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iPhone 9 release and high end vs. low end smartphones

Hosts Juliet Beauchamp and Ken Mingis talk with guests about the latest tech trends and news. Audio Apple is rumored to announce its new, lower end iPhone at the end of March. Modeled after the iPhone 8, the iPhone 9 (or maybe it’ll be called the iPhone SE 2) will offer consumers a cheaper alternative…

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Seven high points of Windows 7

Today Microsoft issues its final free security update for Windows 7, putting an end to that operating system’s decade. To remember that service – a retirement party but without the cloyingly-sweet cake and cheap gold watch – Computerworld selected seven highlights of Windows 7. While the seven do not pretend to trace Windows 7’s history,…

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High Quality Resin Printing for Anyone

Our verdict of the Elegoo Mars:If you’re looking for a 3D printer, then the Elegoo Mars provides outstanding quality for a modest price. There are few reasons not to buy it!1010 If you’re looking for a resin 3D printer, then you may have heard of the Elegoo Mars. This elegant machine retails for under $300…

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The 7 Best Sites to Download Very High Resolution Wallpapers

Changing your wallpaper is a simple computer adjustment, but it can have a huge effect on your mood and productivity. And with today’s impressive displays, using a high resolution wallpaper is a must. Whether you want to build up a collection of high quality wallpapers or just replace the generic default that came with your…

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