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How to Find Your Library Folder on a Mac

When fixing problems on a Mac, sometimes you need to roll up your sleeves and directly modify system settings files in your Library folder. Apple hides the Library folder by default, so it can be tough to locate. Here’s how to find it. Be Careful in Your Library Folder Apple hides the Library folder for…

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How to Find Your Router’s IP Address?

While your router’s IP address isn’t need-to-know information on most days, there will be times you need to have it on hand. For example, you may need it for changing settings on the device via its web-based control panel. And while it’s simple enough to get this information, many people aren’t sure exactly where to…

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Seek and ye shall find

Fish’s team gets a new boss who rubs them the wrong way on Day 1 by saying he knows “everything about computers.” So they figure a little prank should be harmless enough. They put a tiny wireless mouse receiver in the back of his computer, and then wiggle it from time to time while he’s…

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News to use, for youse: Where to find info about Office 365

Once in a while Computerworld comes across an informational bit that’s so good – no, great – that it deserves to be shared with as many as possible even though we didn’t think it up. Call it “News to use, for youse” – we are – or a PSA (public service announcement) – we aren’t…

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