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How to Quickly Find Messages With Attachments in Gmail

There are plenty of reasons to love Gmail.

It is completely free. It gives you free POP3 access to your email as well as free offline access to your email messages via the IMAP route. Then, there is the generous storage space for stockpiling thousands of attachments.

Thanks to Gmail’s generosity, you can send attachments with a maximum size of 25MB. A byte larger than that and it turns into a Google Drive link instead of an attachment. There’s no loss in that.

But how do you search Gmail for attachments you want to read or discard? You turn to the power of good old Gmail search.

Use the Power of Gmail Search

Gmail’s advanced search operators act as filters that sort your Gmail inbox by sender, subject, and label.

You don’t have to worry too much about the large Gmail attachments cluttering your inbox till you reach the 15 GB limit. The inbox is a virtual attic but then this 15 GB is shared with Google Drive and Google Photos too.

Attachments are the big elephants in your inbox. Let’s say, someone has sent you high-resolution photographs, videos or large database files. You may want to find them, organize them, or delete them to save space.

  • Quickly and efficiently find email attachments. This is handy when you can’t remember the file name, the sender name, the date when you received the email, etc.
  • Free up some space. Storage space is huge but not unlimited. In case you have ever sent or received pictures in Gmail, videos or large database files, you may want to delete them to save on space.

Even a beginner should learn the basic Gmail skills

The Beginner’s Guide to Gmail

The Beginner’s Guide to Gmail

You may already have a Gmail account. Or, you’re thinking about signing up for one. This guide has everything you need to make the most of that shiny new Gmail account.
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because it is easier to deal with a less crowded inbox before the deluge of emails hit. That is why you should organize large attachments as early as possible.

How to Search Gmail for Attachments

There are several ways to find messages with attachments in Gmail using Gmail advanced search operators or the Advanced Search fields in Gmail. Let’s go through the Gmail advanced search operators first and then the utility of the in-built Advanced Search fields.

The advanced search operators help you filter for the specific type of attachments with a few keystrokes.

Use the "has:drive" filter to search for Gmail attachments

1. has:attachment—Filter emails to only those that have anything attached.

2. has:drive|document| spreadsheet|presentation—Filter messages that have a Google Drive , Docs, Sheets, or Slides attachment or link.

For instance: has:drive will filter messages with a Google Drive linked attachment. See screenshot above.

3. filename:.doc—This works almost exactly like the above one (but this one is the documented operator for searching attachment types).

Note: “filename:” already implies that there should be an attachment included, so you don’t need to use “has:attachment” together with it. Also, a dot is not required before the file extension. i.e. filename:.doc = filename:doc

4. filename:google*.doc—Filter emails to only those that have doc files attached and these files have [google] in the beginning of the name (whereas filename:*google*.doc searches for messages that have documents attached with “google” mentioned somewhere in the middle of the file name).

5. filename:.doc OR filename:.html—Filter emails to only those that have either .doc or .html files attached (or both).

6. filename:.doc AND filename:html—Filter emails to only those that have both .doc or .html files attached.
find attachments in Gmail

You can search for emails based on message size. Fat emails will usually have something attached. It can be images or documents. Earlier, you had to search in bytes which confused the basic user. Now, you can use any size and Gmail will go on the hunt. Use either “m” or “mb” to suggest the size.

search for emails based on message size

Also, you can focus your search on old messages. Use the older_than search modifier. For example, older_than:1y will display any messages that are more than a year old.

The method also doesn’t stop you from using other search parameters that go into any advanced Gmail search trick. So, feel free to use wildcards or sender names to get the attachments you want.

Gmail also supports the “larger” and “smaller” parameters to help you find emails within a size range. For instance:

Substitute the numeral “5” and “10” with a number you want.

  • larger:10mb
  • smaller:5mb
  • And, to find anything in between: larger:5mb smaller:10mb 

See What’s Attached With Gmail Advanced Search

Using the operators above is all quite good. But newbies might find it tough to remember all the operators. That’s why Gmail’s Advanced Search is the recommended route.

The Advanced Search dialog is often ignored, but it is easy enough to dig up large attachments with it. To reveal the advanced search function, click on the tiny arrow next to Gmail’s search box.

Advanced Search Box in Gmail

A total of ten search fields give you all the combinations you can try out. The search parameters are self-explanatory, but here are four key fields you should pay attention to.

1. Select the Has attachment checkbox before you try different search parameters in the other fields.

2. Next, chose “All Mail” from the Search field dropdown or narrow it down with another choice in the list of folders. For instance, you can choose to search only your unread mails for attachments or any of the labels you have set up.

3. If you have an attachment of a certain size in mind, use the Size field to enter a figure that is greater than or less than the number. You can set the size in MB, KB, or bytes.

4. Constrain your search to a period with the Date within fields.

5. After filling out all the search conditions, you can save the filter for future use. Click on Create filter. For an instant search, just click on the blue Search button to launch the query.

Emails with attachments will be displayed with the latest emails at the top. You will have to hunt for the right email attachment if your search keywords don’t hit the mark. Often, you can expect to wade through a few pages of results if you have a large and busy inbox.

Find Large Gmail Attachments: Find Big Mail

Find Big Mail is a free service that lets you sort your email by size. It does require access to your Gmail account (using Gmail OAuth2).

Their privacy statement asserts that they don’t store your Gmail password and you can make sure the access is removed immediately after you use it in your Gmail account.

After you grant access to your Gmail account, the tool will immediately start scanning your messages. It may take some time. Once it’s done, you’ll receive an email notification which brings you to the stats page:


What you can do now is log into your Gmail interface, click through your full label list and find some new labels created by FindBigMail app.

The labels will organize your largest emails by size:

  • Top (the largest emails).
  • 2mb’ messages are larger than 2,000,000 bytes.
  • 500kb’ messages are between 500,000 and 2,000,000 bytes.
  • 100kb’ messages are between 100,000 and 500,000 bytes.

Using Find Big Mail for Sorting Gmail Attachments

Find Big Mail has done the hard work for you in just a few seconds. Now, just follow these two simple steps to declutter your inbox.

  1. Click on each label to view the large messages with the bulky attachments.
  2. Then follow these Gmail instructions to remove the mail with the attachments you no longer want.

Be sure to empty the Trash using “Delete Forever” if you need to free up space immediately. Otherwise, it will automatically be removed in 30 days time.

Manage Your Gmail Attachments Like a Pro

One of the more space consuming attachments come in the form of shared pictures in Gmail. Chunky PDF reports from the office are another megabyte guzzler. Who knows? You may need to compile a few of them in a new email. So strike a fine balance between storing them well or discarding them if unnecessary.

