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How blockchain could help block fake news

In 2018, a video of former President Barrack Obama surfaced on YouTube explaining how easily technology could be used to manipulate video and create fake news. It got more than 7.2 million views. In the video, Obama explains how we live in dangerous times when “enemies” can make anyone say anything at any point in…

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How blockchain will kill fake news (and four other predictions for 2020)

As blockchain’s hype cycle continues to befuddle many about its potential beyond  cryptocurrencies, businesses and governments are moving ahead with projects involving everything from digital identities to voting and supply chain tracking. Blockchain has slipped into the “Trough of Disillusionment” (see Gartner Hype Cycle), because it got ahead of its technical and operational maturity. As a result, interest…

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How to Avoid Fake Ads Disguised as Fake Download Links

While ads are a necessary part of the internet, not all advertisements are created equal. One of the most common kinds of fake ads are “download” buttons that don’t lead to the software you were looking for. These ads masquerading as download buttons are a huge pain. Let’s look at why they exist, how to…

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Fake Samsung Updates App Had 10 Million Installs

A fraudulent app called “Updates for Samsung” promised to help users install the latest firmware updates for their Samsung phones. In reality, it redirected users to an ad-filled site and tricked them into purchasing an expensive subscription. Android updates can be a mess, and that’s mostly the manufacturer’s fault. If you want guaranteed timely updates,…

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