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How to Make Sure Your Black Friday Deal Is a Massive Bargain

Black Friday and Cyber Monday promise to give you the biggest discounts across the entire shopping year. There are, without doubt, attractive discounts. But at times, you might feel like the discounts aren’t quite what they could be. Black Friday deals can feel overwhelming.

Here are several tips you need to make sure you bag a great Black Friday deal.

1. Check the Price History

amazon deal price runner

The first thing you need to check is your Black Friday deal price history. One of the accusations leveled at stores and online retailers is that they ramp up prices before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Once the higher price is established, the retailer drops the price and advertises the large discount.

It is an easy win-win strategy for retailers.

You can beat manipulated prices using a price history tracking website. Price history sites track the price of a product across a long period. You head to the price checker site and search for your product, then figure out if the Black Friday deal is as good as it seems.

One of the most popular price checker sites is CamelCamelCamel, which tracks price changes on Amazon.

Alternatively, check out PriceRunner for a more extensive range of prices from a wider range of sites.

Visit: Camelcamelcamel

Visit: PriceRunner

2. Check Black Friday Price Comparison Sites

camelcamelcamel amazon price history

With so many Black Friday deals popping up, figuring out who has the best price is difficult. Websites and other retailers will tell you that their deal is best. Understandably, they want a sale. However, it doesn’t take long to complete a quick internet search to figure out if the deal on offer is what it seems.

You don’t need any special tools to check Black Friday prices. The easiest option is to search for the product online and compare the prices between websites.

As part of this, do not consider any Black Friday discount or deal before you check. It only takes a moment but could stop you from paying over the odds for a discounted product.

3. What Is the RRP?

List Price on Amazon

One of the first things you should check on any deal is the RRP. That’s the Recommended Retail Price. It can also be mentioned as List Price by sites like Amazon.

The RRP of any product is the sale price that the manufacturer recommends. The RRP gives retailers the opportunity to twist the appearance of a sale price in their favor.

In some cases, the Black Friday RRP is drastically out of date. The website might display a higher RRP than the regular price to give any discount a higher percentage.

For example, if a product RRP is $100 and the site advertises $90, that’s a 10% saving. However, if the site regularly sells the product at $90 regardless of the sale, you are not receiving a discount. The site is manipulating the price to make it appear as a discount.

What Is the MSRP?

The MSRP is the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. An MSRP is analogous to an RRP.

4. Check for Black Friday Qualifying Offers

Another key price point differentiator is a Qualifying Offer. Some advertisers will display a fantastic price that you just cannot say no too. However, on closer inspection, you realize that the price is only available if you also purchase another product, deal, subscription, or otherwise.

A qualifying offer can quickly strip back any potential discount. Some websites are notorious for displaying an amazing discount price, only to reveal that massive discounts are only available for long term members. Or that the discount miraculously reduces after you sign up for the service.

Qualifying offers are open to abuse. Depending on your country, advertisers may manipulate figures to make the qualifying deal an intriguing proposition.

Black Friday Small Print

The other thing to check as part of qualifying offers is the small print. Retailers and manufacturers rely on you not checking the small print on Black Friday.

If you don’t read the small print, you could sign up for something or service (or stop yourself from using one!) without realizing it.

It is easily done. The length and depth of the fine print for many sites, services, and products means that many people skip through the details. As consumers believe most sites and services won’t cause them harm or otherwise, they breeze through the small print without considering the implications.

5. Set Black Friday Budgets and Product Targets

One common Black Friday tip is to set targets. Don’t head into the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales without taking a moment to figure out what you’re looking for.

If you head into Black Friday without a purpose, you will come home without the hardware and the deals you want.

You don’t have to know exactly what you want—but it does help. However, if you want to buy a specific product on Black Friday, make sure you understand the current price for your product so you can understand if your Black Friday deal is really a deal.

