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Good tech talent is still hard to find (how to bridge the gap)

In today’s era of digital business, companies are intoxicated by the potential of technology-driven transformation. Manufacturers eye the internet of things (IoT) as a springboard for predictive maintenance and new product-as-a-service revenues.

Retailers are wielding big data analytics to drive new customer experiences and increase sales while players in banking, insurance, and pretty much every other industry are making a beeline to machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and reimagine key business processes.

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The possibilities are endless, and the future of digital business seems bright. Yet a persistent trouble spot remains the serious shortage of IT talent, particularly among candidates with proven expertise in coveted skills in areas like cloud, security and AI.

The 2019 State of the CIO confirmed that finding and nurturing the right skills to support digital transformation and the ongoing IT agenda is a significant hurdle for many IT organizations. Technology skills were the biggest gap — half of respondents cited technology integration and implementation skills as the most elusive — but finding people with the right set of soft skills in areas like change management, strategy building and relationship management was equally challenging.

Data science and analytics skills were flagged as the most difficult to find (42 percent) with security and risk management (33 percent), AI/ML (31 percent), and cloud services/integration (22 percent) not far behind, the 2019 State of the CIO survey found. Business process experts, cloud architects and data scientists were among the experts in high demand, but short supply.

While it’s hard to find tech talent now, the situation is likely to worsen, according to


In today’s era of digital business, companies are intoxicated by the potential of technology-driven transformation. Manufacturers eye the internet of things (IoT) as a springboard for predictive maintenance and new product-as-a-service revenues.

Retailers are wielding big data analytics to drive new customer experiences and increase sales while players in banking, insurance, and pretty much every other industry are making a beeline to machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and reimagine key business processes.

[ IT skills: Guide to top big data certifications ]

The possibilities are endless, and the future of digital business seems bright. Yet a persistent trouble spot remains the serious shortage of IT talent, particularly among candidates with proven expertise in coveted skills in areas like cloud, security and AI.

The 2019 State of the CIO confirmed that finding and nurturing the right skills to support digital transformation and the ongoing IT agenda is a significant hurdle for many IT organizations. Technology skills were the biggest gap — half of respondents cited technology integration and implementation skills as the most elusive — but finding people with the right set of soft skills in areas like change management, strategy building and relationship management was equally challenging.

Data science and analytics skills were flagged as the most difficult to find (42 percent) with security and risk management (33 percent), AI/ML (31 percent), and cloud services/integration (22 percent) not far behind, the 2019 State of the CIO survey found. Business process experts, cloud architects and data scientists were among the experts in high demand, but short supply.

While it’s hard to find tech talent now, the situation is likely to worsen, according to research from Korn Ferry Institute. The digital skills gap is hampering digital transformation at more than half (54 percent) of companies surveyed by Korn Ferry, and by 2020, the technology, media and telecommunications industries may be short more than 1.1 million skilled workers globally. By 2030, Korn Ferry estimates the deficit will reach 4.3 million people. The need for software development skills is particularly acute: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2020, there will be 1.4 million more software development jobs than applicants who can fill them.

Filling the pipeline

SUSE, a provider of open-source Linux software, is grappling with a shortage of technology skills across a host of areas, especially given the shift towards a dynamic, hybrid, and multi-cloud application environment, said Melissa Di Donato, the firm’s CEO.

To remain at the forefront of innovation, SUSE is in constant need of tech skills such as general open-source software development, documentation, quality assurance/engineering, packaging and maintenance and support. Knowledge of containers is another critically important area as are roles that require layered skills — for example a software engineer who also has a command of networking. “There is a huge demand for such skills and a chronic shortage of supply,” Di Donato explained.

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To fill in the gaps in its talent pool, SUSE puts a lot of energy into fostering relationships within the open-source communities, leveraging what it calls SUSE ambassadors within these networks to help attract key talent. Specifically, SUSE leverages developer communities like Stack and Git in addition to specific job boards and its own career site to keep its pipeline flush. The company has also implemented a strong employee referral program while promoting extensively from within.

Yet even with a solid presence in all of these channels, recruiting remains a challenge, Di Donato says. “We have found that developers and engineers are spending less time updating their LinkedIn profiles and are increasingly limiting their professional digital footprint within developer communities,” she said. “Given this shift, it’s important for SUSE to play an active and influencing role in these communities.”

At LivePerson, a provider of conversational commerce and AI software, you would think ML and AI talent would be most coveted competency set, but that’s not where the company is struggling to find skills, according to Alex Spinelli, the company’s CTO. Given all the hoopla over AI and ML, universities have stepped up their curriculum in these areas, which has led to better prepared graduates, Spinelli said. At the same time, current software engineers are pretty good about self-training to keep current, and they have much of the AI/ML skill set covered, he added.

The bigger problem is finding robust talent in the area of human computer interaction — specifically, people who understand how humans use and consume information and can translate that knowledge into appealing and engaging user experiences, he said. “During the whole mobile trend and web 2.0, a lot of technologists spent time thinking about user interface …, but as things have swung towards AI, ML and math, we now have a dearth of those other skills,” he said. Swelling interest in AI and ML have also kept technologists from focusing on how to build massively scalable systems, which is another skills area LivePerson has had trouble sourcing, he said.

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To keep its talent pool refreshed, LivePerson relies heavily on recruiting from target universities as well as on employee referrals. As part of the employee recruitment process, Spinelli believes it’s imperative to make the company’s values and mission clear. “People who share the company’s values can rise above the others,” he explained. “We have to make sure we find the people our mission excites because you make a better connection.”

Back to school

For many companies, the best solution for closing the talent gap is reskilling employees and filling much needed positions from within. Deloitte Consulting LLP has always made training a priority, but it recently released a new program to empower the next-generation workforce with much needed skills in areas like AI, ML, blockchain and IoT. The new Cloud Institute, part of the firm’s Cloud Practice, is a pilot program that includes a mix of instructor-led classes, e-learning and hands-on capstone labs to focus on reskilling and preparing Deloitte developers, engineers and architects with the skills they need to be fluent in cloud technologies, according to Ken Corless, CTO of Deloitte’s Cloud Practice.

One of the key differences between this and other Deloitte training initiatives is that the content and delivery is focused on where the employee wants to evolve their career. For example, if they want to be an AI developer, the platform will steer them to the necessary learning tracks and skills they’ll need to make that leap. Once the coursework is completed, the system updates that information on the human resource record, tags that employee with the skill set, and feeds that information into the staffing system so they could be tapped for new positions requiring those skills.

“We’re making a commitment to prepare them for the next better job and we hope that it’s with Deloitte, but if not, that’s okay too,” Corless said.

Given its brand recognition and company reputation, it’s not that Deloitte can’t fill its talent pipeline with new hires, it’s that the process is time consuming and expensive. In addition, Corless said the company has tens of thousands of talented employees so the best approach is to make the commitment to take them from the middle of the pack to the front edge of technology skills. “Even if we were to hire 1,000 people, it’s a drop in the bucket,” he said. “Leveraging the existing people assets we have is absolutely key to scaling our cloud practices with the changes coming this way.”