But thanks to these advanced Gmail skills

The Power User Guide to Gmail

The Power User Guide to Gmail

This free Gmail Guide is for those of you who already use Gmail as an email client and want to take maximum advantage of its many productivity features.
Read More

you don’t have to spend too much time than necessary to hunt for them.

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10 Best Websites to Find Volunteer Work That’s Right for You

Giving back to the community makes yourself and others feel great. Thanks to the internet, volunteer opportunities have never been easier to find. Whether you want to help animals, the environment, or people in need, volunteer websites can match you with specific opportunities.

Ready to lend a helping hand? Check out these best websites to find volunteer work.

Volunteer Match is a volunteer work website

VolunteerMatch has matched millions of people with wonderful volunteer opportunities. When you type your location in the search bar, VolunteerMatch lists all the work possibilities near you.

You can sort several possibilities by cause—animals, children, seniors, women, and the arts are just some of the filters you can use to find the right volunteer work for you.

Since we live in an age where smartphone apps can help someone

7 Apps That Let You Help Someone and Do Good Today

7 Apps That Let You Help Someone and Do Good Today

Too often, we only use our smartphones for ourselves. These apps let you spend time on others instead and make a positive impact on the world.
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, VolunteerMatch also allows you to check out virtual opportunities. This lets you do volunteer work from the comfort of your home. Once you find work that you want, sign up to the site and let the organization know that you want to help.

All For Good Volunteer Website

All for Good uses your location to find opportunities near you. Simply click Find Ways to Volunteer on the top menu bar to search for local organizations. All for Good provides you with thousands of results for you to choose from.

Hit See more search options to type in a keyword that filters the opportunities by your special interests. The site also lets you filter the results by remote projects, date, and family-friendly projects.

JustServe Volunteer Work Website

JustServe makes signing up for volunteer work a breeze. Once you find an opportunity, simply sign up for an account on the website, and just show up at the event when the day comes.

Type in the location of your choice to view opportunities. Filter the events by age group, volunteer skills, and your own interests. JustServe not only displays one-time events, but it’ll show you ongoing opportunities as well.

United Way Volunteer Work Website

If you ever volunteered, you’ve probably heard of United Way. This nonprofit organization specializes in giving back to the community, especially in the form of education, healthcare, and fundraising.

United Way connects you with a wide range of opportunities that involve supporting children, gardening, construction, therapy, disaster services, and even working at a food bank. The huge variety of work makes it simple to use your preexisting skills to help your community.

When you search for opportunities, you’ll find that most events are sponsored by United Way in your area. To get involved in volunteer work overseas, make sure to contact your local United Way.

Do Something Volunteer Work Website

Do Something empowers young people to get involved in their community and fight for social change. The entire organization helped register over 100,000 new voters in 2018 and even cleaned up a total of 3.7 million cigarette butts. Do Something’s movements directly affect the community and make an immediate difference.

You don’t have to live in a specific area to get involved in its events. Most movements simply ask you to do your part to help the cause and give you guidance on how to do so. Some events might ask you to clean up litter around you, while others instruct you to collect food for the needy.

Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Work Website

Do you have a knack for construction, or have an interest in learning about interior design

The 9 Best Free Online Interior Design Courses You Can Take Right Now

The 9 Best Free Online Interior Design Courses You Can Take Right Now

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? In either case, you should definitely check out the opportunities at Habitat for Humanity. This organization specializes in building houses for underprivileged people across the United States and around the world.

When you search for opportunities, Habitat for Humanity lists its offices in your area. From here, you can select the branch closest to you, and sign up for any current or future activities. On the other hand, you can also search for global opportunities, which enables you to build shelters around the world.

To volunteer at Habitat for Humanity, you don’t have to know anything about construction to get involved. It encourages women, children, and veterans to join in as well.

Give Pulse Volunteer Work Website

GivePulse offers a whole database of volunteer opportunities. Simply type in your location, and scroll through a list of valuable volunteer work. As you spend your time helping others, it can turn into an educational experience for both you and the people in need. Work as a volunteer yoga instructor, or even become a caregiver for children with special needs.

If you need to keep track of your volunteer hours, GivePulse can help you with that too. GivePulse shows the amount of time you’ve worked, verifies your hours, and even calculates your volunteer statistics.

AARP Create the Good Volunteer Website

AARP is one of the United States’ biggest nonprofit associations. It aids Americans age 50 or older by helping them feel more comfortable and confident during the aging process.

AARP allows you to volunteer with people from all walks of life. Become a senior companion, tutor young children, or even assist veterans. As you uncover the secrets of generosity

The Secrets of Generosity: 6 Genuine Lessons for Success

The Secrets of Generosity: 6 Genuine Lessons for Success

Try the conscious decision to practice generosity every day. These six lessons on generosity will help you learn about yourself, the people around you, and the world.
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, you’ll get addicted to the satisfaction of volunteering your time.

Feeding America Volunteer Website

Connect with your local food bank through Feeding America. Since most food banks actually rely on volunteers to do most of the work, this organization can really use your help. By spending a small amount of time sorting through and stocking food, you can help the hungry families in your city.

Red Cross Volunteer Work Website

The American Red Cross specializes in providing emergency services and disaster relief to those affected by medical conditions or natural disasters. When you sign up for the Red Cross, you can choose from a variety of roles.

Opt to take a short quiz that places you in a specific position, or choose to browse through opportunities by category. While some roles have to do with finances, education, and IT, other roles allow you to help people face-to-face.

It’s Time to Make a Difference

Nothing beats the amazing feeling that comes along with volunteering. By taking a couple of hours out of your day, you can help improve your community or your environment. In the end, volunteering is always worth it.

When you’re not volunteering, you should think about donating your gently used clothes and items to the needy. Check out our article on NeedHave

NeedHave Inspires Goodwill Donations in Your Community

NeedHave Inspires Goodwill Donations in Your Community

NeedHave is an app built around reusing goods in your community, donate products you no longer need, or request donations when you need a particular item.
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, an app that promotes goodwill donations in your area.

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Tired of the Daily Commute? Here’s How to Find a Remote Job – LifeSavvy

A man relaxing with his feet up on his desk in front of a laptop.
Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

The average U.S. worker’s commute eats up over 200 hours of his time each year. What would you do with all that time if you could get it back?

With a remote job, you take back the time you usually spend trekking to and from work. It can also help you expand your job horizons, avoid workplace drama, shorten your workdays, and much more. Lots of people want to work remotely for obvious reasons. But not everyone knows how to start the search.

We’ve put together this guide to help you transition into working from home (or the cafe, the beach, or anywhere else you want).

If working remotely sounds like an upgrade from your current job, here’s what you need to know.

The Best Industries for Remote Work

Not all industries are suitable for remote staff. If you’re a barista, you won’t find any remote work options—at least, not yet!