Another thing to consider is the type of product you’re buying. Some products attract consistently higher discounts than others; here are the best things to buy on Black Friday

10 Best Things to Buy on Black Friday That Save You the Most Money

10 Best Things to Buy on Black Friday That Save You the Most Money

Here are some of the best items you should buy on Black Friday if you’re looking for great deals.
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with those extra discounts.

6. Set Black Friday Price Alerts

Watch This Deal button on Amazon

Tying into your Black Friday price and product targets are price alarms or deal alerts. Even if you don’t use a price alarm for the rest of the year, it is a great idea to use a Black Friday price alarm.

The price of a product can change so rapidly on Black Friday or Cyber Monday that you can miss a quick deal. If you’re tracking the price, you’ll understand if the Black Friday discount is a real bargain.

Use a product price alarm or a deal alert to keep your eyes on the Black Friday prize. Most price alert websites or services will drop you an alert straight to your inbox. If you set alerts for the products you want most, you’ll pick up a Black Friday Bargain.

Some Black Friday deal alert tools to consider include:

You’re a Black Friday Deal Finding Expert

Everyone is out for a Black Friday deal. The allure of massive discounts on a huge range of products before the holiday period is enticing. Make sure that you don’t fall for a Black Friday pricing trick ahead of the big day using these tips.

If you’re a regular Amazon shopper, check out the best Amazon bargain hunting sites

The 5 Best Amazon Price Watch Trackers for Bargain Hunters

The 5 Best Amazon Price Watch Trackers for Bargain Hunters

Want to find the best deals when shopping online? Run a check on an Amazon item’s price history before you hit the buy button.
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to get yourself a deal.

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Get 70% off NordVPN Virtual Private Network Service + 3 months free – Deal Alert

Get their popular 3-year plan for 70% off + 3 months free. NordVPN gives you a private and fast path through the public Internet. All of your data is protected every step of the way using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256 bit-keys – also used by the US government to secure classified information and by the NSA to protect national security data. Access Hulu, Netflix, BBC, ITV, Sky, RaiTV and much more from anywhere in the world. Choose from over 5218 NordVPN servers in 59 countries and enjoy unmetered access for 6 simultaneous devices. NordVPN is based away from the EU and US jurisdictions and has no obligation to collect your personal information. You’re sure to find dozens of good uses for a VPN. Take advantage of the current 70% off deal that makes all of this available to you for just $3.49/month for a 3-year plan (access deal here) plus they’re throwing in 3 free months on top. This is a special deal available for a limited time.

Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details.

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What’s the Best Streaming Service Deal?

Philo vs. Sling TV… which is the best streaming service? As more and more players enter the market, it’s becoming increasingly hard to determine an answer.

For many people, the decision is driven by cost. Philo and Sling are two of the leading budget streaming services available, but which offers the best deal?

In this article we pit Philo vs. Sling TV. We’ll tell you about both services, compare their streaming plans, discuss additional features, and pick a winner.

Philo vs. Sling: Background

Although Philo has been around since 2009 (then called Tivli), it only began offering a streaming service in late 2017. At the time of writing, it has amassed 50,000 subscribers and a string of high-profile investors, including Mark Cuban, HBO, and Facebook co-founder Andrew McCollum. Today, it is jointly owned by A&E, AMC, Discovery, and Viacom.

Sling is a newer company (it was founded in 2015) but has offered streaming services since its inception. It is owned by Dish Network. Unlike Philo, Sling TV benefits from extensive brand recognition and a much larger userbase. At the time of writing it has 2.5 million subscribers.

Philo vs. Sling: Cost

sling price and channels

Philo offers a single package to its users. It costs $20/month and includes 58 television channels. If you’re a new subscriber, you can benefit from a seven-day free trial. And when you do sign up, you will not be tied down to a lengthy contract; you can cancel and restart your plan at any time and as frequently as you wish.

Sling TV has two packages: Sling Blue and Sling Orange. They each cost $25/month. Sling Orange offers 32 channels; Sling Blue includes 47 channels. If you want access to the full set of content, you need to sign up for the $40/month combined package. Like Philo, you can take advantage of a seven-day free trial before you commit, and you’re free to cancel your plan at any time.

