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This $40 cloud training can help you master AWS, Azure, and more top tools

When innovations are developed, it almost always pays to be among the first with expert knowledge. That’s certainly been the case with cloud technologies so far, where skilled professionals can earn $98k per year. If this is an area of expertise you would like to explore but aren’t yet ready to commit to a lengthy and expensive post-secondary program, we’d recommend first getting your feet wet with The Complete 2020 Cloud Certification Bundle.

This economically priced bundle, valued at $3,800, provides students with a great introduction to cloud technologies. They’ll learn about major players like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, discover the basics of building and deploying cloud-based infrastructures, and find out what makes the technology so advantageous as we move to a web-based world. And students will earn actual certificates upon completion too, so they could even use this training to find entry-level work.

What makes this particular program so enticing is the fact that students are able to direct their own studies. There are no actual classroom sessions to attend, so you won’t have to worry about fitting a tight learning schedule around work. And, you have a full year to complete all twelve courses. Plus there are no textbooks to purchase, making this training route even easier on the pocketbook.

It’s vitally important that information technology professionals keep their training on the cutting edge. But that doesn’t mean you have to put your life on hold and shell out big dollars on time-consuming post-secondary training. Instead, learn the 21st century way with The Complete 2020 Cloud Certification Training Bundle, currently offered to readers for just $39.99.


The Complete 2020 Cloud Certification Training Bundle – $39.99

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How to Master Google Alerts

Google Letter Logo

Google Alerts lets you receive email notifications regarding topics you care most about on the internet, without having to actively search for them. Set up an alert for every time a topic, word, or phrase shows up in Google Search.

What Is Google Alerts?

Google Alerts is a way to stay on top of things that matter most to you, without having to do any of the legwork of searching around the internet.

Whenever a webpage that contains the search term you created an alert for shows up in Google Search, you’ll receive an email containing a list of the mentions. For example, if you set an alert for “Pixelbook,” any time someone writes an article or mentions a Pixelbook, you’ll get a Google Alert sent to you.

You can create an alert for almost anything on the internet. Want to know if someone is talking about you? Want customized alerts on jobs in your area? Set up an alert and let Google do the rest.

Note: You will need a Google Account to use Google Alerts.

How to Set Up a Google Alert

Fire up your browser and head on over to Google Alerts, ensuring that you’re signed in to your Google account. In the text filed provided, type the word or phrase you want to create an alert for and then click the “Create Alert” button.

Enter a topic to search for, and then click "Create Alert."

The text box works just like it does when you search Google. To get a more refined search, try to be as specific as possible. Otherwise, you may end up with thousands of irrelevant notifications.

Alternatively, scroll down to see a list of some suggested topics to follow. Click the “+” sign to add an alert for each specific topic.

Alternatively, choose one of the topics that are listed below.

Click on the “Show Options” button to change how often you receive alerts, source, language, region, number of results, and where to deliver them.

Click "Show Options" to change how and when you recieve an alert.

Scroll down to see a preview of what the alert will look like when it gets sent to your email.

A preview of the Alert that will be sent to your inbox is viewable by scrolling down.

When you finish adjusting these options, click “Create Alert” to finish.

Click "Create Alert" to finish up with this alert.

Change How Alerts Are Delivered

You can change the time of day that you want to receive an alert and whether to send every alert bundled into a single email.

From the Google Alerts website, click the Settings cog at the top of the “My Alerts” section.

Open the Settings by clicking the Settings cog.

Click the checkbox next to “Delivery Time” and then choose a time to receive the alert.

Change the time of delivery by clicking the checkbox next to "Delivery," and then specifying a time.

Next, click the checkbox next to “Digest,” choose how often you want an alert sent to your inbox, and then click the “Save” button to close Settings.

Want to get all your alerts bundled into one email? Click the checkbox next to "Digest" specify how often it gets sent, and then click "Save."

Edit or Delete an Alert

If you accidentally created an alert with the wrong set of options, you don’t need to go and delete it just yet. You can edit and change how alerts are received first.

From the Google Alerts website, click on the Pencil icon next to an alert you’ve already set up.

Edit an Alert by clicking the Pencil icon.

Next, update any of the options available, and then click “Update Alert” to save any changes.

Change any of the options you want, and then click "Update alert" to save any changes.

Whether you just want to get rid of it because you put in the wrong search term or no longer want to receive alerts for that topic, that’s just as easy to do. Click the Trash icon next to the alert you want to delete.

Delete an alert by clicking on the Trash icon.

You won’t be asked to confirm the deletion, but a notification will pop up with a chance to undo it, just in case you deleted the alert by accident.

You won't be asked to confirm the delete. However, you will have the option to undo it if done by accident.

Refine Your Alerts Even Further

Remember, the Google Alerts search box works just as if you were searching the internet using Google. Don’t be afraid to get creative with these Google Search tips to create a more personalized and refined notification system.

Stick quotation marks around a word or phrase to search for that exact term.

