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Google Tests a New “For Context” Feature in Top Stories

Google is testing a new “For Context” feature in its Top Stories section that provides a little more information on the news. It does so by providing a second article that gives a little more context to whatever news story you’re reading. The feature is still being testing. Which means it may be a while…

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Google’s New Search Feature Will Help You Buy a House

Buying a house is a rather daunting experience. It’s nothing like walking into your local shop, choosing an item, and taking it home. There are reams of paperwork to read through, an arduous shopping experience, and the terrifying process of signing a loan that will last half a lifetime. While Google can’t remove all of…

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Facebook Brings Messenger’s Screen Sharing Feature to Mobile Devices

Facebook “Hey, can you help me decide on a pair of sunglasses?” Facebook Messenger’s screen sharing feature is available now on iOS and Android. The feature lets family, friends, or coworkers the contents of your phone screen while hanging out in a Messenger video chat. To share your screen, start a video call and swipe…

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Tinder’s New Video Chatting Feature Could Help You Meet Your Match

Tinder Tinder wants to help you meet your match from the comfort of your couch. The new Face to Face video call feature, which is slowly rolling out across the United States, lets you video chat from the Tinder app without handing out your phone number, Instagram handle, or Snapchat username. Unlike other video chatting…

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