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Apple’s wants privacy laws to protect its users

Your iPhone (like most smartphones) knows when it is picked up, what you do with it, who you call, where you go, who you know – and a bunch more personal information, too. Information is power The snag with your device knowing all this information is that once the data is understood than that information…

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Amid privacy and security failures, digital IDs advance

Frustration over a growing number of privacy and security failures in recent years is driving the creation of digital identities controlled only by those whose information they contain. Known as “self-sovereign identities,” the digital IDs will be used by consumers, businesses, their workers and governments over the next few years to verify everything from credit…

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When does protecting privacy morph into invading privacy?

Recently, I tried to toy around with some of the better security apps for my iPhone and checked out a very impressive package called Lookout. One of its features seeks to make identity theft a little more difficult. So far, so good. The service says that it searches the dark web and various databases looking…

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All about the latest iPhone location privacy scare

That story going round that claims iPhone 11 devices are secretly harvesting your location information even though you’ve told them not to do so? You don’t need to worry about it, and here’s why: What’s the story?   The tale begins when a security researcher noticed the devices seemed to be sending out location data…

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Can You Trust Facebook Portal Devices With Your Privacy?

The social media giant’s latest bold move is to launch the Facebook Portal. These devices are designed for video chats with motion-sensitive cameras, smart displays, and Alexa built-in. But this is the company with an extensive history of privacy scandals, including concerns about data collection and facial recognition. Can you really trust Facebook Portals with…

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