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How to Disable the Screenshot Preview Thumbnails on a Mac

When you take a screenshot on a Mac, macOS usually displays a tiny thumbnail of the screenshot in the lower-right corner of the screen for a few moments before saving the image. If you find this annoying, it’s easy to turn off. Here’s how. Why Even Have a Thumbnail? You might be wondering: why show…

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How to Disable Notifications From Any App in Android

Notifications on your phone can be a pain, especially for insignificant apps. It’s a good idea to block notifications, especially at work. Studies have found that notifications ruin your concentration, even if it’s a small beep. In fact, it’s as disruptive as actually using your phone. Here’s how to turn off notifications on Android altogether,…

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How to Disable Interactive Pop-Up Ads on Your Roku TV

AhmadDanialZulhilmi/ Roku TVs are now displaying pop-up advertisements over commercials on live TV. Whether you’re watching cable TV or free OTA channels via an antenna, you’ll see an occasional Roku advertisement above a commercial. Here’s how to disable them. These ads were first spotted by Cord Cutters News. An advertisement promoting “Ghost Town” on the…

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How to Disable the Apple Watch’s Always-On Display

Justin Duino Early Apple Wach models lacked one significant feature: an always-on display. That changed with the Series 5, which includes a low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) display. The option shouldn’t affect the Apple Watch’s battery life, but here’s how to turn it off. Disable It from the Apple Watch Start by pressing the Apple Watch’s digital…

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