However, there’s a long and growing list of industries that employ remote workers. If you have some untapped skills or are willing to put in some training time, you might be able to transition into a new career that allows you to work remotely.

If a job involves working on a computer, you can almost certainly do it from home. Here are some of the top industries you should check out:

  • Customer Service: Modern customer service is handled via phone, email, or social media. This means it can all be done from home. However, depending on the position and the company, it could require that you work odd hours.
  • Marketing: As most modern marketing involves email and social media, most of these positions are work-from-home (or soon will be).
  • Writing and editing: During the average workday, most modern writers and editors rarely touch a piece of paper. Everything is created and sent online. From writing marketing content to editing blog posts, there are lots of remote jobs under this umbrella. If you have other content-creation skills, like creating promotional videos, you’re even more marketable.
  • Web and graphic design: Often available as remote positions, design work blends creative skills with technical knowledge, which keeps things interesting. And you can learn most of the technical skills you need online, too.
  • Tutoring: Although it’s difficult to find a full-time remote tutoring position, you can often tutor from home part-time to supplement your income. Some of these jobs don’t require any specialized knowledge beyond standard English.

While this list will get you started, many other industries also offer remote opportunities. As new tech solutions are developed, there will be more new ways to work from home.

So, don’t count out your dream job just yet. If you do a bit of online research, you’ll see what your possibilities are.

Full-Time or Freelance?

Before you start your search, you also need to decide whether you’re interested in full-time or freelance positions.

Both work well for remote jobs; it’s just a matter of what’s available in your industry, and which suits your lifestyle best. For example, most remote tutoring positions are freelance, while you can find a full-time remote customer service job easily.

If you want to delve into the freelance world, it’s best to start slow. You might want to wait until you have a couple of steady clients, or a significant amount of money saved before you quit your day job.

If you find a full-time remote job, though, you can dive right in, just as you would if you’d found a new traditional full-time job.

Where to Start Your Remote Job Search

woman searching for remote work jobs using her laptop
Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

So, you’ve decided you want to work from home. Now you have to find a job.

While you can scan the usual job-search forums and websites you always have, you’ll probably have better luck on platforms specifically for remote workers. For remote work, you have to learn how to leverage the power of the internet, and that starts with the job search.

Here are some suggestions on where to start your search.

Company Websites

If you don’t have any specific companies in mind you’d like to work for, you can skip this step. If you do, research whether they offer any remote options.

Check out their websites and social media pages. Familiarize yourself with their brand and tone. You can impress them with your in-depth knowledge when you write your cover letter.


A lot of people mention how helpful LinkedIn was during their job search. If you’ve never successfully found a job on there, though, this might seem hard to believe.

However, as an online business networking resource, LinkedIn is a great place to begin your remote job search. Not only does it allow you to sift through a long list of possible jobs, but you can also impress potential employers before you even send your resume.

You can search LinkedIn job listings using keywords, like “remote” or “virtual.” You should also reach out to people at the companies to which you decide to apply. On LinkedIn, it’s normal to send a professional message to a stranger in your industry—and it can help you get a job.

First, fill out your profile completely, and then send a note to a few people in the work-from-home positions you hope to get, at the companies you want to work for. Ask them if they’re open to a short call to tell you about their work experience, and how they landed their job. You can even offer a small gift, like a coffee gift card, to thank them for their time.

This networking idea can give you valuable insight into how to get hired. It can also help you get your foot in the door at your dream companies.


This online remote-work hub has a searchable list of potential jobs in many industries. It also offers a blog section all about working remotely, as well as other community resources. We especially like the remote Q&A section, where you can find answers to popular questions about working from home from real remote workers.


Remotive offers a helpful blend of searchable jobs and community resources. While some of the content requires paid access, you can get a lot of mileage out of the free offerings. We suggest you sign up for the email list, so you get weekly messages about jobs in your field.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely uses a similar concept to the other options we’ve covered. It pairs job listings with educational resources for remote workers. You can also join the We Work Remotely community on social media, where you can make valuable new connections that might lead to new jobs. And, of course, a community of remote workers is also helpful to answer any questions you might have as you transition to working from home.

Since We Work Remotely is also the largest of all the online remote-work communities, it offers you a longer list of possible jobs than most. You can search by category or use the helpful Resources tab to narrow it down.

Tips for Getting Hired

A man sitting at a desk behind a desktop computer screen and a laptop, holding a coffee mug.

Once you’ve found a few work-from-home jobs to apply to, how can you increase your chances of getting hired?

While many traditional recommendations about resume editing and interview skills apply, remote work also poses some unique challenges. Here’s how to help yourself stand out as a candidate.

Social Media and Websites

When you apply for remote jobs, your online and social media game needs to be super-strong.

The hiring manager isn’t going to meet you in person, so her first (or only) impression of you comes from what she sees online. Your online presence should be professional but also show your personality. Your future boss wants to know what kind of person she’ll be bringing to the team.

Before you submit any applications, take a quick inventory of your online presence. Try to view it from the perspective of a hiring manager. It’s fine if you have vacation photos and funny tweets, but it’s also helpful to have some posts about your professional abilities.

For example, if you’re a writer, do you have an online portfolio of your published work? If you’re a marketer, does your LinkedIn profile show off your ability to market yourself as a candidate?

Resume and Cover Letter

Your cover letter and resume don’t need to look much different when you apply for a remote position. However, you might want to make a few small changes.

For example, you should definitely highlight the skills and qualities companies want in remote workers, as well as the skills needed for that particular job. If you have remote-friendly tech skills or creative communications solutions to offer, those are worth a mention. You might also want to highlight your ability to stay self-motivated, meet deadlines, and communicate effectively on online platforms.


With time and careful attention to your applications, you should start to get some interview requests. Next, you need to prepare to interview well via phone or video.

If you’re interviewing via video, dress professionally—and, yes, wear pants! Be sure you’re in a quiet location with a nice-looking background. You then approach the experience just as you would an in-person interview.

For phone interviews, remember to smile so your voice sounds friendly and make sure you have a good connection for the call. You can also check out this guide to prepping for a phone interview to get some more detailed tips.

Your Dream Job

When you work remotely, your entire life can change for the better.

Suddenly, you can eat fresh food from your home fridge, instead of debating which fast-casual restaurant to grab lunch from. You can stock up on comfy athleisure clothes instead of office separates. You can sign up for 11 a.m. yoga classes, instead of trying to squeeze in a workout before your 8 a.m. commute.

While working from home affects everyone differently, many people find the change is for the best. With these job search tips, you’ll be well on your way to finding a remote job that works for you.

After you start your new remote job, be sure to check out our guide on how to stay organized when you work from home!

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How to Find Your Apple Card Number

iPhone Apple Card Wallet View Details
Justin Duino

The Apple Card is a mobile-first credit card, but it still has a card number you can use for online purchases. The service’s physical card doesn’t have the number on it, so you’ll have to find the number within the Wallet app.

