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Flashback Friday: Oh, did I say 30 DAYS?

This pilot fish gets an email from a user who can’t open the program used to track equipment calibration, so she takes the short walk to the user’s desk. There, she finds that the user is getting a “data file not found” message when he tries to open the program. Says fish: “I opened the…

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Flashback Friday: How about a shark?

This pilot fish makes sure that PostScript printers in remote offices are working correctly by sending a test image to them periodically. Just to be sure everyone at the remote offices can tell this is not a usual print job, they use a picture of a cat, says fish. After running one test, fish is…

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Flashback Friday: He does have a knack for simplifying things

Company offers a graphics drawing program free for clients to use. It handles simple and slightly complex x/y data, multiple lines, the usual stuff, according to fish. But the main users of the program are mostly business types, and the marketing chief tells the software developers, including this pilot fish, that they would love the…

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Flashback Friday: You’re dragging us down

This pilot fish works at an IT services outfit that’s trying to get a contract with a very large public transportation company. “They wanted to offload some schedule simulation programs to free up their mainframes for other work,” fish says. “But before they would sign the contract, they wanted us to run the software on…

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Flashback Friday: Just don’t say a word to the bank

This small vendor provides software to big banks, says a pilot fish who helps keep everything running. “Part of our job requires supporting the installation at the customer, who happens to be far, far away,” fish says. “In order to do this remotely, we need to VPN into the bank’s network so we can troubleshoot…

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