Philo vs. Sling: Channel Availability

philo channels and price

Aside from price, another key aspect of establishing which is the best streaming service is the availability of channels.

Firstly, let’s look at Sling TV Orange vs. Blue. There is some channel overlap between them. Both packages include TNT, AMC, CNN, Comedy Central, History Channel, A&E, The Travel Channel, Cartoon Network, Newsy, BBC America, Comet, Food Network, HGTV, and TLC.

The differences appear when you look at the premium channels. Channels that are exclusive to Sling Orange include Disney Channel, ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, Freeform, and Motor Trend. Sling Blue has more exclusives, including Discovery Channel, E!, FOX, FOX Sports, FS1, FS2, National Geographic, NBC, NBC Sports, NFL Network, Nick Jr., and Paramount Network. Sling Blue also offers local channels from FOX and NBC in some markets.

These variances cause issues for sports lovers and families with kids. ESPN is on Orange, while FOX Sports is on Blue. Disney is on Orange, while Nickelodeon is on Blue.

Philo has no such discrepancies. It only offers a single plan to its users. Some of the most noteworthy channels on the service include A&E, AMC, Animal Planet, BBC America, BBC World News, Comedy Central, Discovery, DIY Network, HGTV, History Channel, MTV, Nick Jr., Nickelodeon, VH1, and TLC.

Readers with a keen eye for detail will have noticed some glaring omissions. Significantly, Philo does not carry any sports channels and does not offer any domestic news channels. Philo also does not offer any local channels. For many users, that makes the service entirely unsuitable.

Philo vs. Sling: Add-Ons

sling add ons list

Philo’s channel lineup is fixed; the company does not provide any add-ons or additional packages.

In contrast, Sling offers a few add-ons for users with niche interests. For example, several Spanish-language add-ons are available. For $5/month/region, you can watch channels from Mexico, Spain, South America, Central America, or the Caribbean.

There are also additional packages for comedy, premium channels, sports, kids, news, lifestyle, Hollywood, outdoor living, and international channels. Again, each additional package is $5/month.

Philo vs. Sling: Country Restrictions

Both Philo and Sling are only available to people living within the United States. If you want to access the plans from other territories, you need to use a high-quality paid VPN.

If you don’t have a VPN plan, MakeUseOf recommends signing up with either ExpressVPN or CyberGhost.

Philo vs. Sling: App Availability

philo apps list

Philo has apps available for Roku, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, iOS, and Fire TV. Sling supports those six platforms, but also has apps for AirTV, LG webOS, and Xbox. And unlike Philo, Sling TV is also Chromecast-enabled.

Both services have browser-based web apps.

Philo vs. Sling: Other Features

If you still can’t decide which is the best streaming service for your needs, perhaps some of the services’ additional features might help to crystallize your thoughts.

For example, Sling has some differences between its packages regarding the number of simultaneous streams. Sling Orange only allows you to watch one stream at a time, whereas Sling Blue increases the number to three. And if you subscribe to Orange + Blue, you can watch on four screens simultaneously. Philo offers three simultaneous streams for all of its subscribers.

Philo also includes the ability to record shows and watch them for up to 30 days after they aired. There is no restriction on the number of shows you can record.

If you want to record shows on Sling TV, you will need to subscribe to the Cloud DVR add-on for $5/month. All your recordings will be available forever; you do not need to watch them within a 30-day period. Furthermore, your recordings will still be available if you leave as a customer and then return at some point in the future.

NB: Check out our article looking at the best streaming services with family plans

The 9 Best Streaming Services That Offer Shared Family Plans

The 9 Best Streaming Services That Offer Shared Family Plans

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for more information.

Philo vs. Sling: Which Is the Best Streaming Service?

So, Philo vs. Sling TV Orange vs. Blue—which is the best streaming service for you? It’s a difficult question to answer. If money is no object, then the Sling Orange + Blue package with the entire suite of add-ons is the best solution. However, if you’re an occasional TV watcher with no interest in sports content, we’d recommend going for Philo as the budget option.

