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3 Strategies to Follow When Your Site is Failing

It’s frustrating when your website isn’t succeeding in fulfilling its objective. At times, it can be unclear what the bottleneck is. I’ve concluded that having a fresh pair of eyes to go through your design and using web metrics are the best ways to pinpoint weak spots that hold back a website’s potential. Here are…

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Chrome to follow Firefox, stifle site notification appeals in version 80

Google yesterday said that in four weeks Chrome would follow Firefox’s lead and tamp down on intrusive requests by websites to dun users with notifications. “To protect notifications as a useful service … Chrome 80 will show, under certain conditions, a new, quieter notification permission UI [user interface] that reduces the interruptiveness [sic] of notification…

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You Can Now Follow Local Guides on Google Maps

Google is putting its Local Guides front and center in an effort to make Google Maps more useful. Starting in a select number of cities, you’ll now be able to follow Local Guides on Google Maps in order to get better recommendations. What Are Google’s Local Guides? Google’s Local Guides are people who upload photos…

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6 Simple Steps to Follow

Memes are all the rage these days, and have been for some time. As an intractable part of online culture, memes pop up absolutely everywhere. And in this article we’ll show you how to make a meme. The idea of a meme is to replicate a picture or piece of text but with your own…

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Twitter Now Lets You Follow “Topics”

Twitter is launching a new feature called Topics. As the name suggests, these are topics you can follow in order to see tweets about those subject matters. Which could help you see tweets that interest you and people who share similar interests to you. The Problem With Following People on Twitter Twitter isn’t the easiest…

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