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5 Google Search Alternatives to Find Something New

Google is the default search engine for most of us. But did you know you can give to charity through search engines, or even earn cryptocurrency by searching? Check out these cool alternatives to Google.

You don’t need to quit Google cold-turkey or switch to any of these search engines immediately. Both can co-exist happily, and you can pick and choose when to use it. The idea is to try going away from Google to discover features and results that you won’t see otherwise.

1. Mojeek (Web): Search by Emotion, While Staying Private

Mojeek is a privacy protecting search engine that sorts results by emotion

Anything published on the internet gets a lot of reactions. Mojeek, an alternative to the likes of Google, says it can filter search results based on how people feel about that link. And it surprisingly works well.

There are five emotions currently available: love, wow, haha, sad, and angry.

Type your keywords and click the emoji to get search results that match the emotion. Click a different emoji and the results will change. It actually works, and you might discover links that you wouldn’t find otherwise. I found it a truly different, cool way to browse search results.

Mojeek is also a full web-crawling search engine, which means it uses its own results unlike many of the metasearch engines that repackage Google or some other search giant’s results. It is also completely private, does not track its users, and prides itself on hosting its servers with an eco-friendly partner.

The company’s founders conducted an extensive AMA on Reddit, if you want to know more about their philosophy or product.

2. Givero (Web): Raise Money for Good Causes Through Web Searches

Donate money to charity by doing web Searches through Givero

How awesome would it be if every time you searched for something on the web, the money went to a good cause instead of lining the pockets of a private company like Google or Microsoft? Well, that’s what Givero is offering to do.

The idea behind Givero is similar to Ecosia and a few other such charity-focused tech companies. How does it work? Like Google or Bing, Givero earns revenue through advertising when you use it to search for anything. But unlike the others, half of the ad revenues from these searches will be given to a charitable cause.

You can choose the causes too. This includes global organizations (Mozilla Foundation, WWF, ocean cleanup) and local Danish causes since it’s a Denmark-based website. Add a charity to your causes, and the ad revenue from your searches will be diverted to only those causes.

All you have to do is search on Givero instead of Google. This might be one of the easiest ways to change the world

Is This the Easiest Way to Change the World?

Is This the Easiest Way to Change the World?

Feel like helping people but don’t have the time, money, or energy? Well, there are apps for that. Try these five apps and be charitable online.
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3. Gibiru (Web): Uncensored, Privacy-Protected Google Results

Gibiru gives you Google's search results while protecting your privacy and showing uncensored results that Google won't

You like Google, but you don’t like how it invades your privacy? Gibiru might be the best way for you to see Google search results while protecting your privacy. And you’ll also see some of the results that Google might censor.

Branded as an unfiltered, private search engine, Gibiru claims to have a modified version of the Google algorithm. So you will likely see the same results as you would on a Google search, and in fact, the interface is a little similar too.

But there’s a second tab called Uncensored. This tab shows links that you won’t see on Google or would be drowned into the back pages. Be warned, some of these are a bit out there, and you need to be wearing a tinfoil hat to click them.

But at its core, Gibiru does a good job of protecting your identity while doing search queries. It uses 256 bit encryption for all searches and does not keep search logs. It does not store any cookies on your device and doesn’t sell your data.

4. SearX (Web): Metasearch to Get Results From Multiple Search Engines

Search Google, Yahoo, Bing and other multiple search engines at once with SearX

Different search engines use different methods to find the best results. SearX is a privacy-friendly metasearch engine that aggregates results into one central page. It’s based on open-source software.

In the Preferences, you can set which search engines you want to use.

These include popular giants like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo, as well as smaller names like Qwant and Startpage. In fact, you can choose specific engines for each type of search category, namely General, Files, Images, Map, Music, Videos, News, and Social Media.

The About page says SearX does not store any data, doesn’t generate a profile on your behavior, doesn’t share what you search with a third party, and can’t be used to compromise you. Website choices are saved locally on your computer, and you can clear all cookies through Preferences.

5. Presearch (Web): Earn Cryptocurrency Through Searches

Presearch lets you earn cryptocurrency by doing web searches

Presearch is a fun little search engine that lets you earn some cryptocurrency with every search. It’s called PRE tokens and is not of much value at the moment. CoinMarketCap values one PRE token at $0.001 USD. But hey, it’s something.

Each search gives you a few decimals of PRE tokens, with a maximum of 32 searches per day giving that payout. Presearch’s tokens can be redeemed at an online store for merchandise like stickers and beanies. But it might be wiser to stack them up and use them to buy advertising space on Presearch.

The search app itself is quite cool though. It uses its own search engine by default, but you can add shortcuts to other services like Google, DuckDuckGo, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, etc. One click and you can search their catalogs.

Find What Google Can’t

It’s surprising to discover how many other great search engines there are. There’s Ecosia, which plants trees around the world to offset your search results’ carbon footprint. There’s Yippy, which clubs search results into “clusters” so you can find more links in the sub-category of what you’re looking for. And there are many more.

In fact, you might be shocked to know that Google can’t even find everything on the web. Heck, can it tell you which streaming service to play a movie or TV show on? No, you need a different app for that. There is much more to the world of online search results, which you can see through these alternative search engines to find what Google can’t

13 Alternative Search Engines That Find What Google Can’t

13 Alternative Search Engines That Find What Google Can’t

Google Search still can’t do everything. These 13 alternative search engines can take care of a few niche jobs for you.
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Use Findation to Find the Perfect Shade of Foundation

When you’re shopping online for clothes and accessories, you can usually make a decent guess at what fits best due to sizing charts and knowing your own measurements. But what if you’re shopping online for other things? How do you ensure that you’ll get exactly what you need?

A start-up called Findation wants to help you find the right foundation color when you’re searching for makeup. They are an incredibly useful tool.

Here’s everything you need to know about the company and how to use its website.

1. Why Use Findation?

Use Findation for Retail Makeup Sales

Findation’s concept is very similar to Brayola, which is an online bra-matching service that you can use to buy great bras that fit great.

Findation allows you to use the company’s website to find foundation colors that will look great on your skin. It does this by pulling color matches to the cosmetic brands that you already have on hand, using data that you enter through a series of dropdown menus.

They also have a merchant-only side to their service that specifically helps retailers foundation-match for their clients.

Note: Findation was an active start-up in the early 2010s, but their online activity on Facebook and Twitter has wound down significantly. The risk of outdated makeup information is higher.

2. Sign Up to Findation

Access Findation Through Twitter Account

When you use Findation, you don’t need to sign up for anything.

If you’re just looking to try out the service to see how it works, or you want to get a one-time recommendation on what foundations to buy, simply open the website and go from there. Findation’s handy dropdown list on the main page will help you find your foundation ASAP.

If you’re unsure of your choices, however, or you want to save your results, you can log into Findation using Twitter or Facebook to save your recommendations in Findation’s system.

Note: If you log out, you’ll need to start the selection process of narrowing down your foundation matches all over again.

