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Lululemon Accessorizes Its Corporate Assets With Digital Fitness Coach Mirror

Mirror Lululemon Athletica, known for its trendy line of yoga clothing, wants to stretch out its reach into new markets. The company has announced that it’s buying Mirror, a startup that sells a digital screen-mirror-device and accompanying subscription to guide home gym workouts and general fitness. Lululemon is paying $500 million for the new acquisition….

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How to Use the KonMari Method to Declutter Your Digital Life

The KonMari method took the internet by storm, giving us a new way to look at our belongings and analyze if they “spark joy.” While this is a useful way to clean up your home, why not use this same method to give your computer the Marie Kondo treatment? Let’s explore how the KonMari method…

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The critical need for AI digital assistants

One of the fascinating long-term discussions of the future is whether we’re trending toward the world in the book 1984 or Brave New World.  While most of us thought we were on track for Aldous Huxley’s vision, the future envisioned by George Orwell seems more plausible now. In Brave New World, the problem is one…

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You’re (Probably) Doing Digital Accessibility Wrong

Thirty years after the historic passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the landmark legislation that transformed the US’s workplaces and common spaces for the better, so much of our lives have moved out of the physical world and into the digital one. The urgency of equality — and the need to ensure that web…

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