To learn more, be sure to read our article listing the best TV streaming services

The Best Streaming TV Services (Free and Paid)

The Best Streaming TV Services (Free and Paid)

Here are the best free streaming TV apps and the best paid streaming TV apps for all your entertainment needs.
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available right now.

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What’s the Deal with All These Teal Pumpkins? – LifeSavvy

boy holding a pumpkin painted teal

Over the last few years, you might have noticed more and more homes have teal pumpkins on their porches come Halloween. It’s more than a decorating trend: It’s a movement to help kids with allergies have a safe Halloween.

In 2012, a woman named Becky Basalone was pondering how to make Halloween less stressful for kids with food allergies. When exposure to nuts and other common ingredients in Halloween treats can send you to the hospital in a heartbeat, trick-or-treating without apprehension can be tough. Her idea? People could stock non-food items to hand out and place a pumpkin painted teal—the color used by food-allergy awareness groups—on their front step.

Her idea took off. In 2014, Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness of food allergies, teamed up with her to promote the idea.

So how can you participate? While you can read up on the Teal Pumpkin Project on the official site (and even print some cool signs to put in your window), participating is as simple as putting out a teal pumpkin—either by painting your own or picking up a pumpkin at one of the many big box retailers that now carry them like Target—and stocking non-food treats to hand out.

Although you can hand out anything from little spooky trinkets to stickers to erasers, we think a great option is glow sticks. Not only is it cheap to buy hundreds of glow-stick bracelets, but kids also love them and anything that increases visibility on Halloween night helps keep everyone safe.

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How to Make Sure a Deal Is Really a Deal – Review Geek

The Prime Day banner inspected under a magnifying glass.

While a deal or discount may look great at first glance, you can probably get an even better one. Whether it’s Prime Day or a regular old Tuesday, a quick deal-check can save you some cash.

Deal-checking is a relatively straightforward (albeit, tedious) process. In essence, you’re just checking that a deal is really a deal. Retailers are super-competitive and crafty. They like to get people hyped up for “deal days” (like Prime Day or Black Friday) and capitalize on that energy by offering mild discounts, rather than great deals. Sometimes, the best deals don’t even happen on those “deal days,” they just pop up a few times a year. So, how do you make sure you’re getting the best deal possible?

Check Other Retailers’ Websites

Online retailers are viciously competitive. When there’s a good discount on one website, another always tries to match it. Target and eBay are even hosting their own “deal days” on Amazon Prime Day this year.

Before jumping on a potential deal, take a minute to see if other retailers are offering a better price. We like to use the search function on Slickdeals, a website that aggregates and organizes deals across the web.

But, if you aren’t having any luck with Slickdeals, you can make a manual price comparison. Check whether major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target have better discounts, or search a bit deeper with websites like Woot, Rakuten, and Groupon.

Check the Product’s Price History

It’s important to understand that, even if you can’t find a better price for a product that’s on sale right now, it may hit an even lower price in the future. Sale prices fluctuate over time, and popular products (especially smarthome products) routinely jump between sale prices from week to week.

So, before buying that “discounted” smart toaster, you should look up its price history. The most popular price tracking website is camelcamelcamel. It creates price history graphs for every product on Amazon in real-time, so you can quickly check if a discount is a good deal. Yes, Amazon isn’t the only store in the world, but it routinely matches the discounts of its competitors, so it’s a good reference point for the market as a whole.

A camelcamelcamel price chart for the Amazon Echo Dot.

You can also check a product’s discount history on Slickdeals. Just search for the product, and you’ll see how much it’s sold for in the past.

If you want to take things a step further, you can set up camelcamelcamel and Slickdeals to alert you for deals and discounts on select products. You can even import your Amazon Wishlists into camelcamelcamel, so you never miss a deal.