3. Find Your Best Foundation Shade

Find Foundation Shade Findation

To find your foundation matches, Findation will first ask you to enter the brand of foundation or concealer that you currently wear.

To locate your brand, you can either scroll through Findation’s massive list, or you can use the Search function.

I use Missha, but “M” is far down the list. I typed the name of my cosmetic brand into the search bar to quickly pull it up instead.

Note: If your favorite brands are not on the list, you can let Findation know that it needs to be added. Otherwise, it’s likely that in the hundreds of brands offered, you’ll find at least one or two that you’ve used before.

Product Match Foundation and Concealer Findation

After you pick out your brand, Findation is going to ask you for the specific name of your concealer or foundation. Once again, you can scroll through the list, or use the search bar to quickly pull up your product.

I typically use various types of BB Cream, so I typed in “BB” to find my product. They didn’t have my current favorite, but they did have a product that I’ve tried out before and really enjoyed: M Signature Real Complete BB Cream.

It’s not perfect, but it’ll do. I added it as a close alternative for this article.

Color Match Foundation With Findation

Once you pick out your individual product, Findation will ask you to name the shade of the product that you use.

This part is important, as it will help you find your foundation color match with more accuracy. After all, there’s no point in using this service if it gives you a recommendation that is wildly different from your own skin tone. It just won’t work.

Color Match Missha BB Cream With Findation

When you pick your shade, Findation will automatically take you to a screen where it will tell you that it’s “calculated your matches based on what you’re currently using.” Underneath that, it will tell you the name of the product that it’s drawing the data from.

Tips on Finding the Right Color Match

  1. For best results, Findation recommends that you add as many different products as you can, provided they are all a good match for your skin, and you’ve entered the details correctly.
  2. If you want to add another product, click on Add another match.
  3. If you don’t want to add another product, click on Find my matches anyway. It will take you to the results.
  4. If you don’t know the details of your product, such as its specific shade, don’t guess. Makeup is expensive, so it’s better to read the label first.
  5. Don’t enter details for a foundation or concealer that wasn’t right for your skin. If you wouldn’t buy the product again, the data is irrelevant.
  6. If you’re only entering details for foundations that are sheer or tinted moisturizers, you won’t be able to get a good result for a full-coverage foundation.
  7. Make sure you enter at least one full-coverage foundation to your list.
  8. For people who use a different foundation shade in the summer or winter, it’s recommended that you choose a product that works best for you year-round.

4. Your Findation Results

Findation Makeup List

Once you’ve entered at least two to three foundations, Findation will be able to make a good recommendation about which foundation shades will suit you. Each result in the list will have:

  • The brand name.
  • The product name.
  • The shade.
  • A picture of the product.

While you’re on the results page, you can find a specific brand faster by clicking on Look for a match in a specific product. If you’re contemplating a particular product and just trying to narrow down the shade you should buy, this option is ideal for you.

On the right side of each search result, you’ll see a button that says Tried It?

If you’ve tried this product before and either loved it or hated it, you can improve further matches for everyone by clicking on the text and giving Findation your feedback.

Does Findation Work

Explore Product Details

Under each search result, there will also be a blue button where it will tell you if your product is available. If you click on this button, you will be taken to the product’s individual page. There, you’ll find out more about it.

Product Details Findation

Here, you can see a picture of the product and an excerpt on what it’s for. You’ll also see a list of locations where you can buy the product if it’s still available. That list of locations is at the bottom of the page.

Next to the product being listed, there will be a collection of related products that you might be interested in. You can buy them through Amazon.

If you haven’t shopped for makeup on Amazon before, we recommend that you read our index on Amazon features and services.

And that’s it. That’s all you need to know on how to use Findation.

Make the Most Out of Recommendation Tools

Buying makeup online can always make a person feel anxious because of the price tag involved. Fortunately, product-matching tools like Findation will give you an educated guess on what to buy.

If you like recommendation sites, check out these fashion and style apps to find the right outfit

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5 Apps to Find Halfway Points to Meet With Faraway Friends

Want to meet up with a friend, but can’t decide on a place that’s fair? If you live miles away from each other, it’s not always convenient to go to their home or vice versa. Plus, it might be fun to meet up somewhere in the middle that’s new.

Rather than opening a maps application and trying to find a halfway point, there are websites built just for this sort of situation. So the next time you and your pal want to make plans to meet, check out these helpful sites for a location that’s right between you both.

WhatsHalfway Halfway Point

WhatsHalfway gives you the middle location between two spots. Just enter your two cities and you’ll see the halfway point with the travel time and distance for you and your friend. You also get a handy map that you can click to zoom in on that middle point or view the entire route between the two cities.

When you enter your cities, you can pick a venue type such as accommodations, food and drink, or shopping. Then when you view your midpoint, you’ll see a link Click here to find a venue. When you click it, you’ll be taken to a list of those venue options on Google Maps.

Want to meet up with more people? You can add other cities or zip codes and see the middle point for all. And you can choose venues for that type of trip too. WhatsHalfway is easy to use and a terrific option.

MeetWays Halfway Point

MeetWays offers similar features to WhatsHalfway but with a couple of extras you might enjoy. Start by entering your two cities or zip codes and optionally pop in a point of interest. Before hitting the Go! button, you can add options for the travel mode, toll roads, or highways if you like.

When you check out the results for your halfway mark, you’ll see the exact address that’s in the middle along with the distance you each need to travel in miles. The map shows the route between the two locations and you can zoom in or out.

If you entered a point of interest for your search, you’ll see a list of spots, a few suggestions, and the locations plotted on the map. If you pick one, you can get further details which are powered by Yelp. The MeetWays site makes finding that happy medium a breeze.

TravelMath Halfway Point

TravelMath is a site that helps you plan your trips, whether driving or flying. But they also offer a handy way to find your middle point. When you land on the site, use the dropdown box and choose Halfway Point, then just enter your two cities and hit Go.

Once you see the city in the middle, you can click to find hotels nearby

5 Ways to Find Free or Cheap Hotels, Homestays, and Hostels

5 Ways to Find Free or Cheap Hotels, Homestays, and Hostels

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if you like. Otherwise, scroll to the bottom and get full details on the location like the closest major city or zip code. You can also see how many miles you’ll each need to drive and how long in hours and minutes it should take.

TravelMath offers a convenient map and links for things to do, places to stop, accommodations, and more for your trip. This site is worth visiting for finding a place to meet in the middle.

Distance Between Cities Halfway Point

The Distance Between Cities website gives you exactly that, the distance between two cities and plenty of information about the route. In addition, they offer a section for Halfway Point. So enter your two cities on the main page and when you’re taken to the results, just scroll down to that section.

You can see the closest city or town to the halfway point along with the major city nearest the middle and major cities along the routes. You’ll get the travel time and distance for each of you and the exact coordinates, if you find those helpful as well.

Also, be sure to check out the gas consumption and emissions details, nearby hotels, and even rental cars. If you’re interested in more than just what’s in the middle, Distance Between Cities gives you all sorts of information about the route between you.

