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15 Fun Websites for Instantly Beating Boredom Online

Looking for websites to go to when bored? Don’t let boredom get boring. Even Steve Jobs was a fan of boredom. He believed that boredom allowed room for creativity. We all know how that turned out. Even science says boredom is good for the brain. So, trust the boffins and take on boredom with these…

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The 5 Best Online Password Generators for Strong Random Passwords

These days, a strong password is essential on the web. Whether it’s your email accounts, service user accounts, Amazon accounts, or otherwise, using your birthday or your cat’s name as a password is a bad idea. But creating the perfect password is tricky. Thankfully, you can use online password generators to help create a strong…

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How to Clean up and Refine Your Online Presence – LifeSavvy

13_Phunkod/Shutterstock When you send your resume to a hiring manager, meet someone new at a party, or add a Facebook friend, there’s a strong possibility that they will Google you. Are you confident that they’ll like what they see? You don’t have to make a living as an influencer or blogger to care about your…

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Where to Buy Ebooks? The Best Online Ebook Stores

When you want to buy ebooks, it’s tempting to head straight to Amazon and start browsing—especially if you use a Kindle ereader. However, you can find better prices, a bigger mix of genres, and more varied ebook formats on other ebook stores. Here are the best places to buy ebooks online. Amazon’s ebook store is…

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