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The Best Plex Clients for Streaming Media

Plex has cemented itself as the best software for managing your media library, streaming content to the various screens in your home, and watching your videos remotely when you’re on-the-go. To run Plex, you need two things—a server and a client. The server is responsible for hosting your content and sending it to other screens;…

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7 Hidden Plex Settings You Should Be Using

Plex has several hidden settings available for users. However, they are not available via the main Plex Media Server app’s interface. Instead, you’ll need to delve into Plex’s own files and make the changes manually. Although they are primarily aimed at advanced users, there are some hidden Plex settings that all users should use. So,…

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The Best Plex Apps to Make Plex Even Better

Plex is a fantastic app. Even if you do little more than customize the interface to suit your own media libraries, it’s head-and-shoulders above other similar apps. However, the best Plex apps can make Plex even better. The best Plex apps are third-party apps that add extra features to Plex. We’re not talking about plugins…

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How to Sideload Plex Plugins

In September 2018, Plex announced that it was shutting down its Plugin Directory. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that you can no longer use Plex plugins. You just need to know how to sideload Plex plugins instead. In this article we explain how to sideload Plex plugins, how to use sideloaded Plex plugins, and…

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