Find Your Apple Card Number

Start by opening the “Wallet” app on your iPhone. If you can’t find it, swipe down on the home screen and use Spotlight search to locate it.

iPhone Select Apple Wallet App

Next, tap on your Apple Card, located at the top of the app along with any other credit or debit cards.

iPhone Wallet App Select Apple Card

Now that you’re viewing your Apple Card’s balance and purchases, select the three-dot menu button in the top-right corner of the display.

iPhone Wallet App Apple Card Select Three Dot Button

Halfway down the menu, you’ll see a “Card Information” button. Tap on it.

After you select the button, you will need to authenticate yourself. If you have an iPhone X or newer, the Face ID authentication dialog will pop up and scan your face. Older phones will ask for you to confirm your identity using Touch ID or another form of lockscreen security.

iPhone Select Apple Card Information

You should now be able to see all of the details necessary to use the Apple Card for online retailers. This information includes your card number, expiration date, security code, and network.

iPhone Apple Card Number

Request a New Apple Card Number

Traditional credit cards face the issue of having their information stolen through skimmers or online hacks. In these cases, customers have to request a new card to get a new credit card number.

Because the physical Apple Card doesn’t have any numbers on it, you can request a new card number at any time through the iPhone’s “Wallet” app. To get started, follow the steps in the previous section to head back into the “Card Information” menu. After that, tap on “Request New Card Number.”

iPhone Apple Card Request New Card Number Button

A dialog box will pop up confirming that you would like a new card number. Tap “Request.” Remember, though, if you get a new Apple Card number, you will need to update the information for every retailer that has the card on file.

iPhone Apple Card Request New Card Number Confirmation

If Goldman Sachs approves your request, the card number, expiration date, and security code will all change.

Finding your Apple Card number is as simple as digging through the Wallet app’s settings menu. Although you get more rewards when you use the credit card with Apple Pay, using the card for monthly bills and online purchases will slowly but surely rack in Daily Cash.

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What It Means When Find My iPhone Is Offline and How to Find It Anyway

If you’ve lost your iPhone or iPad, how can you find your device? If you had the foresight to activate Find My iPhone, you should be able to find your smartphone easily. However, upon logging in, you notice a problem: Find My iPhone is offline.

What does “Offline” mean on Find My iPhone? How can you still locate your device? And if it’s been stolen, how do you stop others from accessing your personal data? We’ll walk you through it.

How to Activate Find My iPhone

So what exactly is Find My iPhone? As you might have inferred, it’s a feature that helps you find your device if it goes missing. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve lost it while out and about, or if you still think it’s somewhere at home. Activating Find My iPhone means you can log into your Apple ID on a PC or tablet and locate your device on a map.

You can also use it to remotely lock your phone, erase all content (in case you think it’s irretrievable), or play a sound to lead you to it.

All you need to do is open Settings, then tap on your name at the top. Next, go to iCloud > Find My iPhone. (We’ll come back to why this screen holds extra significance if your phone reads Offline.)

You need to make sure this setting is turned on. It’s not possible to enable it remotely, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s a wise idea to prepare for the worst but hope you never need it.

What Does “Offline” Mean on Find My iPhone?

To location your smartphone with Find My iPhone, you need to sign into your iCloud account using a different device. There are numerous iterations of the Find My app, including Find My iPad and Find My Apple Watch. All of these use iCloud.

If it’s working properly, you should see an icon on a map to show where your missing device is. In some cases, however, it reads “Offline”. It may also say “No location available” or “Location Services Off”.

iCloud lets you find your smartphone on a map

There are a few reasons for this, but they all have the same meaning: your iPhone cannot check in to Find My iPhone. It doesn’t have access to Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Why is your iPhone offline? The most likely reason is that the battery has died. You could also have left it turned off. Either way, if your phone has no power, Find My iPhone won’t give you its whereabouts.

The app will only work if your device is connected to iCloud, of course, and signed into your Apple ID. To activate the feature in the first place, you’ll have already signed into these. However, it’s possible to switch both off, severing the connection to Find My iPhone.

Your device may also have Airplane Mode switched on. We’ve explained how Airplane Mode works on your iPhone

Everything You Need to Know About Airplane Mode for iPhone & iPad

Everything You Need to Know About Airplane Mode for iPhone & iPad

Does your phone charge faster in Airplane Mode? Will your alarm still work? Can you use Bluetooth? Here’s what you need to know.
Read More

if you’re not sure. Essentially, it cuts off all wireless signals like Wi-Fi and cellular data.

If your smartphone has been stolen, the thief may have taken out its SIM card. This disconnects it from mobile internet, making it more difficult—but not impossible—to track.

There’s also the small possibility that your iPhone has been lost in a country without Find My iPhone. This is because the feature needs to access maps and Apple simply doesn’t have that capability in some regions.

How to Find an iPhone That Is Offline

When you open Find My iPhone, you’ll see three options. While it may seem futile, click on Play Sound first. It’s unlikely this will work, especially when your iPhone shows as Offline. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you do find your smartphone this way. (We’ll return to the other two options on this screen. You need to look into other methods before using those two.)

The main way to locate your device is, again, by preparing ahead of time. When setting up your device, you need to navigate to Settings, select your name, then go to iCloud > Find My iPhone > Send Last Location. This sends the location data of your device to Apple when the battery is critically low.

Turn on Last Location if Find My iPhone is Offline

This is your best chance of retrieving your device, but won’t help if someone moved it to another located, or if the function is switched off.

If you use Google Maps on your phone, you may be able to track its location via the Maps Timeline. You can see which apps access your geographical data via Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

It’s also worth contacting your mobile service provider. If you have the serial number or International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, your carrier may be able to trace its position.

You can revisit where you’ve been recently and hope you find your smartphone without the need of further technology. Otherwise, you need to wait and keep your fingers crossed that someone finds and charges it. Keep signing into Find My iPhone in case this does happen.

How to Protect Your Data If Your iPhone Is Offline

Let’s suppose that you still can’t find your device. You fear that someone has stolen it, or that whoever locates it could access your private information. What can you do to stop this from happening?

Even when Find My iPhone says “Offline”, you can still use some of its functions. Most notably, Activation Lock comes standard when using Find My iPhone. This means that nobody can turn off Find My iPhone or erase your phone’s data without your Apple ID.

iCloud map Erase iPhone, Play Sound, and Lost Mode

Two further options are useful:

  • Lost Mode: This lets you remotely lock your device and present a custom message on the screen. You should include a means of contacting you to return the smartphone. As an extra layer of security, this disables Apple Pay. Plus, notifications won’t show up, so no one can snoop on your activities. Once you get your device back, you can unlock it by simply using your passcode.
  • Erase iPhone: This should only be used in dire situations—it erases all data on your phone. It’s a final measure, not to be taken lightly. Try everything you can think of to find it again. If you do take this path, you’ll need to restore your iPhone from a backup

    How to Restore Your iPhone or iPad From a Backup

    How to Restore Your iPhone or iPad From a Backup

    Here’s what you need to know when it’s time to restore your iPhone from backup. Here are the best methods, tips, and more.
    Read More

    or will unfortunately lose all your information.

