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Most bugs in Microsoft’s June patches have been fixed; go ahead and patch

The most obvious problem with June patches was a conflict between Microsoft’s latest version of Windows and Microsoft’s latest version of Office (er, Microsoft 365) Click-to-Run: If you installed patches as soon as they came out, Outlook wouldn’t run. That bug got cleared up when Microsoft fixed Office a week later, even though Windows was to…

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Microsoft just fixed Powerpoint: You’re going to love Presenter Coach

I’ve come to loathe PowerPoint over the years. I once was a competitive speaker and watching people use this product – and the bad habits I’ve developed using it – has been like fingernails on a chalkboard. It has historically been a tool that promoted stupid things, like creating audience-abuse slides that no one could…

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Flashback Friday: See, I fixed it

Pilot fish arrives with his tools to fix a paper jam, and finds a really big one. Dozens of sheets of paper have been pulled in at an angle, and the machine is thoroughly jammed. User explains that she was trying to print a report when the copier sucked up all the paper. “I tried…

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