Trippy Halfway Point

One more website to visit for that halfway point is Trippy. This site is great for finding places to meet in that middle city. On the main page, type your question in the box. For example, you can enter “halfway point between [city one] and [city two]” and click the ask Trippy! button.

You’ll immediately see the answer to your question, but of course, you want more right? Click Read More and you’ll get all the details including the distance, travel time, and coordinates.

Scroll down and you’ll see the best places to meet, local accommodations, eateries, and activities. For each option, you’ll get the address and can click for further information from Trippy.

So if you’re not just looking for that midpoint, but also want things to do or hotels for your stay, Trippy is an excellent site.

Get Ready to Meet Halfway

When you have friends or family members who live miles and hours away, meeting up can be difficult. But with websites like these, it can be just a bit easier. Find that halfway point along with places to stay and things to do while you’re there. These sites can help make your trip a great one!

If you want the assistance of a road trip planner for your adventure

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or ways to keep your kids entertained on the drive

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, we’ve got you covered there too.

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MyFridgeFood & More Sites to Find Recipes With Ingredients You Have

Few of us spend a lot of time prepping our meals.

This lack of care is usually due to a busy schedule or a low budget. But just because you’re hunting around the house or asking yourself “what can I make with what’s in my fridge?” doesn’t mean that your meals have to be unappetizing.

Here’s a list of the best websites with simple recipes for the food you have in your fridge.

MyFridgeFood Find Recipes With Ingredients You Have

MyFridgeFood is a recipe-based search engine. It presents you with two options—Quick Kitchen and Detailed Kitchen—when you open the website. You can access Detailed Kitchen by clicking on the button Show All Ingredients.

Both pages have checkboxes representing various food items. To find a recipe, click on the boxes for the foodstuff that you have on hand. It’ll then show you a list of meals that you can make with some or all your supplies.

If you sign up to myfridgefood.com, you can submit a recipe, too.

Recipe Puppy Search for Recipes

Recipe Puppy is another ingredient-based search engine that helps you answer the question “what to make with what I have.” It does this by allowing you to hunt for simple recipes with the foodstuff lying around the house.

Recipe Puppy’s search function is similar to myfridgefood.com recipes. The search engine is part of the overarching “Recipe Labs” website, where you can create recipes to post for others or hunt for coupons.

This search engine is a great tool for anyone who needs to make a meal with a particular dietary requirement, as you can include or exclude ingredients that may conflict with your allergies.

If you’re looking for other food websites that allow you to use up the ingredients around your home, check out our list of recipe websites that show you how to cook with leftovers

Cleaning The Fridge: 6 Recipe Websites Which Show You How To Cook With Leftovers

Cleaning The Fridge: 6 Recipe Websites Which Show You How To Cook With Leftovers

Surprisingly, the art of leftover cooking isn’t new by any means. If you have ever been a college student, then this wasn’t art…it was a lifestyle. From Shepherd’s Pie to casseroles, many dishes can be…
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Student Recipes Best Food for Parties

Student Recipes also answers the question “what should I do with my fridge food?” Unlike the other links on this list, it comes with a specific post-secondary focus.

If you’ve ever been a student, you’ll know that you won’t have access to a lot of food supplies due to your budget. You also won’t have a lot of time to go shopping. Student Recipes aims to fix this with a blog and cooking videos to boot.

The website was originally created by James Bailey, a former student who has admitted to having “very few culinary skills” at the time. One thing we really like about this website is how it breaks down its recipe sections, not only by prep time and type but by content.

You can sort recipes by vegetarian, pork, beef, and fish. There’s also a section specifically devoted to parties.

Budget Bytes Make Cheap Meals

Budget Bytes is a big website entirely devoted to cheap, easy recipes that don’t empty your wallet. It also focuses on meals that can be made with the supplies that you find in your home.

Founded in 2009 by the blogger Beth—when she herself was “struggling with student debt”—Budget Bytes operates on the simple concept that “good food doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.”

With detailed subsections on the website that are devoted to each type of meal and prep suggestions, Budget Bytes aims to be a mega-shop for all your culinary questions.

Good Cheap Eats How to Do Meal Plans

Like Budget Bytes, Good Cheap Eats is a website devoted to cheap and easy recipes for people who are trying to budget. It also aims to help those who rely on less-than-healthy premade meals due to time constraints.

Run by the blogger Jessica, Good Cheap Eats has sections on its website where it breaks down the many ways that you can save money on groceries through meal plans, alongside its wealth of in-house recipes.

Through these tools, you can maximize your kitchen and cooking skills to their full potential.

Love Food Hate Waste Recipes for Leftovers

Love Food Hate Waste is part of a larger website run by the charity WRAP. Its mission? To make sure there is as little food waste as possible.

WRAP wants to raise awareness about the issue of food waste and how it affects the most vulnerable in our population. They don’t want to do this without offering solutions on how to fix the problem, so they have a section entirely devoted to making meals.

The goal of these recipes is to cook food from the odds and ends lying around the house. In the recipe section, you can filter by dietary needs, difficulty, and cooking times.

You can also sort the recipes by popularity, the age of the recipe, or the most votes applied to them.

Recipes for Kraft Products

How many times have you seen Kraft products in the grocery store? If you’re living anywhere in North America, probably a lot.

As one of the most commonly recognized brands when it comes to foodstuff, Kraft offers cheap-to-midrange products ranging from salad dressing to cream cheese. There’s a high chance you have one or two of Kraft products lying around your home.

Because of this, Kraft has this entire website devoted to making easy meals with Kraft products as the base. It’s a useful repository of ideas if you’re wondering what you can make for lunch or dinner with what’s in your fridge.

Betty Crocker Recipes

Like Kraft, Betty Crocker is another major food company whose products you can find in most stores. The company’s items come in a variety of different categories, although it’s most well-known for baking.

Because of its ubiquity at the grocery store, Betty Crocker has its own recipe section where you can learn to make cheap and easy meals by using its products. The ease of access to these products means they’re perfectly suited for constructing meals from handy ingredients.

Recipes for Canned Food

How many of us have canned food lying around the house that we know is good to eat, but we don’t know what to make with it? Love Canned Food is a website devoted to recipes for simple meals that you can make from food in tins.

Canned food is often cheaper than fresh food, and keeps for longer, too. Because of this, it’s great for people who are working with a budget.

Food Combo Find Recipe by Listing Ingredients

Last on the list is Food Combo, another ingredient-based search engine that helps you find recipes for the food that you have nearby.

Food Combo runs on a similar premise to Recipe Puppy and MyFridgeFood. The company’s mission statement explains that it wants to “promote cooking at home while making it more efficient, more affordable, and less wasteful.”

To use the service, simply type an ingredient into the search bar to find recipes based on that item. Food Combo will then pull up all the recipes that it can find for that ingredient.

From there, you can narrow down your list of recipes by adding or excluding additional ingredients from your search parameters.

Make an Easy Home-Cooked Meal

Now that you’ve got a list of places to search for recipes, you can get started with some quick and easy plates for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. However, what if you’ve got a craving for a particular sort of meal? Specifically, dessert?