These modes only activate once your iPhone switches on and connects to the internet again.

Should You Choose to Erase Your iPhone?

Hopefully, these tips helped you find your iPhone, even if it says it’s offline. However, you may have to consider erasing your device if you really can’t find it.

Taking this option means you’ve entirely given up hope. In most cases, we think it’s better to use Lost Mode. It doesn’t matter if you lost your phone 24 hours ago or six months ago. If someone finds it and turns it on, they will be able to see your message and hopefully return it to you. You may consider offering a reward too.

The main advice for anyone who has lost their phone is simply not to panic. With today’s always-on world, someone will hopefully find it and get it back online. Speaking of which, make sure you know what to do if you find a lost iPhone

Found a Lost or Stolen iPhone? Here’s What to Do

Found a Lost or Stolen iPhone? Here’s What to Do

Found a lost or stolen iPhone? You can do plenty to help return the device to its rightful owner.
Read More


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Find the Fastest DNS to Optimize Your Internet Speed

Google’s Public DNS is a free Domain Name System (DNS). It is an alternative to your ISP’s default DNS settings which aren’t always the fastest option, and other public DNS services such as OpenDNS or the privacy focused DNS.

Which of these options best optimize your internet speed? Is one DNS better than its competitors? And how can you tell if it is? Read on to find out how you find the fastest DNS and optimize your internet speed in the process.

What Is DNS?

The Domain Name System translates a human-readable website name to an IP address. When you enter the name of a website in your browser address bar, your browser sends that name to a DNS server. The DNS server helps route the request to the appropriate IP address of that website.

Each website has an IP address. But the IP address for each site is a long string of numbers and unless you are a mnemonist, you cannot remember the IP address for every site you want to and need to visit.

When your ISP configures your internet connection, it is set to use the ISP’s default DNS. The default ISP DNS settings aren’t automatically bad, but some are known to have connection and frequent name address resolution issues. Furthermore, you are free to use one of the free DNS alternatives.

You want a fast and stable DNS. For some, their DNS should provide extra security and privacy features, too. To find your fastest DNS option, try one of the following free DNS speed tests. Here’s how you change your DNS settings in Windows and how to change your DNS settings on Mac.

namebench dns test tool

NameBench is an open-source portable application (no installation, you can run it from a USB flash drive) that works on Windows, macOS, and Linux distributions. It runs a DNS benchmark test on your computer using your internet browser history or a standardized test data set. The NameBench DNS test then returns the fastest DNS settings for your location and current connection.

Head to the NameBench code repository and download the latest version of the tool for your operating system. Please note that NameBench ceased development in 2010, so the release dates are correct. Alternatively, use one of the following links.

Download: NameBench for Windows | macOS | Linux (All Free)

How to Use NameBench DNS Test

namebench results chart

Before you run NameBench, close any applications using your internet connection. Closing programs using an active connection can distort your NameBench DNS test results.

Open and extract NameBench. The Nameservers you see are the DNS servers you use currently. Keep the default NameBench settings, then hit Start Benchmark. The NameBench DNS test takes 10-20 minutes, so grab a cup of tea and wait for the results.

After the NameBench DNS speed test completes, your browser launches to show your results. The box in the top left shows the fastest DNS server for your current connection. For example, I should switch my primary DNS server to the privacy-focused

How Cloudflare DNS Helps Solve 4 Big DNS Privacy Risks

How Cloudflare DNS Helps Solve 4 Big DNS Privacy Risks

Cloudflare has released a free new security tool. Here’s how Cloudflare DNS helps improves security, privacy, and even speed.
Read More

. You can also scroll down your results page to see DNS speed test comparison charts.

dns bench dns test tool

The Gibson Research Corporation Domain Name Speed Benchmark tool provides a detailed analysis of the optimum DNS settings for your connection. Like NameBench, you can run DNS Benchmark from a USB flash drive, requiring no installation. There is a Windows application, but no support for macOS or Linux.

Download: DNS Benchmark for Windows (Free)

How to Use DNS Benchmark

dns bench fastest dns list

One thing I like about DNS Benchmark is the constantly updating DNS list. As the DNS speed test progresses, the servers with the fastest response move to the top of the list.

Download and open DNS Benchmark, then select the Nameservers tab. Let DNS Benchmark update the list, then select Run Benchmark. The first run through only takes a few minutes. At the end of the first DNS speed test run, however, DNS Benchmark announces that you should create a custom DNS benchmarking list for DNS testing results that accurately reflect your system, connection, and locale. That’s because the default DNS server list heavily favors US-based users.

Building the custom list takes “around 37 minutes.” But the result does provide a much clearer picture of the fastest DNS for your system.

DNS Jumper dns test tool

On first impressions, DNS Jumper appears to be a more basic DNS speed test tool. However, once you start using the DNS Jumper, you’ll notice that it has many similar features to NameBench and DNS Benchmark. For instance, DNS Jumper completes a fastest DNS test, and is portable application, too.

Regarding DNS speed, DNS Jumper has the option to scan for and select the “Fastest DNS.” Once the DNS speed test finishes you can select an option, then use the integrated “Apply DNS” button to use those settings. The DNS Jumper test list has some limitations and does favor US-based DNS providers.

Download: DNS Jumper for Windows (Free)

How to Use DNS Jumper

DNS Jumper fastest dns test list

Download and open DNS Jumper.

First, select your network adapter from the dropdown list. Unsure which network adapter to select? In your Start Menu search bar, input view network status and select the Best Match. Select Change adapter settings from the left column. One of the network adapters will have the name of your current connection underneath the adapter type. Wi-Fi connections will also display a reception bar. Note the name and select the corresponding hardware on the DNS Jumper dropdown list.

Once you have the correct hardware configuration, select Fastest DNS. A new window opens, listing the available DNS speed tests. Keep each selection checked, then hit Start DNS Test. The DNS Jumper test does not take long. When it completes, you can use DNS Jumper to update the DNS settings for your connection automatically.

How Do You Find the Fastest DNS?

Using one of the above DNS speed test tools will help you figure out the best DNS settings for your connection. NameBench and the GRC DNS Benchmark offer the most thorough tests and will give you the most accurate answer regarding DNS speed.

