself is of the hard shell variety so you’re safe from drop damage.

A shoulder strap and non-slip handle complete the well thought out design so you can carry your durable case (with your Switch safe inside) in comfort.

Best Messenger Bag: PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag ($35)

PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag

A messenger bag almost always looks pretty stylish and that’s the case with the PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag. Adorned with the Nintendo Switch logo, it still blends in nicely with all other baggage because of its gray and sleek exterior.

Inside is a well-designed set of compartments with enough room to store your console, numerous accessories (including the dock and power cables) and game cards too. Basically, you’re unlikely to run out of room here with the compartments also offering velcro walls, much like you’ll find in premium camera bags, so you can reconfigure them according to your needs.

To round things off neatly, there’s also a removable portable case for your Switch so you can easily take it out of the bag while still protecting it via this smaller case. Clever, huh?

Best Lightweight Case: Orzly Carry Case ($12)

Orzly Carry Case

More than a few of us here at Review Geek own the Orzly Carry Case on account of what a great value it is. It’s super lightweight and offers a solid amount of protection at a reasonable price. It’s not as spacious as some of our other picks but it offers room for the console, cables, games, and even extra Joy-Cons. There’s no room for larger accessories like the pro controller or a dock, but it should be more than ample for many people’s needs.

A hard EVA shell keeps everything protected in a fall or bump while a soft inner material protects the Switch from scratches. The elastic straps are great for those times you open the case upside down or at an odd angle—no worries about it tumbled out unexpectedly. You can even slot the Switch into the lower compartment of the case and play it from there if you need a little extra protection or a flat surface to game from.

A hand strap means you can carry it around easily enough, kind of like a mini briefcase. It’s ideal for a variety of different situations.

Best Novelty Case: Funlab Travel Carrying Case ($34)

Funlab Travel Carrying Case

Particularly ideal for kids and kids at heart, the Funlab Travel Carrying Case looks like Mario if Mario was a little squashed and, well, headless. Ok, so the case is designed to look like Mario’s clothing rather than anything else, and it’s a good case at that.

Inside is room to put all things Switch from the console, dock, power cables, joy-con grips, straps, HDMI cable, and 14 game cards. Pre-cut foam protects it all so there’s a compartment for every occasion with a hard shell exterior ensuring it’s safe in a fall or knock too.

Novelty design aside, it’s a solid little case. Everything is organized well, and you’re unlikely to easily damage anything that’s contained within. Elastic bands also help keep things neat along with mesh pouches.

A shoulder strap and denim fabric handle make this an easy case to carry around too.

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