Use a Browser Extension for Easy Deal-Checking and Coupons

Of course, jumping between websites to double-check the quality of a deal is tedious work. If you want to verify that you’re getting a good deal without digging around the internet, try some browser extensions.

We’ve put together a handy list of deal-checking and money-saving extensions for your convenience. These are Chrome extensions that also work with Edge Chromium and Opera. If you use Firefox, you should be able to find most of these on the Firefox add-on store:

  • PriceAdvanceThis is the real deal-checking extension. Before buying a product, PriceAdvance notifies you if it’s cheaper anywhere else. It also automatically applies coupons to your purchases, so you save a little extra.
  • camelcamelcamelNaturally, the camelcamelcamel extension is just a miniature version of the website. You can use it to check price history and set up deal alerts on the fly.
  • KeepaLike camelcamelcamel, Keepa tracks Amazon price history and has a handy deal alert feature. It’s worth checking out if you don’t like the camelcamelcamel interface.
  • Amazon AssistantEssentially, this extension tells you if Amazon has a better price for products on other websites. It also sends you some daily deals and allows you to track Amazon orders.
  • HoneyThis handy extension automatically applies coupon codes to all of your purchases. It also allows you to accumulate reward points, which can be exchanged for gift cards. It doesn’t track deals, but it’s good for saving money.
  • WikiBuy from Capital One: Like Honey, WikiBuy automatically applies coupons and accumulates reward points for your purchases.
  • Rakuten (Formerly EBates)Another coupon extension. This one is ideal for people that like to shop on Rakuten’s web store, as it can help you accumulate discount points for future purchases.

Just keep in mind, these extensions view your web activity, which isn’t ideal for privacy-junkies.

Now you’re all set to tackle Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any ordinary day that you come across a potentially great deal. Just keep in mind that a good mix of browser extensions and manual deal-checking is the best way to make sure you’re getting a real deal.

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How to Deal With a Talkative Coworker – LifeSavvy

Talkative person distracts their coworker at the office

We’ve all been there before: you’re on a tight deadline, staring down a mountain of work, and your chatty officemate won’t leave you alone. What do you do? Here’s how to get back to work without ruffling any feathers.

Sure it’s fun to take a break now and then to chat about stuff with your coworkers, but we’ve all had a coworker (or three) that spends way too much time talking you up and way too little time letting you focus and get work done. Here’s how to manage that.

Let Them Know You Need to Get Back to Work

The first way to stop a chatty coworker is to politely, but firmly, tell them that you need to get back to work.

Wait for a lull in the conversation and then say, “I’d love to continue this conversation, but I’ve got to get back to work.” Adding in something about a deadline or a deliverable that you’re working towards will help add credence to your excuse. Everybody understands the pressure of work and deadline and the idea that you’d love to chat some more, but you also don’t want to get in trouble for slacking off is very relatable.

If they show no signs of slowing down in the conversation, it’s okay to interrupt them politely. Try something like, “I’m so sorry for interrupting, but I have to get back to work. Can we finish this conversation at lunch?” Setting a specific time to talk again will help ease the sting of your conversation shut down.

Wear Headphones

If you’re looking to get some solid, focused work time without interruption, wearing headphones is a visible sign that you’re not open for engagement. If you have long hair, make sure your headphones are easy to spot, so people don’t think you’re simply ignoring them.

You don’t even necessarily need to listen to anything. Even just a big pair of over-the-ear headphones will dampen office noise a bit and make it look like you’re not readily available.

Turn On Your “Do Not Disturb”

Talkative coworkers don’t just show up in person! If you work remotely and use an office communication tool like Slack, you might get trapped into talking with a chatty peer, too.

If you’re working in Slack (or something like that), you can use statuses or emojis to indicate that you’re not open for conversation. Try putting up a stop sign emoji or writing an away message. If your communication tool doesn’t allow status, like Basecamp, you can let the main work channel know that you’re going into focus mode and would appreciate people limiting their interruptions. If all else fails, turn off your notifications.