Want to switch between several DNS servers? Check out our guide on how to easily switch between multiple DNS servers

How to Easily Switch Between Multiple DNS Servers in Windows

How to Easily Switch Between Multiple DNS Servers in Windows

Changing your DNS settings is helpful, but doing so in Windows is a bit clunky. Here’s a tool that makes it a lot easier.
Read More


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6 Apps to Find Clothes by Picture

Have you ever wished for a Shazam-like service for identifying a cute dress or cool shoes you came across in public? That’s not a far-fetched dream anymore, as you can now simply pull out your phone and point your camera at clothes to ID them.

Here are the best apps to find clothes by picture.

1. Find Clothes From a Picture Using Google Lens

Google’s Lens image recognition tool can identify clothes, personal accessories like necklaces, or any other form of apparel. This makes it an easy way to find a shirt you saw around town.

You don’t even have to capture a picture to use it. Simply bring the piece of clothing into the viewfinder’s frame and if successfully matched, Google Lens will highlight it with a little blue icon.

After tapping this circle, the app will pull up a Google Shopping page (which itself is an aggregation platform). This provides you with links to multiple websites, such as Amazon and Walmart.

In addition, Google Lens works with outfits. So when you scan another person’s look, it will individually detect all the products they’re wearing.

If you’re an Android user, there are a couple of ways to invoke Google Lens. You can install the dedicated app, press the Lens option while viewing an image on Google Photos, or tap the Lens button in Google Assistant. iOS users will find Google Lens functionality in the search bar of the main Google app and Google Photos.

Keep in mind that Google Lens is not limited to recognizing apparel. Here are a handful of other interesting uses for Google Lens, if you’re curious.

Download: Google Lens for Android (Free)
Download: Google for iOS (Free)

2. CamFind: Another Great App to Find Clothes

CamFind is a visual search engine platform which can find clothes from pictures. The process is straightforward: take a picture, give its engine a couple of seconds to process, and you’ll see the outcome. Unlike Google Lens, CamFind is a tad sluggish and can often take up to a minute to go through an image.

Once it’s done, it offers shopping links, the product’s description, and related YouTube videos. Plus, CamFind houses a social network so you can share your results with the rest of its users.

You can also browse what other people are looking up to understand fashion trends and connect with like-minded shoppers. Fortunately, there is a private mode in case you’re not comfortable with its community features.

Download: CamFind for Android | iOS (Free)

3. Search for Clothes via Amazon StyleSnap

Amazon’s main app has a clothing-focused visual search engine as well. Called StyleSnap, it functions as you’d expect and lets you find a dress by uploading a picture.

You can access the option by touching the camera icon on the Amazon app’s search bar, then scrolling over to StyleSnap. When you tap it, the app will launch the camera view and you’ll need to direct it towards the object of clothing you want to scan. Alternatively, you can upload a picture from your phone’s gallery.

If it’s found on Amazon, it will add a little card at the bottom, which you can drag up to check out the recommended product listings. At the time of writing, Amazon StyleSnap is only available in the US.

Download: Amazon for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Look Up Clothes on Social Media With Pinterest Lens

Pinterest’s mobile apps feature a visual search tool called Lens that allows you to search the social network’s thousands of posts through images. Like Google Lens, this can ID multiple items, such as an entire outfit.

What’s more, Pinterest will show shopping links for matched products. For this functionality, Pinterest has partnered with ShopStyle, a fashion and lifestyle shopping platform. Hence, you won’t find links to Amazon or other commerce websites.

Pinterest Lens also has a handy utility titled Lens the Look. It essentially lets you explore outfit ideas with any clothes from your existing wardrobe as the starting point.

So say you have a nice dress and want to find new combinations you can try using it. You can just upload a photo of the dress to Pinterest and it will bring up the relevant attire ideas.

Download: Pinterest for Android | iOS (Free)

5. Find Your Next Outfit With a Picture at ASOS

British fashion retailer ASOS’s apps offer a straightforward reverse image search option to find clothes with a photo. You can either capture a new photo or upload from local storage. It only takes a few seconds to execute your query, and most of the time it’s accurate.

Once your image has processed, the app will fetch styles that most resemble the one you’re looking for. There’s not much else to the feature; it’s also limited to identifying just one item of clothing at a time. If you find something you like, you’ll be glad to know ASOS hosts 850 brands and delivers to 242 countries.

Download: ASOS for Android | iOS (Free)

6. Find Clothes by Picture Using Screenshop

Have you ever taken screenshots of outfits you saw on platforms like Instagram for future reference? The first app from Kim Kardashian West’s Craze company, Screenshop, is exactly for those screenshots. It allows you to easily find clothes using a picture.

Once you’ve imported the image, Screenshop scans the complete outfit and splits the results into several tabs for each item. This means if your picture has three items like sunglasses, a dress, and shoes, the results will also have three dedicated sections. On top of that, Screenshop lets you purchase clothing right from the app, as it has tie-ins with numerous brands.

Unfortunately, at the moment Screenshop is only available for iOS devices. However, an Android version is just around the corner.

Download: Screenshop for iOS (Free, in-app purchase avaiable)

Identify Clothes and More Using Your Phone

You’ll no longer have to roam around shopping malls with pictures of an outfit to reference. Thanks to these apps, you just need to pull out your phone and take a picture to find clothes by picture.

But you can ID a lot more than pieces of clothing. Your phone can detect flower species, coins, and even wine bottles. If you’re interested in more, check out these apps to identify anything using your phone’s camera

8 Nifty Apps to Identify Anything Using Your Phone’s Camera

8 Nifty Apps to Identify Anything Using Your Phone’s Camera

These image recognition apps let you identify coins, plants, products, and much more with your phone’s camera.
Read More


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Google Makes It Easier to Find New Podcasts

Google is making it easier to find new podcasts to listen to. While you have always been able to search Google for podcasts, you have previously then had to dig deeper into the results to find the podcasts and listen to them. Until now.

How to Sort Good Podcasts From Bad

Podcasting is coming of age. While many people are only now discovering the medium, podcasts have been around since the early 2000s. The earliest podcasters have released hundreds of podcasts, and there are new podcasts being released all of the time.

The one problem with the already-large and ever-growing number of podcasts available to listen to is sorting the wheat from the chaff. For every good podcast available there are a handful of bad podcasts. And the trick is to find the best podcasts.

How to Find the Best Podcasts on Google

Google is keen to help out by surfacing playable podcasts directly in Google Search results. All you need to do is search for a podcast about a certain topic, and Google will show playable episodes alongside the usual web pages, news items, images, and videos.

As explained on The Keyword, Google will surface podcasts based on what’s being talked about, with the company transcribing episodes it finds to aid with indexing. In the future, podcasts will also show up in results for searches which don’t include the word “podcasts”.

