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Redefining productivity and compensation in an AI age

This week I ran into an interesting product that could substantially speed up writers who do a lot of repetitive work. It’s called ActiveWords, and it’s now in its fourth generation. It works by allowing you to connect elements to acronyms you create.   For instance, if you must use the same charts in different responses, such…

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7 macOS Tweaks to Boost Your Productivity

Hadrian/Shutterstock Changing habits takes time and discipline, but changing a few macOS settings only takes a few seconds, and it can immediately boost your productivity. Here are some tips that will make your life easier on your Mac. Increase the Cursor Size It might sound trivial, but size matters when it comes to your cursor….

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In praise of PowerPoint: When a productivity product saves your butt

Disclosure: Microsoft is a client of the author. I’ve meant to write this for a while, but around two weeks ago, I was caught flat-footed needing to put together a presentation in little time for a live teleconference in front of a large virtual audience. I thought I was screwed; instead, PowerPoint’s new AI features…

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7 ways Apple can improve enterprise productivity

With iPhones now in use across the Fortune 500, Apple has a good reason to invest in business process automation for iOS. It already has many of the building blocks to make work easier and more productive. Here are some of the ways it could improve its offering with enterprise-focused automation. What’s up with Mail?…

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