If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, here’s a list of the best baking recipe websites

The 9 Best Baking Recipe Websites for Delicious Dessert Ideas

The 9 Best Baking Recipe Websites for Delicious Dessert Ideas

Ran out of ideas for baking a delicious dish? Here are some of the best web resources you can use to get some inspiration.
Read More


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5 Apps and Sites to Find Reddit’s Best Posts and Favorite Recommendations

Reddit has so many people talking about so many things across so many subreddits. How can you get the best recommendations easily? Well, there are a few sites and apps that collect the best of Reddit.

You can always sort any subreddit by top posts for the day, week, month, year, or all-time. But that’s not what we’re talking about here. These apps have a different outlook. Some collect posts based on how much time you’ll take to read them, others track recommendations across different subreddits.

But the idea, in the end, is the same: to get you the best content and recommendations.

1. Walnut TV (Web, Android): Best Videos on Reddit

Browse the best videos posted all over Reddit at Walnut TV

People share a lot of YouTube videos on Reddit. Walnut.TV collects all of them in one place to give you the top videos currently being talked about and upvoted on Reddit. It’s a useful and eye-pleasing interface.

On the left, you’ll see a playlist of all the videos coming up. Click any to watch it, or let the endless stream of videos keep auto-playing. You can also skip forward or go back with the left and right arrow keys.

At the top, you’ll see tabs that curate videos from different subreddits, based on topics. At the moment, categories include curious, science, documentaries, music, activities, food, and crafts. You can also search for your favorite subreddit to automatically create a playlist of all YouTube videos shared in it.

There is also an Android app, but it’s mainly the web version where Walnut.TV shines.

Download: Walnut.TV for Android (Free)

2. Shortly (Android, iOS): Curated Short Stories for 5 Minutes of Reading

The subreddit r/writingprompts gives anyone with a flair for writing a chance to exercise their creative muscles. One user will set a premise, and other community members then write whatever short story they come up with, based on that premise. Shortly gives you the cream of the crop in a fantastic interface.

When you start the app, Shortly will give you a quick test to determine your reading speed. Then, you have to choose a story based on how much time you have to read. Options include one-minute, three-minute, and five-minute stories. And just like that, you’ll get a well-formatted short story in a neat font and a pleasing grey background.

If you want to develop a fiction-reading habit, Shortly is an excellent way to begin. Not every story is amazing, but these are the most upvoted short stories on the subreddit, which has been active for several years. So you’re bound to get many winners.

Download: Shortly for Android | iOS (Free)

Top Talked Books lists the most recommended books on Reddit

There are two book recommendation engines that try to find what Redditors are reading. Both do a good job and there’s no real reason to select one over the other, so try them both out.

Top Trend Books calls itself a data-driven recommendation engine, which collects all comments and posts about a book. It then assigns “trend points” based on upvotes, number of references, and the date. Based on that, you can look through categories like tech, comic, free ebooks, fantasy, and more, and sort the recommendations based on time. You can also search for authors or topics.

Top Talked Books isn’t restricted to Reddit alone, and also includes data from Hacker News and Stack Overflow. You can restrict yourself to Reddit-based sources, but why would you want to do that? Check New, Best of the Best, and even articles. The Explore tab lets you sort by categories and tags.

If you like these, you should also check out these essential “best book” lists

5 Essential “Best Books” Lists: How Many Have You Read?

5 Essential “Best Books” Lists: How Many Have You Read?

“What should I read next?” is the most common question. And so you google for lists of the best books. Find the right list with these resources.
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to see how many of them you have read.

4. Things On Reddit (Web): Reddit’s Favorite Product Recommendations

Find all of Reddit's favorite product recommendations at Things On Reddit

On every subreddit, there are experts who will share their favorite products. Some products are shared often by multiple contributors, and gain a reputation for being a favorite and a must-buy. Things On Reddit collects all such favorites in one website.

The Featured Things highlights a few products, while you can jump to any of the popular topics or subreddits to find items from that community. Once you’re viewing items in a topic or subreddit, you can further sort them by mentions, karma, or date. There’s also a short blurb from the best-voted post, often describing why it’s recommended.

Each item on Things On Reddit includes an affiliate link to Amazon or some other store, which helps pay for the website.

5. Unreadit (Email): Get Newsletter Digests of Favorite Subreddits or Topics

Get newsletter digests of Reddit posts about topics, handpicked by human editors at Unreadit

Unreadit gives you the best of Reddit without needing you to visit the website or the app. It’s a series of newsletters that curate content from multiple subreddits to create a digest, and send it straight to your inbox.

Here’s an example. If you’re interested in technology, subscribe to the Tech newsletter. Sent every Monday, a human editor handpicks the best posts of the week from r/Tech, r/TechNews, r/Gadgets, r/HackerNews, and r/Apple. And just like that, you’re caught up with what people are discussing and sharing on Reddit. Currently, there are such newsletters for self-improvement, tech, geek, entrepreneur, design, frontend, and indie makers.

Unreadit also offers automated newsletters, which aren’t handpicked by a human editor. These are a bit of a hit-or-miss affair, but they might be worth it nonetheless. It’s a much wider range of topics, such as writing, travel, fiction, blockchain, cinema, gaming, etc.

Awesome Reddit Apps and Extensions

All these apps and sites make it easy to find good recommendations from Reddit without diving into the forums. In fact, you can entirely skip ever visiting Reddit if you use these well.

But then you’re missing out on so much. Reddit is full of great content and helpful communities. If you’ve found it overwhelming or disliked the experience, you might not be using it right. Have you tried these awesome Reddit apps and extensions

5 Awesome Reddit Apps and Extensions You Aren’t Using

5 Awesome Reddit Apps and Extensions You Aren’t Using

Reddit is the internet’s unofficial discussion forum. So use these apps and extensions for a better Reddit experience.
Read More

for a better experience?

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Try Glasses on Your Photo Online to Find the Perfect Frames

Finding new glasses that fit your face is a chore and a half, and often an expensive one. Even though a large percentage of the population has to wear glasses, finding the right frames can remain frustratingly tough.

Fortunately, there has been a rise in online “frame finder” services that allow you to add glasses to your photo. The purpose of these virtual booths? To help you pick out your eyewear for free.

Here’s a list of the best websites that allow you to find picture-perfect glasses.

Vint and York Buy Retro Sunglasses

In truth, this isn’t the first time we’ve talked about finding sunglass photo editors. Back in 2009, we wrote about FrameFinder: an online application that lets you browse through glasses and virtually try them on.

If you were planning to buy eyeglasses or sunglasses and you weren’t sure if they fit, FrameFinder had a solution. The website was simple to use: first, you created an account, then you uploaded your picture.

After that, you followed step-by-step instructions to put sunglasses on a picture.

FrameFinder is currently unavailable, but in its place, we’ve found newer sites like Vint and York. Vint and York is a New York-based company. It has a “Virtual try-on” feature that works in a similar manner.

