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Zoho launches WorkDrive to put greater focus on teamwork

Zoho has overhauled its cloud-based file management platform, placing greater emphasis on team collaboration and offering a single repository for documents across its portfolio of apps.

The company, which sells a range of office productivity and line-of-business applications, has offered Zoho Docs as its main file management tool for storing and accessing documents such as spreadsheets or presentations, similar to Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive.

Although Zoho Docs included sharing capabilities, it was aimed more at individual users. With the launch of WorkDrive this week, Zoho wants to make it easier for colleagues to collaborate on documents created in its Office suite of tools: Writer, Sheet and Show. 

To that end, Zoho created Team Folders – essentially shared workplaces to store files that relate to a particular team or project. Once added to a Team Folder account, a user gets access to files by default, with a graded range of role-based permissions for document access; certain users are able to view and comment only, for example, while others may be authorized to edit and share files more widely. Updates to documents will create alerts, allowing users to track project development. 

Zoho Team Folders Zoho

Zoho’s new Team Folders are basically shared workplaces to store files related to a specific team or project.

WorkDrive integrates with Zoho’s various other collaboration tools, such as its Slack-equivalent Cliq, while the Zoho Office apps built into WorkDrive allow for joint authoring and editing.  Other features in WorkDrive include virus scanning, encryption, file conversion and the ability to share files with users in external organizations. 

“The construct of Work Drive is built around the team,” said Vijay Sundaram, chief strategy officer at Zoho. “The ability of sharing, starting from working together on the documents to the workflow that moves the documents across people within the team, is all encapsulated in that structure without the user having to explicitly do anything.” 

WorkDrive also serves as the underlying file system for Zoho’s applications, which include CRM, marketing and service desk software. The advantage here, said Sundaram, is that businesses using Zoho’s suite can work with related documents in a single repository that is easily searchable and accessible by users.

“There is a growing need for collaborative document and content creation and management that goes beyond user silos that span from departmental teams to cross-enterprise use cases,” said David Mario Smith, founder and principal at InFlow Analysis. “The biggest need is for that capability to be deeply integrated into critical business processes and apps for true contextual collaboration.”

Zoho also announced updates to various tools in its Workplace product suite. They include integration of Zoho’s AI assistant, Zia, with Sheets, offering insights into data sets, as well as the ability to scan data tables within images and convert them to spreadsheets. Users can also ask Zia to save content to the Notebook app, search for notes, and set reminders using voice commands. There are also new bot-building capabilities for the Zoho Cliq team chat tool. 

WorkDrive – which includes access to Zoho Office tools – is available on its own, starting at $2 per user each month. It is also included in Zoho Workplace subscriptions that offer video conferencing, email and team chat apps; that subscription starts at $3 per user each month.

In addition to unveiling WorkDrive, Zoho also announced it now has 50 million business users in 180 countries and 10 data centers that support 45 different applications.

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BritBox Streaming Service Launches in UK

BritBox has launched in the UK. BritBox is a streaming service which (as the name suggests) is focused on British television. This helps to differentiate it from the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which mostly stream American TV shows.

In March 2017, BritBox launched in the US

You Can Now Stream British TV Using BritBox

You Can Now Stream British TV Using BritBox

Thanks to BritBox, expats and Anglophiles alike can now stream British TV to their hearts’ content.
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. This meant that expats and Anglophiles alike could streaming British TV shows to their hearts’ content. However, while viewers in the US have been enjoying BritBox for some time, it’s only now arriving in the UK.

Everything You Need to Know About BritBox

BritBox is now available in the UK. It’s priced at £5.99/month ($8/month). This buys you HD video playback and multi-screen viewing. BritBox offers viewers a chance to watch both old and new shows, but classic British TV makes up the bulk of the BritBox catalog.

BritBox was created by the BBC and ITV, both of which are providing programming for the streaming service. However, thanks to partnership deals with other broadcasters, BritBox will also provide content from Channel 4, Channel 5, and Comedy Central UK.

BritBox claims to have “the biggest collection of British box-sets available in one place.” The service features thousands of hours of programming, including “all 627 available episodes of Classic Doctor Who, originally broadcast between 1963 and 1989.”