Google is rolling out its efforts to help people discover new podcasts gradually, starting with people using English in the US. This is initially available in Google Search, but Google will be adding it to Google Assistant and Google Podcasts later this year.

You can rest assured that this won’t replace publishers completely. While Google will now surface individual playable podcasts within Search results, these will sit alongside lists compiled by websites such as MakeUseOf. It just gives you extra options.

Podcasting Is a Growing Medium

Anything that makes podcasts easier to find and listen to is a good thing. Podcasting is a wonderful medium that’s only growing in popularity. And with more podcasters jumping on the bandwagon, it’s getting tougher to find the best podcasts for you.

As well as Google’s efforts to simplify the process, we try to recommend the best podcasts about a particular topic or for a particular group of people. So here are our lists of the best podcasts for kids and the best true crime podcasts

8 Fascinating True Crime Podcasts Better Than Serial

8 Fascinating True Crime Podcasts Better Than Serial

If you enjoyed listening to Serial, we have found some similarly well-researched and binge-worthy true crime podcasts to satisfy your craving for good investigative journalism.
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, as examples.

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How to Find the Best Discord Servers

Discord started out as a voice chat program for gamers. But it has since grown to become a popular location for hosting text-based forums as well. There are specific Discord servers for all sorts of interests, including games, movies, music, and more.

However, it’s not always easy to find servers to join. If you’re new to Discord, you might be wondering where to start. Here are all the best ways you can find the best Discord servers that match your interests.

1. Find Servers Using the Discord Server Directory

Find the Best Discord Servers - Server Directory

Whether you’re using the Discord webapp or the Discord app on your phone, look in the far-left column. Under the icons for the servers you are currently a member of, there is a round magnifying glass icon. Click on this and you’ll be taken to the official Discord server directory.

The homepage of the directory shows you some of the most popular servers, like the Official Fortnite server or the Official Minecraft server. These servers have hundreds of thousands of members and are among the largest on Discord.

If you want to check out a server, hover over its name and you’ll see a blue button that says View. Click this to be taken to the server, which you can look through before deciding if you want to join. If you like what you see, you can join the server by clicking Join Server at the bottom of the screen. Or click Back to Discovery to be taken back to the server directory.

You can also use the search bar in the directory to search for servers dedicated to particular topics. Or you can use the drop-down menu to search for servers in a particular language.

Download: Discord for Android | iOS

2. Find Discord Servers Using the Disboard Website

Find the Best Discord Servers - Disboard

Another way to find the best Discord servers is to use the Disboard website. Disboard has a list of Discord servers for all types of topics, including many gaming communities and anime and manga fanbases. It also lists servers for topics like music, technology, movies, memes, and roleplay.

To find a server, you can browse the Disboard directory using the Categories and Popular Tags on the main page. Categories are listed in pale blue, and popular tags are listed in green. Click on a topic to bring up a list of Discord servers related to that topic.

Once you click a topic, you’ll see more information about each listed server, like its name, a starred user review rating, a description of the server, and how many people are currently online. You’ll also see a flag to indicate the language of the server and an icon at the bottom if it is a server which allows NSFW content.

Alternatively, you can add a term to the search bar to search for servers related to that topic. Or, for more personal recommendations, click on Reviews at the top to see user reviews of different servers.

When you find a server you like the look of, click the Join this server button at the bottom of the posting and you’ll be taken to an invite page from which you can enter the server.

3. Find Servers Using the DiscordMe Website

Find the Best Discord Servers - Discord Me

Another website which offers a list of Discord servers is Discord.me. This site leans slightly more towards listing anime servers, but there are plenty of listings for gaming, entertainment, and social categories as well.

To find a server, you can browse the most popular servers from the home page. Or use the Categories drop-down menu at the top of the page to search for a server by category, like anime, crypto, eSports, education, or gaming. Click on a category name to be taken to a list of the top servers in that category.

There’s also a fun Random feature in the left hand menu, accessed by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the top-left. This will take you to information about a random server from the directory.

You’ll see some servers listed as Platinum or Gold with a banner in the top-left. But don’t worry, as a user you do not have to pay to access any server. The platinum or gold designations indicate the server owner has paid to promote their server on Discord.me but you can still access it for free.

Once you have clicked on a server name you’ll see information about its categories, information about the server, and a banner image. Click on Join Server to be taken to the Discord invite page from which you can access the server.

4. Find Discord Servers From Your Favorite Websites

Find the Best Discord Servers - LTT server

Another option for finding servers is to look for servers run by your favorite websites or tech influencers.

For example, popular technology forum Linus Tech Tips has its own Discord Server with information about hardware, gaming, and more. Other sites have exclusive Discord servers for particular groups of fans, such as Patreon supporters.

Many Twitch streamers have their own Discord servers as well, which can be a fun way to meet other people who are into the same games as you. Have a look around sites you visit regularly to see if they mention a Discord server.

5. How to Find Private Discord Servers

Find the Best Discord Servers - Private Servers

As well as public servers, there are also private Discord servers which require an invitation for you to join. You can often find invites to private servers on other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Steam.

These servers typically have between 50 and 500 users, so they’re much smaller than the big public servers. That means they’re less active, but they can also have a better sense of community. If you find big servers to be impersonal or filled with drama, then a smaller private server might be more to your tastes.

If you’re looking for gaming servers, then Reddit is a good place to search. You’ll find a link like http://discord.gg/GlobalOffensive which you can click and you’ll be taken to a landing page. Click on Accept Invite to be taken to the server.

Once you arrive in a server, check out the rules and guidelines. Some private servers will require you to message a mod or confirm you have read the rules before you’re given access to the rest of the channels.

Find the Best Discord Servers for Your Interests

There are Discord servers out there for almost any interest you can think of, and you can use these methods to find one that suits you.

If you’re a gamer using Discord, you might also want to check out Discord’s Steam-style game store

Discord Launches a Steam-Style Game Store

Discord Launches a Steam-Style Game Store

Discord is muscling in on Steam’s territory with a store selling PC games and a selection of titles for Nitro subscribers.
Read More

which hosts a variety of games for you to play.

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Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram? Here’s How to Find Out

Every Instagram influencer wants more likes and more followers. But it’s just as important to retain your current followers. Which may have left you wondering, “Who unfollowed me?” So how can you see who unfollowed you on Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t offer any official way to check your unfollowers. So while I can see the Followers count in my Instagram profile go down, I won’t know who unfollowed me on Instagram.

Currently, there are quite a few third-party apps to see who unfollows you on Instagram. These serve as Instagram trackers for followers and unfollowers, giving you a quick look at who thinks your posts aren’t worth seeing any more.

The Problem With Third-Party Instagram Apps

While these apps are the easiest way to know who unfollowed you on Instagram, they come with their own set of issues. Instagram’s API severely restricts what unofficial developers can do.