Vint and York’s try-on feature is easy to use. To add glasses to a photo, go to the website. From there:

  1. Click Try on frames to browse through the catalog.
  2. Find a pair of glasses that you like.
  3. Press View Details on the individual pair of glasses.
  4. Click the Virtual try-on button.

You can either take a picture of yourself with your webcam or upload a picture of yourself from your device:

Vint and York Try Glasses on Your Photo

Note: Not all frames will be available for a Virtual try-on. The website lets you know which ones are available and which ones aren’t.

Vint and York has a ton of great reviews, and you can browse for glasses by filtering through product lines, your face shape, style of glasses, or color.

Additional Features

  • The company also has a men’s and women’s look book, where you can draw inspiration for your own style.
  • Under the Customer Care section, Vint and York has detailed instructions on how it handles shipping and returns.
  • There is also a general FAQ on the company’s products and the materials they use.

The cool thing about this website? Vint and York specializes in “vintage-inspired and retro eyeglasses and sunglasses.” So if you’re looking for a pair of frames that are stylish, this website is a great place to start.

EyeBuyDirect Virtual Try On

Like Vint and York, EyeBuyDirect is another retail store that lets you add glasses to your photo online. The company takes great pride in the fact that the entire manufacturing line is done in-house.

EyeBuyDirect’s ultimate goal is to make shopping for glasses as easy as possible. This is especially true if it’s from the comfort of your own home.

If we’re talking style, the company does its best to create glasses with a “sleek, modern look.”

Using EyeBuyDirect as a glasses or sunglasses photo editor online is very easy. After you pick the frames that you like, click the Try On button when you move your cursor over the glasses on-screen.

Once you click it, you can import a photo of yourself.

Make sure the picture has your head at a fairly level angle, and that you’re not looking away from the camera. This makes the glasses match as closely as possible to your face.

Once you upload your photo, make sure the “crosses” are properly positioned over your eyes to place the glasses. After that, try on the frames!

EyeBuyDirect Try Glasses Online

Additional Features

  • EyeBuyDirect will help you find a frame style that looks good on your face.
  • It has an amazing Buy 1 Give 1 program that donates glasses to people who can’t afford them.
  • EyeBuyDirect’s 365-Day Product Guarantee also allows customers to get a replacement pair of glasses within a 12 month period if there are “clear defects in material and workmanship.”

GlassesUSA Add Sunglasses to Photo

GlassesUSA is a massive website that offers thousands of spec styles, ranging from no-name sunglasses and daily eyewear to designer brands.

On the website, the company mentions that “7 out of 10 adults in the US need eye correction.” It’s also no secret that if you want to prevent your vision from deteriorating, you need to look for ways to reduce screen time and rest your eyes

7 Ways to Reduce Screen Time and Rest Your Eyes

7 Ways to Reduce Screen Time and Rest Your Eyes

Staying healthy includes caring for the eyes. Vision related health problems are a real lifestyle ailment and our digital habits are promoting. The cure lies in thoughtful use of the screen.
Read More


To meet this demand for failing vision, GlassesUSA has created a budget-friendly, easy-to-use service that can be quickly accessed online. It’s the perfect way to find a glasses photo editor if you ever need it.

Alongside its regular retail features, the company has a virtual booth to help you pick out the best frames for your face.

After you find the frames that you like, click the Try On button. Then upload a picture from your device. Follow the in-house instructions to adjust the frames.

GlassesUSA Add Glasses to Photo

While I was trying out this service, I loved how many different styles of glasses the website had to offer. It was also nice to see how closely the glasses mapped to my face.

The instructions for adding glasses to your picture were easy to follow. If you like the look of the frames—and you have your prescription on hand—you can buy the glasses then and there.

Additional Features

  • Like EyeBuyDirect, GlassesUSA has a generous return policy.
  • It also has free shipping and returns for all orders in the US and Canada.
  • One of the cool features about this website? You can create your own wish list of your favorite frames. All you have to do is create an account.

Seriously, this website is definitely worth the look.

Try Out Those Glasses Before You Buy Them

Trying on glasses was and continues to be stressful. However, things are getting easier. Technology also allows us to explore what glasses look best without breaking the bank.

That said, finding frames online is not the only area where you can customize your appearance. If you’re a shoe fanatic, here are the best websites to design and buy your own custom shoes

The Best Sites to Design Your Own Custom Shoes Online

The Best Sites to Design Your Own Custom Shoes Online

How can you design your own sneakers and then buy them? Here are the best places to design your own shoes online.
Read More


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Find Something New to Read on Reddit – LifeSavvy

The r/books subreddit homepage.

If you’d like to read more but struggle to find something to dig into, focused subreddits can help you find your next title (or 10) to tear through!

We’re pretty heavy readers here at LifeSavvy—so much so that we like to track the books we’ve read. Our friends over at ReviewGeek like to read, too, and they’ve shared a wide variety of places you can find more books to enjoy.

Their suggestions range from those you might expect, like Goodreads, to others you might never have considered before, like Reddit:

“There are tons of book-related subreddits with incredibly active communities. r/books is the most popular, and it’s full of general book discussions and recommendations. r/bookclub is, essentially, an online book club. Members regularly pick new books to read and discuss. It has 70k subscribers, so it’s a great way to find new books and get involved in the community. r/booksuggestions and r/suggestmeabook are also fairly active. If you share the kind of books and genres you like, other members with similar taste will make suggestions and help you find new books.”

To see all of their recs for finding new reads, check out the full article.

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18 Painting Tools to Help You Find Your Inner van Gogh – Review Geek

A man painting a European scene on a canvas on an easel.

If you want to express yourself on canvas, you’re going to need the right tools. Fortunately, there are a lot of cool options out there that can make the process easier and help you create a masterpiece.

Choosing Your Paint

10 bottles of Apple Barrel acrylic paints in various colors, and 10 tubes of Winsor & Newton oil paints in various colors.
Apple Barrel; Winsor & Newton

Not all paint is created equal. Additionally, there are different kinds of paints, which not only change the look and feel of your art but the entire process. Acrylic paints are best for beginners because they dry quickly, which makes layering easier and faster.

Watercolors offer a more transparent look and create a washed-out effect—just don’t let your painting get wet afterward because it might wash away!

Oil paints dry slowly and force you to be more patient. They’re also a bit harder to handle, so they generally aren’t recommended for beginners.

Regardless of which type of paint you choose, you can create amazing works of art. Experiment and find the one that best suits your style and will enable you to grow as an artist.

Here are some recommendations to help you get started:

  • Apple Barrel Assorted Colors: There’s a reason elementary schools all over the country use Apple Barrel paints. These acrylics dry fast, so you can get more done in a shorter session. If you accidentally paint your shoes, a little water, soap, and a paper towel will remove it. This set includes 18 colors, but you can mix them and create hundreds.
  • ARTEZA Acrylic Paint Set: This 60-color set makes it much easier for beginners who haven’t quite gotten the hang of mixing to create new colors, but also saves you time as a result. Arteza also offers individual, large paint pouches, so if you use one color a lot, you can order it in bulk, without having to reorder a whole pack of paints.
  • Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Paint: This set of watercolors includes 12 colors, one brush, and a case with a built-in palette mixer. These aren’t those cheap dollar stores watercolors that look like makeup tins, either. They produce vibrant tints with that classic watercolor transparency, and you won’t need a whole pitcher of water to use them.
  • Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Colour Paint: These oil paints give you consistent and uniform brush strokes. Oil paints are generally a lot more expensive than acrylics and watercolors, but this set manages to offer powerful tints at an affordable price.