Other shows available at launch include Downton Abbey, Gavin & Stacey, Wolf Hall, Love Island, Broadchurch, Only Fools and Horses, Extras, Miss Marple, and Poirot. BritBox is also producing its own shows, starting with a drama called Lambs Of God.

BritBox Is Perfect for Fans of British TV

This is a solid option for Brits keen to watch classic British TV. Sure, some of the shows are already available on other streaming services, but if you generally enjoy watching British shows more than shows produced elsewhere, BritBox has you covered.

While UK residents now have a streaming service entirely focused on homegrown content, Americans already have two such services competing for their money. Thankfully, we’ve previously pitted Britbox versus Acorn TV

BritBox vs. Acorn TV: Which Is Better for Streaming British TV?

BritBox vs. Acorn TV: Which Is Better for Streaming British TV?

Between BritBox and Acorn TV, you can stream the best British TV content. But which one should you subscribe to? Which is better?
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to help our readers know which is best.

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Tumblr Launches Disappearing Group Chats

Tumblr has launched group chats. Tumblr’s group chats are ephemeral, publicly viewable, and designed to connect people who are passionate about niche interests. And they’re available right now on Tumblr’s mobile apps on Android and iOS.

Tumblr hasn’t had a great time of it of late. To the point that many people seem to have forgotten it even exists. Tumblr has always been home to an eclectic mix of people with niche interests, and it was also NSFW until Tumblr banned adult content

Tumblr Bans Adult Content and Upsets Users

Tumblr Bans Adult Content and Upsets Users

Tumblr has always hosted a certain amount of adult content. But Tumblr is now banning adult content from its platform entirely.
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Now, Tumblr is trying to tempt lapsed users back with a new group chats feature.

How to Use Tumblr’s Group Chats

Tumblr’s new group chats are designed to foster realtime discussions and help connect communities across the social media platform. All group chats are publicly viewable, so anyone on Tumblr can view them. However, only members can participate in group chats.

Owners of group chats can invite people to join them. And approve or deny requests to join. Group chats supports up to 100 members, including the owner. All messages disappear after 24 hours, and once a message has gone live it cannot be edited.

To get started using Tumblr’s new group chats, first, update Tumblr to version 14.5.1 or later. Then, you can either find and join existing group chats by searching for the subjects(s) you’re interested in, or create a new group chat about your passion.

Existing group chats will show up in searches based on their title, tags, and description. You can then preview the group chat, and “Request to join”. To create a new group chat, click the group chat icon in the top-right, and tap the “+” button.

Useful Tumblr Tips for Beginners

Tumblr’s group chats are an interesting development. Tumblr is a platform built on static content which is shared and liked. Group chats add a realtime element, allowing people to connect in a different way. Which will hopefully help foster communities.

If this piques your interest in Tumblr, check out our useful Tumblr tips for beginners

How to Use Tumblr: 12 Useful Tumblr Tips for Beginners

How to Use Tumblr: 12 Useful Tumblr Tips for Beginners

Here are the most useful Tumblr tips you need to know, including what is Tumblr, how to use Tumblr, and best practices for Tumblr.
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Google Launches a Rewards Program for Android Users

Google has launched Google Play Points, a rewards program for Android users. Google Play Points lets you earn points by using Google Play. You can earn points in a number of different ways, and then use those points for a myriad of different rewards.

In September 2018, Google debuted Google Play Points in Japan. Then, in April 2019, it launched in South Korea too. Google claims that millions of people have joined the program, and that success has moved the company to launch Play Points in the US.

How Google Play Points Works

Google announced Google Play Points in a post on The Keyword. The company states that Play Points is a way of rewarding the 2 billion people in 190 countries who now use Google Play. Which suggests it’s looking to expand Play Points worldwide.

Google Play Points is free to join, with no fees involved whatsoever. Once you’ve joined, you’ll earn points on everything you buy with Google Play and by downloading featured free apps and games. There will also be weekly points events to earn more points.

There are four levels to Google Play Points: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The more points you earn, the higher your level. And the higher your level, the more perks (such as weekly prizes) you’ll receive. This is designed to keep you engaged.

Once you’ve starting earning points, you can redeem them for a range of things. This includes in-app items like characters and gems, plus Google Play Credit which you can then use to rent a movie, buy an audiobook, or whatever else takes your fancy.