For example, with all of these apps, you will only see data from the time you first download the app. From the time you set it up, it tracks all changes to your accounts. But if you lost followers before installing the app, you won’t see any of those.

These apps are also not authorized by Instagram, which means your account security can be in danger. You leave yourself open to data breaches, the app getting sold to someone with ill intentions, and other such risks.

Additionally, these apps might stop working at any moment as Instagram has a history of changing its API or rules without any warning. In the past, several good third-party apps shut down because of Instagram’s changing rules, including Unfollowgram, which was one of the best Instagram unfollowers app.

As long as you know these potential flaws and risks, you can continue to use these apps to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram.

Followmeter (Android, iOS): The Easiest and Best App

I tried out a variety of apps to find out who unfollowed me, and Followmeter is my favorite. The setup process is easy, the interface is simple, and the Unfollower feature is completely free, without any loopholes. Again, it will work only from the point of setup onwards, so you can’t find out old unfollowers.

The dashboard shows unfollowers, new followers, accounts you follow that don’t follow you back, and accounts who follow you but you don’t follow them back. Tap the Unfollowers tab to get a full list of people who unfollowed you on Instagram.

The Unfollower list shows individual accounts, along with whether you follow them or not. Tapping and account will open it in Instagram, where you can send them a message or unfollow them.

Followmeter has premium features to find ghost followers (i.e. inactive users and lurkers), top admirers, and more. These require a payment of $3.99, but the free version doesn’t limit the Unfollower feature in any way whatsoever.

Download: Followmeter for Android | iOS (Free)

Reports+ (Android, iOS): Slow but Secure

Reports+ is slower than Followmeter, but the app makes it a point to mention its security. Again, it works from the time you set it up, but all of the data is stored locally to keep it secure.

The app is also better at issuing notifications that you lost someone, so you can log in to see who unfollowed you on Instagram. You can add multiple accounts to track followers on all of them.

Again, like with Followmeter, there are plenty of other features in Reports+, many of which are hidden behind a paywall. But the unfollowers check is completely free.

Download: Reports+ for Android | iOS (Free)

Other Apps to Find Out “Who Unfollowed Me?”

Apart from Followmeter and Reports+, I tested a few other free Instagram unfollower apps. Here’s a quick list of those that worked well. While you can try any of them, I’d recommend sticking to Followmeter or Reports+ as they are more likely to keep up with any changes in Instagram API and rules.

  • Followers & Unfollowers for Android (Free)
  • Follow Cop for Android (Free)
  • Followers Tracker Pro for iOS (Free)
  • Followers Track for Instagram! for iOS (Free)

How to Unfollow Your Unfollowers

“Following back” is one of the unsaid tenets of social media. Now that you know these people have unfollowed you on Instagram, you might want to return the favor. Every time you get a notification, you can unfollow that account too.

But what about those who did this already, before you installed the app? Cleaner for Instagram is a quick and easy app to find out who doesn’t follow you back, and unfollow them in bulk.

  1. Sign in to Cleaner with your Instagram account.
  2. In the Following tab, tap Quick Select > Advanced Quick Select > Select non-followers.
  3. Go through the selection to make sure you want to unfollow all of these. If not, tap any account to deselect them.
  4. Tap the Lightning icon > Unfollow > Start Now.

Let Cleaner for Instagram finish its process. The changes are reflected in your Instagram account immediately.

Download: Cleaner for Instagram for Android | iOS (Free)

How to Stop Losing Followers on Instagram

“Following back” is just one of the reasons that someone has unfollowed you on Instagram. If that doesn’t seem to be the cause and you are wondering why you are losing followers on Instagram, here are a few other possible reasons.

1. You Have Bought Followers

Who unfollowed me - Don't buy followers on Instagram, it will affect your account's credibility

Did you purchase the services of someone who promises to get you thousands or millions of followers for a few dollars? Instagram frowns upon such manipulation, which usually involves following you with a bunch of bots and fake accounts.

Instagram regularly purges such accounts and so that might be a reason your follower count has dropped. Don’t rely on these services, they are a waste of money and affect credibility.

2. You Have Been Shadow Banned

who unfollowed me - Cheating at Instagram can cause your account to be shadow banned, so test it at Triberr

Trying to game the Instagram ecosystem can result in your account getting a “shadow ban”. This means that while the app functions normally for you, Instagram deliberately hides your posts or puts them in the lowest priority. A shadow ban could render your account and hard work useless.

Instagram will shadow ban those accounts trying to manipulate the system by buying followers, or using third-party cheats. You’ll find apps and services that automatically Like and comment on your posts, or drive up other engagement in fake ways. Avoid these at all cost.

If you think you might be affected, you can check your last ten posts with Triberr’s Instagram Shadowban Test.

3. You Are Posting Too Often or Too Infrequently

who unfollowed me - If you post on Instagram too often or too infrequently, you will lose followers

If you post too often, followers will get tired of your pictures spamming their timeline. This is especially true for sponsored posts and brand engagements. On the other hand, if you post too infrequently, followers will think you aren’t worth subscribing to.

It’s a difficult balance to maintain, but there isn’t a golden rule or a recommended number to adhere to. It’s something you will have to figure out with your own followers. For example, I would use the above apps to find out who unfollowed me, and ask them what was off-putting.

The new mantra among social media experts is consistency beats frequency, i.e. figure out a post schedule that you can maintain consistently. Even two posts a day is fine, as long as you are able to consistently post two a day.

4. You’re Making Basic Instagram Mistakes

who unfollowed me - Be consistent about Instagram posts, and avoid common mistakes

These three are the major reasons for losing followers, but there are several other factors that can cause people to unfollow you. For example:

  • Posting about topics that are irrelevant to your brand.
  • Posting about controversial topics that divide people’s opinions.
  • Not engaging with commenters on posts.
  • Posting without the right hashtags, or with poor captions.
  • Posting sub-par photos and not editing them well.

Apart from these, our in-house social media expert has highlighted several other things to avoid doing on Instagram.

Don’t Obsess Over Instagram Followers

It’s easy to get locked into a social network’s statistics. Especially as there are some excellent analytics tools to see how you’re doing on Instagram. But don’t obsess over these things. It really doesn’t matter if someone unfollows me or you on Instagram.

In fact, losing a follower does not mean you’re doing a terrible job. This is a slippery slope, and if you go down this path, social networks will make you sad

Facebook Makes You Sad, and “It Won’t Happen to Me” is a Lie

Facebook Makes You Sad, and “It Won’t Happen to Me” is a Lie

Facebook’s potential as a trigger for depressive symptoms has been talked about in the past too, but this year has seen more of such studies than before. Here’s what they say.
Read More

. Instead, enjoy your Instagram as a way to escape reality for a few seconds; nothing more, nothing less.

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