Brushes and Wedges

15 Santa Fe Art Supply paintbrushes in their case, and 15 Virtuoso fine paintbrushes.
Santa Fe Art Supply; Virtuoso

Your brush is almost as important as the paint you use, and there are many types of brush tips. They differ in length, width, and shape. Because each type of brush offers certain advantages, it’s important to understand the differences if you want to elevate your art.

Flat and filbert brushes push paint around and create large areas, while round and liner brushes are better for detailed work. However, you can use a filbert brush for detailed work and, if you’re patient enough, you can cover a whole canvas with a liner brush. It all depends on what is easiest and most efficient for you. You should use the brushes that are the most comfortable for you.

Wedges offer unique ways to push paint around your canvas. They’re perfect for thicker mediums, like oil and acrylics. Some of them have teeth, while others have flat or round edges for different styles. Most wedges are made of flexible silicone, which is easy to clean.

These are some of our favorite brush and wedge sets:

  • Santa Fe Art Supply Paintbrush Set: These brushes work great with any type of paint. This set comes with 15 tips, including a fan, flat, filbert, round, tapered, wide, and fine brushes. Each brush has a 12-inch wooden handle for easy gripping at any angle, and synthetic bristles that stay in place.
  • Virtuoso 15-Piece Fine Paintbrushes: This set is perfect for those highly detailed sections. It includes five round brushes, five liner brushes, as well as three flat, and two spot brushes. The bristles are incredibly fine and shed-resistant.
  • Princeton Catalyst Silicone Wedge: With two rounded and two flat sides, these wedges are great for all kinds of paints (except watercolors). They’re even FDA-approved for food, so you can use them to frost a cake. Princeton also sells a wedge with toothed edges instead of flat, if you want to push paint around the canvas and leave a little behind.

Easels and Canvas

The U.S. Art Supply French-Style Easel and FIXSMITH 12-Pack of canvas panels.
U.S. Art Supply; FixSmith

Easels offer many advantages over painting on a flat surface. If you have to hover over your painting, shadows can make it difficult to see what you’re doing—particularly on more detailed work. However, an easel that’s facing the right direction allows ceiling lights to shine at an angle that illuminates your painting. An easel also helps you keep your arms away from the paint. If you accidentally rest your wrists on your wet painting, it can be disastrous and take forever to fix.

Canvas is an important tool in any painter’s arsenal. It’s more like fabric than paper and is designed specifically to hold paint. You usually buy canvas pre-stretched on a frame, or in a roll or panel. Traditional stretched canvas is more expensive because of the wooden frame, but you can hang it immediately after it’s dry. Rolls and panels are cheaper but harder to prepare for display—they’re perfect for practice, though.

We recommend the following supplies:

  • T-SIGN Aluminum Easel: You operate this easel like a camera tripod. All three legs extend from 21 to 66 inches, so you can easily use it on the ground or a table. You can also easily adjust the top clamp to accommodate different canvas sizes. It’s made of thick, but light (it weighs less than two pounds) aluminum, so it’s perfect if you need something you can easily transport.
  • U.S. Art Supply Coronado French-Style Easel: Offering a few more bells and whistles, this more traditional easel is made of beechwood. The legs extend from 22 to 71 inches, and even fold up, so you can place it on a desk or table. There’s also a handy removable drawer if you want to store your supplies right where you need them. This easel has a handle and shoulder strap for easy transport.
  • Studio 71 Traditional Stretched Canvas: Available in multiple sizes, this stretched canvas comes ready to use—no priming necessary.
  • FIXSMITH Painting Canvas Panel Pack: The canvas panels in this pack are stretched over paper boards, which are much cheaper than wooden frames. However, they’re also weaker and easier to deform. These are ideal if you want to practice, though—this pack of 12 is cheaper than one wooden frame canvas.

Palettes and Palette Knives

A stack of Hulameda disposable paint palettes and two with some paint mixed on them, and four Conda Palette Knives.
Hulameda; Conda

Mixing paints is one of the most important elements of any artwork because stores only sell so many colors. When you mix them, you can unlock the full-color spectrum.

Painting palettes are designed for mixing experimentation. They have multiple deep wells, where you can add and stir paints together. Cleaning a palette, though, can be difficult, and for most artists, it’s just not worth it. Disposable palettes are ideal—you just toss them when you’re finished.

You should never use the tip of your brush when you mix paints, as this will damage it. You’ll also lose some bristles in the paint. Always use a palette knife to mix paints. This will spare your brushes, and you can easily wipe the knife clean after each use. If you’re brave enough, you can also apply paint directly to your canvas with a palette knife. They produce a unique stroke if you want to shake up your style.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite palettes and knives:

  • Hulameda Disposable Paint Tray Palettes: Available in either a 12- or 28-pack, these thin plastic palettes are meant to be disposable, but you can clean and reuse them. The wells are deep enough to hold a decent amount of paint so you won’t run out often.
  • Strathmore Paper Sheet Disposable Palette: This palette paper is coated in a layer of wax to prevent it from absorbing too much of the paint. It also gives you a better idea of what the color will look like on the canvas.
  • Martin Universal Design Watercolor Palette: Specifically for watercolors and oil paints, this palette has 24 slanted wells for paint storage, two large mixing areas, and a removable mixing tray. The lid is airtight and leak-proof, so it will keep your paints fresh for weeks.
  • CONDA Palette Knife Set: These knives are numbered from one to five, with each being a bit longer than the one before it. The width and shapes vary, though; one even has a rounded tip. This gives you a lot of options when you use these to apply paint to your canvas.

Finishing Wax and Cleaning Supplies

Jacquard Products Dorland's 16-Ounce Wax, MyLifeUNIT Artist Brush Basin
Jacquard, MyLifeUNIT

When you’re done with your painting, it’s important to apply a coating to protect it from water and sun damage. These come in glossy or matte finishes and will give your painting a more professional, complete look.

And of course, let’s not forget all the brushes you’re going to have to clean. A brush basin is a good way to keep paint from drying on your brushes, but a cup of water will work, too. If your brushes are too caked with paint to clean easily, there are some special soaps designed to remove paint from bristles without pulling them out. Improper care can ruin your brushes, so it’s important to stay on top of it.

We recommend the following finishes and cleaning supplies:

  • Jacquard Products Dorland’s 16-Ounce Wax: If you add this cold wax to your completed painting, it will give it a nice finish and protect it from the elements. It’s especially good if you paint in an art journal because it prevents the pages from sticking together.
  • The Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver: This stuff will remove even the most caked-in oil paint without tearing out half the bristles. To use it, just run some warm water over your paintbrush, and then swirl it around in this cleaner; repeat until its completely clean. It also preserves your brushes and keeps them in good condition.
  • MyLifeUNIT Artist Brush Basin: This basin has multiple wells with ridges, making it quick and easy to clean your brushes. It also has holes on one side where you can store your clean brushes until they’re dry.