How to Join Google Play Points

To join Google Play Points, open the Play Store app on your Android device. Tap the hamburger menu in the top-left corner, and click Play Points. And that’s it. You can then start earning points as you use Google Play for your apps, games, and subscriptions.

Google Play Points is a fantastic idea. It rewards Android users just for using Google Play, which the majority do already. Now, you just need to know what to download, so with that in mind here are the best Android apps on the Google Play Store

The Best Android Apps on the Google Play Store for 2019

The Best Android Apps on the Google Play Store for 2019

Looking for the best Android apps for your phone or tablet? Here’s our comprehensive list of the best apps for Android.
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HBO Max Launches May 2020 for $15/month

Another day, another new media streaming service. This one courtesy of WarnerMedia. HBO Max is a streaming service offering the entire HBO service, plus original programming, and older content from the vaults. HBO Max is set to launch in May 2020.

From Cable Companies to Streaming Services

A decade ago, cable companies had consumers in their pockets. They could charge what they wanted, force bundles of unwanted channels on viewers, and generally take their customers for granted. Then Netflix arrived, and people started cutting the cord

Cut That Cord! How to Ditch Cable

Cut That Cord! How to Ditch Cable

If you’ve read about the cord-cutting phenomenon but aren’t sure where to start, this is a guide to cutting the cord and ditching cable TV for good…
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in droves.

Now, there are dozens of streaming services to choose from. All offering different movies and TV shows. The most recent additions being Apple TV+ and Disney+, which are priced at $4.99/month and $6.99/month, accordingly. And now HBO Max is joining the party.

Everything You Need to Know About HBO Max

As revealed at a glossy launch event in Burbank, California, HBO Max is launching in the US in May 2020. It will initially be priced at $14.99/month. An ad-supported tier will follow in 2021, with WarnerMedia also looking to expand into Latin America and Europe.

At launch, HBO Max will offer “10,000 hours of curated premium content”. This includes existing HBO shows, new original series, and content from Warner Bros., New Line, DC, CNN, TNT, TBS, truTV, TCM, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and more.

The price point of $14.99/month mirrors that of HBO Now, which seems fair enough. However, it means HBO Max will be more expensive than any other major streaming service, including Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV+, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video.

The caveat is that people already pay for HBO, so some of you will end up getting HBO Max for no extra charge. The exact details are yet to be confirmed, but existing HBO subscribers on AT&T plus HBO Now direct-billed customers should get HBO Max for free.

Are There Too Many Streaming Services?

WarnerMedia is keenly aware it’s entering a crowded market. So it’s trying to differentiate HBO Max from the competition. So, besides the usual downloads, profiles, and parental controls, HBO Max will offer human-curated content and a co-viewing feature.

Whether this all pays off remains to be seen, but HBO Max stands as good a chance as any of the other newcomers of securing a foothold in the sector. All we know is that there are too many streaming services

Are There Too Many Streaming TV Services?

Are There Too Many Streaming TV Services?

So, you’ve dumped cable and launched yourself into the world of cord cutting. But what now? Is it possible that there are just too many TV streaming services to choose from these days?
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, and some will inevitably end up failing.

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Spotify Launches a Standalone App for Kids

Spotify has launched Spotify Kids, a standalone app designed for “the next generation of listeners”. This is Spotify built for kids. And it features a child-friendly UI and a collection of songs curated for even the youngest music lovers.

What to Expect From Spotify Kids

Spotify Kids is designed for kids aged 3+. There are thousands of songs available, all hand-picked by a team of editors. Younger children get Disney soundtracks and the like. Older kids can listen to pop songs from the likes of Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift.

The Kids app looks and feels different than the regular Spotify app. With a bright and colorful UI, and a cast of characters to choose from. The look varies by age group too, so the Spotify Kids app can evolve as kids grow up listening to Spotify.

Spotify Kids is exclusively available to Premium Family subscribers. This is partly due to the lack of ads. Spotify Kids is currently in beta, and only available in Ireland. However, it will be rolling out to all markets that currently have Premium Family.

According to the press release, Spotify has intentionally launched its Kids app in beta owing to “the sensitivities around content for children”. Spotify will use the beta to learn from “parents, caregivers and other experts as they begin to interact with the app.”