Are you working in a traditional office setup? Put up a whiteboard or sign that says you’re busy working on a project. The visual cue will help stop conversations before they start.

Schedule a Meeting

If your coworkers tend to start talking about work topics in the break room or around the water cooler, ask if you can schedule a meeting to finish the conversation. Planning a meeting will allow you to prepare for the discussion, as well as make it more likely that you’ll be able to create actionable items and to-dos to move the project forward.

Speak to a Supervisor

If all else fails, you can speak to a supervisor about your chatty coworker. This should only be done as a last resort and only if your best efforts at dissuading them from socializing with you all day have failed.

If the problem is simply that the person talks too much, not something more severe like sexual harassment, definitely try to resolve it by yourself before involving HR.

Remember, Not All Small Talk Is Bad

Finally, remember that not all small talk is bad! Chatting with your coworkers can improve your relationships and make you more excited to go to work. There are a time and a place for talking with people at work (some people need a little nudge to let you get down to the real business of working now and then).

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Get Apple AirPods for Cheap With 4 Deal Websites

After early ridicule, Apple AirPods have become an increasingly common sight.

Unfortunately, Apple’s wireless headphones don’t come cheap. If you buy them directly via the Apple website, you can expect to pay $159 for a set with a wired charging case and $199 for AirPods with a wireless charging case.

So, where you can find cheap Apple AirPods? Keep reading to find out.

airpods mac of all trades stock

Mac of all Trades is an online store that specializes in selling refurbished Apple hardware. The store comes with a strong reputation. Since its founding back in 1995, it has become one of the most popular places to buy second-hand Macs.

Because Mac of All Trades can only sell what it has in stock at a given moment, the availability of refurbished AirPods can fluctuate. Demand is high; when some do become available, they quickly sell out. There are often times when the site has none in stock.

As per the company’s FAQ page:

“The current stock count of each model is noted in its listing and updates real-time.”

However, if you’re not in a rush to get your hands on a pair, it makes sense to bide your time and watch the site for a couple of weeks. When AirPods are available on Mac of All Trades, the prices are often unbeatable. The many discounts mean the store usually is cheaper than Apple’s refurbished hardware store.

All the products you buy from Mac of All Trades come with a 90-day warranty. There’s also a 14-day guaranteed refund period.

2. Amazon

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods

Buy Now On Amazon

If you’d prefer to buy a pair of new Apple AirPods, Amazon is an essential store to keep your eye on.

As is often the case on Amazon, you can pick up a good deal if you’re happy to wait. There are often flash discounts that last for a few days, as well as the big annual events like Black Friday and Prime Day.

To underscore the difficulty of landing yourself Apple AirPods for cheap, even the mighty Amazon is often out of stock on the latest model.

The best way to maximize your chances of getting Apple AirPods for the lowest price is to subscribe to Prime. You’ll get access to sales exclusively available to Prime members, along with free shipping.

Remember, if you’re a student, you can join the Prime Student plan. It offers significant additional savings.

3. Newegg

We’re big fans of Newegg, so it won’t surprise you to to learn that the company offers perhaps the best selection of cheap Apple AirPods.

Several new and refurbished Apple AirPods are available. There are listings for both the latest and previous- generation models. Prices can fluctuate on a site like Newegg, but at the time of writing, the cheapest Apple AirPods available were a refurbished pair for $139. The most expensive was in excess of $200.

If you’ve never bought on Newegg before, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The site offers a full return policy for items it ships and has a Marketplace Guarantee for third-party sellers.

4. Best Buy

best buy airpods search store

Best Buy is another store that offers both new and refurbished Apple AirPods; it occasionally offers substantial discounts too. It’s also the only shop on this list that has a physical presence. If you go to your local Best Buy store, you might be able to find a deal that’s not available on the web.

At of this writing, the prices on the refurbished models vary between $155 and $200, depending on the condition and the generation.

New AirPods on Best Buy’s website are the regular price. Again, keep your eyes peeled for cheaper AirPods on Black Friday.