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Which iPhone Is Best for You? Find the Right iPhone for Your Needs

If you’re thinking about buying an iPhone, you have several models to consider. Apple offers smartphones of various sizes and capabilities, so you might have trouble deciding between all of them.

We’re here to help you find the best iPhone for you.

The Best iPhone for Most People:
iPhone 11

iPhone 11

iPhone 11

Buy Now On Amazon

Apple’s tagline for the iPhone 11 is that is contains just the right amount of everything, which sums the device up well. It’s the successor to the iPhone XR, though you might not be able to tell the visual difference between the devices at first. Its 6.1-inch LCD screen is essentially identical to the earlier device, matching the display’s 1792×828 resolution.

The company’s A13 Bionic chip powers the phone, which is beloved for its power management, resulting in longer battery life. Apple claims you’ll get up to 17 hours of local video playback on a single charge. When it’s time to recharge, the device supports wireless charging and fast-charge with an 18W adapter.

While the iPhone 11 has one fewer camera than the iPhone 11 Pro, it’s no slouch in the photography department. The phone has two 12MP cameras, one of which is ultra-wide. It includes Night Mode too, which improves photographs taken in low light and launched alongside the phone. On the video side, you can capture shots in 4K at 60FPS. The iPhone 11 also introduces slofies, Apple’s term for slow-motion video selfies.

The iPhone 11’s aluminum build has the distinction of being available in many colors, including purple, yellow, green, and red. You can pick from 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB of storage. And its IP68 resistance means it can survive a 30-minute bath in 6.5 feet of water.

The device has all the features you’d expect out of a modern iPhone. These include Face ID to unlock your device via facial recognition, support for Apple Pay, and advanced camera processing. It’s the best iPhone overall, and buying the latest model means you’ll get iOS updates for years to come.

The Best iPhone for Photographers:
iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro

Buy Now On Amazon

As the name suggests, the iPhone 11 Pro is Apple’s premium offering. It builds on the iPhone 11, offering a three-camera system, slightly better battery life, and a stainless steel body. The standout reason to buy the iPhone 11 Pro is certainly its cameras. It packs everything the iPhone 11 camera setup offers, including night mode and the wide and ultra-wide cameras.

In addition, the Pro model includes a telephoto camera, which is ideal for zoomed-in shots. It also shoots in 4K at 60FPS, with new editing tools so you tweak your shots right on your device. The handy QuickTake feature lets you switch from snapping photos to taking videos in an instant.

The device is impressive aside from the camera, too. It features a 5.8-inch 2436×1125 OLED display, which can display true blacks by turning off pixels. Additionally, the iPhone 11 Pro’s HDR screen is capable of brighter output than the iPhone 11.

You can choose from 64GB, 256GB, or a huge 512GB of storage. It’s available in gold, space gray, silver, and midnight green colors. As for water and dust resistance, while it’s also rated at IP68, it is protected at double the depth of the iPhone 11, at just over 13 feet.

Since the iPhone 11 Pro is a big step up in price from the iPhone 11, we recommend it only for smartphone photography enthusiasts. Its improved display and higher hardware quality are great too, but you probably won’t get your money’s worth if you don’t regularly take photos.

The Best iPhone for Phablet Lovers:
iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Buy Now On Amazon

Like the idea of the iPhone 11, but want a bigger device? The iPhone 11 Pro Max is for you. Aside from the screen size, it’s mostly identical to the iPhone 11 Pro mentioned above.

Compared to the iPhone 11 Pro’s 5.67-inch height and 2.81-inch width, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is 6.22 inches tall and 3.06 inches wide. The device also weighs 7.97 ounces, compared to 6.63 ounces for the iPhone 11 Pro.

This larger body hosts a massive 6.5-inch screen, which has a resolution of 2688×1242. Because of the proportionally larger size, though, both the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max have the same 458 pixels-per-inch.

A larger device means more room for a battery, too. Apple boasts that the iPhone 11 Pro Max has the best battery life of any iPhone, lasting up to five hours more than the iPhone XS Max. It can achieve up to 20 hours of local video playback and includes an 18W adapter for fast charging.

Those are the only differences in the Pro and Pro Max models, aside from a higher price for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you like a big phone and don’t mind spending a lot, this is the iPhone for you. Just make sure you can hold it and fit it in your pocket or bag comfortably!

The Best Budget iPhone:
iPhone 8

iPhone 8

iPhone 8

Buy Now On Amazon

If you’re after a mid-range iPhone without breaking the bank, give the iPhone 8 a look. This device launched in 2017 alongside the iPhone X, and is the last iPhone without the new all-screen design. It also still uses Touch ID instead of Face ID.

The iPhone 8 features a 4.7-inch display and has Apple’s A11 Bionic chip. Its camera isn’t as high-performance as the newer models, as it only includes a single camera on the back. However, it’s still respectable and offers 4K and 1080p video recording at 60FPS.

You can pick from silver, space gray, and gold colors, with 64GB or 128GB of storage. The device is water-resistant up to just over three feet, and Apple says it gets about 13 hours of battery life during video playback.

While the iPhone 8 is a few years old, it’s still compatible with Apple Pay and the Apple Card. It’s a great option if you don’t want to spend a lot or don’t like the design of newer iPhone models. The larger iPhone 8 Plus is another choice, especially if you’re after a bigger device with dual cameras.

The Best Affordable iPhone:
iPhone XR

iPhone XR

iPhone XR

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Apple still sells the iPhone XR, which launched in 2018 as a cheaper alternative to the iPhone XS. As it turns out, this device is in a bit of a strange place now.

It’s more expensive than the iPhone 8, meaning it’s not the best budget option. However, it’s not much cheaper compared to the iPhone 11. If you can spare the extra money, it’s usually a good idea to get the newest device, so you enjoy the longest software support.

However, the iPhone XR is still a solid choice if it fits your needs. It has a newer-generation chip compared to the iPhone 8 and boasts a better battery life. The iPhone XR also has the front-facing TrueDepth camera for Face ID and improved selfies. Apple claims its battery lasts 16 hours while watching video.

If you’ve considered the latest devices but found they don’t suit your needs, buying the XR lets you save a bit while still getting a modern phone. It has some enhancements over the iPhone 8, especially the new look. You might also be able to find it used or refurbished for an even better price.

The Best iPhone for You

The five iPhones we’ve covered are some of the best Apple has to offer. Of course, they also sell other models that might work for you. Most people will be best off with one of the devices in this list, but you might find something you enjoy in Apple’s full range, too.

These include the iPhone X, iPhone XS, or even the older iPhone SE. Just remember that older devices will stop receiving iOS updates sooner.

Apple’s devices are expensive, especially compared to Android-based smartphones. If you want to stay with an iOS device, and save some money, check out the best places to buy a refurbished iPhone

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