Download: Spotify Kids on Android | iOS (Only available to Premium Family subscribers)

Spotify Is Building for the Future

With the streaming wars starting to heat up, appealing to the next generation of subscribers could be the key to the longterm future of Spotify et al. If children associate a certain company with music, they’re more likely to stick with them as adults.

Whether you’re interested in Spotify Kids or not, you should check out our previous Spotify coverage. If you’re new to streaming here’s our unofficial guide to Spotify

Spotify Music Streaming: The Unofficial Guide

Spotify Music Streaming: The Unofficial Guide

Spotify is the biggest music streaming service around. If you’re not sure how to use it, this guide will walk you through the service, as well as offer some crucial top tips.
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. And if you’re a longterm user, here’s how to fix common Spotify problems

Spotify Not Working? How to Fix 8 Common Spotify Problems

Spotify Not Working? How to Fix 8 Common Spotify Problems

Like every other service known to man, Spotify is prone to problems that afflict millions of users. We have identified the most common problems, and found solutions for them all. You’re welcome.
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YouTube Launches a Bandersnatch-Style Interactive Film

YouTube has launched its first interactive film. It’s called A Heist With Markiplier, and, as the title suggests, it stars popular YouTuber Markiplier. Interactive films have been a thing on YouTube for many years, but this is the first professional production.

From Bandersnatch to Markiplier

Interactive films, which let you choose the course of the story, are coming of age. And it’s all thanks to Netflix, which had a big hit with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (everything you need to know about Bandersnatch). And there are more shows to come.

However, Netflix isn’t the only company producing interactive films, with YouTube known to be developing several ideas in the genre. And the first off the rank is A Heist With Markiplier, which is being released under the YouTube Originals banner.

How to Watch A Heist With Markiplier

A Heist With Markiplier comprises of 61 seperate videos, and there are 31 possible endings. You work your way through the videos, making choices at the end of each one, putting you in control of the story. And the replay value is high for completists.

As you can see from the trailer, A Heist With Markiplier shows what happens when you and Markiplier embark on a heist. So far, so self explanatory. However, based on the trailer, things quickly go awry, and veer off in directions you won’t be expecting.

This isn’t the first interactive film Markiplier has made. He previously produced A Date With Markiplier, which is entertaining but not quite as refined as A Heist. Still, if you like this particular YouTuber’s sense of humor it’s well worth a watch.

YouTube Originals Are Free for Everyone

A Heist With Markiplier is available from October 30th, 2019. Thankfully, as all new YouTube Originals are now free to watch

You Can Soon Watch YouTube Originals for Free

You Can Soon Watch YouTube Originals for Free

YouTube Originals will soon be free for anyone to watch. You’ll just have to sit through some ads, naturally.
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, A Heist will be available for everyone to watch. And if it’s even half as good as Black Mirror: Bandersnatch it’ll be worth the wait.

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Google Launches Apps to Reduce Your Smartphone Use

Google has launched what it’s calling Digital Wellbeing Experiments. These are apps designed to reduce your smartphone use. While installing more apps in order to spend less time on your phone sounds wrong, it actually makes perfect sense.

We’re all spending too much time on our smartphones. And that time spent mindlessly scrolling through Twitter, watching random videos on YouTube, and playing addictive mobile games

The 10 Best Free Mobile Games With NO Ads or In-App Purchases

The 10 Best Free Mobile Games With NO Ads or In-App Purchases

Here’s our pick of the best mobile games with no ads or in-app purchases, all of which are available on Android and/or iPhone.
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could be put to much better use. Which is where Google comes in.

How to Try Google’s Digital Wellbeing Experiments

Google launched its Digital Wellbeing Experiments in a post on The Keyword. The initiative is described as “a platform to encourage designers and developers to build digital wellbeing into their products”. And the first five Android apps are as follows:

Unlock Clock: This is a Live Wallpaper that counts the number of times you unlock your phone in a day. You could try setting a limit to stop yourself from opening your phone at every opportunity.

Post Box: This app enables you to get your notifications delivered in batches at a time that suits you. This will help minimize distractions, and prevent you from checking your phone every five minutes.

We Flip: This is designed to help groups put their phones away and communicate with each other. You all join together and promise not to touch your phones. And as soon as someone does, the session ends.

Desert Island: This app makes you choose the apps that are the most important to you. Once chosen, your challenge is to go a full 24 hours only using those apps, and none of the other, more distracting apps.

