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10+ reasons enterprises need an employee choice program

In truth, the enterprise computing environment stopped being a monoculture many years ago; today’s businesses use a mix of platforms and devices to get things done – and this has led to an expansion in the number of companies offering employee choice programs. What is an employee choice program? The idea is pretty simple: New…

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9 challenges Apple-based enterprises face in 2020

Enterprise technology continues to evolve at an incredibly rapid rate, with emerging technologies creating a business environment of constant change. What challenges should Apple-using enterprises think about in 2020? Preparing for 5G Apple is expected to introduce 5G devices in 2020. Meanwhile 5G networks are being put in place so that when the iPhone 5G…

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7 reasons Chromebooks are ideal for enterprises

Are Chromebooks on their way to becoming mainstream computers in the enterprise? Not quite yet. But there’s no doubt that laptops that run on Chrome OS have gained traction in the market and will continue to do so as enterprises move deeper into cloud infrastructures and apps. There are several well-known reasons for adding Chrome…

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1Password is changing the way enterprises secure their data

Data breaches are a nightmare for any company. The expenses for mitigation and the loss of trust from customers and clients can be devastating, even putting some companies out of business. That’s why it’s so important to put security at the very core of your enterprise; it shouldn’t be an afterthought.  That’s where 1Password Business…

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The Enterprise’s Guide to IT-as-a-Service

It shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing IT consumption conundrum: a full-blown, high-capacity data-center solution including services you don’t need, or piecemeal solutions for each capacity need from storage to databases. Cloud has alleviated many pressures on the data center, offering scalability, availability, and storage capacity, as well as cost savings. Yet some workloads and applications are…

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