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The 5 Best Pencil Sets for Drawing – Review Geek

Tortoon/Shutterstock Hobbies should be indulged. If you spend a lot of time writing or drawing, a good pencil can be the difference between a relaxing sketch session and frustrating wrist pain. What Makes a Pencil Good for Drawing A lot of factors makes certain pencils better than others for drawing. It’s important to consider a…

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Prior To The Advent Of Erasers, People Removed Pencil Marks With?

Mitchenall/Flickr Answer: Bread When it comes to pencils and erasers, there’s no chicken and egg quandary to sort out: the pencil, a writing instrument that uses graphite to mark paper, first appeared in the 16th century, but rubber erasers didn’t appear until the 18th century. What then, did people remove their pencil marks with before they…

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Enter Our Giveaway to Win an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Smart Keyboard!

Thought tablets were only for web browsing and watching YouTube? The new iPad Pro will make you think again. This touchscreen beast is more powerful than most laptops, with a high-resolution display that’s perfect for creativity and productivity. The folks at MakeUseOf Deals have one iPad Pro to give away, along with an Apple Pencil…

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The Best Apple Pencil Alternatives – Review Geek

Wacom, Logitech If you own a new iPad, then you’re probably familiar with the Apple Pencil. It’s the ultimate stylus for writing notes and creating digital art. Thing is, the Pencil is pretty pricey. Don’t worry, there are plenty of great alternatives. As soon as the Apple Pencil hit the market, it raised the standard for…

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