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11 essential business management insights from Apple’s Q3

Apple set a record in the June quarter just gone, buoyed by strong iPad and Mac sales and a wave of iPhone SE upgrades. You can read all about the company’s fiscal details here, and officials shared some points that may be of interest to any enterprise struggling to pivot its business during the ongoing COVID-19…

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30+ essential facts about Apple in the enterprise

Apple-in-the-enterprise company Jamf officially became a public company with its IPO today. I’ll be back tomorrow with an interview about that means. Meanwhile, the following statistics help illustrate why now is the time for employee choice – and Apple – in the enterprise. (Apple’s acquisition of Fleetsmith also reflects the changing times.) 30+ essential Apple in…

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8 Essential Email Security Tips You Should Know by Now

Online security is something you probably know is important, but might not give it the proper attention. Unfortunately, negligence in this area can result in huge problems, and your email is one of the most sensitive areas. Having your email account compromised will allow an intruder to break into any account you’ve used it to…

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Essential Tips for Online Video Conferencing

Heed the Dress Code Treat an online meeting like an in-person meeting and follow workplace standards. Take care of your grooming before you sit down for the meeting. Project a professional face as it adds a sense of normalcy to a remote conversation. Avoid distracting colors that are too bright or too dark. It can…

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3 Essential Design Trends, June 2020

Sometimes website design trends are strong and hit you in the face; others are subtle and require a second look. This month, you’ll get a little of each. The first trend in our collection is a strong and subtle, trend No. 2 is mostly subtle unless you have a keen eye for typography, and trend…

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