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How Hackers Spread Malware Using COVID-19 Contact-Tracers

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the globe, governments are banding together to track the rate of infection. Unfortunately, hackers are keen to exploit the fear and confusion to spread malware via fake contact-tracing apps. Let’s look at how a hacker can use the coronavirus panic to deliver malware onto people’s phones. What Is a…

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How AI helps scientists fight COVID-19

Hosts Juliet Beauchamp and Ken Mingis talk with guests about the latest tech trends and news. Audio Artificial intelligence is useful for sorting through massive amounts of data and identifying anomalies within that data. Given the swaths of data healthcare workers and scientists are sorting through due to the coronavirus pandemic, Artificial intelligence and machine…

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Technologies that have been jump-started by COVID-19

It’s an ill wind that blows no one any good. True, the coronavirus pandemic is destroying large swathes of the economy. In particular, small businesses are being clobbered. Some kinds of businesses, such as hotels and restaurants, are in even more hot water. But some smaller technology models have gotten a huge boost from the…

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COVID-19 crisis accelerates rise of virtual call centers

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed IT leaders to move at breakneck pace and accomplish objectives they never conceived likely, let alone possible. Perhaps nowhere has this been more acute than in the call center. T-Mobile, for instance, sent 12,000 customer representatives located in 17 call centers around the globe to work from home in the…

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