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14 IT certifications that will survive and thrive in the pandemic

The pandemic has thrown a lot of what we know in turmoil and hurt some industries more than others — think airlines, hospitality/leisure, retail, Big Pharma, oil and some consumer products. But what has been the overall effect so far on tech professionals and the skills marketplace?  I began to answer this question in my…

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Facebook’s Workplace embraces video, touts new users amid pandemic

Workplace, Facebook’s enterprise collaboration offering, got a variety of new features this week designed to strengthen the platform and help users better collaborate during the ongoing pandemic. As for Workplace, Facebook said the app now has more than 5 million paid users – with 2 million added since October 2019. That pace of growth is…

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Amid the pandemic, using trust to fight shadow IT

Shadow IT, where workers sometimes go rogue in their efforts to solve business problems, can create challenges – and opportunities – for companies in the best of times. With the COVID-19 pandemic still unfolding, these are not the best of times. With most employees and executives still working from home, the big issue for administrators…

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How tech companies are helping to fight the coronavirus pandemic

Hosts Juliet Beauchamp and Ken Mingis talk with guests about the latest tech trends and news. Audio More and more tech companies are stepping up to the plate to assist frontline workers and healthcare organizations as the coronavirus continues to take its toll around the world. Computerworld’s Ken Mingis joins Juliet to discuss how tech…

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Amid the pandemic, MFA’s shortcomings are clearer than ever

Due to you-know-what (if I have to type “corona” or “COVID” again, I’ll scream), enterprises have been forced to send a massive number of employees into makeshift home offices within just a few days. That means that there was no time for the security niceties, such as properly processing RFPs for apps that were thoroughly…

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