Don’t Forget to Look for Coupon Codes

Before you convince yourself that you’ve found the cheapest AirPods, you should do a quick scan on various coupon sites to see if you can bag yourself an additional few dollars of discount.

A couple of coupon sites worth checking out are:

  • RetailMeNot: Has savings for several Apple products across a number of websites. There are even some savings available for Apple’s official online store.
  • SlickDeals: Lets you search by product and by store, giving you the best possible chance to find yourself a bargain.

Both RetailMeNot and SlickDeals will apply your discount at checkout—just make sure you start your hunt by clicking on the appropriate link on the sites’ homepages. And remember to be smart in your search. For example, you might be able to find a discount coupon for a store that stocks Apple AirPods, rather than for the specific product itself.

Apple AirPods Cheap Alternatives

Apple products are expensive. If you’ve checked out a few of the stores we’ve talked about, you’ll quickly see that huge discounts on AirPods are almost non-existent. Perhaps it’s worth checking out some cheap alternatives to Apple AirPods instead.

Here are our top three picks:

Samsung Galaxy Buds: The most significant difference between the Samsung Galaxy Buds and AirPods is the way they sound; the Galaxy Buds have in-ear noise cancellation to block out external noise.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Buy Now On Amazon

Soundcore Anker Liberty Air: A set of Soundcore Anker Liberty Air buds are even cheaper than the Galaxy Buds. They offer five hours of battery life and come with three different-sized ear tips.

Soundcore Wireless Earphones

Soundcore Wireless Earphones

Buy Now On Amazon

Treblab X5: The best budget AirPod alternative is the Treblab X5. These wireless earphones are specifically for use when exercising. The clever hook and lightweight design mean they won’t fall out of your ear, even during vigorous movement.

Treblab X5 Wireless Earbuds

Treblab X5 Wireless Earbuds

Buy Now On Amazon

Where to Buy Cheap AirPods

So after all this, where is the best place to find cheap Apple AirPods?

Sadly, there’s no right answer. The high demand means that savings are hard to find. The only way to score yourself a great deal is to be patient and monitor all the sites in tandem. If you see a deal that looks unusually good, grab it while you can.

Once you score some AirPods, have a look at our AirPods tips

8 Apple AirPods Tips for Maximum Enjoyment

8 Apple AirPods Tips for Maximum Enjoyment

Want to get more out of your Apple AirPods? These tips will help you customize and get more enjoyment out of AirPods.
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to get even more out of them.

Explore more about: Apple AirPods, Buying Tips, Headphones, .

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Buy Cheap Apple Watches With These Deal Finding Tricks

The Apple Watch is an incredibly useful gadget, and it’s only getting better with time. However, it’s not exactly affordable, especially when buying brand-new. If you’re looking to buy a cheap Apple Watch, you have to be vigilant.

We’re here to help you shop. Here are a few tricks to buy an Apple Watch at a price you’re comfortable with.

Which Apple Watch Are You Looking For?

Before you start looking for deals, it’s good to have an idea of what model Apple Watch you want to buy. If you’re just looking for whatever is available, it can make choosing the right deal more difficult.

Those looking for an Apple Watch Series 4 will have the hardest time finding a deal since it’s the newest model. Keeping that in mind, the Apple Watch Series 3 and other watches are easier to find at a discount now that they’re no longer top of the line.

Sites to Keep an Eye on for Cheap Apple Watches

One resource to keep in mind is Mac of All Trades. It doesn’t always have Apple Watches in stock, but when it does, you’re likely to get a good deal on them. We’ve previously mentioned this site as one of the best places to sell your old Apple devices.

You should also keep in mind the Refurbished section of Apple’s website. Its prices generally won’t be as good as Mac of all Trades, but you will find Apple Watches for sale more often.