Morph: This organizes your apps into different modes, such as Home and Work. Your phone will then automatically adapt to what you’re doing at that time, putting the apps you need front and center.

How to Create More Digital Wellbeing Experiments

These are just the first five Digital Wellbeing Experiments. However, Google is likely to produce more, and it’s also inviting developers and designers to create their own. You can get links to the Hack Pack and open source code on Experiments With Google.

We wholeheartedly recommend trying to spend less time on your smartphone. And if Google’s Digital Wellbeing Experiments help you do that, they’re a good idea. And if you can’t stand to use it less, at least learn how to use your smartphone more productively

5 Expert Ways to Use Your Smartphone Productively Every Day

5 Expert Ways to Use Your Smartphone Productively Every Day

Could your smartphone make you more productive in a healthy way? Yes, they can. So, let’s look at how you can optimize your smartphone and get even more out of your daily life.
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HTC launches a cheaper blockchain phone

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC is now selling a less-expensive version of its Exodus 1 blockchain-based smartphone with a built-in digital wallet that allows users to store, buy, sell and trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The Exodus 1s is aimed at users who want to “dip their toes into the crypto world” and costs €219 ($244 in the U.S.) – or the equivalent amount in crypto currency such as Bitcoin, Eth, LTC, BNB or BCH.

exodus1s 6v 19oct1 HTC

HTC’s Exodus 1s blockchain-enabled smart phone

The Exodus 1s will initially roll out in Europe, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with other country sales to be announced later.

In February, HTC unveiled its Exodus 1 smartphone; it came with a secure partition on which users could store cryptocurrency separate from the Android operating system. The Exodus 1 could also initially only be purchased with cryptocurrency and carried a price tag of $699.

Phil Chen, HTC’s decentralized chief officer, said the original blockchain phone met the company’s sales targets. The Exodus 1s represents the company’s first smartphone that can act as a full Bitcoin node, meaning it becomes part of the peer-to-peer, distributed ledger network.

“The Exodus is about empowering the user. We gave users the ability to own their own [cryptographic] keys, and now we’ve gone one step further to allow users to run their own full Bitcoin node,” Chen said in a statement. “We are providing tools for access to universal basic finance; the tools to have a metaphorical Swiss bank in your pocket.”

Full nodes, Chen said, are the most important ingredient in the resilience of a Bitcoin network and HTC has “lowered the barrier to entry for any person to run a node.” A node is nothing more than a computer that runs software enabling it to become part of a peer-to-peer, distributed Bitcoin monetary network. A full node simply means a mirrored copy of the entire blockchain ledger exists on a user’s smart phone.

Some cryptocurrency ledgers allow users online access to a light client, or a trusted full node copy of a blockchain ledger residing on another computer.

The full Bitcoin ledger being used by HTC represents about 260GB of data, and it is growing by 60GB per year. The full ledger can currently be stored on an Exodus 1 or 1s via an SD card that’s sold separately and has at least 400GB of capacity, HTC stated. With that additional capacity, a user can verify and relay Bitcoin transactions without a centralized third party, such as a central bank.

While HTC was the first to launch a blockchain-enabled smartphone, it’s not alone. Last year, Swiss-based Sirin Labs launched its Finney blockchain smartphone. The $1,000 phone included a number of decentralized apps (Dapps) such as a token conversion center that enabled users to exchange one form of cryptocurrency for another.

Finney Blockchain smartphone Sirin Labs

Sirin Labs’ Finney blockchain-enabled smart phone.

HTC first announced plans to sell a blockchain-based smart phone in 2018; in addition to being able to store cryptocurrency on a separate chip, the phone allowed owners to play CryptoKitties, a Dapp game. Dapps are applications that run across multiple nodes on peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.

Jack Gold, principal analyst for J.Gold Associates, said neither HTC’s nor Sirin’s blockchain-enabled smartphones will appeal to a mainstream audience, as cryptocurrency activity is almost all trading, and remains in the purview of enthusiasts and speculators – “CryptoKitties notwithstanding.”

The cryptocurrency cold-storage wallet built into the newest Exodus smartphone allows users to keep private keys representing cryptocurrency. “Think of it as a micro OS that runs in parallel with Android,” Chen said.

