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Flashback Friday: Just don’t say a word to the bank

This small vendor provides software to big banks, says a pilot fish who helps keep everything running. “Part of our job requires supporting the installation at the customer, who happens to be far, far away,” fish says. “In order to do this remotely, we need to VPN into the bank’s network so we can troubleshoot…

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Apple Watch’s planned handwashing reminder feature? I don’t trust it

When Apple rolled out its planned changes for iOS 14 and its companion WatchOS 7– both are expected to be available for download in mid-September – it included a variety of interesting tweaks. Two stood out as especially interesting: a COVID-friendly Watch handwashing app and an enterprise-IT-friendly facial recognition app for video cameras and doorbells….

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Don’t Panic, but do make this month’s Patch Tuesday a priority

Given that 113 updates arrived for April‘s Patch Tuesday, IT admins have a lot to do. For older systems, Adobe font issues (CVE-2020-0938, CVE-2020-1020) will should get immediate attention. Changes to the Windows Scripting handler and the browser-based Chakra scripting engine may require some additional testing for in-house applications. This month’s Office updates are relatively low…

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Don’t worry about CurveBall just yet — get your Citrix systems patched

Hey, admins! It’s been an exciting week, eh? Most of you have been inundated with requests — demands — that you patch all of your systems immediately to protect them from the highly publicized CVE-2020-0601 Crypt32.dll security hole, known as “Chain Of Fools” or “CurveBall.”  While you were scrambling to comply with the NSA’s unique advertising, abetted…

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