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Brydge Unveils New Vertical Docks for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

Brydge Brydge is refreshing its Vertical Dock lineup with a series of new, one-handed MacBook Pro and MacBook Air docking stations. The refreshed Vertical Docks for the 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro are available today for $170, with 13-inch Air and 16-inch Pro versions slated for release in October. The Brydge Vertical Dock has two…

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Apple Recommends You Don’t Cover Your MacBook Camera

If you own a MacBook you probably shouldn’t use a camera cover. And if you do cover your MacBook camera, be sure not to close your laptop. If you do, you’re likely to damage your display, with even the best MacBook camera covers capable of cracking your screen. Do You Need to Cover Your Webcam?…

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Apple announces new iPad Pro, MacBook Air

Apple has announced both its new iPad Pro with 3D camera and a new Magic Keyboard-toting $999 model of its MacBook Air, introducing both new products with a press release, rather than the March event it was originally expected to hold. The new iPad Pro Apple’s new iPad Pro offers a whole bunch of new…

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