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Don’t Panic, but do make this month’s Patch Tuesday a priority

Given that 113 updates arrived for April‘s Patch Tuesday, IT admins have a lot to do. For older systems, Adobe font issues (CVE-2020-0938, CVE-2020-1020) will should get immediate attention. Changes to the Windows Scripting handler and the browser-based Chakra scripting engine may require some additional testing for in-house applications. This month’s Office updates are relatively low…

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This month’s Windows and Office security patches: Bugs and solutions

It’s been another strange patching month. The usual Patch Tuesday crop appeared. Two days later, we got a second cumulative update for Win10 1903 and 1909, KB 4551762, that’s had all sorts of documented problems. Two weeks later, on Monday, Microsoft posted a warning about (another) security hole related to jimmied Adobe fonts. Predictably, much…

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