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How the coronavirus is changing tech and 5 things to do about it

Let’s start with the good news. Statistically speaking, the overwhelming probability is that you won’t get the so-called coronavirus (Covid-19). And if you do get it, you’ll very likely have a full recovery. The coronavirus is changing large-organization technology culture, practice and infrastructure faster than any event or phenomenon ever. At some point in the…

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Apple is changing the world of enterprise IT

I spoke with the CEO of one of Apple’s most recently announced enterprise mobility partners, Sunil Patro, founder and CEO at SignEasy, to learn more about Apple’s commitment to enterprise technology – and the growing importance of India to the tech economy. Apple is an enterprise company Apple’s focus on enterprise computing is intensifying, much…

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1Password is changing the way enterprises secure their data

Data breaches are a nightmare for any company. The expenses for mitigation and the loss of trust from customers and clients can be devastating, even putting some companies out of business. That’s why it’s so important to put security at the very core of your enterprise; it shouldn’t be an afterthought.  That’s where 1Password Business…

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Filter Google Sheets Data without Changing What Collaborators See

Filters in Google Sheets let you analyze data in your document by showing only the things you want. However, it changes how others see the document, too. Here’s how to use filter views to leave each collaborator’s view unchanged. Fire up Google Sheets and open up a spreadsheet to get started. Click Data > Filter…

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Did you try changing the channel?

VP for this manufacturing company has two large TV screens in his office that display real-time metrics and machine details for the manufacturing floor in the production facility. The info is fed to the TVs by a laptop that sits on the VP’s desk. One day the VP contacts the support team to report that this…

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