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Despite an unexpected monkey wrench, now is the time to install the July Windows and Office patches

The folks at Microsoft have pretty much exterminated the bugs they introduced in July’s patches. The Outlook-killing bug got fixed by an emergency update to Microsoft’s own servers. The Win7 .NET patch was fixed and re-released nine days after paying Win7 Extended Security customers started bellyaching.   The odd problem this month comes in the form…

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Microsoft releases some ‘optional, non-security, C/D Week’ Win10 patches. Avoid them.

I’ve always detested Microsoft’s “optional, non-security, C/D Week” patches because they’re confusing, easy to install accidentally, rarely solve any pressing problems, and potentially introduce yet more bugs.  Guess what? They’re back.  As promised last month, Microsoft has started pushing them out again. In a twist, they’re only being offered via Windows Update (or for manual…

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Most bugs in Microsoft’s June patches have been fixed; go ahead and patch

The most obvious problem with June patches was a conflict between Microsoft’s latest version of Windows and Microsoft’s latest version of Office (er, Microsoft 365) Click-to-Run: If you installed patches as soon as they came out, Outlook wouldn’t run. That bug got cleared up when Microsoft fixed Office a week later, even though Windows was to…

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