Deals on Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4

The most recent model is always the hardest to find a deal on. Right now, you’re not all that likely to find an Apple Watch sale that includes the Series 4. They occasionally appear on the Apple Refurbished site, but Mac of all Trades doesn’t even have a section for this model yet.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is available in 40mm and 44mm sizes, and comes with 16GB of storage. You have a choice of whether or not to opt for cellular service. It features wireless charging, packs up to 18 hours of battery life, and has an IP rating of IPX7. This means you can safely immerse it in around three feet of water.

If you’re looking for a discount on an Apple Watch Series 4, your best bet is to keep an eye out on major shopping holidays. You might find a store-wide Apple Watch discount that could include the latest model.

Deals on Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 is a prime target for deals now, as the introduction of the Apple Watch Series 4 saw prices drop for the previous model. Both Mac of all Trades and the Apple Refurbished Store frequently have this one on sale.

While the Series 3 isn’t a major upgrade over the Series 2, it does have some neat features. This model introduced cellular connectivity and GPS, both of which are great for people who want to stay connected on a run without carrying their phone. It’s available in 38mm and 42mm sizes.

You’ll find deals on the Apple Watch Series 3 year-round, on both the standard and LTE-equipped models. Still, shopping holidays may get you the best deals if you’re willing to hold out.

Deals on Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch Series 2 was the first to really focus on fitness. While the first Apple Watch had some fitness tracking features, the Series 2 doubled down. Now that the Apple Watch Series 4 is out, you’ll be able to find it cheaper than ever, making it a good Fitbit alternative.

Despite its age, the Apple Watch Series 2 runs the latest version of watchOS. Onboard storage is 8GB, but it can only hold 2GB of music and 75MB of photos. Battery life, like the Apple Watch Series 4, can range up to 18 hours.

You’ll also find this one through Mac of All Trades, though the Apple Refurbished Store only sells Series 3 and Series 4 models. Keep eBay in mind, as plenty of people are looking to sell their Series 2 watches to upgrade to a newer version. If you’re looking for a cheap Apple Watch that still has plenty of features, this may be your best bet.

Deals on Apple Watch Series 1

Apple Watch Series 1

If you don’t need or want the fitness features baked into the Apple Watch Series 2, the older Series 1 could work fine for you. As it’s an older model, you’ll get the lowest prices here, and a cheap Apple Watch is still better than many other smart watches.

Just beware of the limitations with this. This is the only model without the IPX7 certification, as it’s only splash-proof. You might be safe taking a shower with it on, but you probably shouldn’t, just to keep it safe. Like the others aside from the Apple Watch Series 4, this comes in 38mm and 42mm options.

Deals on Apple Watch Series 0

Apple Watch Series 0

This is the original Apple Watch, and frankly, it’s not really worth buying these days. Yes, it might the easiest Apple Watch discount to find, but you’ll probably pay a similar price as the Series 1.

If you’re looking for one of these, you can still find them via Mac of All Trades. You can get them via eBay too, but watch out. Because these devices are years old, you could end up buying one that barely holds a battery charge.

Deals on Apple Watch Bands and Straps

The above deals only apply to the actual watch body of the Apple Watch. Don’t forget that you’ll probably want to have a few bands to choose from. Fortunately, these are much easier to find a deal on thanks to multiple third-party band suppliers.

You’ll usually want one fancier watch band for special occasions, but this won’t cut it everywhere. For one, it probably won’t do you any favors on a run—you don’t want to sweat all over it.

New bands come out on retailers like Amazon all the time, and they’re usually cheap. Just keep an eye out for a specific type or color you have in mind, and you’ll find it before long. We’ve rounded up some great Apple Watch sports bands

10 Expensive Apple Watch Sports Bands for Cheap

10 Expensive Apple Watch Sports Bands for Cheap

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for you to check out.

Make the Most of Your Apple Watch

With a bit of patience and the right timing, you can purchase a cheap Apple Watch that you’ll love. But once you have the device, there’s a lot to learn in order to make the most of it.

To unlock your watch’s full potential, check out some of the Apple Watch’s killer tricks

7 Killer Apple Watch Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

7 Killer Apple Watch Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

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