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Feds may already have found a way to hack into Apple iPhones

After Apple turned down a request by U.S. Attorney General William Barr this week to unlock two iPhones used by a terrorist suspect in a recent deadly shooting, the FBI appears to already have the tools needed to access the smartphones. Apple turned down a request from U.S. Attorney General William Barr saying it would…

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How iPhones can help manage ‘always-on’ work-related stress

The great thing about smartphones is they help you work from anywhere, but the bad thing is that this makes it quite difficult to make the separation between professional and personal life. This is a real problem that’s creating a health emergency. Here are several suggestions of how your iPhone can help relieve this stress….

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How to Connect to Wi-Fi Without Opening Your iPhone’s Settings

Khamosh Pathak If you’re moving between rooms in your office or home, you might need to switch between Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices manually. Here’s how you can speed up the process of selecting the network using the Control Center on the iPhone and iPad. This is a new feature introduced in iOS 13 and…

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