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Google Added a Smart Home Summit to Its Calendar

Google Google had to cancel its annual I/O developer event due to the global pandemic, but it still has plenty to announce. With that in mind, the company just announced the “Hey Google” Smart Home Summit. It will take place online on July 8th, 2020, starting at 1 PM Eastern. According to the schedule notes,…

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5 Tips for Working with Clients When You’re at Home

For those of you working from home right now (willingly or unwillingly), you can’t allow your surroundings to have an effect on your work and, more importantly, your client relationships. Clients don’t care where you are. They just want you to get the job done, and get it done it well. By that same token,…

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7 Zoom tips for working from home

Despite disturbing errors of judgement such as this and this, Zoom appears to have become the most popular solution for online collaboration, in use across enterprise, government and individuals. I’ve kicked it around to surface a few less visible features you might find useful – most of which should be helpful for every platform, not…

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How businesses can save money when everyone needs Office to work from home

Companies have scattered to the wind, once-formidable armies of workers enclosed in glass buildings now sundered, each employee at his or her own outpost, whether kitchen table, home office desk or lap in a quasi-quiet corner. Flinging employees off the workplace carousel may have been as simple as a single “Go home” order, but ensuring…

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