Use quotation marks to search exact phrases.

Choose a word to exclude from the entire search, only displaying results that don’t contain that word by using the “-” sign.

Exclude certain words from the search results you receive with the minus (-) sign.

Try a few other combinations to get even more complex search queries delivered to your inbox. The possibilities are almost endless when combining the power of a Google Search with Alerts.

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Master of disguise | Computerworld

It’s about 20 years ago, and this pilot fish travels around the U.S. demonstrating his company’s network computer at trade shows.

“The device,” says fish, “was basically a dumb terminal connected to a PC server instead of a mainframe, and therefore capable of serving up Windows and web applications. Since the product was small and easy to miss, I would always attach an impressive 17-inch LCD flat-screen monitor that retailed for $2,000.”

In 1998, most people have never seen a flat-screen monitor, so conference attendees regularly flock to fish’s booth at the exhibit hall. After answering a few basic questions about the display, fish would shift customers’ attention to the network computer beside it and go into his spiel. The approach works every time, until fish works a government industry conference in Washington, D.C.

“One customer was unduly fascinated by the display, and every time I tried to shift his focus to our network computer, he would glance at it briefly, then return with more questions about the monitor.”

And does he ever have questions: What kind of glass is that? What’s the index of refraction?

Fish doesn’t have all the answers, especially since the display comes from a different division of his company, so he provides the customer with the business card of the manager of the display unit and urges him to contact that person. The customer is visibly disappointed but takes the card and walks away.

Later in the day, fish sees one of his meet-and-greet colleagues approaching his pedestal, accompanied by that same stubborn customer, who’s looking excited. Well, fish reasons, maybe he’s heard something about the network computer and is ready to learn more.

And he hears his colleague telling the customer, “This is the guy who can tell you all about it!”

“That’s great!” the customer says, “because that jerk who was here this morning didn’t know squat about the display!”

Says fish: “I couldn’t believe he didn’t recognize me just because I had switched from eyeglasses to contacts during the lunch break.”

Sharky’s display would be a lot more interesting with your true tale of IT life on it. Send it to me at [email protected]. You can also subscribe to the Daily Shark Newsletter.

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Master data analytics and deep learning with this $35 Python certification bundle

Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn, but mastering it allows you to build apps and games or even take advantage of neural networks for deep learning. But first, you’ll need to learn the basics of Python, and this $34.99 bundle has exactly what you need to do so.

The Complete Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle contains 12 courses on the different ways that Python is employed. If you’re new to Python and coding in general, the first course you should take is From 0 to 1: Learn Python Programming – Easy As Pie. This course will teach you how to write Python code, auto-generate spreadsheets with xlsxwriter, scrape websites with Beautiful Soup, and more. You can hone your skills even further with The Python Mega Course, which will teach you how to build real-world applications such as an interactive web-based financial chart.

Python has countless applications in data analytics, and there are 3 courses in this bundle dedicated to data alone. For example, the Data Mining with Python Course will teach you how to perform cluster analysis and regressions, while The Complete Python Data Visualization Course covers bar charts, line plots, scatter plots, and subplots.

There’s no limit to what you can achieve once you’ve mastered Python, and the Complete Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle will guide you every step of the way for $34.99, or 98% off.


The Complete Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle – $34.99

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The Outdoor Master Mic is Victorinox’s First Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife – Review Geek

Victorinox Outdoor Master Mic

Victorinox, maker of the famed Swiss Army Knife, is straying into territory that has thus far been uncharted for the company with the launch of its first-ever fixed blade sports knife, the Outdoor Master Mic.

Although the company has technically made kitchen knives that have a fixed blade, the Outdoor Master Mic is the first model intended for more than just slicing tomatoes. Designed for multi-purpose outdoor and utility uses, the Outdoor Master Mic is available in small and large sizes (denoted by S and L), which are set at $119 and $199 respectively.

The small model measures 6.1 inches long (2.8-inch blade), 1.1 inches tall and weighs 2.8 ounces, while the large stretches that to 8.7 inches long (3.4-inch blade), 1.3 inches tall and weighs 7.8 ounces. Both feature a full tang, drop point blade forged out of 1.4116 stainless steel, which is the same metal used in its Swiss Army knife and is known for being tough, resistant to corrosion, and easy to sharpen—an attribute that is also aided by the blade’s Scandi grind.

Victorinox Outdoor Master Mic Fire Starter

Their handles are made of durable Micarta scales in a black and blue color scheme, which is a nice deviation from the bright red that we so often see on Victorinox knives. The blade is accompanied by a Kydex sheath that has holes to attach the knife to something with paracord. Of note, the large model ships with a fire starter riding shotgun on the Kydex, and this can be used to ignite material when scraped against the back of the blade.

Both the large and small Outdoor Master Mics are backed by Victorinox’s lifetime guarantee against any defects in material and workmanship, excluding damage from normal wear and tear, misuse or abuse.

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