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Microsoft Edge Doesn’t Wait for Permission to Import Your Data

Microsoft Most browsers offer to import your data from other browsers when you first install them. That’s pretty handy when you’re making the switch from Firefox to Chrome, for example. But it appears Microsoft’s Edge browser is a little too proactive—it imports your data from Chrome and Firefox before asking your permission. As spotted by…

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Apple publishes Maps mobility data to aid COVID-19 struggle

Apple has published deeply interesting mobility data that shows how people’s walking, driving and public transit use has changed across the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re travelling a lot less The information shows huge reductions in travel taken across most countries and larger cities globally. In London, UK, people are using public transit 89% less frequently than…

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Protect your data to protect your business

The most important thing your business provides isn’t a service or a product. It’s trust. And it comes from letting your customers and employees know that you’re protecting your business—and their data—against cyberattacks. Building a foundation for trust isn’t easy. Cyberthreats continue to grow in number and complexity as businesses shift more of their operations…

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U.S. Air Force to pilot blockchain-based database for data sharing

The U.S. Air Force (USAF) is planning to test a blockchain-based graph database that will allow it to share documents internally as well as throughout the various branches of the Department of Defense and allied governments. The permissioned blockchain ledger comes from a small Winston-Salem, N.C. start-up, Fluree PBC, which announced the government contract this week….

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