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Flashback Friday: Oh, did I say 30 DAYS?

This pilot fish gets an email from a user who can’t open the program used to track equipment calibration, so she takes the short walk to the user’s desk. There, she finds that the user is getting a “data file not found” message when he tries to open the program. Says fish: “I opened the…

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All in a day’s work

This pilot fish supports a couple of clients that use satellite internet. Fish has used his own email address to set them both up with the small service provider, and it’s not a problem because the login is by client number. But then that small service provider is bought by a bigger one, which gets…

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JNUC 2019: For enterprise pros, it’s like the old days of Apple events

MINNEAPOLIS – “This reminds me of one of the old Apple events,” Apple’s one-time product manager of automation technologies, Sal Soghoian said as we entered the opening Jamf keynote speech at JNUC 2019 earlier this week. I couldn’t help but agree with him by the time the event was winding down. Enterprise and Apple evangelism All…

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Time-Machine Tuesday: She’s in the dark most days

This help desk pilot fish works for a service company that handles support for a group of travel agents. “User calls to report that her terminal screen is blank,” fish reports. “After I run through several procedures for about 45 minutes to no avail, I ask user to look on the back of the monitor…

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With Windows Virtual Desktop, the bad old days are coming back

I’ve been saying for a while now that Microsoft wants you to move from Windows on your desktop to Windows as a service. I’ve rarely gotten so little pleasure from saying I was right. In the last few weeks, Microsoft rolled out Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). If you have a fast internet connection to an…

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