As Bitcoin and blockchain are still relatively nascent technologies in terms of adoption, HTC said its Exodus development team wants feedback from users to help the company improve the experience.

“HTC Exodus believes a full node is the best way to use Bitcoin in a fully private, trustless manner and full nodes are critical to securing the future of Bitcoin,” the company said.

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Slack rolls out new Salesforce integrations, launches Workflow Builder

Slack has added new integrations with Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) and customer service apps, part of its ongoing push to bolster connections with other “best of breed” cloud apps.

The integrations are aimed at enabling better information-sharing between Salesforce and the team collaboration app, which now has 12 million daily active users. Slack now lets users search and preview Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud records such as accounts and opportunities in app by using a slash command to pull up details.

Other features include the ability to send Salesforce records relating to an account or case directly to an individual Slack user or a channel, such as #customer-support, for instance. In addition, sales and service reps using Salesforce will be able to see Slack conversations related to a Salesforce record.

“The main advantage is more seamless collaboration in the course of their sales and their service work,” said Brad Armstrong, vice president of corporate and business development at Slack.  “Salesforce cares very much about engagement with their product and sales is a very collaborative process.” 

In addition to the latest integration efforts between the two platforms there are plans to connect Slack with Salesforce Platform. Slack’s first integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud took place in 2016; it has been used by tens of thousands of teams, said Armstrong.

Partnerships are a major focus for Slack, which has more than 1,800 third-party integrations in its App Directory. It has, for example, integrations with other SaaS vendors such as Workday’s HR platform, SAP’s Concur and SuccessFactors, and various Oracle tools.  The company also announced a closer integration with Zoom at its Frontiers conference this year, all part of its  strategy to better compete with the likes of Microsoft, Google and Cisco, which sell subscriptions to a suite of apps.

“We’re working really closely with most of the relevant best-of-breed enterprise SaaS providers,” said Armstrong. “The pattern you see there is that two or three years people built their first app on Slack and it was a new thing and maybe kind of a novelty. Now, they’re reinvesting, and we’re reinvesting, in those partnerships now that the platform has evolved. …The use cases are a lot more clear and the user bases in common are a lot more significant.” 

Slack has also been integrating more closely with its competitors. Earlier this year it announced a range of integrations with Microsoft’s Office 365 tools, including OneDrive and Outlook. (Microsoft’s Teams work stream collaboration application is a major rival to Slack.)

Armstrong noted that the latest move with Salesforce is another example of the company’s efforts to expand its user base to include more business users. A significant proportion of Slack’s early adoption tended to be among software developers and IT pros. 

“…Several years ago our user base was very heavily in technical and development type roles,” said Armstrong. “Increasingly, more and more sales, service and front office workers are looking at Slack as their collaboration hub as well. We see that definitely increasing down the road and that is kind of the backdrop to this investment and partnership.” 

Workflow Builder gets full launch

Also this week, Slack announced that its Workflow Builder tool is now generally available. The feature lets all users automate routine processes; they can, for instance, create messages sent to new members of a channel, set up their own automations or select a pre-built template from Slack.  

“The ability to reduce friction and repetitive tasks now gets a bit easier,” Wayne Kurtzman, a research director at IDC, said when the Workflow Builder beta was announced at Slack Frontiers in San Francisco earlier this year. 

“For those that are used to an ‘If This Then That’ scenario, they will able to walk in to this and see the potential uses in their work day. And because it is consumer-level simple in a business environment it means that it is not difficult to program, it is not difficult to change, it is not difficult to use, and yet it can save you a number of steps on any given project.”

Angela Ashenden, principal analyst at CCS Insight, noted at the time that Slack has been successful at encouraging developers to create apps. Workflow Builder is part of its effort to appeal to a wider audience of business professionals, whether in sales, marketing, HR or other parts of an organization.  

“Increasingly, what Slack wants to do is to spread the application much more widely across organizations,” she said. “[Workflow Builder] allows individuals – it doesn’t matter who they are –  to be able to create their own personal workflows or teams workflows. It has opened up a whole new wave of potential for the platform.” 

It is “not just about collaborating, but getting work done and coordinating work and processes,” she said. “So I think it is much more interesting as Slack tries to spread into the organization as a whole and getting out of this pocket of IT that it has made its name from.” 

Slack will hold its second annual Spec developer conference in San Francisco Oct. 22-23.

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